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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I created the ultimate cat obstacle course!
    Let’s see if my cats remember how to overcome past challenges!
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    1. Kristina Mertic

      DD is very dumbest

    2. Kristina Mertic

      TT is king

    3. авто ТВ

      Э|..щр сломвн7пание 776

    4. михаил назаров

      Хозяйка работает ? Или это её главное занятие ?

    5. Gabriela Alejandra Rodríguez Vanegas

      I love coco, lala , DD and chuchu

    6. Сама Себе Сказка

      куклачева ёпрст, делатьнекуй

    7. Valerie Bonilla

      no lulu is queen

    8. putri nur waheeda

      lulu is cute

    9. ZiaCho 1485

      TT seems like will do anything for claire

    10. Elle Rose

      Lulu: snacks!!😍 DD: comfy places!!🥰

    11. Tobe Evans

      TT went *w o o s h* in the thumbnail! ❤️

    12. ynyn

      한국 댓글을 찾으셨군요! 축하드립니다!

    13. Marcon Cat Family

      Of course Doctor Coco had to stop and analyze the course, it’s in his job description!

    14. Abdulhameed Alain

      I'm a big fan of LULU 😂😂

    15. Светлана Соколик


    16. Светлана Соколик


    17. Светлана Соколик


    18. Светлана Соколик


    19. Millie Karud-Lund

      Why is lulu so frikking cute

    20. ian humphries

      Love your cats. I have 6 myself

    21. Shane Delos Santos

      Lulu is the best cat I never seen

    22. Yani Oktavia


    23. иατнαιу gacha ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

      Eu adoro o chuchu ele ten manchas na patinha mds e mt fofo E a TT q mantem a postura UwU O dd q é mt preguiçoso kakaka A lala e o coco são gatos de classe UuU O momo adoro a carinha dele e ele e todo laranjinha *-* E claro n pode faltar a lulu nos meus elogios UwU Mds a lulu e taum fofa sentada ai eu morro de fofura n sei como a claire aguenta ficar com esses gatinhos sem ter ataque de fofura mdssss *-* Eu tenho meus shipps de gatinhux UuU Lulu e chuchu DD , lala e momo Coco e TT Decorei o nome de todos porem n sei Se falta algum as vzes me perco mais eu acho q n ksks (Tirando. Os filhotes e mamaein acho q n me esqueci)

    24. Yiri Bulo

      Seriously TT's performance is always impressive 🤗

    25. Letriani Ria


    26. CoolCreeper98 Yeah

      Cats vs mario level kinda like hamsters

    27. DiAmondzAzuli RBLX and More!


    28. Magda Iturbe

      Lulu is my favorite caaat

    29. AbuOmar Sabbagh

      Who pays for these things🤔🤔

    30. anasti Aprilia ptr

      betapa lucu nya hehe salam dari Indonesia

    31. Your personal Juice box

      The first time I saw ‘LuLu’ I saw, UwU

    32. Kalpana sree

      TT was awesome...!! The queen 👑

    33. Christelle Stemmet

      Have you ever thought of using double-sided tape for them to walk over?

    34. Müge Karasakal

      Hepsini öp benim için kiss them all for me

    35. Chris Farmer

      Lulu is my favorite. Eats everything and is afraid of nothing. I want a Lulu.

    36. the fire witch

      On a challenge: TT - Queen, as usual DD_ "let me just sit for a sec..." Chuchu - literally everything she does is adorable Coco - "interesting..." Lala - "runrunrunrunrunrunrun runrunrunrunrun" Lulu - "what....?" Momo - "c'mon, another one?" Nana - "good lord, do these things happen often..?" Toto & Dodo - !!!!!!!

      1. the fire witch

        @gi cutiepie lol I knew that, I didn't notice the spelling error (sorry for pissing everyone off)

      2. gi cutiepie

        Chuchu is female

    37. • C x l i q o •

      👁👄👁 adorable!!

    38. Porala Narasimhulu


    39. reza renantha

      TT IS legend n dd is very lazy i hope dd like TT

    40. Viling Chu

      Momo, why did you so confuse about bubble wrap? 😅😅😅

    41. Salma Mohamed Kheir

      3:14 Coco/Lalain background "Hmmm..yes..i see" 5 minutes later Coco/lala: A little bird told me hat a million people are watching us through Cuteube. What do you say bout that claire??

    42. Cat adventures

      Claire, want a dare? Check the reply if u want and if u don't just ignore me

      1. Cat adventures

        I dare you to create THE HARDEST OBSTACLE Course that lulu can't pass

    43. Giovanna Cristina Penteados

      ummmm bueno

    44. Connor Jacobsen

      Why are all of her cats named the same way? Does anyone know? Please I’m curious.

    45. Cindy Driver

      Good girl TT.

    46. Ain-drila

      Why does lulu look so lost always??

    47. Zaara Khan

      What's the name of the song at 0:10

      1. Zaara Khan

        @SilverBox-Universe thank you

      2. SilverBox-Universe

        Unleash My Halo

    48. joe downing

      When DD sat down on the foil road, you can just see Lala being whacked by hummingbirds in the background.

    49. 박소연

      라라 너무 귀여워... 디디랑 사이 좋다니ㅠㅠㅠ 귀여워

    50. L8Arrow Egendoerfer

      And I LOVE the humming birds😂

    51. L8Arrow Egendoerfer

      Are your cats trained to go through the obsticals?

    52. Itscallawalla Gaming

      My cat would just start sleeping on the bubble wrap

    53. Gemma R

      Let's just admit it. Momo did what we all would do. Once you start popping that bubble wrap you don't stop until it's all done 😂

    54. Sima Jha

      LaLa is cute cat

    55. Sima Jha

      LuLu is a cute cat when we stand up

    56. Sima Jha

      Wow yaar

    57. Uma S

      Lulu's demand: next time you should fill the hallway with some egg, salmon, cat treats and some delicious

    58. Rina na

      Coco xinh quá

    59. Dcarsom Automotivo

      I love cats ❤️😻😻😻😻😻😻

    60. Paolo Wiser

      TT is the boss!

    61. Sludge Maiden

      I love how DD just sits on things xD

    62. beta nova neo

      Dd the bread and chill king

    63. Piyu

      no god please no LOL DD😂😂😂

    64. Tomichat

      Everyone CreamHeroes is back! Go subscribe to the channel!

    65. Lintang Setyorini

      TT is wonderfull but i dont know i more like DD in this video 🤣

    66. awesome nerd

      DD is so lazy, literally a whole mood 😂

    67. Amita Deshpande

      Lala is even not not half of DD

    68. Inara _NFIA

      Ohhh the bird toy! My cats will love this!

    69. Luia Lee

      애기때부터 해서 이제 이정도는 떡먹기보다 쉬울듯 해요 난이도를 많이 올려보심이!!!!

    70. R4nd0m Dr4g0n

      MoMo: *I'm lost* °^°

    71. Chris

      Lulu is the Spaneli of the gang

    72. RisseyReal Videos

      Cuteeeee 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    73. Dimitris Kotsiko

      DD is the most lazy cat of all . All cats are very cute!

    74. kitta the cat and his friends

      its kind of a course like ur training them its good


      Oooo Lulu is so cute


        And so funny

    76. Sealife Master

      DD the seat enthuisiast.

    77. Seher Shirazi


    78. Inessa T

      Удивительная семья! Так заниматься своими кошками! У кошек - просто счастливая жизнь: интересная, удивительная. Хозяйка- настоящая продумнина, что только не придумает. Какие ж молодцы!

    79. A Z

      Lulu cave 🤗😍

    80. XenialDan

      Whoa, they improved much. They mostly don't care anymore. Almost like: Mommy, you bore us! Challenge us!

    81. Jera Amell

      Ninja Warrior - Cat Edition

    82. Shubham Kuldeep

      Lulu is the cutest... 😁

    83. Ea Gesika Vlogs

      Do a baby piano toy's challenge. The sounds there when you press / step on it can get very shocking 🤣

    84. gemini camalian

      I like the cours

    85. AGmarsen

      This is a mashup of earlier episodes

    86. Анатолий Климов

      Ах и мурчики КРАСАВИЦЫ!!!!!!

    87. joana gonçalves

      Amo esse canal

    88. 레몬나르고빚갚으리오

      와 티티 진짜 멋있다..

    89. 레몬나르고빚갚으리오

      와 티티 진짜 멋있다..

    90. Sweet Trubble

      Little mommy knows exactly how to tame those birds

    91. Angel Hon

      DD loves bread so much he sant on the foil to be baked a live

    92. happypercy rblx

      I just rewatched some of the obstacle vids and found momo jumping over them all the time Momo: *STAMINA*

    93. Charlot Espinosa

      TT is a savage 👑

    94. Marie Ann Nelson

      TT said this is easy.

    95. Marie Ann Nelson

      Can you do a harder challenge???

    96. Botch

      Early person

    97. My Kitti Cats

      kittisaurus cats have been our inspiration to create our channel and love their videos.. We tricked our cats (Mowgli, Mau and Mickey) with the invisible wall challenge made of cling wrap to get their reactions and it was so worth it !

    98. Caim31

      Coco just tanked everything