Will My Cats Let Me Touch Their Paw Pads? | Kittisaurus


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    Today, I’ll teach you about one of the cutest parts of a cat’s body!
    Cat paws are so fluffy and squishy!
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    1. Sebi TV

      The 820 dislikes come from Dog-Owners

    2. Hisham Khan

      I love your family 🐈

    3. Zee k

      how many cats does have??

    4. Eishal Zahraa Binti Faizal

      sorry but why did u name it tt- its a creative name and beatiful name but- (no hate i thought of smt : TT)

    5. [Next Syah]

      I tried this on my cat and he let me touch his paw, but only for a short amount of time (*´ω`*)

    6. shadowbanned

      dems some happy kitties

    7. bObA PlAyZ

      Don't poke the beans or you get the means!

    8. Chimchim Baby Jimin

      Coco TT DD NANA Toto Dodo Lala Lulu Momo ChuChu Claire Lulu’s food

    9. Dannzt

      If i do that to my cat, he will kill me in my sleep

    10. Legendary Majd

      My cat is very smart but not in the way you’d expect He’s smart in the way of pissing my whole family off

    11. Sara Stahl

      TT and MoMo were adorable 😻

    12. Aureana Smith

      When I don't know where to pet one of my cats, I'll place my fingers/hold his paw while he's laying down and he'll pull my hand where he wants it to go lol

    13. Roelf B

      at 2:06 i finally noticed how massive some cats can get

    14. Zahra H

      Chuchu is the cutest little thing in the world

    15. CottonCandy Puff playz

      My cats are a bit different. You ask how? Only one of them lets me pet him.

    16. Purple Master XVII

      My cat clings to my finger when I touch his paw and it’s the cutest thing ;)

    17. Shar O

      Toe beans!

    18. Yoshi

      A friendly stray cat actually let me touch it’s paw pads

    19. Atomic Limelight

      i find the lack of use of the word "toe bean" in this video/comments disturbing

    20. DeathMane2

      Nobody's talking about chuchu being in a bowl?

    21. Smoll_ UwUplayz

      So cute! But watch out with belly rubs! Cats have some of their most vital organs in their stomach, It can sometimes cause health issues!

    22. Cheng He


    23. Princess Mimi

      2:23 Hehe ! When lulu kicks she looks so cute

    24. FishRaidsGaming

      My cats let me do it like it's nothing

    25. Jackson Kkkk

      Lulu let u when she was a kitten

    26. Freyja

      Paw pads? I think you mean toe beans

    27. Yoel Future

      DD's paw is so cute and pinky 🤗🤗👍

    28. no name

      Who else went to touch their cats paw pads after watching this vid

    29. Cindy Z


    30. cOrRysStuFF :D

      I luv momo, and TT da best

    31. Mrs. Flower

      I touch my cat paws anytimes I like she don't mind :)

    32. King CC

      TT just said "thank you for the belly rubs but your not catching these hands"

    33. Cleo Gilmore

      2:55 sNatcHeD

    34. Sruthi 28


    35. ecemin dünyası

      sena günayı takip etmenizi tavsiye ederim çok güzel videolar yayınlıyor.ve çok fazla emek veriyor .bu arada kendisi de tıp okuyor videoda da belirtmiş zaten .hobi.sanat fln her şeyi yayınlıyor bakmanızı tavsiye ederimmmm.kesinlikle prim değil .sadece hakkı olanı almasınjı istiyorum o kadar

    36. Libby

      Petition for the kittens to be done in a TBC

    37. Milkybokitan and ninifam family MY LIFE!!

      *_Me touching my cats paw_* Doctor: welcome!

    38. Omar Meshref

      The kitten on the thumbnail looks identical to my kitten


      Apakah cuma gw yg orng indo?🙂

    40. Suprio Sheel

      Lulu got some fast backpaws.

    41. Shane Slape

      I loved momo

    42. CometZ

      Admit it, you forgot the fact that cats are predators.

    43. 曾義舜

      Lulu has a straight temper. Lulu is Aries.

    44. Sri Wahyuni

      cats: nooooo

    45. beboobop

      If I was a cat this is where I would want to live

    46. Milton Miller

      It is like a haircut

    47. Clown Shoes

      My cat won’t let me see his paw and I need to because he keeps biting it any advice?

    48. ceci dall

      Alguien es español

    49. Jennifer Hall


    50. JK techz

      My cat also sleep like tt😍😍😘

    51. Valerie Bonilla

      lala is so smol!

    52. SUBJECT ID_7673

      Aww, beautiful toe beans 😍

    53. anonymous

      Trimming challenge!!

    54. Tobe Evans

      Can someone tell me what language this is? Thanks!

    55. Just_zak_.

      All 3 of my cats let me touch their paws. They like it. They close their eyes and sleep. It’s like a massage for them. 😂

    56. Afsheen Wasi

      They are just so adorable 😍

    57. Trishita Mishra

      Btw I loved their names

    58. Lucky Artist

      My little kitten would never let me haha

    59. • chocolate •

      toe beans :0

    60. Danyal Faizan

      bruh i dont have cats i wish :( i cloud but i have pupies :)

    61. Thomas j Katt

      My cat shadow would try to kill me if I tired that

    62. I Bramblebush

      My cats loves it when i hold her hands or feet, sometimes she bites me when I let go.

    63. Benjamin Jr

      My cat is letting me touch her paws. She's so adorable


      Cat family: Lulu and Lala Dodo,Toto,Momo and Coco TT and DD I couldn't think of Nana and Chuchu (Chuchu might be in the Lulu and Lala family cuz Chuchu is a munchkin)

    65. Christopher Choi

      2:23 Claire : I just wana touch ur paws LuLu: Time to practice my Crane Kick...

    66. Madduri Kiranmai

      Aww❤️❤️ DD is very very cute 😍🥰 fluffy cat 🐈🥰😍

    67. BananaCOOL L

      Fun fact the thumbnail wanna touch the paw and click on the *vid*

    68. Srija Das

      My friend cat (a stray) curls her fingers around my fingers when I touch her front paws but kicks when I touch her hind paws!!🤣🤣

    69. Seraphina91

      My cats are like Lulu 😂😂 Also Lala is not a cat... she's a fluffy cloud...

    70. Stuart Thomson

      2:23 SMACK thats just such a painful moment ;^;

    71. Caroline McAllister

      Toe touching is so personal. The more offensive cat, the less touching.

    72. The best cat fisher Fisher

      TT: nope Clair: [laughs] Me: ??? Idk if Clair’s her name

    73. Crocheter Varushka

      Lulu is sòooooooooooooooooooooooo furry and cute others are also very cute

    74. Mariam Ahmed

      Lala is seriously cat walking... 😆😆

    75. GreenCup films

      i have a cat called moosey and shes a sayamese dont know the spelling, she sleeps on the handle thing on the edge of the stairs and she always falls and comes back up xD

    76. - vexchii -

      My kitty just grabs my fingers with his claws. Kind of just curling around them.

    77. Luthfi Mods30

      Your cat is lazing around

    78. Ang y

      Playtime turns into grooming 😅

    79. {Clairebear}

      My cat loves to watch you with me! Her name is moon! She is a Siamese. She is also not a big fan of her beans being touched.

    80. Zara Afroz

      I love your video

    81. Ayan Mansuri

      So satisfying

    82. Lelle Kidd

      It’s a matter of trust.

    83. Bergwacht

      but whats the point of cutting these hairs?

    84. Joãogamer_blox

      dd has a lot of fur!

    85. Chim Chim

      It went from lemme touch their paw pads to lemme trim their paw fur. PS: Love the video! So cute 💜

    86. Holy Kitte

      It's an honor just to look at them

    87. Themis Skaltsis

      Halloween 12 I guess

    88. Juan Felipe Vasquez Yate

      My favorite is lulu

    89. ubiketuk

      Anak kucing tu comel

    90. Vaishali Nandoskar

      Toe beans is what I call those

    91. TheWolfoftheStars

      DD has such cute little toe beans 💖

    92. Finn Driessen

      Just nail them on the floor and cut their paw pads of. You even get a souvenir!

    93. Bhawan Singh

      Lulu is too cute

    94. shynaa dutta

      Claire: look at those strawberry flavored jelly beans 🍓 Me: OMG Claire was able to read my mind 🤯🤯

    95. Empress Qi

      I love how you applied the balm to the paw🥰 I always do that for my babies as well.

    96. Sanjana Rahman

      OMG Soo Cute Paws 🐾 But I Love Chuchu’s Paw 😍

    97. Gaming world By Aman

      I love coco 💕

    98. Alyssa Jones

      Beautiful cats and their coats are healthy looking.

    99. a.hopeful.rosebud

      after nine years of refusal, my cat is finally starting to let me rub her paw pads when she’s sleepy. but she still hates trimming time.

    100. Willow rey

      My cat let's me kiss his in the morning 😂😂❤️