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    Today, I challenged my cats to solve 3 different puzzles for cat treats!
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    1. gobin limbu

      i always love watching lulu..plz make one featuring only lulu..

    2. Marsh&Mello

      Thank you for sharing the good video.😍😍

    3. m a r v i e

      Oh i see your slipper that is line friend

    4. Mohammadreza Akbari


    5. Lance YT Gaming

      Lala: I Cannot Me: With a just little help! Dodo: It Was Mine Lala: How Dare You (1:40)

    6. Prince Hazim

      What is Lulu's breed??

    7. •ItsIida•

      Nothing can't stop LuLu when it's about food

    8. ishi

      LuLu: "No food, No life."

    9. Jennifer S

      You have A LOT of cats

    10. Ana Guadalupe Salto Alonso

      exelent lulu

    11. Jay


    12. ArfiPutra17

      idk why lulu is so cute

    13. Alfinski

      1:53 ouch 🤕 1:51 double ouch 🤕

    14. Kudon

      LuLu is sooo beautiful

    15. may Karmay


    16. karishma pahuja

      I come here everyday to watch LULU 😻.... He is adorable 🥰

    17. mlfuqua09

      I watch this when I’m sick and it makes me laugh cute and funny cats 💗

    18. sofie amber rana


    19. angga agung

      2:22 Lulu: Stay still Hooman or i'll scratch ur Carpet

    20. 도예쪄


    21. Light Phocnix

      DD is very smart

    22. Rhiean B. David

      DD is so *t h i c c*


      I realy like lulu❤️

    24. Stop motion Man


    25. Tabassum Wasila

      Chuchu is always the sweetest, but i think she is, for a change, the funniest one in this video.

    26. YoYo Shum

      Dodo: i wish i can eat treats Lulu: wanna join my treat lesson?

    27. Mealan Chan


    28. Prenses Artemis

      lulu so sweet

    29. Von Raphael Barcellano

      2:02 I'm ready for the food

    30. Mosegue

      I LOVE LULU😈😻😻😻💅

    31. Lisbeth Valderramos

      Jajaajajajaja XD

    32. Rous Santori

      I love Lulu 🐈


      2:55 wow... I never see cat like this! 🤩🤩

    34. nakas0ul

      does anyone know about lulus breed?

      1. vegashop lee

        Munchkin and Scottish Fold and Britsh Shorthair

    35. Erketay

      Lulu is cutes one and she is in my picture s👀💖

    36. Alan Cardoso Ferreira


    37. NICOLE LEE -

      can i know what is the name/type of Lulu?

      1. NICOLE LEE -

        @vegashop lee thanks

      2. vegashop lee

        Munchkin and Scottish Fold and Britsh Shorthair

    38. 1984Dow Dow.animals

      Hhh I love the cats

    39. Ryan Al Azhar


    40. Nao

      Amma Love kundi and ashwin and cat and dog AND cat cat and achu and anirubh and shŕuti is good cat and dog is good

    41. Harriet the Partridge

      DoDo hits Coco at 1:53

    42. 이아인

      으어엉ㅠㅠ 크림히어로즈 고양이들 다 너무 귀엽네요

    43. Samira Peri

      "Maybe LuLu is full now" Is he ever?

    44. Sandra Nii

      Lulu??? Full????

    45. Vann

      I need to know what Lulu's breed🧐

    46. Sa Sa

      Who is da imposter

    47. Salmon

      2:58 - - - CoCo: CoCautious boi DD: hungry loafer TT: glam girl

    48. toni trileksono

      Snack apa sih itu yang di makan

    49. XxDevilSoulz

      Lol these cats so cute and funny

    50. Kim_Nayera

      I love ur vids ur cute and ur cats and kittys are cute too! And.... Can you do a app for '' KITTISAURUS wallpaper "????

    51. Winter Winter

      Your cats are the luckiest cats ever

    52. Lukmanul Fikri

      this is lulu's job. But. DD is smarter :D DD is smarter :D

    53. sound_ crab

      Can anyone tell me which breed lulu is?

    54. Brett Thompson

      1:52 I was eating and I almost choked it was to funny

    55. NoWrongLife

      What's up with TT's right eye?

    56. Pola Starzyniec

      Its so funny

    57. Bella Acevedo Bellavedo2011

      Dodo was funny

    58. Bella Acevedo Bellavedo2011

      I like lulu the best

    59. Marina Tun Azhar

      So cute i have cats to i have like 11 cat. All my cat like your cat they cute much cute eeekkk!!! 😻😻😻

    60. Mahnoor Zahra

      2:14 SO ADORABLE 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    61. jackson kee

      Anyone know what is the breed for lulu and lala?

    62. Carly mist

      "DD my good cat"

    63. Harun Şahin


    64. Kedimin Yavruları

      Your babies are so cute :)

    65. Suprio Sheel

      No matter how small Lulu's legs are, his agility is unmatched

    66. • itz FlølishersXD •

      I love cats more then u do

    67. The Sethioz Project

      YAY Lulu finally got some yumyums, but I doubt he's ever full! Hey Claire, here's an idea, why don't you make an eating challenge, see how much your kitties can eat! Make them a HUGE 1 time meal and see which of them eats the most. Measure the weight of food before serving, then we'll see if Lulu really is the king of food!

    68. 하다하다

      루루 넘 구여웡ㅜㅜ

    69. •Mimi•

      I love cats this is so cute

    70. Xander Kane

      Are these cats starved for each video, to make them so desperate for the slightest morsel ?

    71. Jarno P

      Darf ich fragen aus welchem Land du kommst?

    72. h k

      Pls reply or else my cat won't talk to me.

    73. なこねこ

      Lulu ... ٩(^‿^)۶

    74. Baconaise

      The day DoDo gets seriously ill, I worry someone might make an extinction joke

    75. Baconaise

      This is just perfect

    76. Daennardvitar

      Cat Ranks : Lulu : The *Hungerous* Maniac ChuChu : Introvert Savage Coco : MLG Teenager Lala : Vip Princess DD : *Dun Dun* Dun TT : Sexy Ladeey Nana : *Mother* Nature Dodo : Drops DooDoo from his Butt Toto : So-Cool Kiddo Claire : **Lost Against Lulu**

    77. 핑크로즈

      꺄 귀여워❤

    78. Veronica Purnamasari

      I saw another channel account that displayed Kittisaurus DEfasts content. does the owner of this youtube account open another youtube account "CreamHeroes"?I'm just curious..

    79. ALİ Lermi

      My favorite is lulu

    80. Cedgy the gamer

      This is the reason I want a cat.

    81. Can yaman Beatzz

      What type of Cat is Lulu , please anyone tell me I liked Lulu alot please any tell it's real name ?

    82. Dani T Jacob


    83. S̶t̸a̵r̵r̷i̶n̸g̸ ̴s̵h̸i̷f̴t̵ ̸ s̶a̶n̸s̸

      Why when people dislike when cute

    84. Waterdust

      love the starcraft sound effect, funny

    85. Elle Rose

      The effort to set everything up😳

    86. FARBerserker

      congratulations . . you just tought a cat to push glasses over . .

    87. Reichal Davidson

      Now i believe that DD is Human with Cat Form 😋

    88. The Unexpected Smile

      I’m starting to think that maybe Dodo shouldn’t be included in these snack challenges. His food aggression is getting a little out of hand. Is there a way to train that out of cats?

    89. Oktaferi

      living with those cats just like you made your own heaven

    90. Sam Wilder

      Claire laugh remind me pekora laugh

    91. Bombastik Animals

      You are invite to my channel for cute cats🙋‍♀️🐾❤😺🔥😺

    92. 《Itz møchi chxn》

      Awww I love cats so much who else love cats 👇🏻

    93. Green Dragon

      Лулу никогда не наестся

    94. ojie aydalla

      New subscriber here. I hope you notice me

    95. Build Toys figure

      next little Nightmare Kittysaurus version,please🙏

    96. Babies girl

      I'm confused! Kitty saurus and cream heroes are the same owner? I know claire is owner of those cats, but which one the originally channel? Sorry my english bad

    97. Buffet for Me

      🍕🍟 Thanks!

    98. RoMEOW

      Lulu is always be my heart....

    99. Camila Carla Mamãe

      Que fofinhos!

    100. Leonor Rivera

      Dodo is a bully but really a dumb cat.