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1 Mio. aufrufe504

    There’s a LuLu Hole in my kitchen!
    Whenever I make food, LuLu pops out of the hole!
    Today, I cooked chicken for my cats!
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    1. ScarySara93

      'Lulu' : "Do you feel it?!" 'Lala' : "I feel it" Are you _feeling_ it now Mr. Krabs?

    2. the raispro68

      Aahhh Lulu is so cute😃😃😃😃

    3. Sarah-Beruriah Booi

      I also want a Lulu hole with a Lulu cat .

    4. Melody

      Why are lalas pupils round?

    5. ศิริกมล อันประยูร


    6. Leigh Leigh KK

      We’re there’s food there’s lulu

    7. Teddy Twinkles•

      I love it when LuLu stands up like a Meerkat i love it! ❤

    8. Drama Queen

      Lulu is my fav cat ❤️

    9. Huong Do

      no other kitty can do this? @@'

    10. Valerie Bonilla

      your cats are so cute no wondermu spoil them

    11. Valerie Bonilla

      DAMN i want a lulu

    12. Ashik RBM

      i am just come here for LuLu.

    13. mary ward

      Whats the music on this one ? Its great.

    14. 한덕수

      지극 정성이다 ㅎㅎㅎ

    15. tijger games nl

      Lulu has cute short paws 🐾😂

    16. 30 seconds THESIS

      i dont even have a cat

    17. Maddox Whitehead

      Clair does everything for her cats

    18. Seraphina91

      Food Lulu: °A° Also those cats eat better then me lol

    19. Your Daily Bacon

      My favorate line on lulu is "excuse me, im lulu!" Or "hello i'm lulu" hella adorable ✊😩

    20. Vaishnavi Sutar

      I love the lulu

    21. Kari Tammi

      Lulu and Momo never dies 🥰🥰🥰

    22. Cat Lover

      And l loves lulu s lips Was so cuteee

    23. Tugela60

      Why is Lulu not named Nermal?

    24. Isha Basar

      Lulu deserve an oscar for his dedication for food

    25. sistakia33

      I kept expecting LuLu to snatch the chicken and run!

    26. ailaG

      Title does not match the video

    27. Nilguiri

      Is that the famous American chlorinated chicken that is going to foisted onto the UK next year thanks to Brexit?

    28. NevadaFederalBites

      Lulu is so cute!!! 😍

    29. ZA R

      Anyone tell me the breed of lulu😍

    30. Seher Shirazi


    31. Fellmell Gaming

      What kinda cat is lulu?

    32. TheCatNoOneWanted

      that hole in the kitchen table is ingenious. I'm going to go get my saw right now..

    33. Jennifer Lewis

      I ❤️ all the cats. They have such unique personalities, and they’re all cute!

    34. lowkeyguy 2

      Lulu: °A° Lulu looking at food: °^°

    35. Yves Francois Ritmo

      Between DD Lala and Lulu you better be happy that opposable thumbs do not yet exist on cats - they would have all got to the chicken right away!!

    36. DragonSlayer’s Workshop


    37. Hùng Phạm

      Why he is the only cat need that hold

    38. Leah Marie Orillos

      Lulu is the most adorable cat..meow

    39. morisson aude

      Fac gn

    40. Kalei Jordan

      I love Lulu

    41. Ramprasad. Bogadi

      Hey Claire just let me know if u wanna sell LULU. I will buy it, no matter how much price it is❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

    42. PUBG master kitty

      Does me profile pic look like a grey lulu?

    43. Riley W

      These cats eat better then I do

    44. Sambhu Adhikari

      Lulu 😀

    45. monkey2197

      I wanna steal lulu so freaking cute

    46. Templário Wave

      if Lulu and Lala have children it will be Lula, right?

    47. Cindy Driver

      I love your kitties!

    48. Eric Cartman


    49. alvionita lee

      lulu cute

    50. Вадим Мигов

      Я наверное один с Украины кто смотрит это видео, кошки очень хорошие 😁😁😁 но больше всего мне нравится lulu

    51. Aditya Vikram

      Lulu looks like a child lost in a crocus and searching for his parents

    52. MediaLick


    53. Sara Ahmed

      Did anybody notice TT in the back exercising at 2:43 😂😂😂. Maybe that's why she's always so fit 😂

    54. Ingrid Eich


    55. Tine Andersen

      I tried that boiling chicken and rice in the soup. My cats sat meeeoooowiiing very loudly, when it cooked. But when finished cooking, that food would be very much too hot. Cats would still meeeooooow! So I had to put that darn stuff I a bowl, which I put in cold water in the sink. It took ages to cool. Meeeowww! That was very stressful for me, but the kitties ate it with great pleasure. MEeeeOOOooWwww.

    56. Natalia Labun

      The cute cat: TT DD Lulu lala coco

    57. Discontinued?

      I wonna see u feed dem cat meat 😭😂

    58. Hog Rider


    59. 라퓨타

      루루 먹을거 앞에서 코 벌렁벌렁 거리는거봐 ㅠㅠ 졸귀

    60. Robert Yong

      And most surprisingly no glass breakage with kittysaurus

    61. Robert Yong

      She done the impossible to cook with cats around

    62. CG 23

      these cats live better than i do

    63. Wulan Wiharjo

      Lulu love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. S. L.

      Lulu us super funny, but I want to see DD and Coco should have their own video, just the two.

    65. Benjamin Hobbs

      I see TT's already on the treadmill after eating, the queen has to work hard to maintain her regal figure!

    66. Aman singh

      Lulu be like °A°


      Oh my ... Lulu sooooo cuteee

    68. shafiqul islam

      01:15 OMG

    69. Camila Zamora

      Lulu is a zuricata

    70. shalini s

      Lulu was in my dream 😍I was so happy, but when I woke up there was no lulu😭

    71. June Ack

      I smoke bud and come watch this - its making so much happy.

    72. Ho-Won Jeong

      Pranklaire, as usual.

    73. Ho-Won Jeong

      루루는 정말 고양이 라는 느낌보다는 '루루' 라는 별도의 동물 종 같이 느껴진다는...

    74. Ho-Won Jeong

      아.. 저 루루홀.. 항상 궁금했어요. 어떻게 생겨서 저렇게 빨리 뿅! 하고 올라오는 지..

    75. 林小蓓

      LuLu是什麼品種的貓 好可愛!

    76. MidNight Music


    77. pial avi

      Mar lulur baccha sosa bilaire

    78. Kat35 Lulu

      Cats eat better than I do....

    79. Amang Lhoujem

      Everytime when i saw lulu he/she is like °A° Uuuhhh he/she is so cute .😊😊

    80. Nadia Oulahri


    81. ice cream


    82. Brahma Borade

      Lulu looks like a beaver when he is standing

    83. Ayush Pandey

      LULU is my fav... I can't get enough of him

    84. Vera Suherman

      Lulu big eyes 'something interesting' in his mind 'heaven yum yum' he feels 'everything always to bite and grooming'🤣

    85. Tina Lunardi


    86. Luka B

      You know how they say we're not supposed to have favorites, but....

    87. Vivian Martinez

      My cats would love to live with Claire...they just get Cat chow to eat.

    88. Abc Bc

      Lulu I love you 🌹🌷🌹👌🐈🐈

    89. Manas’ Fun World

      It is really funny whenever Lulu's eyes get big. For reference, look at the channel's photo.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    90. Isti Q

      Lulu ... i love you 😘

    91. BeeBee G

      LuLu can smell food from another planet 😭

    92. ed brown

      WHAT A CUTIE. eD

    93. Melissa Salt

      Lulu when she saw food :please can i have some🍲👀😋😋😋

    94. exofanxoxo

      tt: i ate too much chicken time to run the wheel

    95. adi ct

      Doggy lu😂

    96. Aaron W.

      Aww Lulu is my favorite

    97. AlpArslan ÇELİK

      Lu lu perfect I love you

    98. Kim Seiberling

      These cats are a trip. Every time I try to watch a video. Somehow I end up back here.

    99. ecopenny

      Now I know how they get up out of the hole in the bench :)