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    #Kittisaurus #Tom
    Today, NaNa decided to take a break from her kids!
    Don’t worry, though, they’ll always be a family!
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    1. F4mous _-WOT

      Lulu Is the father, and nana Is the mother?

    2. T Dawg

      4:20 one of these things is not like the other!

    3. Mister Bubbles

      Please for the love of god.. Don't have Tom narrator it..

    4. Eddy Danny

      Momo was like ehem ehem, i'm orange here too not the one under you, he was obviously not from your clan!

    5. allo montreal

      wow You been have verified congratulation

    6. Sekene-chan

      Im watching this but im drinking milk

    7. mlfuqua09

      Lulu looks like she’s literally dieing

    8. Anikabwooli

      This lovely cat family got my eyes wet today. Beautiful video and so much caring cats. 🥰

    9. Mr. Beefstroganoff

      Lulu's head is so big. LOL!

    10. jennifer stewart

      That's not a test and it's not milk

    11. Depi Meimunah

      Kittisaurus and cream heroes is same channel?

      1. - Ąēliya_Gacha -

        Kittisaurus is the more official one

    12. Daddy Hanna

      Lulu is a boy sa funny 😂 🤣

    13. Safeya Hassan

      can anyone tell me Lulu is my favorite kitten and I want to know is he boy or girl?

      1. Safeya Hassan

        omg iam I happy Its good I love boys cats much than girl cats 🐈

    14. Martin Möller

      Lulu : what are you doing im a guy?! Toto:...

    15. C Stalker

      Luluuuu 😻😻😻

    16. Johaina Nor

      LuLu being unbotherd😭🤣

    17. 주아랜드JOOA

      루루(lulu) 🚹 나나(nana) 🚺 토토(toto) 🚹 도도(dodo) 🚹 They are all so lovely ❤❤

    18. SKNM Jeon

      Lulu wanting a snack is now became a snack

    19. shieldvia marisscha

      SO CUTE

    20. Mlikee The Neko

      Im true mlik

    21. noura essa

      4:34 بموووت هوشتهم تضحك 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Damien Weld

      Ok don't mess with tt

    23. Buffet for Me

      🍕🍟 Thanks!

    24. Nguyễn Mỹ

      Wait, i thought Lulu was a male?

    25. Diamond Checkmate

      Lulu's just chillin

    26. Marie Dora

      Toto and dodo hv grown a lot! Same size as their mother nana!

    27. Пиковая Дама

      Лулу мамулечка номер 2. Лулу такой дружелюбный 🥺

    28. Rickypol 007

      One day one of my kittens tried to do that from norvy (a boy) and he slapes him

    29. Mike Wazowski

      LuLu is the big brother

    30. Mister Skar

      Why are they so hungry all the time? is that normal?


      Finnaly a voice

    32. Sunny Side Up •w•

      easy to identify the difference between dodo n toto but difficult to identify which is toto which is dodo

    33. 1984Dow Dow.animals

      So funy

    34. Kenneth Taningco

      Lulu sooooo cute and sooooo fluffy

    35. Patrick

      Tom, let Claire handle this pls.

    36. Ain't I just the Cutest! :3

      Wait! Lulu is a he?! 🤯

    37. Daisy Cooper

      I really don't care about mama and her kittens but I love Lulu more. He's so chill and comforting amidst their drama.

    38. Laurina Nicoladoni

      I love you cats😘

    39. NightSeaBreeze

      She will always be a mom, ALWAYS.

    40. 나나

      와 .. 영어 하시는분 누구야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대박이네

    41. James Stanley Tacbobo

      Lulu:Milk! . Few Seconds Later... Lulu:MILKkKKKKkKkk!!! nOWWwWW!!!!

    42. Rutul Dhote

      So now Chuchu is replaced by Nana I see.. Lulu is such a two timer😉😉 I mean all the girls Chuchu, Lala and even TT tolerates lulu 😍😍❤

    43. ハンサムAmy

      I don't know why i hate tom 😭

    44. jedi CAKE

      toto and dodo want a milk from lulu but lulu doesn't have the milk

    45. Gjjj Dhdhdh

      He might get something, but it will definetly not be milk 😭😭🤣🤣

    46. Dita putri bulan ramadhani

      Lulu's gemoi

    47. nerdcorner

      LuLu.. so fluffy 🥺🥺😸

    48. alisyaira fauziah

      Kasian Lulu

    49. Ms Dony *

      that was adorable & cute. LuLu loves hugs & cuddles .

    50. TraverseIce

      Claire be like: "Wait that's illegal"

    51. Bhagya Nirmani

      Cats are very maternal animals

    52. Bts Suga

      لولو صبرك ياروح

    53. Eisha Tir Razia

      Lulu is soooo nice & amazing 😅😍😍😍😍😍😍

    54. Negle Lir

      Why have they been apart? 😻

    55. Sidik Maulana

      Dasar kucing oren😭

    56. FandomTOBY

      if lulu doesnt give milk then he's at least a good pillow to nana

    57. crazyabouthpotter

      Hey, that's the music from Toon Blast! 😆

    58. Alyae Madade

      Lulu est unique au monde.


      Lol it's like she's a single mother sharing apartment with his friends. Momo : the rich guy Tt : the warden Lullu & chuchu : bestie & live birds Dd & lala : the millenial couple Coco : the busy phd student Claire : grandma from loony tunes It doesn't make sense but i don't care.

    60. Лина Карни


    61. bimo ratianto


    62. Merry Moments

      Lulu is the cutest cat ! 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

    63. Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez


    64. Bongwater33

      I love your channel but now I have to turn off the sound to not hear the man because his voice ruins the cuteness of the cats - stop using this narrator please its not good for your channel.

    65. fb blbl

      나한테는 아직 루루가 아기고양이에요^^

    66. Scottie Pippo

      Is impossibile not to love LuLu

    67. Derra rade cat lovers

      Uhh its funny

    68. ᴘᴀᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄxғʀ

      What a story...

    69. Even Christy Gloria

      You re-upload ??? I know the real channel is not here... You must give CREDIT if you wanna re-upload, cz it's not your cats

    70. GY Jeon

      클레어 디자인5관왕 공기청정기

    71. neetima verma

      Lulu was a cushion in the Nana family gathering 😂😂😂😂

    72. SHEENA

      I want a Lulu😫

    73. •Bad.Dreamzz_•

      Thats why I love cats cz there the cutest omg canNOT RESIST

    74. TotallyNotAZombie

      Why are those brats still trying to nurse lol

    75. Ana J

      I love how Nana and Lulu are cuddling while the kittens are playing Smash Bros but in real life.

    76. Hina Khan

      Me like lulu Who you like ?

    77. MAR RIVERA

      QUE BELLOS TODOS... ❤❤🐾🤗❤🐾❤❤

    78. Chad69

      NaNa: Say what now Claire: You can’t do that,ToTo

    79. Kocik Adi

      Wait, is LuLu male or female?

    80. Nico

      03:30 - 05:00 *cuteness overload*

    81. mynameisngozi

      Can someone explain to me why this guy Tom is doing the voiceover is these days? Where did he come from all of a sudden?

    82. NONAME

      애기야 그건 ㅈ ㅓ ㅈ이 아니라 ㅈ ㅗ ㅈ이여~

    83. fb blbl

      루루 너무 착하다 ㅋㅋ

    84. Tracy

      Lmao. I love how Lulu doesn't care that three other cats are basically draped over him. 😂

    85. Azzahra Kusuma

      lulu and kucing oren

    86. Mini Sahoo

      She is so cute.

    87. Mini Sahoo

      I love the way how NANA clean her son❤

    88. Latisha Dreamies'Jn

      What kind of cat Lulu is?

    89. Bryan Liwindra

      Dodo and Toto from Kittens to Big Cat While Lulu still not changes and still small

    90. Scottie Pippo

      NaNa did a fantastic job and so did Claire. ToTo and DoDo grew up fine and healthy

    91. Kohga / こうが DeMasters / Kuorsu

      Its so cute how DoDo and ToTo and NaNa matches exactly what Tom is narrating lol

    92. hyper blossom

      Oh my god it’s tom!

    93. jennifer emeryhoule

      MoMo seems to like spending time w the kittens & 2gether w NaNa. LuLu has gone from being the ferocious hunter like beautiful LaLa(whom by the way I love so much.she so "okay whatever & then the games on.) to being every 1's go to feel better kitty. I love ChuChu. Don't see much of that gentle, sweet

    94. · Ky ·

      Luluuuu why are you soooo cutee

    95. Sonia Ramirez

      It's very heavy Lulu

    96. UtriedIt215

      Not feeling this guy's voice come to this show for the cats and Claire

    97. Shaun Haven Magnaye

      DoDo:aww it hurt. ToTo:want milk NaNa:say what now. Claire;ToTo's looking for milk NaNa lost her kids

    98. Shaun Haven Magnaye

      DoDo got hurt by NaNa ToTo tried milked LuLu😂😂😅😅


      nana is clever