Will LuLu Eat an Ostrich Egg? | Kittisaurus


1,1 Mio. aufrufe767

    Today, I cooked a massive ostrich egg for my cats.
    Will my cats enjoy the meal?
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    1. Hillary Isabelly

      0:25 only I saw the coconut tongue out?

    2. Tiago Alves


    3. Orange Peel A.

      3:18 Just let LuLu eat ,what’s a big deal!!!

    4. Suellem Borges

      O lulu é terrível kkk

    5. Munachimso Amadife

      Which egg will the cats prefer: I think they'll prefer the ostrich egg

    6. Gih Bach

      Amo esses gatinhos🐱

    7. Yee Man Cheung

      Lol I like the way they want to lick it and eat it and smell it HAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Thelicone

      what if a real Bee making the music ?

    9. Soumik

      Lulu is equal to other 9 cats

    10. Valerie Bonilla

      i saw cats vs baby in the side vids ima clik

    11. Mitu Halder

      I didn't knew that cat's can eat vegetables and eggs

    12. azem melek Gungor

      2:27 lalanın yumurta aşkı :-)

    13. Günseli Alpengin

      Are you sure that TT is a cat,?

    14. Laura Teixeira

      Find someone that looks at you the way Lulu looks at food

    15. hossy

      How did she get a ostrich egg 🥚?!?!

    16. Hawlucha

      I like DD egg hat 3:50

    17. Hawlucha

      I like DD eat hat 3:50

    18. Scottie Pippo

      Lala is such a fan of food too

    19. Gamer Mafia

      Claire:poached egg is ready Lulu:who the * poached it before me *poached also means as stolen*

    20. Gamer Mafia

      Am I the only person or I'm jealous of the cats

    21. Gamer Mafia

      Of course what does lulu not eat

    22. Sazid Al Islam

      again nothing for lulu

    23. Sazid Al Islam

      You never let lulu eat anything 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    24. I love Michael jackson

      Who puts poaches in boiling water 😂

    25. Mihrimah Gündüz

      But Cats need dont eat egg

    26. fatma hadji rashid

      Parvo virus in all animals

    27. Dawnyzza Dark

      Lulu will eat anything, there's no need to ask, if it's in front of Lulu it's going to be inside of Lulu

    28. 1one_xr

      Is ostrich egg yummy? Ive never tried it

    29. Mawar Setyorini

      I can't stop laughing when lulu's coming 🤣

    30. Мария RUS

      It is barbaric to feed cats with boiled eggs, they should be raw like in nature

    31. Kher Si.

      Hey Claire ! I can meow and have interesting fights with Lulu.....Toto, dodo. THE 11th CAT should be me !!!

    32. Kher Si.

      Free medical. Complete grooming. I wish someone brush MY teeth. Bath. Gym.

    33. Riyono Triwidagdo

      0:00 LULU!!!!

    34. Pikul Satu

      LULU love you ❤️❤️😘❤️♥️♥️

    35. Winter_ Lemon

      *Cat stole an egg* 940k people: *Interesting*

    36. Elena IllyDragonfly

      Honestly the question is irrelevant. 'Will Lulu Eat...' Lulu: YES

    37. Hydra Gaming

      All the cats are fit because she gives them a limited amount of food so they are healthy and energetic. How nice . My cat has became fat and she weighs like 7.5 kg and my smaller cat only 3kg or 2 I don't know and the bigger cat is always lazy .and she likes to be on a cozy pillow

    38. 6IX DAWG BOI

      What type of cat is lulu and will he grow?


      Are Lulu and Lala really close

    40. Sandra Ferreira

      Kamst du deutsch?😂

    41. Cat Lover

      Lulu cutee Mmma😘👄

    42. Gopolo14

      TT in the background doing her workout like a responsible lady

    43. Victor Robles

      the big egg looks fake haha just saying

    44. Nitish Ranjan kalita

      0 0 ^

    45. Serena Elattal

      Lala us sleep in with the egg egg and lala are best friends

    46. Alf _


    47. Darth Grumpy

      LuLu stealing again? This is gonna be another good one

    48. Online Shopping Jakarta

      How much is the ostrich egg?

    49. Arixie

      0:54 I thought there was an emu in the background but it was even better It was a cattttt!

    50. Isabella Santora

      Hi I love your channel I love your kitty’s to there so adorable I’m ten years old and I know you possibly can’t read this but I can’t live without these kitties please keep posting videos!

    51. GD. Dwi 21

      Buyung puyu

    52. Sarah Latifah

      Lulu lala 🎶🎶

    53. Raiyan Bashir

      Nobody : totally nobody : Claire : using hand drill to crack an ostrich egg

    54. Sienisota

      I was so surprised that Lulu didn't eat the ostrich egg. I was sure that Lulu would eat anything.

    55. Gamer_Shrimp 88


    56. cassandra locsin

      Lulu's speed is amazing & amusing. A scout ranger indeed.

    57. Ash Afiq

      the egg what is that what ta is that

    58. Destiny Braunstein

      Lol these cars are so cute and funny 😌

    59. TWK OCZ


    60. thebluemxxn

      Next Recommendation: Will Lulu Eat His Butler?

    61. Hannah in the World of Dance

      Tbh, I'm DD I HATE eggs and I LOVE bread!! We're a mood...

    62. Hannah in the World of Dance

      I actually don't like any eggs but knowing the cats they'll eat ANYTHING!

    63. Safoora Rasheed

      Me - its just ostrich egg you can broke it with hand * Claire uses drill machine * Me - Ehhhhhhhh😅😅 I was wrong

    64. Pedro Jose Luis Marroquin Lopez


    65. Tim Luther

      Keep thinking about buying a cat wheel for my 2 cats,,, but 300 bucks---- they like a simple box too. :)

    66. Tim Luther

      Just think --- Aliens in the future, say 20 million years will find a digital copy of this, probably. We humans,,, we silly ;)

    67. LittleBytes

      Lulu is worse than a dog when it comes to food 😂

    68. InfameArts

      LuLu eat all

    69. Jazzlynn Manzanares

      LULU love eating :3

    70. rabiya begum

      Lulu is my fav one

    71. Almer Go


    72. Nova Oktavia

      Lulu is very cute and ganas who loves snack

    73. Zack Attack

      Eggs like an Ostrich's are an equivalent to 2 dozen eggs!

    74. Harsha Tandon

      🤗I just wish that she goes vegan 🤗 all animals are as lovable as her cats🤗

    75. Edria Yudayana

      People that dislike the vid is a cat hater and a vegan

    76. Ayse Akila

      Good morning! I am from indonesia

    77. E Bellyfish

      Man, Lulu has a problem! Lol!

    78. Aulia Kanna

      lulu naughty

    79. Daisy H. Marbella

      Lulu is so cute lulu is Queen of picture and lulu eat A eeg its funny

    80. Nicole Vogelaere

      dont cook it! 😹😿✌🏻

    81. sabiha kamran

      Love it very much🔥💚💛❤🔥

    82. Vee Bee

      "Will Lulu eat-" Lulu: yes

    83. Mer25 Bear

      Ik this is something u normally don’t do but u should do a day in life with 10 cats

    84. Bella_official- 14

      I dont like dodo&toto😥😥

    85. The Crunch 8unch and Friends!

      2:27 lala has the egg!

    86. The Crunch 8unch and Friends!

      1:51 lulu: Poached eggs? That sound delicious!

    87. The Crunch 8unch and Friends!

      1:09 Lulu: FOOD? F O O D?

    88. маугро

      What is that

    89. chocolate girl :3

      Coco kinda looks like a youtubers cat her name is wengie and her cat is called boomba AND she has a cat called coco how???

    90. Awi Jaban


    91. Ewa Suchowierska

      Even DD

    92. Ewa Suchowierska

      Cats These Days...Are Hungry Ecxept MoMo

    93. L8Arrow Egendoerfer

      Lala falling asleep with the chicken egg😍


      🇮🇩 like lulu

    95. Rp Solar

      Bro lulu is literally the best cat ever

    96. Orly Entertainment

      We are now talking about lulu so stop talking about anyrhing else because Lulu is the best.

    97. celestia4141

      LaLa always goes for the giant food. Watch her with the octopus and giant shrimp in other videos