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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge #Cat
    Today, I prepared some trays to make a water minefield for my cats!
    Can they make it out?
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    1. Sir Wolfy

      Lala was the best for me

    2. Mohammad Shamir

      What breed is LuLu?

    3. Shubham Gavai

      Lulu and lala are clever

    4. AV5

      This is so cute!!

    5. OLEIVAND 507_34

      Dd.tt.momo.lulu.chuchu.coco ..

    6. kpop idols

      I love lulu so cute

    7. Manuel Camelo

      They're so SMART ! They Learn from each other :D

    8. Madhav Nair

      Wow nice names

    9. ms칼리스타

      i love cat

    10. Nazneen Alaman

      3:07 the cat behind the slaughter

    11. Abhinav Tk


    12. Nazma Shaheen

      Lulu is my favorite whose yours

    13. Nédila

      I don't know how I ended watching cat videos, but I like it

    14. Arfah Ali

      Cool jump😱😱😱

    15. HUZ_VANEE

      I love this channel🤗💗🐱

    16. Gacha Sleepah

      Lulu is so cute

    17. Ibrahimovic i

      Who's came here after watching the goalkeeper cat




      The best is Mono LOL

    20. Alexander MacNeil

      You've got some adorably smart kitties. Even Lulu is smarter than she seems. 😁

    21. That weird FANDOM lover

      Here's the four block jump! Will momo make it? And... she leaps and only took 5 seconds for her courage! TT in the bg: oh my god, she actually did it

    22. Cyan Olivé

      me encantan ver tus vídeos, son entretenidos, tiernos, relajantes, simplemente me encantan! Una nueva subscriptora ♡

      1. Nédila

        Pensé que era la única que hablaba español aquí xd.

    23. !!Kitty Cade☆♡

      I loveeee Lulu!! He is the cutest cat ever!!!!

    24. Julito Leon

      I bet if Claire shaved Daisy she should have enough food to make a whole new set of cats the Kittens included plus nana

    25. CHLONP

      i've do that and my kitty walks zigzag and the pole is zigzag maybe lucky? or Bullseye?

    26. Geno2733

      "Let's try again" **Does the same thing again** "Nothing's changed" Cats do this when it's raining. They go out, come back in, and go out again 10 minutes later to see if anything changes. Cat logic 101. 🐈 💡

    27. 박지수

      Lulu is a meercat. Lol

    28. Deadly beast333

      Lulu is savage

    29. Shivangi Sharma

      What is lulus breed

    30. Kimi Jiang

      TT always does the best hahhaha

    31. Veteran Roblox

      How about PP

    32. Delightful girl

      3:08 Momo flew!

    33. Kitty & Doggy TV

      very nice n lovely

    34. Vanessa Lenihan

      Wait..one of your cats is named.. *MoMo?* no..No..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not that cursed thing again

    35. la cueva del dibujante

      despues de todos esos retos se convertiran en einstain

    36. Maze _

      0:05 that cat said naw bitch 😂😂

    37. Holic Psycho

      자주 복도에 뭔짓을 하는 집사

    38. Nezuko Kamado

      I love how Momo just hopped over like a kangaroo the gunshot sounds made it more funny than I thought lol XD!

    39. I’m dat weeb yoongi stan

      1:30 “Let’s try again” “Nothing changed!” Me after I open the fridge for the 15th time thinking the food I’m craving will magically appear

    40. ;; 火peri subs

      Catejsus ?

    41. Carola

      Momo 😂

    42. Aiman Afwan

      Lulu is very smart and cute 🤗🤗🤗😍😍

    43. siymini Samarajeewa

      Lulu ❤✨️

    44. funtime CÅT

      Este canal representa mi mundo ideal

    45. beelu CherryBlossom

      esto es oro!! jajajaa

    46. OnlyPetsFunny



      My dog would basically levitate over this course

    48. Mahanoor Sarfaraz

      They all are so cute and fluffy but my fave is Lulu

    49. Todoroki Plays

      Lulu is the most cutest one and smartest!!

    50. Draghetto 50

      Lulu is always the best

    51. beariinutella

      lulu be like “bruh this is ez yall dumb.”

    52. Umut Yildirim


    53. Madryt90

      I love cats 🐈

    54. TYOO 6 GMAIL

      3:07 Momo 😂

    55. KZ


    56. Sophie M

      Lulu is such a smart one!

    57. MrThegrither

      Imagine if the water was acid instead. Brutal

    58. Gudetama lovers

      DD is like me bfore trying lets just give up 😌

    59. Cat Loving Artist

      I love these challenges so much! Pls more!

    60. Ramadhan Rbs

      It's funny they are so afraid of water

    61. Libby

      Watchin this when DoDo (10th member of Creamheroes) is here

    62. Tomy Ryu

      those UN-LIKERS must be cat eater🥴🥴

    63. Angelo Gabriel Rivera

      0:27 ah yes calm 0:29 THE HECK?!

    64. Riyono Triwidagdo

      0:00 DD

    65. Frederika Bernkastel

      Lulu ♡

    66. Saurav Tiwari

      LuLu is a Cheetah 😂❤

    67. KDrama Jin

      What kind of cat is lulu he’s so cute

    68. Ruben Soetenga

      What is lulu rase? I really wanna have a cat like that to. Can some one helps me out what kind of cat she is??

    69. Tyler Ensminger

      This was really creative. I would not have thought to do this

    70. bugs

      Sooo if these where real mines then most of the cars would have exploded 💥👄💥

    71. Tina Nurhikmah

      Momo jumps like a kangaroo

    72. Rin Rane

      Wow Lala looks exactly like my cat

    73. paul bidde

      Aww lulu is too cute 😂

    74. nishant kshirsagar

      Which cat breed is lulu?

    75. Kistaiah Dasari

      DD is very funny

    76. Josephine

      how many cats dos she have

    77. Sweaty Cheese

      3:09 momos badass


      Lulu is the best...😘😘😘

    79. Bleenteam J

      I love how Lulu looks like Quantum Theory was just explained to her.

    80. Jeff L

      what happened to cream puff heroes?

    81. Josh YT

      Get a life

    82. Muhammad Firman Alamsyah Putra Andreana

      I miss cream heroes

    83. Ekansh Rai

      My fav is Lulu❤️❤️😄

    84. Sarvesh Raut

      Chuchu- I am done with this 😂🤣

    85. The Youtube Commenter

      cat: *blows up*

    86. mi cuarto

      Bonita forma de gastar agua :)

    87. Brittany Jimenez

      Lulu is a pro

    88. Angelica Cline

      This is a little mean considering cats vision when things are close to them is crap.

    89. Deniz Kendirci

      what funny about is that if they wish to do so, they can jump over them in one leap.

    90. James Dale

      Lulu is awesome.

    91. Funny Animal Videos

      Nice great to watch it! :D I had fun :)

    92. Yusuf Nasih

      All of ur cat everytime seing new challangge that corridor: really? Again?

    93. Risa Tamura

      DD is such an adorable fluffy cat

    94. Anuvab Das

      Lulu the smartest

    95. Ricardo javier Gutierrez bojorge

      Lelouch got the best time, in my opinion

    96. Noah Brown

      Ok the dsr shooting sound effect had me dead

    97. spazer

      у лулу лапки короткие,зато она самая быстрая

    98. KS G

      역시 TT 똑똑해♡

    99. Herbal Remedease

      Is it my imagination, or is Lulu the only one who learned to differentiate the dry trays from the wet ones?

    100. Jeffrey Rapkin