Watermelon Maze Challenge! Can My Cats Escape? | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I created maze with watermelons for my cats!
    Can my cats solve the maze?
    Please forward all partnership inquiries to we@luvcat.com.

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    1. Su Jai

      Ah yes, the woman from our word problems who bought 40 watermelons

    2. sunita parashar

      Coco is😂😂😂🤣

    3. Geralt

      Those cats will either become crazy one day or evolve into some superior forms of fluffy intelligence thanks to those trials.

    4. Danielle Hylton

      Too cute! ❤

    5. Damien Endy

      No! God Please No! NOOOOOOOOO!

    6. Scottie Pippo

      Coco is the mvp of this video

    7. Ianmendes20 Mendes

      Coco.... ficou assustado

    8. Sarah Manier

      Ha! They never know WHAT they’re going to find in your house next!

    9. apog 1989

      This video made my day

    10. Nina Rosado

      Her mortal Kombat nopes ate the best

    11. Lyla kostjuk

      The cats will be scared when that hallway isn't filled with somthing wired

    12. bluefireflower

      DD: didnt take a nap/break during the challenge but he done better -didnt participate at all CoCo: Why CoCo? whyyy? All those years in Havard just wasted TT: she's a good sport. Won't let her Mommy down ChuChu: gosh this baby done well. Better than DD and CoCo Momo: what else do you expect from a powerhouse? Go STAMINAAA!! Lala/Lulu: these shorted leg food hunter i did't expect anything less

    13. Nadine Dorghod

      Coco: no oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo these water me looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn that a nopy! Lala: HEY YO WATERMELON! GET OUTA HERE AM COM'EN! Huh...ok this way..OK NOW BACK TO THE SUPER SERIOSE...STUFF! Fly through these!

    14. Leila Hill Godfrey

      i luv lulu tooo

    15. Leila Hill Godfrey

      you should have made momos name Garfield he looks like Garfield!! so cutee

    16. Leila Hill Godfrey

      momo is soo cut i luv himmm

    17. vx ShoCk

      1:05 coco do be walking in slow motion

    18. Ingrid Shala

      What breed of cat is lulu and what breed of cat is momo ?

    19. Quastelle 11

      U should make a maze out of cucumbers xD Edit: omg u did, i just found the video

    20. shiva chamlate

      C. C . . K K C A S O G G T T😁 G G 👍

    21. Seher Shirazi


    22. s0bad

      Why does Coco always look so shifty

    23. satish gupta

      TT : mommy again! Alright fine I'll show u how its done

    24. Crystal Stars


    25. Poucha13

      I love how, being the shortest cat, Lulu is the only one who decides to jumps over the watermelons 😂👌

    26. Kevin Drager

      DD: what is this? Hmmmm it looks bad I'm just gonna go owner: just try. DD: bye bye. Owner: NO GOD PLEASE NO NO NOOOOOOO

    27. Kevin Drager

      Liked it

    28. Blue Darius

      I so kuteeeee

    29. Arisa Boonpongmanee

      Other youtubers: today, my cat will be conquering a plastic cup wall! Claire: ya’ll are going through watermelons

    30. Elaine Hsieh

      I now understand why Claire calls Coco "Dr Coco", cause he always like to slowly glance at sth that he is unfamiliar with or confused about, like doing some examination or deep contemplation😂 in scenes such as this video looking at watermelons or when he encountered a magic trick in another video. Btw I hope Claire could make a video about Coco being skeptical about things someday😂😆🙏 would love to see more footages about Coco!

    31. Khairunnissa Musthaq

      Claire walks to shop Shopkeeper: helloo claire!! Her buying that much stuff will give them 💰.

    32. Kama Arrumi Jose

      i love water melon its my fruit(;

    33. Momo Klose

      Claire is the guy from the math problem who buys 50 watermelons 😂

    34. medori Pongen

      Coco is the "REAL HUNTER".😘..HANDSOME CALM PRINCE❤️🥰

    35. AHMAD Ali

      I dont no why i like lulu only 😆in your videou because i was also cat his color was also like lulu ☺☺

    36. DigDug

      I figured it out. At least 20 watermelons, 14 electric fans... Claire is the one from the math problems.

    37. Nrtvn

      - Never seen a watermelon or something? - I thought they are alive...

    38. Rosa Lopez


    39. Akhin Nair

      That is not some, that's a lot of watermelons

    40. Cinmoy Dey

      Good luck cat in oby

    41. Dave Ang

      Y have so many watermelons

    42. Hod D

      People are dumb for subbing to this ju kittisauras crap

    43. maria


    44. Yanna Estrecho

      DD is such a mood everytime 😂

    45. Melanie Gebhardt

      Nice, you habe so munch time for your cats😻😻😻😻😻. I like it. Many greeting from Germany.

    46. auroratita

      Took 2,000 yrs to say no..

    47. The Chloe and Penny Show!

      wait u have 7 cats!!!!!!!!! what is ur secret!!!!!!

    48. Rayan BR.

      3:23 Cats can't taste sweetness!

    49. Steve's Shed

      Ypu should do a cucumber maze !

    50. Любовь С


    51. Sam Oh

      Why these cats are so much fat. They need some exercise. It is not fun to watch fat cats and dogs being people's toy.

    52. Bethany Drover

      Claire is that kid in all the math tests. This is what they do with all thise godamn watermelons

    53. faiz 86

      Im just wondering whose gonna eat all those big watermelon lol.. so many... if u give me i can eat it in 1week haha

    54. chitra ivany

      i wish youtube recommended this video on mark lee home

    55. Sebas M

      Geeez! What tha hack did Coco think, when he watched the watermelons?

    56. Narmada Mohan

      1 small leap for a man 3 big leaps for Lulu!

    57. Island Cave

      Not a maze, just an obstacle course.

    58. Damien Heartly

      I'm surprised Lulu didn't try to eat the whole, not-yet-sliced watermelon 🥰

    59. Elizabeth Walters

      Was that watermelon on the ledge giving anyone else anxiety? Like what if one cat accidentally knocked it over while another one was walking by it????

    60. Catlady

      I love them ❤️

    61. Natalka Kowalska

      Polskie napisy plzzzz

    62. Emilly Cruncoviz

      Como vc achou tanta melancia aí. ??!!

    63. desieratuliu 99

      OMG really cute..Amazingg...💕🤗🤗🤗

    64. miyotan

      can someone tell me how to tell apart Lala and Coco? I'm having trouble 💦

    65. Zenobia Sethna

      What happened to all the watermelons?

    66. Dasheena Lynn

      I’m just curious how she got all these watermelons into her apartment

    67. lapk78

      There's a channel "Mario Zodi" that's stealing your videos.

    68. Cynthia Widmayer

      What did she do with the watermelons once the video was done? Did she resell them? Did she throw them out? Did she eat them (I really hope so). It's good that she loves cats, but sometimes I cannot help but wonder if she's eco-conscious.

    69. Andi Fajar

      Claire is the person on math exam

    70. Any Body

      Until I watched many episodes I had no idea cats are so dumb. No wonder they survive on cuteness alone.

    71. Skyye McNack

      “Are those fat cucumbers?” 💀

    72. Tina Wang

      *Claire is that woman in your math question who buys 200 watermelons and asks you the price*

    73. zameliz

      Naturally Lulu the glutton came in for seconds :P

    74. Reece Carpio

      Aahhhh, found the person in those math questions who have such a big amount of produce😂

    75. dixgun

      Interesting variety of approaches 😎😁🐱

    76. Ignatius Radityo

      I expected LuLu to devour the watermelons

    77. Ingrid Espinosa Márquez

      i thought cats didn't like watermelon but now i remember lulu will eat anything lol

    78. 無法變身的貓


    79. H K


    80. SheYa Lovely

      Claire is training cats to be smart. 😅😅🤭

    81. Gacha Panda YEET

      MELONS! When I was younger I had an LPS don't know if you've heard of it but I had an LPS and it was a dog with a melon suit and a melon hat.

    82. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

      i think Lulu would like a Tuna maze

    83. Rocio Luciano

      Love cats

    84. Catherine McIntyre-Polner

      Lulu really be eating everything tho xD

    85. Colin dalton

      Claire is the lady from all those math problems

    86. Keisu Federation Mapping

      Claire: I need melons Clerk: how much? Claire: the same amount as my math problems

    87. Hendra Hermawan

      Bot mau

    88. Gusztáv Gardner

      Hi, can anyone tell me what the first song is?

    89. Desire Patience

      Lulú Is the best ❤️

    90. ninditya a.s

      when mark tiba tiba mau jadi kucing si embaknya:)

    91. Rahma Ardheani


    92. Alexander Jellinek

      Attack of the killer Melons!

    93. 김쏭

      나 수박 진짜 좋아하는데 먹고싶다 ㅜ ㅜ

    94. Nick Allen

      What did you do with 16 watermelons after it was over?

    95. Егор Романенков

      Я вот думаю, что она потом будет с ними делать?

    96. phúc hoàng

      ah , so you are the person whos in all the math questions at school

    97. Queen_PLATINE!


    98. Random

      Lulu : victory is mine 🤣😂🤟

    99. Bryce James

      Subscribed ! Glad I found your channel ! Having 2 cats of my own , I love this ! Your cats are cute and funny ! Love the content ! 😺😻😺

    100. wiam errami

      DD: No not today COCO: Dr.coco LALA: ?! CHUCHU: a brave cat MOMO:why do they call this a maze LULU: does anything for food TT: *tt has left the chat *