Run LuLu Run! Extreme Cat Wheel Workout! | Kittisaurus


1,4 Mio. aufrufe103

    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I let my cats exercise on the cat exercise wheel!
    I need to make sure they’re in good shape!
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    1. Aniket Sharma

      DD is so cute

    2. MissMcCoy861

      Lulu:I G H T I M M A F L Y O U T

    3. aditya ramesh

      I hope lulu lives forever....he changed my life so much....

    4. Alana Kamila

      They are so cute I love them do you like it so like over here 👇

    5. nur Nura

      And toto and dodo is twin's nana is her mommmy

    6. nur Nura

      Guys, im like dd and lulu beacuse lulu likes snacks and eat

    7. Macha Leaf

      Wow... TT is a small grey cheetah!!☺️

    8. Kavita Medage

      LALA is so cute ❤️❤️ And an athletic too Smart cat !!!!!!😊😊😊

    9. Mr Nobody

      chuchu is my spirit animal


      По мнн момо очень классная

    11. Sheela John

      TT so adorable and Lulu

    12. anindya kayla

      can i have the catss

    13. Bear Gryls

      How many cats do you have sis?

    14. Rudi Kraus

      Hey! I have a question. Witch race is LuLu? What a wounderful cat! Love your clips!

    15. Adimaojan Ojan

      🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lucu bangettttt

    16. • demon¿ ćhan•

      Omg cats cute


      Do u let yout cats outside?

    18. Leigh Leigh KK

      I luv lulu

    19. Nadine Dorghod

      This is my FAVORITE video ever.

    20. Sri Sowndharya

      Wow tt is just like cheetah😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    21. Ellie McLaughlin

      Where did she get the wheel? I want to get one for my cat

    22. Ana uwu

      who are toto and dodo?

    23. Lily Hobayan

      One Sports

    24. Sanjay Borade

      Lulu and all cats are so cute and i love cats And give comments and likes also give only minimum 40 likes and comments 🙏🥰

    25. Mai Munah

      Lala's a super athletic kitty

    26. Mai Munah

      Lala:it's mine Momo: you're in the way

    27. Mai Munah

      Lala coco is the best

    28. Mai Munah

      Chuchu so cute

    29. LEGION 777


    30. Abow’s Human Sacrifices

      I wanna be these cats

    31. shermein panganiban

      Coco is sosososo smart

    32. Skulhunt f

      Which music u used at last lalas movement

    33. darkard tv

      Lulu Is my favorite

    34. Life Channel

      Claire which one is your real account??there alot there using your videos.

    35. galaxycookie girl

      The music dope as them cats are i love them soo much

    36. o hellou-mark

      2:52 къ?

    37. Hadeer Elfeel

      Dire Wrwr Wad

    38. Ive Chang

      Chairman Momo has such a handsome stride. Unexpectedly gorgeous. TT though is cheetah in tabby disguise! I'd be afraid to put the wheel away in case she decided to start running upthe walls parkour style. 🐈🐆😂


      itu bagus kan

    40. Sean Peacock

      a laser pointer and that wheel would be great

    41. Tom B .

      1:49 😂😂😂😂

    42. Ravioli Boi

      Lulu is precious

    43. Life of Rutuja

      I want to squeeze DD very badly 😂😍😜😝😋😘

    44. Ferin Eindank


    45. kanna

      Those cats is very cute !

    46. Вася Пила

      lulu the best!

    47. Нонеим

      It was really cool....

    48. Bec Holliday

      I need one of these wheels!!!

    49. Valerie Bonilla

      i think tt is part chedo mann

    50. Alexander MacNeil

      Those are some fine athletes you have there. The cats looked like they had fun too, even with the sibling rivalries.

    51. Zayna Elgizoli

      dis is gooodddd. noice

    52. หนุ่ย Dee Aji


    53. Анастасия Сергеевна

      Что за музыка была в конце?

    54. David Poland

      I wish I had that wheel for my cat, and a space to put it in if only it would fit into a wall.

    55. Laura Treacy

      Of course

    56. Tam Kelvin

      To much space to be need Not easy to suit in Hong Kong

    57. Laura Teixeira

      Lala was FEELING it

    58. Madison Cook

      1:26 when u haven’t works out in a while 😂😂😂

    59. Deiane Quincena

      lala and tt are the fittest of all the 10 cats👏momo also did a good job👍 work harder lulu, you need to exercise 😉

    60. Shiloh Cabarco

      Am i the only one who actually clapped at 3:28? XD

    61. Neha Gupta

      I just love TT and LULU I wish I had cat like them

    62. Neha Gupta

      They are the cutest cats I have seen in my life

    63. Neha Gupta

      I like LULU and TT the most

    64. Malaika Begum

      Do you guys know they have a second channel name cream heroes there more fun vedio there

    65. Malu Lima


    66. zaiHB HB

      Look up the sky, it's a bird it's a plane No it's LULU

    67. `` dark

      ToTo and DoDo are basically twins it’s adorable 😭😭💖

    68. Lovely Mariano

      Stammmminaaaa! These babies are so much adventurer 😍😍😍

    69. Ajeesh A. N

      Claire is a good mother of 10 cats but also in 97 percent of her videos she is wearing pajamas 🤣🤣😂😂

    70. Swastipriya Arya

      Lulu is my day cat 😍🤩🥰

    71. Sypt Sape


    72. 大西ミシェル

      TT’s so finesse all the time

    73. Edylan Vinícius

      A athletic called Lala Have Little Legs But He is *Fast!*

    74. х ы

      1:40 trek please

    75. Lady Bulle

      Lulu and WhiteSnow are my favourite : congrats !

    76. Akane Sasu

      Never seen this part of Lulu. She's so energetic.

    77. Taofik Hidayat Official

      Siapa disini pecinta kucing. Mana like nya

    78. Britnee RoseVanWinkle


    79. Rama Bary Baratha

      Tt for the winner

    80. Defend Dreyar

      Tired of ur vedio Always lulu lulu wht about ur other cats

    81. Dennis Chauhan_DC

      Momo with the grooovveeee

    82. F A

      Momo 1:37 is so cool

    83. iiToxic CloudStudio

      TT is one elegant queen, everything about her screams rich

    84. David Baker

      U need to make a clear center sheet thru the whole middle and make a second small wheel half way up each side that has pictures like a flip book with black shields covering the other pictures so the cat just see the one picture moving, u could have a bird on one side and a mouse on the other, i bet ur cats would love that😺

    85. Alpha-CTS-V

      I'm in the moood for a swisher

    86. Soury Lemon!

      2:58 FAST CATS! >:3

    87. Soury Lemon!

      2:40 Toto and dodo goes like: what’s happening? Wheel is Magic Then dodo sticks out her touge

    88. Soury Lemon!

      2:18 TT goes like a cheetah :3

    89. Soury Lemon!

      2:08 lala goes crazy

    90. malcsi

      Owner: laughs joker:SHE HAS BETTER LAUGHS THAN ME *tries to kill owner (owner:kills joker

    91. Tayin Sookan

      TT is the fastest kitty!

    92. polish red

      They're so cute!and the choice of music so BUMP!i wish i could be like TT so elegant but sadly im more like LULU.😂

    93. Seraphina91

      TT really wanna go on the other side lol

    94. Febby

      Cardio exercise for cats😂

    95. Laura F.

      1:05 and 2:02 are funny

    96. Letriani Ria


    97. Sriyansh Gupta

      Hello I am from India and I am great fan of your cats..!!! I love the way you treat theme. I had watched mostly all videos of your cats in this channel and I love theme...!!!!❤️❤️

    98. T_h_e__e_n_d

      Chee *TT* ah

    99. monika shah

      Excuse this a NGO or a house full of cute cats??

    100. Ramadhan Rbs

      oh my God it's hard to believe