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    Today, I made my cats some sausages!
    Keep an eye out for our Halloween video!
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    1. Patcharawan Jatupornpirom

      Funny 55555555

    2. betty lynn

      Is this like flowey kill or be killed

    3. Dreamy Bytes

      The wold cutest kitties in the wold they are lala, coco and lulu lulu 1 position lala 2 position dr. Coco also 2 position 🎊🎊🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 cutest kitties omggg every one should have these cats awww

    4. Dreamy Bytes

      Lulu is sooooo cuteee

    5. Biondy -

      Lulu is so cute after sniffing uncooked sausage

    6. CowCat CowCat


    7. Максим Круковский

      Oh my God!! Claire!! As people said you're SO creative and this video is just PERFECTLY made!! Love love love it :)))

    8. Anil Mandawar

      what is the total daily expense you have to do on these 9 cats.

    9. Scottie Pippo

      Claire's twisted mind producing art every time

    10. Claire M

      Wait the music at the beggining is from the banana splits movie

    11. Mahesh Naik_ 155

      Lulu s expressions are awesome always

    12. I need a name please

      0:00 what's that music?

    13. Poushik yelne

      I wanna be next ..

    14. claudia fahey

      Too cute!

    15. Wassa

      "Don't blink" - best reference!

    16. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    17. Ian Balderas

      At 0:56, did I see right!? Lulu is hissing?!?

    18. Marcon Cat Family

      *I must say that Claire is very much creative and never let us down with her ingenious concepts with the kitties😆*

    19. Kyle_254


    20. Rich Smith

      Other Cats - Take gentle bites from the sausages on the plate LuLu - Takes bite and drags 1/2 the sausages off the plate.

    21. Anita


    22. Ash S


    23. Slamet Prayitno

      Very creative impresive

    24. Shivanand G. Biradi

      I guess Lulu is the naughtiest of the lot 😅

    25. Fìeury D

      Nice trailer 👌 So when is the full movie coming out ?

    26. Scottie Pippo

      A cute pack of hungry cats

    27. stars nails

      Trailer horror

    28. StormEnnairo

      And remember : don't blink, or you'll be died !

    29. coromaru


    30. Herbert Hutchinson

      I think Princess DD is a vegan ; )

    31. Anna Lucy

      The production of this channel is going on another level

    32. Witchy


    33. Strawberry Deer

      Kittisaurus Kittisaurus Kittisaurus If I say the name 3 times I will get pinned *i just have too wait now* LOL

    34. 꽃님보들

      무시무시~하담ㅋ 냐옹이들의 식탐은

    35. Roberson Roberto


    36. Salma Ada

      Kucing nya imut banget

    37. Muhammad Yusuf

      So good cats

    38. U Sus

      Lulu: I want food! Claire: No! Lulu:don’t worry stomach! I’ll steal it for u!

    39. Tusi Chowdhury

      Claire's laugh interrupted in this movie 😂🤣😀😁😘😘😄😄😋😋😊😃😀

    40. Tusi Chowdhury

      All is about Lulu 😀😀😀

    41. WOA Mew

      Your cat so cute ^^ I love cat

    42. 》Gacha Taket BGP《

      0:10 He is hugging us

    43. Ziomownik 2580 fun

      *Do not the cat: sequel*

    44. residentgood


    45. Vishal Yadav

      COCO'S RED EYES DISTURB ME FROM SLEEPING AND THEY ALSO GIVE ME NIGHTMARES (not really) see the red eye in 0:29 click the blues

    46. Les p'tits cochons réunis

      Excellent !!!

    47. Big Duckyy


    48. 25 Mihir Gangurde

      Kudos to Claire & Hats off to the Editor!

    49. Maria Elaine Gillego

      Ah yes a new trailer for a movie

    50. cida Oliveira


    51. cida Oliveira

      Oi pra vc'"💗

    52. AshTmi008 Live

      I missed Clair

    53. baseem carroll

      What kind of cat is the striped one with the large eyes and short legs? Very adorable cat.

    54. Kurtis Price

      Too Cute, All unique types of precious =)

    55. Sergio Gutierrez

      TT es hermosa😘😘😘

    56. 상수리

      크집사님 할 말이 있어요. 이리와서 좀 앉아봐요. 인간적으루다가 편집하면서 자른 비컷들 많죠? 비하인드 영상 만들만큼 많죠? 자기들끼리만 보는거 있기없기ㅡ없기!

    57. raven dark heart

      With my cat Me: stop it you little shit

    58. Miss Chickenfoot

      “CPR Doesn’t Work On Sausages”! 😆

    59. sapphires

      oh mi gosh most terrifying movie trailer ive ever seen i'll definetely hang on to my snacks

    60. Aalih Panalangin

      oh my god that's scary

    61. Greta Simmons

      Too funny 🤣😆😂🤣😆😂😆🤣

    62. Kitty & Doggy TV

      even my cat is watching this

    63. Terrie Lynn

      I love LULU, she is so full of personality and life and a complete fun cat!!!!!

    64. Arthirias

      Lulu, the stomach camouflaged as a cat.

    65. Puppet_gaming

      Btw this look like avengers trailer

    66. Puppet_gaming

      Can I get pinned for once I never get pinned :( do it for cats!

    67. J a n e


    68. •-XngeL-•

      Serasa nonton film:V

    69. Ninja Keks

      LuLus expressions are the best! XD

    70. [Next Syah]

      Everyones talking about lulu, how about the other saurus'?

    71. Cindy Driver

      Hi kitties!

    72. Lucie Loo

      I would love it if Claire got a black kitty to join the gang, black cats are the best! Maybe a black Maine Coon kitty would be an adorable addition to the family!

    73. Kim Mullins

      Thank you for bringing sunshine into my world.😊

    74. Raj Hierodule

      Claire’s laugh...

    75. MLS

      The fact that cat MAY eat you when you dead is even more scarier

    76. L K

      Oooooo!! 🙀😹😻🎃☠️ OMG I have goosebumps!! This movie 🍿 trailer had me on the edge of my seat!! Can't wait for the release date on Halloween! 🎃 HAPPY MEOW-LOWEEN EVERYONE!😱😵😂😻💕 👻👽🤖🤡🧞🦹🧟🧛🧙👩‍🎤

    77. Philip Lombardo

      Trick or Treat my little kitties.

    78. pawan nath arts

      U made it look so scary with that intesnse music, so creative 👏👏👏

    79. TC TC

      🌻❤️I love your cats all❤️🌻

    80. Gamedev Gamer

      Even though Claire shows LuLu scarily, LuLu is always cute.

    81. bronte1987

      Kinda makes you glad that you're not a gazelle doesn't it? Lol 😄

    82. sJunoB

      Claire is so funny 😆

    83. IZaubermausI

      Your videos are always do great - but the „funny laughing“ is horrible!

    84. Anna Taylor

      Excellent editing on this one. 😂

    85. Rekha Nishanth

      Claire I am paru and I am 11 years old. I have a kitty just like Lulu and I have also named it as Lulu and my neighbors cat's name is chuchu. I am an Indian

    86. Jalene's Unconditional Love

      Very scary and creepy sound effects and at the beginning of the video nice job Claire👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😱😱😱😱😱😱

      1. Jalene's Unconditional Love

        Reckless music 2

    87. Добрый мих

      крот брот матарот. Буржуины думают откуда пронта кротак столько лайков?

    88. sososo639

      Ah.lulu🐺👍👍👍💓💓💓💓 Nana. DD TT ToTo. Lola. Chuchu 🐈🐯😺🦡🦝😍😍🐬💌👍👍👍👍

    89. suzy klitgaard

      LuLu would be the one to DEFY an exorcism.

    90. The Sethioz Project

      didn't like this one really, but i hope to see a halloween special :)

    91. Bangtan_Stay ARMY

      0:00 aaaahhh cuttee

    92. Teddy

      This trailer is so good that I can't wait for the actual movie!

    93. Nguyen Ha Tien

      Put LuLu in Marvel Zombies, the boy will rule the whole Multiverse.

    94. Chantal Testman

      Food panthers on the hunt

    95. max blaser

      there went that whole brotherly love thing

    96. Daniel Kratochvíla

      Where do I download that horror mode called "too many cats"

    97. Ricky Dwi

      What breed is lulu? Munchkin? 🙏

    98. Loide Sirongo

      Cool video. Love the effects

    99. Y5 Firefly's channel

      Dang, this trailer or sequel (whatever this is) is soo freaking scary and dramatic. It reminds me about the Train to Busan Peninsula trailer.

    100. Erlan Milanos

      OMG opening DD so cute