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1,2 Mio. aufrufe56

    Hey, it’s Claire.
    A while back, I brought home a mother cat and her two kittens from an animal shelter, as their listing period was almost over. In some Korean animal shelters, abandoned or homeless animals may be euthanized if they are unable to find another home by the end of their listing period due to a lack of space or resources. As the family didn’t seem to have anywhere else to go, I decided to take them in for the time being.
    On their first day, the kitties were very wary of me, and boy, did they smell! The mother cat wouldn’t even use the litter box or eat food at first. Now, they’ve all warmed up to me. The mother cat will eat treats off my hand, and all three will come up to greet me in when I enter their room. Plus, I’ve been washing them with wet towels, so they don’t smell quite as bad now.
    In order to accommodate my new guests, I gave them my bedroom, so I’ve been sleeping in the storage room since then. Meanwhile, my seven kitties are always waiting outside the door because they’re curious about the new guests.
    Currently, I haven’t been able to decide on where they will stay or even their names. I’ll make sure to put up a notice when a decision has been made!
    Please cheer on and support the mother cat and her two kittens, so they can become healthy and happy kitties.
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    Am Vor 3 Monate


    1. Егор Кузнецов

      Other cats: I want food and love Momo: *_STAMINA_* ...... and love of course

    2. zelie de Heer

      I have 7 cats to

    3. Andrew Schuchman

      Knowing that Nana, Toto and Dodo got adopted into the clan, it’s nice to come back and see how much the twins have grown. Though it’s hard to see Dodo’s white curved forehead, you can tell them apart now.

    4. Jazmín Mora

      Kawaii cats😍😀

    5. Iram. Coronado


    6. Iram. Coronado


    7. Claire Emmott

      Soooo cute 😍

    8. ꧁Blue Clã

      will you stay with them? São muito fofooo My cat is also curious ksks

    9. among us

      Mother cat Nana Baby 1 Toto Baby 2 Dodo

    10. EveNowa

      TT is a true introvert

    11. Radhika Ganjawala

      Please keep them forever. They love you.

    12. Cat adventures

      C U T E N E S S O V E R L O A D

    13. Alexie Klaten

      My like cat 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    14. Tusi Chowdhury

      Lala : Food ! Lulu : Food ! DD : Bread ! Momo : Stamina ! Where is all's favourite" SNACK" ??😄😄

    15. simba x

      like brony he hef baby

    16. MuZik HeArT

      Toto and dodo are so small they're big, sometimes I confuse them with their mother, Nana haha...

    17. Ulfah Nur ilhami

      Nana toto dodo 😍❤❤❤

    18. Paul Justin C. Canotal

      I wanna squash ur cat LuLu cuz he's cuuuuute

    19. kelsey

      claire in 2040: adoption center news: cat family of 15 being euthanized claire with 98 cats: Well i guess ill take them 🙄

    20. Louae V

      2 months and they look too big for their age

    21. Saeeda Khatoon


    22. Gamer_Shrimp 88

      Awwwww she kept them and now 10 cute kittehs lucky to own Claire the CatButler

    23. Muhammad ferdi Putranto

      So cute

    24. Ario

      coming back at this, now I realized how little Toto and Dodo were when she adopted them. They grew so much so fast

    25. Yujin sul

      why is lala and lulu always together for food? XD

    26. Mylittleone

      2:17 lulu & lala are meme-able😂

    27. DILLO

      dd's still trying to groom tt and getting smacked 😂😂😂


      por favor fique com eles para sempreeeeeeeee ;^;

    29. viola g

      I’m crying

    30. Khian lloyd F. Abulencia

      Its so cute

    31. Random user with a random name

      0:58 Well, that didn't age well

    32. Loredana Moura

      Eles são lindos de mais que bom que você pegou eles estão cada dia mais lindos e mais espertos tenho acompanhado o crescimento deles. Parabéns pelo seu cuidado. Que Deus te abençoe sempre.

    33. Paxton Thayer

      Where’s Lala?

    34. Jennifer MacLachlan

      Toto dodo and nana

    35. Chloe Is awesome


    36. Chloe Is awesome


    37. Japjit Sandhu

      Lulu has so much personality. Meanwhile me . Uhhh You Do it

    38. Matilde Lopez

      I like 🐈

    39. Ruby의포켓몬합체와물고기구피들

      집사님... 고양이를 좋아하시는건 너무나도 잘 알지만요... 그래도 집사님 몸도 관리가 필요하잖아요... 그니깐요... 제발좀 몸 관리 잘하세요ㅠㅠㅠ

    40. Ritya Limza

      If only more people where like this. Such a beautiful soul.

    41. Your personal Juice box

      Honestly I would rather be a cat than a human ngl

    42. lunardacookielover

      3:00 TT:go away DD:never

    43. lunardacookielover

      There so cute

    44. Roro Toto

      PLEASE keep them🥺

    45. blacky maxx

      I feel like Lulu is cheating on chuchu with lala (´(ェ)`)

    46. Cristina Vargas

      Food the cats want

    47. Fauzi Rahman

      Welcome ❤️❤️❤️

    48. moon_cold_

      who is the dad?

    49. Wahyu Wiyanti

      Nana like my cat

    50. Yudelka Nova

    51. Vidhya Shree

      New kitten name please


      Hey plz take them with you for whole life

    53. Thoriq Guritno

      Who is the orange cat?

    54. Stephanie Sunshine

      Wow! That is so great! Am I counting right, 10 cats in total now? TT, Lulu, Momo, Coco, Lala, DD, Chuchu + the new cat and 2 kittens? Did I miss anybody? That's quite the fluffy full house

    55. Catify Co

      This is so cute!

    56. Susen George

      Love from lndia, who ever from India like adi

    57. Sanchi Pednekar

      mother cat and two little kitten

    58. Eliana Băetanu

      So so cute

    59. 신찌소

      한국댓글이 없엏

    60. Pradeep Pradhan

      Your now kitten is so cute I want to take it😍😍😍😍😍❤️♥️💛💙🧡👏🧡

    61. KingNBubby

      Y e s

    62. Uruguay y Nigeria

      Your cats are now more than ever 😻😻😻😻😻

    63. Alien Space

      May the author be lucky and the gods help in everything.

    64. Hannah Walters

      Aww so cute. Have a blessed day

    65. Venice Esteban

      Can u pls not give them away? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    66. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

      ...and today they are part of the family NANA TOTO N DODO

    67. Neko

      Who is Dodo's and Toto's dad? :3

    68. Meritxell Costa

      Hi all! One story. I collaborate with my city´s sanctuary. Somebody abandoned two kitties in the Ikea´s parking. They were one day old.... I accepted the challenge. Every two - three hours prepare the milk and feed them... no sleep .... educate them... What to say... I just loved them... and they survived!! with all the difficulties! when they were two month old, and they found their human family... the prize for you is wonderful..... I encourage everybody to take care of the abandoned animals in their region...This is the best. :)

    69. ๓เςђเк๏


    70. Ruu ruru

      2:25 my god just look at how full DD body is

    71. Kimiichi daytu

      Do you already have decide to name them? If you haven't i have a suggestion! How about.....Gigi! I was gonna suggest ginger, but my mind came up with "Gigi" it can be the mom's or the kitten's name.

    72. Jayeeta Paul

      TOTO & DODO are so cute.

    73. rohit tiwari


    74. T Kent

      Those cats look very much like the cats I see on campus. I work in Korea as a teacher. Glad to know there are good people like you to watch out for cats in need. Thanks Claire!

    75. JUSTIN DEGRYSE fan

      Bisakah kamu merawat kucing itu lebih lama?👉👈sebab mereka tidak mempunyai majikan untuk merawat induk kucing maupun anak kucing (Kamu bisa translate my coment) *INDONESIA* 🇲🇨

    76. Diane Kopac

      Bless you for helping those kitties.

    77. Burhan Ijaz

      These family cats are very bad l hate them

    78. Burhan Ijaz

      These are so cute cats I love them

    79. ɪᴍʟɪᴢ ʜɪ:3

      You Can actually tell Claire is a cat lady...

    80. Rosa Claudia Ochoa Hernandez

      I love Claire ❤❤❤👍🐱🐱🐱

    81. dany barcham

      Soooooooooooooooo cute

    82. thero the best

      Your cats are really amazing

    83. 잡초단

      결국 함께 하기로 결정!이젠 10마리

    84. TAoW GROUCH

      Ur creativity is wow. And I hate cats. Sry cat lovers

    85. TAY YUN XUAN DIANA Student

      jeez u got lots of cats

    86. Michelle

      Nana is such a sweet mama kitty 😺

    87. Dreamy Fangirl

      2:21 the way Lulu and Lala look at the camera as if to say, "Yuh here that? Do you know what it is??"

    88. Freya Dee

      It made my day to know there are even more kitties in your house! 😀💕💕💕

    89. doltbezoar

      Bless this rescuer and all her lovely cats.

    90. Letters To Life

      I came back to see how Nana, Toto and Dodo were at start

      1. Canadian CanuckleHead

        Sabine M Indeed. Kittens grow fast. I’m dealing with a black kitten who was about their size a few months ago, now he’s nearly full sized. Unfortunately he’s wired for sound xD

      2. Canadian CanuckleHead


      3. Sabine M

        Me too. Toto and DoDo have grown a lot compared to the start.

    91. raven dark heart

      Punch effect was hilarious

    92. :]보리는귀여워

      디디 티티 코코 모모 츄츄 루루 라라 나나 토토 도도 크... 10마리..

    93. Theresa Rodriguez

      Yay!!!! I'm so happy! My cat loves watching your kitties!

    94. Bjr Adrian

      Awww. Sweet family.

    95. Mio Yui

      Thank you for saving the cats ❤

    96. Buffy Kei

      Wow! That's great news! I can't wait to see what adventures they will get up to with the rest of the gang . Looking forward to finding out what names you choose for them .

      1. Douglas Fisher

        NANA TOTO and DODO

    97. Soury Lemon!

      2:58 is so funny!

    98. Soury Lemon!


    99. Soury Lemon!


    100. Windy Rose

      This is why i live 1:12