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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I pretended to be attacked by a snake!
    What will my cats do when they see me dead?
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    1. Bethari Cantya Soebroto

      i like when Dodo and Toto think you are a toy

    2. soy Aquino

      I love a DD

    3. Open Carry

      They will eat you.

    4. Nisa 's Star

      Türk varmı bu arada video muq👌👌

    5. chickletmonstah

      I deeply relate to that snake getting farted on by a cat. My marmalade loved to do the silent but deadly...

    6. Gurbani Kaur

      My cat died yesterday evening due to cancer and died in my arms......it's so hard to accept that he's not with me anymore.....I'm so heartbroken but grateful that I could love him ,pet him and kiss him goodbye on his last day.... Will miss you so much my lil Jerry. .Rest in peace wherever you are and stay happy forever !I'm gonna miss you so bad my love 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    7. Alex Gaming

      Cats: oh it's fine they do this every night

    8. I am different YT

      there should be a part 2

    9. Shalaba M

      But cats have really good hearing sense right? So they will here ur breathing. So they will be just be thinking why is she laying down..? I guess

    10. Samuel Aune

      Was that an avatar last airbender reference?

    11. Akhila Eapen

      Toto: yeee a new toyyyy Dodo:this is very large and amazing toy TT: I am the prince go away naghty witches he licked her and she woke up Lulu: today's story is over

    12. Strxberry_

      Dodo And Toto: now Imma stand in this hoomannnnn so that he will wake uo and give me snackss

    13. Mystic Mahdi

      But now claire knows her cats will be there for her no matter what ever they are going through

      1. Batool Fatima

        Yes but 2 or 4 of them dont care lol-

    14. AvatarVeda

      Lmao cats x avatar intro🤣🤣

    15. Pykie

      Lulu best cat

    16. hawkcat the gamer67

      Tt so awesome!

    17. hawkcat the gamer67

      Claire : **dead**

    18. ꧁Van̸essa꧂

      Cat : MOMO Me : so your mom is MOMO 👁️👄👁️

    19. FlocksyYT

      Kanst du Deutsch? @Kittisaurus

    20. S Fumm

      0:46 is the best bit😂

    21. M Talha Khalid

      Cats oh no who give us food now😁😁

    22. Deepa kuldeep

      Lulu is the cutest baby


      Lulus my fav cause in invisible wall she just saw her snac or toy and was like MINE

    24. Nakamuraいちか

      I love lulu so mutchhhh

    25. arijit sardar

      Not bad good video

    26. Garipşah Karakaş


    27. Md Jonayed

      That human is fake dies

    28. Shreyam Singh

      Lulu: Crap, she ded.

    29. Gal

      They will be happy, cats are evil.

    30. Leozy

      Me function: NICE

    31. info girl

      if u can see a cats tounge...u realize why ppl in the comments are telling they were eating here.. many stories have happened

    32. aryana iskandar

      You are so creative! Love your videos ❤️

    33. noor Fatima

      I love DD and lulu

    34. Jon Lava

      If you die, they will devour you, feast on your flesh without an ounce of remorse, the traitorous furry monsters!

    35. Lee Laaa

      Cat know real death or just pretend

    36. Pappi Csabi

      Names for cats: Lolo Popo Koko Vovo Nono Wowo Momo Roro Dodo Soso Fofo Lulu Huhu Nunu Mumu Dudu Susu Cucu Kuku Pupu Wuwu

    37. rania topics

      Adorable story

    38. Caiya_brownies ÙwÚ

      Momo from my hero academy be like: 🥲

    39. Ken Ng

      The thumbnail accidentally formed a foot fetish video cover...lol

    40. Bahar ÇOBAN

      Dead body reported

    41. ꧁Niezdecydowana꧂

      She died. But she didn't die.

    42. Filler Name

      Oh god I lost

    43. EliasDex123

      0:59 She died, not because of the bite, but because Lulu's fart on the snake teeth infected her

    44. Potato UwU

      When you die and your cats are not trained they will eat off of you to survive

    45. Gacha life Gizemli kişi

      Your cats awasome 😺😺😺😺

    46. Kids Byrne

      Woah,10 Cats!!!! My dream!

    47. alex Motts

      FYI. For the people who try to do this they can hear your breath and your heartbeat. IJS

    48. Emily Mayumi Morimoto

      I tested it on my dog ​​..... she just licked me and sat on top .... but Lulu, in my opinion, was the most active: D

    49. Pussifer

      cat's can smell if you're dead or not

    50. Elifnur Arslantürk

      Lulu cats Genus

    51. William Tseu

      Ok to be honest.. I came to view the beauty.. instead of the 10dwarf.. =D

    52. Hana Mei

      2 bà mèo con bự dữ

    53. Soy Cats

      Wow I have a cat named coco but she is a tortishell and there was a calico I have one as well called Luna u have a lot of cats there so cute

    54. •strxwberry_heart•

      " it was a kiss of true love " tt : *feed me* Credit for TheGaymer 9969

    55. Alwi Syaßáni

      1:44 OMG 💕

    56. Ciphered

      The thumnail was funny

    57. Ananth Sundaram

      Why does the thumbnail sound so wrong

    58. ayna

      i search up cat on google and it said Will My Cats Eat Me If i Die ?

    59. Deanne Cabalce

      Thumbnail: Can I eat her? Me: CANNIBALISM O.O

    60. Lyn Eustaquio


    61. devaka decosta

      That's the cutest story meow

    62. Life On The Go!

      De de and lulu ♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    63. Old Bulgaria Nationalism

      3:30 Orochimaru !!!

    64. Alyssy _aly

      Human: dies Cats: its fine they always do this.

    65. Михайло Черкашин


    66. Bhaskar YG

      Human: dies Cat: get up who will give food for us now

    67. JBH

      they know everything

    68. Анастасия Карасёва


    69. Yugo uchira

      Aaaaww is awesome history

    70. 허호ㅓㅓㅓ

      자막 실수하신거 같은데요. fell to the ground가 아니고 fell on the ground 아닙니까? 바닥에 넘어지는건 fall on일껀데요. fall to the ground는 공중에서 떨어지는게 fall to일껀데... 저도 영어 잘 모르지만... 제가 배우기로는 그렇게 배운거 같아서 지적드립니다.

    71. Masud Rana

      My heartiest love for your cats....specially for LuLu and TT.....😍😍😍

    72. Ayman Shaikh

      Why make cringy content?

    73. QURAN HOLY


    74. QURAN HOLY


    75. Siti Umairah

      I love lulu he cute cat

    76. A85 WK

      very cool white cat

    77. ABC abc


    78. Аскар Калиаскер

      Им насрать что ты умреш или нет

    79. TraverseIce

      1:43 what the I swear DD meows so quietly If u watched him getting bathed his meow was so quiet

    80. Der Vanatic

      Cats will realy eat you. If you die! But fake die not working. Cats and dogs know if it real or not.


      when chaire die she will kick lulu lol

    82. DARK-ER • 9 years ago

      Now i know Where the line: Starfire: Can i Eat her? Beast boy: No! Came From

    83. Gaming Kitty


    84. havivi5000


    85. arda çetin

      they will finally be returned to us Kur an-ı Kerim

    86. Naman Bhardwaj

      Cats are evil

    87. TraverseIce

      1:05 LaLa: *Wide eyes*

    88. xKeNniii

      Lulu is always sniffing 😂😂

    89. Jootaroo Koojoo

      My first thoughts of DD: Big chonk of fur, probably the most dominant My thoughts of DD today:haha choncc go *è*

    90. Sucreep5g

      ASleep Right dead ?

    91. Sayantani Sur

      And then there was a time when Dodo and Toto were innocent infants...

    92. Hazim zuhhrii

      Wow. A true love kiss....on the feet....Nice TT😽😽😽.........

    93. Gio's Vlog


    94. 2021

      The snake:*It iS nOt oVeR*

    95. Kaalaman& Everything

      Lulu, this Gray cat was a bit naughty but I like this cats even though I would really like to have the orange one.

    96. Attazkia Maghda

      i'm can't stop laughing when the snake toy got farted by Lulu, that was so hillarious!

    97. тнє lαmjαrrєd

      Lulu has a Sweet Tooth for Claire

    98. Gacha hershey

      OMg that cat is SOOo cute 0:14

    99. Monica Torres

      Super cat