New Obstacle Course Challenge! Can My Cats Avoid the Dominoes? | Kittisaurus


1,4 Mio. aufrufe192

    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, my cats and I played with domino blocks!
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    1. Cam And Minnepeg

      Claire sounds like Niki Yang (BMO) when she speaks English and it’s precious ❤️💕❤️💕

    2. Dave Salisbury

      I love how Chairman Momo got through no problem, then had nothing but problems the second time! Plus, Lulu on the counter was hilarious!

    3. ศิริกมล อันประยูร


    4. Lakhan Ramwani

      I want Lulu😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😭😭😭😭😘😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😂😭😂😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭👌😭😘😭👌😭👌😭👌😭😘😭👌😭👌😭👌😭👌😭👌😭👌😭👌😭👌😭👌👌👌😭👌😭👌😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘😭

    5. Cindy Driver

      You're awesome MoMo!

    6. anan fian

      Hey its not fair, The lulu's legs were even shorter than the beam

    7. PolarLily

      cats that have shorter legs have a disadvantage

    8. NUR FARAH

      Lulu doesn't even care..omg😂🤣

    9. balan niro


    10. Mattis Ruhm

      Lulu's like: I don't give a f**k

    11. Pallavi Thiru

      Queen TT aces through it... As always

    12. The Harmacist

      Momo rocked that course like the boss he is!

    13. ameeta allay

      Momo 🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

    14. Jalynne Kim

      모모 빵터졌어요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    15. bla bla

      cats, as elegant as bulls in porcelain stores :)

    16. Izabel Matheus

      Love lulu,Lala e coco

    17. Gavin Bulawan

      No one: Literally no one: Read more

    18. Preston Estes

      What song is that at the end?

    19. Mohanraj s

      The best adorable kitten award goes to lulu The best grumpy kitten award goes to momo The best fluffy kitten award goes to coco The best lazy kitten award goes to chuchu The best beauty award goes to d d The best thin kitten award goes to t t

    20. Ali Din

      can we see lala go through the hole on the table pls

    21. Al John Jimenez

      wow even though cats are not watching their back they didnt touch a block

    22. Teddy The Broke Bard

      Its not fair LuLu is so adorably stumpy so of corse the dominos would fall over even if LuLu tried to not knock them over

    23. Reva Collins

      I love your video's - the kitty enrichment, how cattified your place is, and the sound effects! Very entertaining!

    24. subhajit guha

      Lulu just don't care about anything. 😁

    25. Phenomenal ᎪᏒᎽᎪᏁ

      Coco be like how that block fall.... I am going to end blocks whole career

    26. Aiman Alif

      1:52 there is big boy

    27. Hoang Long Nguyen

      Momo is like a boss ( literally)

    28. ROARtheRAPPER

      Lulu trying his best even with those adorable teeny legs. X3

    29. ROARtheRAPPER

      0:50 *Mission failure music from Metal Gear Solid*

    30. Jazzy Ari

      My favourite video ever.

    31. letitiaChristian

      Gosh you sure have patience to set all that up !! Time and time again 👍👍

    32. Zeenal Chauhan

      That was so funny😂😂

    33. Salty_Kittie


    34. Kenny Ynnek

      How momo step out dominos

    35. Waleta Space !

      Momo 1:08 : 👽

    36. Hønëy-mïłk-bërry- :D

      Coco: Umm maybe this- Momo: Jeez this is so easy Coco 😑

    37. Sarah Tripp

      Is anyone else surprised that in the first round MoMo was the only one who didn’t knock them over

    38. Woofie QwQ

      Lulu:*simply walks through* Lulu thinking: as long as there's a snack on the other side!😂 Lala:clever lulu! I'll do exactly the same

    39. Vryk O

      1:18 I keep going back to appreciate how clean this cut is. DD keeps the same position and movement in between scenes. Claire has some real talent. Even better than many high budget movies I've seen.

    40. shaikh afwan

      Lulu was like-I DON'T CARE 😑🙏😼😅

    41. razorback9926

      I thought they would be all graceful and not knock any over. Bzzzt, wrong! They didn’t care, and seemed to enjoy knocking them down.

    42. IloveyouLenaKatina

      No one: No other cats: DD 322: ^^ CRASH lol

    43. blader bro blast bro

      Lulu is too short

    44. mubin shaikh

      Lulu was like just walk the blocks will itself fall n make the ways for me to go

    45. Mama Schatzy

      Awwwww... no fair for FLUFFY tummies 😂😂😍

    46. Chøas

      3:15 my cat in a nutshell

    47. Animal.06 Lobster

      The cat momo did a sneak increase 99%

    48. TrainRider Railfan

      🐱 🕳__|_|_|_|_|_

    49. TrainRider Railfan

      LuLu’s legs are too short 😂

    50. seriouslycatie

      I was fully expecting DD to just lie down in the middle of the blocks & start rolling around knocking all of them down. he almost did lol.

    51. BeeBee G

      I love lulu 🤣

    52. BONA VOCA 1994

      My lulu !!!

    53. Resti S

      Lulu: terobos ajalah 🤣

    54. Jonathan Wright

      0:52 coco messes up badly and then momo comes and showers coco the way of illuminate

    55. Nadine Dorghod

      I want to see one of your cats like just lie down and....ALL THE DOMINOS FALL

    56. Nic Mackowey

      This is just un fair to the short cats.. But fun to watch again none the less

    57. Tusi Chowdhury

      Chairman Momo ( 1st round ) : " Hi,do you know that I am a secret spy. Any challenge cannot stop me" Chairman Momo ( 2nd round ) : " I am defeated this time. What's that blocks, I even cannot sit and groom myself ! "😁😂🤣

    58. Mira Sundar

      Coco-Coool, they move

    59. Dank

      The dominoes are taller than Lulu's legs 😭

    60. ClipsZ 66

      1:06 -_-

    61. Яна Tos


    62. Martin Teece

      Aww jnfair for lulu domino is like 1. 4th her size

    63. Abby Edgerton

      The sound effects make it five times better

    64. Giselle Agostinho

      Why is DD so chubby XD

    65. Sebas M

      Hahaha Momo - Not one Touch! Lulu - Run through! Doesnt matter! 😜🤣

    66. Gia Le

      Wow Momo!!! 👏

    67. Emmet Ray

      DD thought the goal was to knock them down, not avoid them.

    68. justin wolf

      Where do lulu’s come from Me: the lulu hole

    69. Zenobia Sethna

      Whos the fatcat at 1.55 ?

    70. Parul Patel

      Momo: 1:06 Mission Passed + Respect

    71. Random Comment for Random Video

      Lulu: "I'm only careful with foods..."

    72. DrGrandpa

      Obstacle course or no obstacle course... I've got to lick my butt.

    73. kapitaniec シ

      cats: ima try to avoid the dominos! lulu: i dont care

    74. LL Chicoro

      oh no Lala missed one! 3:06

    75. Putri Khairul Nisa Amri

      Momo looks like fried chicken 🤣

    76. Will Orr

      This video confirms that DD is peak himbo

    77. Christina Grijalva

      I love how DD just sits on a bunch of them and stares.

    78. •Døritö •

      Great Job on your english i can tell its not your first lauguage but you sounded great

    79. Pat Kelley

      Can you imagine what they must think? “It’s always something around here.”

    80. Crazy but Awesome

      Do you like cats or slugs better.

    81. Beerus Kami-sama

      Don't let your cat get fat

    82. Sue vital

      Your cats make me smile, love all the vids

    83. Hector Guevara

      1:07 jajajajajajaja

    84. Joenard S

      It's as if Lulu doesn't care. And momo's move was priceless. Lol

    85. Catherine McIntyre-Polner

      dd sits: 7 blocks fall ding ding ding

    86. Roberta Scotti

      Every time a block falls, they are stunned and look around. "did I do that" Lol

    87. Krzysztof Masztalerczyk


    88. Jia Lan Li

      Not fair for short cats like lulu. Not fair. (Did this trick u) Read more

    89. Marcus and Penny Beirowski

      1:26 "I am not quite sure you have got the point of this game!" -High King Peter

    90. Cryptid Walks

      Lulu gives zero effs

    91. Michael Wade

      Claire you are so creative! Your cats have a lot of fun (I am sure they would say otherwise if I asked them) 😂

    92. nadia de anda

      Hahahaha momo X

    93. Twan NL

      Momo thinks ez

    94. Arsenka Marsenka


    95. Diana Lanier


    96. Muhammad Abdillah

      Momo Illuminati 😈😈

    97. Tharindu Peiris

      Except for TT others are fat dudes😂

    98. Fly High

      DD the supermodel 😁 She's the Queen of the ramp. Lulu the gangsta😁

    99. Hocine Rouibah


      1. Hocine Rouibah


    100. Sophia Estok