Super Smart Cat! Takes Out Treats by Itself! | Kittisaurus


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    I hid snacks in my hand to see if my cats could get them.
    Will they be able to eat them?
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    1. Nik Nabeelah

      Claire, you are so mean

    2. No😃🔪

      1:36 sounds like a cat choking on the food

    3. Alexander MacNeil

      Adorable as always. I can't get enough of the gentle antics with these cats. 😹

    4. Erwanto Erwanto

      Hello coco

    5. _CAT QUEEN_

      This is why Lulu is the best

    6. Stephanie Schmoeller


    7. Dalia Auntora

      I say that ALL of the cats are the cutest😺

    8. Leishinao Kom

      Coco's eyes is like tt a little

    9. Casey Portnell

      My dog catching the treats in his mouth 2 times and I didn’t teach him that.


      They are all so adorable. 💖

    11. Rofi Al Anshori

      I love lulu lulu is the best cat ferover and so cute

    12. Suren Panwar

      They are she or he

    13. TUNEFOX gaming

      i love tt he is sooo cute

    14. Rene Wehrheim

      Awwwwww Chu Chu was so sweet. Placing her head on the hand like come on give it to me!

    15. Cindy Driver


    16. Pamela Sam Bansoy

      Does anyone know the name of the cube cat treats?

    17. Md Mateen Parwez

      Lulu is best

    18. Chris Sandoval

      it'd be much more entertaining if the cats didn't have their fingers cut off.

    19. Aria Yousuf

      Claire your english is improving keep it up .

    20. Gayuh Turkiya

      Lulu is the best

    21. kaede sahara

      If you guys curious what ChuChu breed is, her breed is Highland Fold☺

    22. pinpong leorio

      Is Coco a guy or a girl?

      1. pinpong leorio

        @saswati chattopadhyay oh.. thanks !

      2. saswati chattopadhyay


    23. Shashank Abhishek

      LuLu is just WoW😍😍😍

    24. Wulan Wiharjo

      Lulu love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. Savira Fauziah

      Aww chuchu is purrpurr ing

    26. Wasserratte

      LuLu, du kleiner Nimmersatt.....💓💗💓💗💓💗💓

    27. Chimmy baby mochi

      Lulu is the cutest cat for me 😸😸😸 The way he stands is so adorable 😻

    28. Sanchi Pednekar

      for dinner is panner

    29. Terminator 25 destroyer

      Chuchu is one of my favorites even though she isn't too smart

    30. Teresa Payne

      Wonderful English Claire! Thank you.

    31. Arayan Galloway


    32. Jordan Kurniawan

      0:57 wait a minute.

    33. beiby

      Detective LuLu

    34. Teddy The Broke Bard

      It was such a jolt to show up with the new videos and only hear her say the cats names or laugh to then find out she use to do fully voiced intros and she soinds cute but i can tell shebis mot use to english so i understand why she skipped the voiced intros and wemt with text on screen

    35. Hadia Batool

      I love chuchu lulu Lala DD coco and Clarie sorry if I miss someone because if I so you know what I mean hehe I LOve EVeryBOdy :)

    36. Hadia Batool

      I love chuchu lulu Lala DD coco and Clarie sorry if I miss someone because if I so you know what I mean hehe I LOve EVeryBOdy :)

    37. Bjr Adrian

      Love the sound effects.

    38. Nicole Marshall 1913

      Listen to that English! Claire, you are doing great. I love your kitties and your life. :)

    39. AHMAD Ali


    40. Nikhat Khan

      Dear Clair why do u live alone ??

    41. bestPeople 105

      What is special about LuLu is: LuLu have a Ultimate Super High Quality of food nerve that whenever LuLu see a food, he get ecxited

    42. μαρία maraki

      1:33 eat the nothing.

    43. Hayley M

      In Game of Thrones Lulu would be 'Master of Food'. In Friends he would be Joey: 'Lulu doesn't share food'!

    44. Lastkingof33

      None of them figured to go to the other side

    45. Kim Seiberling

      I think I’m addicted to lulu.

    46. Vera Suherman

      Lauuuuufff lulu 3000❤

    47. tokyo10luffy

      Hmm i see Claire has a soft side for ChuChu..

    48. Eva Lu

      Lulu I love. Momo scares me. 😱

    49. Smeet Sheth

      I think chairman MOMO got no chill😂😂

    50. Loulou Kabbabeh

      خواريف حلوين صغار

    51. STYLIST #1d

      Can someone pls. Tell what is that treat called... Is it available on amazon... I wanna know it's name....i wan't it for my gib....he's bengal..

    52. Vanessa MEOW


    53. FlaredMeteor940

      Truly, the most smart cat would go from behind. change my mind.

    54. FlaredMeteor940

      Truly, the most smart cat would go from behind. change my mind.

    55. Yoel Future

      1:07 not gonna lie, I'm mimic-ing Lulu lick to reach yam yam 😂😂🤣

    56. Lord mamank gaming


    57. Kay. Doza

      I keep wondering where Clair got LuLu from🥺❤️. He so smallll & cute 😫!

    58. G. HOST - Gaming Host

      Lulu stands every time he's definitely human cat

    59. Wenna Silva

      I love lulu💗lulu fan in the Philippines

    60. Maria Maria

      Chairman momo got the best moves lol

    61. ДРАЙВ

      Вечно голодный Лулу будет охранять эту баночку с вкусняшками

    62. Farahnaz Fathima

      Can you tell me what thing is that

    63. 余宗翰

      Clickbait title

    64. Badis jendli

      I love when TT smell lulu

    65. Hour Almeerie

      Clair is good at English

    66. Sonlly

      LULU LOVING CAT 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😍❤️😍😍😍♥️❤️💕💖😍❤️

    67. Charlotte Katakuri

      Kittisaurus vs creamheroes vs claireluvcat

    68. Collateralcoffee

      wow you need to clean your sink...

    69. Jessica Villamor

      I enjoy watching this vedio. ..coz I love cat's so much ...

    70. Jessica Villamor

      I enjoy watching this vedio. ..coz I love cat's so much ...

    71. Ingrid Johansson

      Are you willing to share what kind of snacks your cats come running for? I’d love to know for my daughters cat

    72. AfrøPlayz

      Claire: Super Smart Cats! Her cats: Super nice human! 😊

    73. AVIATOR

      Plz someone tell me lulu breed history ?

    74. Ftlbvd78

      CHU chu looked sad cause he couldn’t get it

    75. Lily&Lion_family_ ancha

      Kittisaurus creamheros plss dont leave youtube plss stay with youtube forever

    76. Sarita Garg


    77. Romeo Almodobal

      Lulu is her smartest cat of all

    78. Omeicsツ

      I lovs sooo much when Lulu goes in 2 legs and starts to think😍😍

    79. Cat

      Day 10 of quarantine Lulu knows How to get treats by his own

    80. Iris Fabiana

      Helo kitsarus

    81. Iris Fabiana

      Go cats love cats

    82. JetInAJar

      Great, now she can beat the hell out of all of us!

    83. Alex Pugh

      She is the definition of crazy cat lady. (That is a good thing)

    84. lightning9

      DD purring like a freakin Detroit Diesel...rrr rrrr rrrrr rrrr

    85. Aparna

      I simply love the purring sound made by most of them

    86. Renard Feuer


    87. Louise Henry

      I love how lulu stands up with her small body and tiny arms 😍

    88. 0239_ARMY 21

      Wow Claire your good at english

    89. Betty Hoopes

      What Joy....every morning watching Claire and her does not get any better then this! Thank you..Thank you....🤗♥️🤗♥️🤗 from your number one FAN!!!

    90. foxes arethebest

      i really like how Claire is giving English her all and she is really good

    91. Gülcihan Cansın AY

      01:30 When I am in the math exam

    92. IloveyouLenaKatina

      LuLu a 3:03: Hey guys, check out my new best friend. :D

    93. Saiyed Harun

      There is no difference between Coco Lala and cotton

    94. Nilo Rosas


    95. TheCouscous 7748

      Lulu is so cute when is on 2 feet

    96. Rafael Lucky

      Where's Tom :"(

    97. pov: its u

      did Claire just do this ->👌

    98. Meri Maria

      TT is me on the outside But Lulu on the inside

    99. land Lee

      흐헝.............너무 ㄱ ㅣ영워...


      He can make me happy.