My Cats Went Crazy for Black Tiger Shrimp! | Kittisaurus


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    Today, I cooked some tiger shrimps for my cats.
    Surprisingly, LuLu wasn’t too fond of the food!
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    1. cah ngapak


    2. Raymond Charles

      Cat evolved to eat cooked food it's amazing

    3. Lies

      LaLa is the female version of LuLu.

    4. RonLarhz

      When a pet live a much luxurious life than you.....

    5. ScarySara93

      Did Lala and Lulu SWITCH bodies?!

    6. blubberbooi

      Bubba is typing...

    7. Nur aneesah Zainuddin

      Lala look so cute in this video ≥3≤

    8. Dawn groundhog

      The cockroach of the sea😂😂😂

    9. Keith Brown

      Mommy you have your hands full with those 4 loveable mini sabertooths

    10. Tanzeela Farooq

      Momo is ugly Lulu is like he's having downs syndrome

    11. Rahul Dorai

      Yours cats are so cuteee 😍

    12. Lực Dương TV

      Mèo ăn tôm sú ngon quá.Em mèo nào cũng dễ thương thật.

    13. Sherley Delma

      Awww these chubby cuties. There so cute

    14. Matt Mowatt

      I want to hear Claire talk for the kitty voices!!! It’s so cute!!!

    15. pikachu chuuu

      Lulu is a beast she eat you if you become between her and her food

    16. Puro The Wolf

      Did anyone also voiced all the cats as beerus lol

    17. Tamanna Panwar

      I love Lulu😍😍😍😘😘😘

    18. Arlene Jimenez

      2:52(died laughing to death)

    19. Just Name

      Lulu little nose is so cute

    20. pkrisnin

      I still remember tasting tiger prawn cooked korma curry style so savoury . I understand why lala won"t let go

    21. Redha Zandrakika


    22. E. A

      I'm gonna eat these cats

    23. Sandra Gray

      Strange mine just turn away from anything prawny or shrimpy!!

    24. Nona !!

      2:32 ohmygod

    25. Agus Milano1988

      I'm a very humorous animal hugger. Help my chanel or brother. Helping each other is beautiful

    26. VietPho

      0:32 Can all cats stand on 2 Legs like LuLU?

    27. Monjarin Smita

      who thinks lulu's short arms and legs are adorable ↓

    28. Poochi

      You have the most cutest cats ever! ❤️

    29. Ikhram Noor Din

      Peh udang beso tu dibagi makan kucing. Aku nak jadi kucinggggggg dapat makan udang beso 😌😁😌😁😌😁

    30. Sylabs Bvs60

      Des chat mange des homard et des être humain mange dans les poubelles.. A part ça le monde va bien

    31. KhalOisha78

      2:21 TT with the judgement stare :D :D :D

    32. baby shark Aguipo

      A silent viewer here😊 me and my 1 yr old daughter loves lulu's reaction so much!😘😘

    33. eninuej


    34. Alex Storr

      Lala understands! Prawns are the best.

    35. Henna Fashion

      Omg😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 lulu Didn't eat!!!!!

    36. Mal Adams

      Lulu, Coco and Chuchu: only ones that stand up Others: HEY GET BACK HERE!

    37. Rahdianto Listiawan

      This is the first time I see Lulu refuses a delicious food 😅

    38. Kawaiini

      Lala: “I’m on a seafood diet; I see food, I eat it.” 🦐

    39. Drama Queen

      Lulu is foodie just like me

    40. owedhapppiness

      Hello claire

    41. galaxycookie girl

      Lulu & lala bestfriends forever together! So cute ❤💛💚💙💜♥

    42. AudreyB1992

      Lulu is me when I see shrimp. Also they are eating better than me these days 😂

    43. Kitu's Junkyard

      I really need search function for comments in this channel Keyword: ChuChu

    44. Bæby nisha

      Ong i love lulu soo much she is soo cute i want to hug her once in my life before i died


      Lulu is so cute

    46. Jaime Reyna

      what the smell.. LULU no eat 🤔

    47. Kamello Mikkel

      Рохоже на раков

    48. VIANJ{Valuable Information About Nation's Journey}

      One thing is very clear LALA likes sea food but LULU is not interested at all in eating any sea food except fish and LULU'S favorite is broccoli.

    49. Star Scarred

      LaLa going crazy for it and LuLu not.... 🧡

    50. Rupam Bhattacharjee

      DD is very cute 😃🐈🐱

    51. Valerie Bonilla

      lala went CHOMP

    52. Valerie Bonilla


    53. Valerie Bonilla

      its the lala hole now lulu

    54. Zaki tarius 23

      So cute🐈

    55. Laura Teixeira

      Lala turns into Lulu in this video 🤣

    56. Gacha_ razzi

      0:27 why does momo look like hes smelling the shrimp with sound XD

    57. Raj Dhuri

      Lulu sees food, Lulu : Megazord!!!

    58. Ананий Нвструев

      у каждого животного свои вкусы на еду

      1. Ананий Нвструев

        странно что ЛУЛУ не набросился , он же тут обжора

    59. Sami 41

      that orange cat is totally ugly

    60. Yongmei Ou

      黄猫好像老土著的脸! 吃鱼太多了吧,头型很扁大,是不是甲状腺问题造成的形状啊?

    61. Aleesya zulhalimi

      Coco is lulu when eating XD

    62. Ammu Ammu

      Omgg luluuu😘😘😘 is choooooooooo cuteeee while standing up❤️❤️❤️❤️ heart melting 😘😘😘

    63. I Amfaiz


    64. 여클로버여우


    65. Elisha Denis

      I sometimes feel like lulu is her favorite cat but she still loves all of them! :)

    66. GDL OPS

      2:11 is that minecraft opened door sound?

    67. Tedolph Bundler

      Owner sounds hot

    68. United world

      Her laugh is so wierd 😂😂 it's like "Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw"

    69. DumB AsS

      "Miracle" That lulu doesn't eat ...

    70. A. M. Zivkovic


    71. mani kanta

      I think Lala love's shrimp

    72. Augmented Chaos


    73. Bharavi BR

      I love lulu sooo much 😭💋💋🥰🥰

    74. Valeria Dhea Natalie Ristiana

      Everything with the seafood, lala will get crazy. But everything about veggie, fruit, or snacks, lulu gonna eat it first

    75. Larissa Colle

      Let my cat watch this video. She was interested in a way only a cat could: by not being interested

    76. Barry McCarty

      Your kitties are SPOILED and you know it. Lol😄

    77. Kyson Weathersbee

      Lulu is the cutest

    78. Pichu 318

      When I die I hope to reincarnate into a cat that is owned by someone who loves their cat as much as Claire lol

    79. Harika Akaspu

      In this time lala took position of lulu...😂😂😂

    80. Mihrimah Gündüz

      Lulu can eat everything and Momo can play everything xd

    81. 루루야통이악개

      저세상 플레이팅...

    82. Deepa Ravindranath

      Watching this channel......Stress buster!


      02:50 😂😂😂😂

    84. Binayak Dhal

      Lulu is my favorite cat

    85. fatma hadji rashid

      Parvo virus in all animals take care

    86. MuZik HeArT

      omg Lala is a foodie monster too haha

    87. THANOS Mad Titan

      1st tym will see lulu ignore snacks.....

    88. Dawnyzza Dark

      I absolutely adore the way Lulu stands on his back paws (hind legs), I thinks it's so adorable

    89. Aidan Kroll

      Is TT Blind in one eye?

    90. soumya sulagna

      At 2:47thug life!!!😉

    91. Krzysztof Rynkiewicz

      i love that sound effects xD

    92. 7w7 sven gaming

      Im frusrated too lulu he dont like shrimp😂

    93. Les Chaps

      Oh no what is Claire doing to us now?

    94. Greg Schuyler

      The sound effects make this video great

    95. Gamer_Shrimp 88

      Wahhhh....Shrimps are friends not food😱😱😱

    96. Religy Khalis

      Lulu is sooo cuteee🐈🐈

    97. nikkow venne

      1st time LuLu dont want to eat

    98. Princess Paola

      The shrimp die bc he got scare by Lala

    99. I FEEL GOOD app - Know your wellbeing level

      Each one of them has its own taste and character like human ^^

    100. Ivan Lewkov

      😭💙🦜🦜🌏🥴😢😢🌸😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 argentina 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙