My Cats Won’t Let Me Work! | Kittisaurus


1,1 Mio. aufrufe64

    It’s too hard to work when there are cute cats around!
    That’s why I came up with a brilliant idea!
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    1. Bernard Sherry

      Why would you want to work with all those kitties to pet

    2. Erendira Cruz Escudero

      1:21, are you a teacher claire?

    3. Oh Hooman

      0:22 is exacly what my cat does to me. Do work while your cat is around is almost impossible 😂.. But i still love to have them around. It worth the struggles. I happen to a video of have my cat disturbing me doing work in my channel. But she was angry because She thought I was the one disturbing her. Am I? 🤷‍♀️

    4. Viktoria

      Dir sind so toll

    5. Nikooo Nikooo

      Lulu so cute

    6. satyaranjan puhan

      i like TT

    7. Outlaw7263

      Cream Heroes: I see you are hard at work but now it is time for us to cat.

    8. Little Abra

      There's also fake keyboards that Claire can buy to fool her kitties

    9. Bidyarani yanglem


    10. Mary Chua

      OMG, kitties...wait ‘til mommy Claire is done🦈🐈💻

    11. Oso Acevedo

      Imposible ignorar gatitos tan adorables😻

    12. Melaninated Woman

      Baby shark do do do do do.

    13. Kristina Mertic

      TT is very not queen I think TT is king male

    14. Thelicone

      I know how that feels When i had laptop 😅

    15. Silmara Bueno

      Lol I like the solution😂😂

    16. Alexander MacNeil

      I love it when cats "interrupt" me. They're so cute...

    17. Rhythm Mestry

      This is funny 🤣🤣🤣 And all cats are really too much cute 😍😍😍😍 I love u lulu 😍❤️😍❤️🤗😘😺😺😺😺😺

    18. Algiers C

      They struck gold with Lulu

    19. Nadim OMG

      LuLu is so cutu

    20. Nannunbgd

      You are very funny!

    21. Britnee RoseVanWinkle

      DD:what the shark

    22. Tarulata Haribhakta Behera

      Your cats are amazing

    23. A R

      All the cats are after laptop's mouse.

    24. Yash Fin

      Can anyone please tell me which breed is Lulu 😟😟😟😟😟

      1. BJ Uganda

        Why? You wanna buy one?


      Imagine a cat stands infront of you and you slap it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 then it flys to the other end of the world

    26. don sumner

      The shark balloons were genius level on your part!!

    27. don sumner

      Claire, you are so intelligent and it shows in the videos of your cats. You give each cat a personality and "voice" while giving them camera time. I love the different challenges you created for yourself and your cat family. Please continue making the videos and bring laugher to our lives! Thank you!

    28. Smayan Behura

      Which kitty is ur fav among all these?

    29. VIB-Ananya Bahinipati

      Can anyone tell me exactly how many cats are there 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

      1. BJ Uganda

        Before: 7 Now: 10

    30. Kaushik Ganguly

      Why do you like that they love you that's why they come to you

    31. irosuke ml

      Lulu is my favorite

    32. Baby Care

      Lulu is rascal lolzz

    33. Joãogamer_blox

      So much fluffy cat

    34. Winter_ Lemon

      Cats sees a shark balloon Them: *Now that's an avenger level threat*

    35. Pournima Jamaiwar

      Lulu is the best

    36. Amanda Hilles

      I just watched Lulu vids a few times and fell in love with how creative Claire created her channels. When I am down Lulu, Claire & co make my day! Hehehe 😍

    37. Andrew Gentile

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 genius Claire genius!

    38. Medical Studies

      I want a cat like Lulu 😊😊

    39. Frdyadr

      wah hahahaha

    40. Tri Haryanto

      Cute mom cats ❤️

    41. Human Being


    42. marcelino hkw

      O:26 GOOGLE DOCS

    43. masoom babbar

      I love lulu... The way he looks balloons in the end...

    44. Dastan Arjona

      Jajajajajajaja xD

    45. Hazelthebrowncat

      Lulu always wants attention😂

    46. StazC Blood

      trashing your work and come to play with me !!

    47. alvionita lee

      tt is queen pretty. lulu cute boy adorable.

    48. Aanie Easy Craft

      Lulu is sit on the laptop

    49. Amber Briella Dela Cruz

      Cats:ohhh my owner doesn't give me attention huh! ill show her! Cats:lays on laptop huh got ya now gimme kisses and hugs!

    50. Fawad Naseer

      Shark ha

    51. Fawad Naseer

      Lulu good

    52. Mrowkant

      I want to be a cat in second life

    53. Missy Miss

      Ingenious, non-violrnt method! Impressed!

    54. Mubash Hassain

      Lulu makes me lol lo

    55. Mubash Hassain

      Mommy is very lucky to have TT . TT is very patient and she knows how to behave mature

    56. Yaboi S

      Lulu has Always been the best

    57. siva rani

      Imagine the words that the cats typed

      1. Wynter Mackenzie

        We can't read them, all the words are in cat!

    58. endra arif khairullah

      Hello im from indonnesia


      Heheheh bodyguard lol

    60. Luqmaan Ali baig

      Lulu is 👌👌👌👌

    61. Melissa Schaefer

      OMG Claire this is great!!😂👍😝

    62. Aegean Ghost

      did your bodyguard used to work as loansharks per chance???

    63. Dave Salisbury

      Claire, I don’t know if you read the comments or not. But, I sure am grateful you share your kitties with the world. I love your videos. Since allergies keep me from having pets, your videos have become a lifesaver! Thank you!

    64. George Drake

      Can I ask what breed lulu is thanks

    65. Louae V

      imagine if DD broke the laptop

    66. Melyana Irwan

      TT ❤❤❤❤

    67. SpaceX 2020

      Its like my black cat who dosent let me play Roblox 🙂😂



    69. Jana Mariz Ariquez


    70. Kerry Gligorovic

      Cats love some attentions that's why they distract their owners from working at home.😻💖😍

    71. Ayun Citra Widayanti

      Kucingnya lucu bangetttt

    72. Malu Lima

      São tão fofuchos

    73. Dian ismiagustini

      Lulu는 너무 귀엽다!

    74. mancay2556

      Smart brain

    75. Nomundari Nyamjargal

      Aww DD hissing

    76. ·Gacha·Lemon·

      TT:I love you mommy❤ Claire:I can't ignore you sweetheart!💖

    77. Chris Riley

      Have they popped them yet? Only s matter of time til they take a clawed swipe and pop them

    78. Rabianur Gençel

      Your cat's so cute and I love cat's I think cat's so much cute My cat name Pati

    79. JJ Burns

      Beautiful cats for the most part, however buying and promoting and buying deformed Munchcin's is just WRONG. I have unsubscribed.

      1. Dr Derplington

        go cry somewhere else.

    80. Daryl Cheshire

      When I was a kid, I’d spread the newspaper on the floor to read and my cat would lie down on the newspaper right where I’m reading.

    81. Arzu çelik sezgin

      `me. I working an a lesson-cats- :WhY DoNt YoU CaRe MeH: Me-:Go Cats-i WaNt An A AnSwEr Me-...

    82. Fran Riding

      Cats only want attention when you aren't being attentive.

    83. person person

      0:06 i never thought i'd hear DD hiss.

    84. person person

      0:06 i never thought i'd hear DD hiss.

    85. DooDuL

      DD: This looks like a nice place to sit Claire: no

    86. Alain Necrom


    87. Uma S

      Cats : never scared of nun, husky and mirror maze Also cats : scared of sharks 😁😁😁

    88. joanna calamus

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣nice bodyguards

    89. Sagar Kumar

      Lulu is so cute😘

    90. Candi the cat gaming

      What breed is Lulu?

    91. Gina Harrison

      Claire, You are simply a GENIUS !! 💖

    92. iiOreoPlayzii

      Cats hate balloons

    93. Kenny Ynnek

      I like the sound like hawaii

    94. Carocha

      A minha Gata quando estou no computador customa ir para cima dele e a clicar nas teclas ou quando não está ocupado deita-se em cima dele!

    95. Marlise Vieira

      Oh, a good ideia. !!!!!

    96. Taiga ,

      Lulu 😇

    97. Anna Wang

      Claire: I need a way to kitty proof the space... Me: Oh no she's going to shut the door to keep the kitties out! But then how will she know when they are hungry? Claire: *employs three shark balloons as bodyguards* Me: *O_O*

    98. •Mia sya_UwU•

      What a nice bodyguard 😃😃😃

    99. Luka AkaY

      I love DD

    100. Luka AkaY