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    Living with seven kitties might not be easy, but it sure is enjoyable.
    I'll be showing you my life from Tom's perspective every now and then!
    Oh, and Tom's a cat!
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    1. Alexander MacNeil

      I have to agree that Tom's narration is a nice touch. I'm guessing a cat bit him and that's why he's a cat now. 😹

    2. Esha The Cat

      i thout you were female

    3. Alain Martel

      Your cat siting on your keyboard prevent you from working ? Use a plain old pen and paper. Now, just try to write something with the cat attacking the top of the pen, or it's tip, or the line ...

    4. Kush Karma

      1:40 this is just for me to loop over and over

    5. Andrew Criscione

      Lulu: "Claire, I'm using the laptop, you need to be more patient. I swear, you're like a kitten!"

    6. Nigiri Sama

      Of cause Lulu is one of the 3

    7. Palati Watt

      Lulu like a boss. 🤣🤣

    8. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      Whoa .... First time other voice than lulu and claire ....

    9. Jaya Kalyani


    10. Ivana Lau

      can I see more of tom please? and thanks!


      Benim kediye odul mamasi veriyom zorla yediriyom bu ne yha

    12. The party Potato pooper

      hmmm cooking


      cats I. Love. Cats

    14. All in one TV

      *MoMo just casually sitting on Claire’s butt and Claire taking a picture*

    15. sistakia33

      Great laugh for today!


      I think Claire like hikikomori

    17. Lyka Lu

      *Cooking* *Shows a cup noodle* Lmao if that ain't me

    18. inayah diniy

      Lulu cute

    19. joemad

      TOM!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Aku Zi Dan

      yang jadi pertanyaan kenapa judulnya menggunakan bahasa Indonesia sedangkan dalam vidio tidak ada yg menggunakan bahasa Indonesia

    21. TotallyNotAZombie

      Fearless ferocious... LuLu: oAo

    22. Wanda Tucker

      Great ! More please

    23. Charlie Adam

      May I ask. Who is tom?

      1. Jeff O

        The narrator. In the video, he pretends to be a cat-turned-human. It's basically a joke since 'tomcats' are male cats.

    24. Danielle Delos Angeles

      I really like your cat and tiny kitten

    25. Cornonthecob

      Yo Claire kinda thicc

    26. Denice Nur Azfar

      I actually like Tom, though. I don't really understand why people are complaining, but his addition is pretty refreshing than merely subtitles, imo.

    27. Joanne Shin

      I originally didnt care for Tom's voice. But after a while, I'm totally fine with it. His voice is a lot more calming that I thought itd be and when he threw shade on Claire's singing bit, admittedly, I choked on my laughter. I wouldnt mind hearing more from him~

    28. fajar akbar


    29. khdidja bhf

      That's all for meow😸

    30. Ho-Won Jeong

      0:48 세상에나.. 고양이가 폭포수 처럼 쏟아진다..

    31. Supraforyears 89

      Momo will literally sleep on anything. Anything.

    32. purvi goel

      She is rare 😍🤗

    33. Sandra Yoneda

      You love cats

    34. Sandra Yoneda

      Creire the new cats nana Dodo toto

    35. Elijah Sherwood


    36. Vandanaba Jadeja

      Who can dislikes such video

    37. Diana 1

      Now she's living with her 10 kitties🙂

    38. Sourav Mallick

      Dislikers are Jerry 👍

    39. ShalomBringer


    40. Karen Reyes

      The way i love tom's voice

    41. elly

      Pretty sure Tom is someone from fiverr that sell narration

    42. seon320

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 편집고양이씨군용 반가워요 Tom!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    43. Lilii

      Awww i see my fave Dun dun DD ❤

    44. Animal Lover Forever 1156

      *The Best Cat Channel In The World*

    45. Nadine Dorghod


    46. Debora Danciu

      Momo is here

    47. Patriotic Jello

      I always resperent the seven kitties as seven sins lmao- it just fit with their personality-

    48. Raven Strahd

      Claire LuvCat lol

    49. Telly K. Netic

      How do you tell Coco and Lala apart?

    50. Thunderlizard36

      I am the new cat lol

    51. Emily Thompson

      can we all appreciate no ads!

    52. hilltop

      I just want to be that cat at the end 😉

    53. YouSoRusso

      Okay now this is funny.

    54. Kristin Hulk

      Lulu the cutest

    55. kiekeku ikeke

      i enjoyed toms narration, he spoke very clean and fluently. That and he also just has a nice calm voice.

    56. Rhiannon Williams

      Lulu, Lala & Momo.

    57. shahirul islam

      I cant be the only one who tried seein what claire looks like from her phone when she was takin a picture of momo towards the end of the video

    58. Annette Labrecque

      Claire, you are a refreshing distraction from the Covid disaster in in the United States. Thank you so much!

    59. Ольга Хилалова

      Не поддердивпют свою экономику ноутом Apl

    60. Raihan Mubarak

      This video fells like Natgeo

    61. Bile Bleh

      Does claire have an ig account? Can you tell me??

    62. prasad P.R


    63. Siti Najihah

      I really love the voice

    64. joonaz best

      How dare you. Lulu is not wild lulu is the cutest and he just likes to play all the time and it looks like from the videos that lulu isn't angry or bite claire

    65. Reece Carpio

      This is such a new take on the video. Love it, especially coz the narrator is speaking in a language I actually understand aha. Dunno why loads of people hating on it. It’s Claire’s video and her decision to do her own video how she wants to. Hope more vids with this style comes in the future .

    66. 싴ᄏᄏ갴ᄏ민ᄏᄏ쿸ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

      LuLu:🇧🇻 LaLa:🇸🇪 MoMo:🇩🇰 TT:🇬🇧 DD:🇺🇸 CoCo:🇷🇺 ChuChu: she is very cute

    67. Muhammad Adam Qarllief

      0:21 Hold up, is that your husk suit?

      1. BJ Uganda


    68. six

      sad people are complaining about toms voice, i think hes a lovely addition to claires videos. if you dislike it so much perhaps you should just leave... or just go back to the old and abandoned creamheroes channels if you miss it that much. claire is obviously pandering to her hugee english audience she accumalted. thank you for your efforts tom and claire!

    69. Rashneet Kaur


    70. urooj

      You are good mummy for them and good spare ur time with these 7 Musketeers.😊👏love from pakistan 🇵🇰

    71. 제디킴

      중간 중간 하나씩 있어야지. ㅋㅋ 고양이들 사랑합니다. 이건 찐이야.

    72. Justin Reyz Sorongon

      8 cats u mean

    73. mike

      What kind cat is lulu?!

    74. KawáiiSoul

      When you met the crazy cat lady in real life. Just waiting for her to make a kitty launcher. LOL


      Tom you are great!!! Love your voice and narration!!! 🤗☺️💕❤️👏👍😍😘

    76. nur hakim

      Hi Tom! Looking forward for your narratives of the life of Claire and TT DD ChuChu CoCo MoMo LuLu Lala!

    77. ZoruaZorroark

      it is good that mr tom is helping miss claire to make these wonderful videos

    78. Yoga pelonk

      Lulu oh Lulu😍

    79. ONNI R


    80. Emma Naylor

      what breed cat is chu chu

    81. Randa Ammari

      I woud love to see claires

    82. Dava Craft 2008

      Claire, lihatin muka lu

    83. lila24

      You have a luck you have cool and pretty cat...

    84. Mitchell Barton

      Date Claire or become cat... *I SEE THIS AS AN ABSOLUTE WIN*

    85. M Dubbs

      Not fond of the males voice...stick with Clair


      Umm when is the next episode?

    87. Sabeto

      Eww, I don't like this narrarating thing

    88. Yammuk Birisi

      İ miss it when when she made their sounds by herself 😭😭

    89. spritals

      I liked it better without the narration. Kitty love and kitty silliness needs no translation. But if this is working for Clair I can always ignore it or even turn the sound off. Only, I’ll miss Claire’s laughter and giggles at her kitties antics. Will never stop watching though!

      1. David Poland

        spritals agreed, no translator or English needed. They are cats.

    90. Tom Snyder

      Cats and computers don't mix

    91. Fénix

      2:40 I wish I was that Cat 🙀

    92. Marthinneill Apoi

      Cat vs Cat

    93. safiyyahkhalifa


    94. Itz Snow Wolf

      Tom is actually Talking Tom

    95. Aspen M

      Why does Lulu kind of sound like Toad from SMB at 0:05

    96. Vegeta SayianMcanon

      Need a husband? :3

    97. Meghna Mary M.R

      2:13 the monitor is off.

      1. Rahib

        It's, the angle is making it difficult to see.

    98. Not_WhiteShockX

      Tom's a cat i n t r e s t i n g

    99. Pranith Chiravuri

      There is only one thing missing claire: A Jerry.

      1. Pranith Chiravuri

        @MythyDAMASHII who are the five jerries... also she has 10 toms now.....

      2. MythyDAMASHII

        5 Jerrys and 7 Toms

      3. ChiToxicT


      4. Smokyblackeyes

        'likr a mouse

    100. im yowlou

      2:40 Claire don't fart, or the president Momo could feel unconfortable ☺