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    NaNa finally learned how to ring a bell!
    But she wasn’t satisfied with that…
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    1. Marsh&Mello

      NaNa is genius!!🤩🤩🤩

    2. elcho muret

      Nana is smart cat

    3. KartiK Vashist

      I'm a simple man. I see Lulu, I click.

    4. ZweteQ

      Czy ktoś z polski tu jest?

    5. Darken Wolfy

      Awwwww they are all so pretty


      sheon steam, gamer time (3:00)

    7. Kania Hazwani

      Nana is so cute when she calls Claire mom😚

    8. Swapna Maliyel

      Claire this will be the last time you will sleep lol

    9. Suhasini Sanamandra

      Nana is one smart kitty 😸🐈

    10. 삼성동갈치발

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜 시도때도없이 종치는거 너무 귀엽네

    11. Marta Milicevic

      Nana is very smart cat

    12. ᄒᄉᄒ

      얼핏 보니 나나는 털이 노랗고 짧은 라라 같아요!ㅋㅋㅋ

    13. Viki Peceva

      3:03 she was playing roblox i think lol

    14. 4K Cat Games

      The cats are getting smarter day by day, not so long until they execute their world domination plan

    15. HAMDAN HR

      Cat likes your videos

    16. Beanna Leigh

      Nana = girl version of dd

    17. Beanna Leigh

      Nana is like a duplicate of tt (personality)

    18. skyjacker70rus

      коко лучший!

    19. Buffet for Me

      🍕🍟☕ Thanks!

    20. Kitty Girl54321

      I love the sound of the bell ringing in slow-motion.

    21. Пиковая Дама

      Котики такие хорошие 🤩

    22. Zeklijan

      Haha you did this to yourself! hahhaa

    23. Amazook

      I just love it when Nana rings the belk cuz itz so cute Nana:stay With Me Me:stay with me it goes a little something like lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

    24. marc roy

      she created a monster

    25. ItzAlFAXDツ

      kenapa nana pencet bell terus? karna apa bila dia bunyikan bell dia akan mendapatkan makanan makanya dia bunyi in bell terus. 🙂

    26. Umarudin Watik

      Wah nana bilin gak tidur tuannya soalnya slalu pecet bel

    27. Kitty Cafe UK

      "Service please!" 😹

    28. Rickypol 007

      Dd learned from nana A cat DD is smarter then we thought

    29. Q R

      How may cats dose she have I’d lose it 2 is tooo many

    30. Weverton Natan

      Que lindos todos os seus gatos!

    31. Springer124

      A wild bell appeared

    32. Baka Hd

      I love lulu pose in thumbnail, its like human.😂😂

    33. Papenfus Charlie

      Imagine if she gained access to the bomb control room

    34. Nindi rahmadila

      Nana pretty kitty😍😚😻

    35. Raquel Culivar

      Ms. claire did you make another kittisaurus channel?

    36. Vieee CH

      0:31 That's expression so cutee😭❤️

    37. Puja Jamdar


    38. Miranda Roberts

      Pavlovian theory 101. Classical conditioning. It was the one thing that stuck when I took psychology

    39. rumah kucing 3


    40. Merjem Hodović

      Nana:im lov yum yumm

    41. Padi Point

      Nana is so smart. Impressive

    42. VibeZ

      Only claire understands cat language xD

    43. Scottie Pippo

      NaNa is an amazing cat. She's full of surprises

    44. Ian-Devon Lewis

      Nana, "I like that? Do you mind me borrowing this at, i dont know... 2 in the morning while youre sound asleep?".

    45. Meow Moew

      Cats: *press the bell* Cats: BABUUUU, SINIII!! CEPET!!!

    46. Vijaya Lakshmi

      Madam Claire, Nana is who is, VERY INTELLIGENT and her twin boys are so rare. They look almost the same. YOU ARE LUCKY TO HAVE THEM. Love from INDIA

    47. konsumterra1

      not liking voice over

    48. Julie Beason

      Good girl Nana

    49. SugusSusana

      Hi! Can someone tell me where can i buy the cat pillow from 1:56? I really love it but I cant find it >.

    50. d .d

      (Lulu pov) How come nana gets to eat?

    51. Neptune Inflatables

      I have 20 cats.i love them to bits. My heart goes out to your kiddos

    52. beckie ‘!

      2:41 DD in computer ! :

    53. duh almeida

      This is one of prettiest video I've seen in a while, very cute!

    54. Funny Cats Compilation

      *Love Cats*

    55. ShadowValleys

      How did you do that!

    56. Marrie e seus amigos

      Que gatinha linda!

    57. Pamela Denise Latigar

      Tom, sorry but this video is so great without you.

    58. Purrfect

      Well that's the last sleep your getting 😂

    59. Cynthia Tolman

      You don't need a bell, but it sure helped, lol

    60. Thegenius AJ

      Nana be like: *All Hail the Great Claire-Summoning bell!*

    61. Ashton Turner

      This new narrator sucks!

    62. Daruma

      So, who is Tom?

    63. Ashton Wolf

      Yeah and i've also hit enough Bells on thos Plarform Lol

    64. moonaru

      alalami ulyodae ring,ring a ling

    65. Akira Shine

      Now we 100% know claire has a steam account

    66. Anna Ya

      Hi, I want to get something off my chest and would love to hear your opinion. So, I like the sound of Toms voice but I'm not a fan of what he is saying. He sounds like a news reporter; keeping it neutal and observative without conveying great emotions. I liked it better when the videos contained the funny soundeffects, the cat's "thoughts" and claires laugh. That made me laugh too. Now, since all the obvious details are getting pointed out, I feel like being talked to like a child. I can see whats going on, I don't need anyone to explain it to me. The emotional connection between the video and me unfortunately got lost when the narrator Tom came in. How about you, which concept do you like better?

    67. 이똘

      나나가 어미인가? 새끼 두 마리는 이름이 모지? 나나가 똑똑하네 종치면 먹는다는걸 아는 고양이

    68. sooy J

      루루와 나나의 머리크기 무엇?+¤+

    69. עלמה ירדני

      Big massage for NaNa!

    70. 진화

      섬네일 우리 루루 동글동글 몽실몽실

    71. Frau Katze


    72. Isany_ Stuff

      A guy said in a video cause all the orange cats are mans-

    73. Jody Wetmore

      The videos were much better before Tom started narrating. Sounds like hes talking to a 4 yr old now. Ughhh!!!!

      1. Anna Ya

        Yes, I feel so too

    74. Libby

      Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring - LuLu after being taught how to ring the bell

    75. Libby

      If LuLu got taught how to ring the bell, that would be the last time Claire had a peaceful nap.

      1. Libby


    76. Zosia _K6

      So cute

    77. The Amazing Goldfish

      I thought the Pavlovian experience,....was ment for dogs😅😂🤣👍

    78. 日刊ねこもふ生活

      😽Congratulations on ringing the bell🎊❤️

    79. むにゅうむにゅう

      너무 멋지고 울어 버렸습니다('·̥×·̥`) 매우 귀엽습니다

    80. 99redragons

      Anyone else think Claire could easily button train them all to know words like channels Billispeaks, IamBunny, etc? They’re all very smart and an area like under the counter would be great social space! Cats can learn by watching other cats very well, so as shown, one figures it out, more will follow! Simple words like ‘food’ ‘water’ ‘play’ ‘pets’ are all easy to train!

    81. SNS Cute

      Awwwwww NaNa is so cute. she pressed and pressed the bell. This is funny 😂

    82. Bongwater33

      Your English narrator is no good for your show! He is a good narrator, but has the wrong voice for cute cat videos! It ruins the cuteness with his boring documentary voice. You need a funny, quirky voiced person to do the narration, who will help make the video more fun and cute!

    83. Hilwaa Iman Bte Muhammad Ikram

      Why is there the translation person I love the talking of Claire

    84. Lori Carter

      Nana is so cute lol but I feel bad for the cat with the way she lets her so roughly.

    85. 그린

      오구 사랑을 적극적으로 갈구하는 딸내미가 또 생겼네 집사님ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ티티에 이어....

    86. On Horiz

      ring fit? no ring food

    87. Ana Maria


    88. Swati manjari Panda

      Your cat are so lovely and cute

    89. LULU YumYum


    90. Destyana Yunissa Prizka

      NaNa: this is how you should call Claire LuLu: *sniffs* is this food?

    91. Vicky mel

      huh????? since when did she get a narrator?!

    92. kai the scottish cat

      Nana is so adorable and cute

    93. Enhidri

      Claire is a master gamer. Two monitors a mouse and steam.

    94. blue goat

      드디어 키티사우르스에도 징글벨묘가 탄생했군요 축하해요 :)

    95. Starlike M.

      선생님 이걸 보실지는 모르겠지만 컴퓨터 바탕화면디디 사진을 공유해주실 수 있나요

    96. witty joker

      Why the horrible voice kind if ruins the feel of your videos... cant watch em any more.

    97. 박건희

      1:53 강호동 양요섭

    98. Katsu [wants Phoenix Wright in Smash already!]

      "No matter how much food she ate, something still felt empty inside." Never thought I'd feel called out by a cat video..

    99. Mami Moo

      Nana loves Claire so much 🥺💖

    100. Becca Lima

      Pause at 3:35, do it!! 😂