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    Who needs alarm clocks when you have cats?
    My cats always wake me up in time!
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    1. Alono zxd

      Lulú es demasiado adorable :,c

    2. Iammia !

      I feel the lazinest

    3. WTCELSO

      I miss the original voices you used to lend to the kittens and your voice too. I think your hands are very beautiful and I admire the affection you have with your kittens. Thanks for sharing. See you later.

    4. atifah channel

      It's really claire??

    5. Mirtis Sison

      Lala got scared of Dr. Coco's look 😂

    6. ZiaCho 1485

      Lala and coco are like twins. Lala is like that sister who likes to punch everyone for no reason and Coco is her calm bro who deals with it like "you better stop or I'll smack you down"

    7. Princess Mimi

      1:12 Lulu:Oof this is hard Btw my kitten looks like lulu

    8. Bernard Sherry


    9. Sarah Afifah Zein

      i love lulu very much ❤️❤️.. btw, how many cameras in your house? 😅

    10. Kevin Budianto

      Salah ❎❎❌❎❌❌❎❎❌❎❌❌❌❎❌

    11. Moje Imja

      2:53 LALA is limping? please like for the Claire to see!

    12. Lorenzo Vanoli

      I love lulu

    13. Carlyn Borromeo

      Lala looks angry in 2:03..

    14. Mayur Borkar

      I really enjoyed your videos I am big fan from india

    15. Bidyarani yanglem

      Lala: punch Coco: punch Also coco : what's wrong with you little kid

    16. Ankita Nag

      lulu is so cute❤️

    17. Merve Kaya

      Lulu Benim favorim 👀✌❤❤❤

    18. senandung cinta aisya chanel nurdiansyah

      Wow lulu good😄😄👍👍👍👍👍

    19. Nina 04

      Cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!!


      I love your channel very much

    21. Ivy da Unicorn

      I sent half an hour watching BUT IT IS SOOO WORTH ITT

    22. Mariwan Sewngi

      What kind of cat is Lulu? Thanks

    23. tijger games nl

      I like lulu the most

    24. nakoti divs

      LuLU ♥️♥️♥️

    25. queenhyosun

      LuLu: my tommy! Wake-up

    26. Stephanie Schmoeller


    27. Stephanie Schmoeller


    28. Stephanie Schmoeller


    29. Stephanie Schmoeller


    30. Stephanie Schmoeller


    31. Stephanie Schmoeller


    32. Nisha shaw

      I don't think she need alarm clock because she already have a fluffy clock 😺😺

    33. aisha 121.

      coco and lala look same

    34. KOMAL RK

      You are forgetting that you have more cute cats, you always focusing on lulu, he is not that cute..

    35. zarife şen

      İ love lulu iwish has got as cat

    36. Faris Haikal

      Lulu was always being a main character in any video. Soo cuteee!

    37. Джулио Чезаре

      КошМаррр,столько котиков ,и все жрать хотят))))))

    38. Mohammed Ashraf Shaikh

      Claire is living the life with her adorable cats! 😊

    39. kolt100

      Kittysaus is 🇬🇧 🇧🇻?

    40. Gabriel Frazier

      I love! DD

    41. Hemas Wigati Kusumaningrum

      Everytime when i seeing lulu, i'll always fallin' love omg i can't-

    42. Zeus Eagle

      2:27 😂

    43. саша гор

      Я один русский?

    44. Dheeraj Tony

      Momo is such a sleepy head 😂 Coco has the beautiful eyes of all of them But Lulu is my favourite one 😍😘

    45. Rumman Fardeen


    46. sania sonnekhanavar 403

      My cat love to see this cats a lot...

    47. E Yap

      i have a questionnn .dont u have ankther channel called crean heros? im so confused of u having 2 channel

      1. Gibz Zero

        she has three channels for cat video one for live game

    48. yordantara Yordantara

      I love lulu and dd

    49. Ayra Ayup

      I love lulu

    50. 봄비꽃비

      루루 진짜 발랄하고 귀여웤ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 루루가 젤 조아요오 똥꼬발랄!

    51. atique sheikh

      Lulu is so cute😍😍😍

    52. Gamerzroy NoINTENTION

      0:25 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰 thank me later

    53. Abdul Wahab 6b

      Your cat DD was missing have you find how

    54. Kiss_My_aXe

      Lulu has such big curious eyes that can melt anyone °^°

    55. slipia

      2:29 coco be like: ngapa jadi gue sih cil, berani lu?

    56. Vaishnavi Naik

      😍The LuLu is the cutest cat in the world 😍

    57. Mr. Gummy Bear

      At 2:33, thats ur dad when you say 'But dad im ot 10 im fif-" *stares* Its also me when my sister bugs me.

    58. ● Dūsky Shādøws ●

      Coco is like LaLa s big brother lol

    59. elekdkdkdkfkfkfjrjrifjgjg fkfjfuufudjrjrjrjfjf

      Lulu is too cute 🥺💖

    60. Tom Hollalaland

      Man, the thumbnail for this should have been Coco's disappointed look.

    61. tony homer

      What breed is DD please? Xxxx

      1. Hello? it's me did you forget me?

        Forest cat(Norwegian)

    62. The Harmacist

      that death stare from Coco was scary.

    63. Me Mey

      COCO: what lulu what :(

    64. Me Mey

      Lulu: nooooooo coco :(##

    65. Me Mey

      Lulu :no coco Coco:what lulu :)

    66. Me Mey

      Good job lulu xixixi

    67. Mal C

      Claire must spend her life grooming the kitties and cleaning the apartment - spotless

    68. NikoVA

      -v- J E L O U S E

    69. Gwendalyn Mcghee

      Uh oh 😄 lulu cute hungery

    70. BOB Network

      Love Lulu 💟

    71. KTo288

      Just seeing Lulu in the thumbnail, scrolling through the reccomendations makes me smile.

    72. Ummehaiderali Aisha Navid

      Lulu is most cutest

    73. Ms. Gordon

      I swear Coco forgot to continue with his cat expressions when he got smacked lol.

    74. Katty Carbon

      I cant find a cat that looks like lulu i want a cat like lulu :

    75. THE GamerHD

      2:32 When cat leader angry be Like:

    76. Ms. Gordon

      I watched that smack at least 20 times and I laughed until tears started rolling down, that was the funniest thing. I just want to know why she smacked him like that hahaha

    77. Candygamertv น

      1:37 am laugh so hard it eyes XD

    78. Foolish Specialist

      Coco: “Claire, please get up and prepare us some breakf...2:27... *Death. Prepare for death.*

    79. Lydia Abd Habi

      Lala: that's not the target idiot Coco:shut for your own good 😂

    80. Muhammad Nur Al Hafizzy Ramdani H

      🤣 i like you chat

    81. Mahaswetha

      Iam a cat girl there are 4 cats and 3 kittys are there in my house.and your cats are so naughty and cutee.

    82. Life of Rutuja

      K 💖 Ki 💖 Kit 💖 Kiti 💖 Kitis 💖 Kitisa 💖 Kitisau 💖 Kitisaur 💖 Kitisauru 💖 Kitisaurus 💖 😌😌😌😌😌😌 THE END 💞💞💞

    83. Life of Rutuja

      Learn to meow 😎😎😎

      1. Life of Rutuja

        Song 💗💗💗

    84. raeeun kim

      나: 루루 가 귀여워서 사망

    85. Aania Naqvi

      Lala:punches Coco Coco:so you wanna do that ME:awww uh oh

    86. Summer Star

      what kind of cat is Lulu?

    87. Raquel

      Lala: *punchie* Coco: YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL?!??

    88. Ujjoynanda REang

      I want to see cats going out for walk

    89. Kari Tammi

      Use that cute noise on lulu speaking🥰

    90. SMD Live

      So cute... 🥰🥰🥰

    91. Temen TAYO

      Lulu is good

    92. No Way

      Ok how many cats do u own in total

      1. Kendall Ruby Jane

        10 ☺

    93. SpaceX 2020

      Your cats are cute

    94. Sara Ahmed

      2:27 😂😂😂

    95. Vivian Wong

      Lulu’s double take before going in the door 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    96. Ishvimael Sevandal

      Uwu kawaiii

    97. Priya Sahay

      Lulu is soooo cute,I ❤ him

    98. DDG Gaming Official

      More n more n more i see ur kitten video tempting me to wanna hug them all!!

    99. MAX_193

      Grüße aus Deutschland

    100. Megi Mercury

      coco is min yoongi, cute but savage