What Will My Cats Do If I Die? | Kittisaurus


1,1 Mio. aufrufe911

    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I pretended to be attacked by a snake!
    What will my cats do when they see me dead?
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    1. Namrata Dewangan

      lulu was licking you like a lolipop. It was so funny

    2. HadraSay

      You called your kitten an extinct animal

    3. Rosa Claudia Ochoa Hernandez


    4. Windows 7 Enterprise edition

      Story time With LuLu the cat

    5. R P Poker

      Claire needs new shoes

    6. Black Crewmate

      Her: _dies for the 5th time_ The cats: _oh no! anyway_

    7. ‹‹ Himari Kamado››

      why am I here

    8. Hashabiyah Naej

      Momo yay

    9. Miraculous Hunter

      *Then everything change when the snake nation attacked!*

    10. All in one TV

      This is the coolest bedtime story I’ve ever heard

    11. Nepatiess


    12. Dirk bite

      Who love lulu like now


      I love lulu it's so cute

    14. Jonathan Lee

      Woooowww 👏 👏 👏 standing applause for her meowjesty TT and the royal Bard LuLu :))

    15. Suellem Borges


    16. Daitahamdani hamdani

      Lulu and momo my favorit

      1. Daitahamdani hamdani

        And tt

    17. Mehjabin Prionty

      What a story 😂😂😂😍😍😍 Everyone should love it......

    18. Drama Queen

      They all doing investigation on why you're playing dead

    19. MrFantasio5

      Cat is not impressd

    20. manob198

      Only Lulu have human like intelligence.....

    21. phenx

      But who would feed LuLu?

    22. Bob Smit

      2:07...Beautiful feet. To lick.

    23. Dave Singleton

      I have a cat what looks like lulu

    24. Sara Connolly

      I liked this one

    25. J C

      If you really died, the cats would eat you when they ran out of food. Truth.

    26. Noam lima

      3:26 dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    27. Noam lima


    28. ZO RO

      Just add a knife in the thumbnail in the hands of LuLu

    29. Gabe Garner

      This is so cute 😁

    30. Vikash Sharma

      I hooe you never die..

      1. Ruta bhagwat


    31. sruthi

      Lulu is such a mood🤣 she always looks confused

    32. Shobha D

      나는 너와 너의 고양이를 사랑해, 클레어!

    33. Deiane Quincena

      oh lulu, you are still naughty even when you said you were well behaved🤭 but you are forgiven because of your cuteness🤗

    34. Random Person

      I really think cats can sense death and terminal illnesses. If Claire were really dead, they'd probably be in deep distress and grieving. My grandmother's patient had a cat and when her patient passed away the cat isolated and her health deteriorated she stopped eating and drinking. We tried mixing tuna water with water to get her to drink but it was useless. Cats know.

    35. Oyuu

      Itu si nana kaya kucing kampung gw jirr

    36. Peter Maina

      Amazing story line

    37. Elle Rose

      Cats are very sensible animals. I guess they could smell that you were actually allright😉

    38. Stargirl

      the kiss of true love Me:XD

    39. Nadine Dorghod

      Claire: *dies (fake)* Kittens: *wow! We got a new toy!* TT: no, kitties this isn't a toy...*touches Claire* Claire: *wakes up* *TT IS OUR NEW HERO!*

      1. emy dulce


      2. Nadine Dorghod

        I always knew she deserved to be queen.

    40. Aeris

      You can't fake your death while moving around ... unprofessional :D

    41. Bonnie ZZY

      No Claire’s were harmed in the making in this video

    42. Sugary X Sweet

      Lulu has a separate fan base😸!

    43. Я люблю Лето

      Вобщем кошки будут оживлять свою хозяйку 😁😺

    44. glenncio upsite

      Cats can sense your heartbeat and breathing, you cant easily fool them your dead😅 . They are just curious why you're lying on the floor😂 . Love it..

    45. Joo Game

      Cute lulu

    46. Weldy Alcantara

      Me encantan tus gatos

    47. zaraki kenpachi

      omg!!...claire so cute

    48. Sujata Sharma

      I m in love with lulu♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    49. Bigger Ears

      Great story!

    50. Uswa Irfan3F

      I like lulu and momo.💖💖

    51. Violalalinor

      It was a kiss of true love... FEED ME

    52. UwU Productions

      Well when you'll die for real the cats won't belive you anymore that you really did! They will think that it's game again.

    53. M 777

      *A four minute Disney movie* . well done Queen🙌

    54. таня максимова

      Хорошая сказка!)))) А главное с добрым концом.)

    55. Pu Tonmoy


    56. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

      Dead humans don't move.

    57. Nina Rosado

      Part 2

    58. Bjr Adrian

      Mom! When's dinner?? Mommmm!!¡!!

    59. WARRIOR 09


    60. Mickey Mazo

      why did momo lick her-?

    61. Mickey Mazo


    62. 島田純一

      拝啓 執事様,NANA様,TOTO様,DODO様,MOMO様,LULU様,DD様,TT様,LALA様,CHUCHU様,COCO様。 益々の御元気の御様子、恭悦至極に存じ上げます。 何やら、御栄転との事。 謹んで、御祝い申し上げます。 執事様、並び御猫様に置かれましては、今後とも御繁栄と御多幸ある事を、御祈願致しまして、 御祝いと、御挨拶を、かしこみ、かしこみ、御献上致します。 2020年9月29日 愛知県 島田純一

    63. Cat Loving Artist

      They know that you hadn’t died

    64. Cat Loving Artist

      I tried it with my kitty but... Just sat on me AWWWWWWW!!!

    65. Cat and Dog's Life

      "It was a kiss of true love!"

    66. Jaya Kalyani


    67. Jaya Kalyani


    68. Rakesh Sahu

      Why u r doing this ...one day when real snake come to them they thaught thats toy like the dummy snake...and snake will bite them...

    69. Fiesti Cake


    70. baleeganss

      Lulu is the best wkwkwkwk

    71. Srk Khan

      They are seven cats..... BTS have also seven members 💜 Lulu must be taehyung 💜😹😹😹

    72. пирожок дружок

      Claire:dance Snake: WHAT?

    73. TheGaymer 9969

      "It was a kiss of true love!" "Feed me." True love of food

    74. The Quranic Wisdom

      Where can I get TT like cat...😭

    75. Nico

      LuLu used poisen smoke attack...ofc the snake wants revenge

    76. Cimpoi Darius

      im watching this more than 1 year following*

      1. Cimpoi Darius

        im following this channel more than 1 year i luv its

    77. Melvin Wammy

      Are You gonna prank your cats ?

    78. huft bingung

      toto like a wc brand

    79. early owls

      Lulu is tha main character ❤🤣🙆‍♂️😂😂👍

    80. Stephanie Schmoeller


    81. Stephanie Schmoeller


    82. Stephanie Schmoeller


    83. William Edric Gosal

      Kiss I Think It Should Be The Licks

    84. chungdha

      TT more likely the one who want to eat her getting taste test licking her. Lulu only one trying to push her to stand up and wake up.

    85. Lala

      Those cats truly love Claire and it’s not always about food. She has a special bond with each and every one of those beautiful cats that goes far beyond just being their food provider.

    86. Bo Huggabee

      and what a butt it was

    87. Just Me

      BRAVO TT!!

    88. Lone wolf

      The new cats in Claire's house in future will be named ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll oo pp qq

    89. BABY GROOT

      hooman : dies cats : is hooman edible 🤣😂🤣

    90. Purushothama Purushothaman

      Clarie: fake death...! Cats: wats wrong with this hooman always lying on the floor... 🤣😂 Lulu's fans hit a like ❤

      1. Zahra H

        Purushothama Purushothaman tt,momo,and lulu saved her so i like three times

    91. نور الحسين

      أجمل موقف للقط لولو😅😅😅

    92. PJOZeus

      It's going to be the girl that called wolf if something actually happened, just assume it's another fake instead of trying to get peoples attention

    93. Pawan Rathod

      Chaire got some fine ass🍑

    94. Nuri Nafisa

      I swear. This story to cute to handle

    95. gdpc

      1:01 indian serials starts

    96. Dv Kaushal

      In real cats doesn't even care they won't give a damn if their human dies they just need someome to feed them that's it because there is a difference between Dogs and Cats Cats are selfish self loving self obsessed but dogs are always loyal to their human they respect their human even if they don't get a meal of the day .Dogs are loyal and man best friend . Cats are selfish don't feed them even one time a day and then see the difference between a dog and a cat

      1. Uvi91

        That's not true any of the cat's in my family. My sisters, nephew, and I all spend time with each other's cats and pet them. We talk to them. The cats miss us when we are away. My oldest sister's cat loves to sit next to her. The other cats meow when you ignore them. Each one of them is very social.

    97. Mozo & Friends TV

      😂😂 same thing here.. All my cats dont care when I tried to lie down on the floor pretending am dead.. they even jumped over me to go to the other side😂 But I still love them so much and would do anything for them..♥️♥️

    98. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      I think these experiments are not true .... They can hear breathing and feel body heat


      Claire is so pure good hearts as a mommy and woman...i love her attitude...