Run LuLu Run! Extreme Cat Wheel Workout! | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I let my cats exercise on the cat exercise wheel!
    I need to make sure they’re in good shape!
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    1. Elon Musk

      Everyone is gangsta until Chuchu enters in room

    2. NO ONE

      This is cat equivalent of human treadmill

    3. J P

      Lulu doesn't like to exercise that's why he is getting fat..😀

    4. Aisy hanz

      Momo got move !

    5. biasminatwice 1


    6. Rya Cajis

      Maymo theme

    7. myhonor9

      Imagine how much electricity you can produce with those cats ;)

    8. L Whitt

      Love the kitties

    9. Karthika AS

      Daenerys: mother of three dragons! Claire: mother of 10 cATS Me: ⚖ 👍🏽

    10. Drawingomatic

      0:49 This music looks like Dynamite 💜💜💜

    11. bambang triyatmoko

      Itu hebat

    12. Aaron Morales

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song at 1:37

    13. Panchipunch Ga

      Cats cats cats

    14. Mia Tube

      When ever I see TT on videos she always use the treadmill

    15. Christina N. Horn

      Where is this sold? I can’t find it online? I’m in America.

    16. aryo wijanarko

      Lulu so cute😊

    17. tiểu vy lưu

      The cluttered ring directly sparkle because laugh locally tour including a gifted rubber. odd, bewildered pen

    18. A young inquisitive mind and her camera.

      How are there so many dislikes? 😸

    19. MICHAEL PH

      lulu is so cute catto

    20. B K

      1:42 what song

    21. Yousaf

      1:34 i least expected this music in a cat montage i guess thats how momo rolls

    22. Isy. S

      The 10 are so cuteeeee❤️

    23. Kibmokhtar

      I can't stop watching by cute lulu,but lulu it's so much cute,baby lulu it's now big be for he a baby!!!

    24. Ruhi Adhikary

      Now clap 👏 TT I am done

    25. Ruhi Adhikary

      TT I am awesome

    26. LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor. Robotic Inventions

      TT is a hyperactive kitty. 2:22. She is the fastest cat ever. 🏎️🏎️

    27. Zoey Palen

      What kind of cat treadmill is that? I bet my kitty would like one too.

    28. jasmine chow

      You know what Claire? Your corridor has become famous already.

    29. Maisara

      Toto and dodo is new?

    30. SheepyDude YT

      Where do I get one?

    31. Sayantani Sur

      O God. I have almost forgotten how tiny the golden kitties were... Once...

    32. sani ismail

      Hahahaha 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😆😆😆 is so funny tt like rolling wrong way tt

    33. Sulaila Banu F

      Your way of laughing makes me kinda 😂😂😂😂

    34. super legend x

      Dr coco never gives up🤣🤣🤣

    35. nedda11

      Literally one of the best videos ever,the slo-mo is great.😎😯😧😦

    36. Julia Tarabieh

      We call her soso

    37. Julia Tarabieh

      I have a cat her name is sansa

    38. Muslim Frankfurt

      Hello, where can i buy this ?

    39. ShadowBoyBulut

      TT Has an Cheetah

    40. Telly K. Netic

      TT: "Move aside, kittens. Let the Queen show you how it's done."

    41. Itz_Snowie :]

      Momo: STAMINAAAA

    42. Space Cat

      I want one that's my size. 😆 That looks so fun.

    43. zara zuthykhan

      woooooowwwyyyy wooow wow

    44. nur farihah

      does everyone know what is the type cat of lulu?

    45. Franco Style 80s

      Ленивые жопы какие-то

    46. Diego Espejo

      Hello there! Where can I find this catwell?

    47. Senju Tsunade

      Haha athlete cat TT is CHEETAH's part Noice !


      god i need one of those for my fat kitty!

    49. mocha bear

      I would’ve put a toy flat in the wheel, so they keep going

    50. Sandy Smith

      The slow motion is very beautiful, the plasticity of the jaguar and the grace of the panther! Like!

    51. Mr_pro

      Me after watching the video : Realizes that I'm more lazy than a cat 😂😂😭

    52. Christian Patriot

      Fix one wit some strobe lights so a human doesn't have to be involved.

    53. Christian Patriot

      What happens when one wants to go one way and another wants to go in the opposite direction?

    54. Smoer1

      TT's fat. She needs this:P

    55. countrysamurai

      I love cats and their antics but God I hate rap!

    56. Mattias Muraszombathi

      Time to invest in a laser pointer

    57. Cherry Lany

      High energy

    58. OneFastDuster

      That's it! I want the wheel. I don't care how much it costs.

    59. Karen Lee

      LOL ha ha ha ha

    60. AK Krissy Wheeler


    61. AK Krissy Wheeler

      0:47 Me: Here we go!!!

    62. n3bethet

      We have a cat wheel but our cats never could master the cheetah running. One would only want to be in it if we were watching and he'd meow at us while on it. The other one would lay down on it.

    63. zia potpot


      1. zia potpot


    64. zia potpot


    65. Ant

      Slow Momo

    66. Skyline Flight

      TT The Queen of cheetahs

    67. Fiorella Aguilar

      Que lindo su cara de los dos hermanitos Dodo y Toto donde está Nana .

    68. Lupe Romero

      TT Queen 😃

    69. Aman Ali Saiyed

      Lulu is the center of attraction to most of your videos

    70. coco cream

      TT Queen older sister DD lazy cat momo president lulu talking cat coco doctor lala cutie dodo fastest and baby of nana toto baby of nana nana mom

    71. xSKYLERx

      Me be like: cattitopper

    72. Julissa Garcia

      I love this video... Lala is amazing and also I can't stop laughing... It was so funny 😸😸😸😸

    73. John

      Who are the 1200 a-holes who down voted this, that’s crazy

    74. A nita

      These things are not good for kitten health because they bend the spine of the cat.

    75. Jessica Icha

      I'm boring cat CAT Cat cAt and caT

    76. Grace Kim

      It was so cute when coco is Exercising and chuchu came do exercise that was cute

    77. Luckys PlaySpace


    78. Ladisa Anindya Pujiastuti

      She has 10 cats 😭😭😭

    79. Gati - Nator


    80. araya

      when the music changed into hard edm i simply ~passed away~

    81. MRᖙoͥŇuͣtͫ- ʙs

      Lulu ist my Favorit cat😻

    82. Murtini Aja

      Lulu I am loved 😚

    83. Mohamad Khairi


    84. Mohamad Khairi

      You get anew car

    85. R U

      Who randomly found this channel and watched it every time? ME

    86. Andressa Isabel S.P

      2:08 2:30

    87. S.N.Adlina chanel

      I like coco😍😍😍😍😍

    88. Hritcu Alecsandra Ana



      I am also thinking 🤔 of adaptating 10 🐱 kitties

    90. Brody Brown

      That needs to be the official MoMo theme

    91. Johnson Li

      how frick'n cats does she have? I always wanted one.

    92. The Original Chefboyoboy

      :10 I'm hungry! Time for a bowl of crunchy, fluffy cat...

    93. Adrienne Brown

      omg Lalas little paws is she a munchkin?

    94. Denver Daniel Jonathan

      Lala you are the funniest cat I've ever seen

    95. Dwi Rahmawati

      I love themn omg

    96. Jelly Gutz

      this makes me feel an unjust amount of happiness and i don't know why

    97. azwa hayifa m.

      Lulu citeeee ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ≧ω≦ 😆😆😇😀

    98. Anne Zaeni

      Kucing korea pada licu!