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    These days, some of my cats (looking at you, LuLu) get in my way when I play games!
    So I jogged my memories and made this video to show you what it’s like!
    Also, this video was made before the new cat family came to our house!
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    1. Elizabeth Ryals-Dubois

      It's so easy to subscribe to youer channel youer cats are a big lol!

    2. ackc1204

      All your cats have their own unique behaviour. LuLu is the most cute when comes to food. Haha

    3. Daniel Van Zyl

      My cat has figured out how to switch of my pc

    4. Green Dragon

      How do you play Zelda on PC O_O

    5. Digstreme McDingus

      Speaking of the game they're playing, the sequel should have cats and kitties you can pick up like in Twilight princess, and seeing how it's apparently the culmination of all three timelines now apparently, it may add features from all three timelines games

    6. ZR-TAB aka Zareq Rayyan

      Lulu is my favorite cat lala is my moms favorite cat 😀

    7. Cupid Ace Bernales

      A Hybrid cat really have a high IQ..LULU

    8. Maheen Zara

      I like ur cat lulu so much

    9. Dum Mex


    10. alkima 09

      Ai love cat Lulu,dd,Coco,chuchu,tt,Momo,lala

    11. Schorch62

      Ist Lulu wirklich sooo ein "Mampfmonster"?

    12. Chimchim Baby Jimin

      Lulu : *hears Claire’s voice* Also Lulu : TREAT TIME!!!

    13. NG JING QI VERILYN Student

      0:44 lulu knows his manners🥰🥰

    14. Shashank Baid

      I think this house was built just for the cats

    15. Thelicone

      Cats are the scene not the tv hehe

    16. Quang Huy Phùng

      Omg i love Lulu and Breath of the wild 🥰🥰🥰

    17. Danielle Hylton

      Lulu is such a Drama-King. I love him for it! ❤🌈

    18. Nina 04

      Lulu is very cute!!im your fan lulu!!

    19. vaquinha mumu

      Hahaha i love lulu

    20. Ani Triandini

      Claire: play zelda and ignoring lulu Lulu: i will destroy your happiness!

    21. nadya fahmi

      Je veux lulu

    22. Josymar Flores

      WHA. THE.

    23. C.R Nishanth

      This cat is like an owl

    24. John Adamz

      Why did you kept his name Lulu. Lol 😂 but the name is matching on his personality.

    25. Jalynne Kim

      루랑이 짧은 발로 타다다다다다다 하는 거 넘 귀여워엉열

    26. Khoby Mike

      Plot twist: Claire made dem hungry for the whole day, forcing them to do this

    27. R𝖾𝗒𝗒𝖺𝗇 𝖣üzenli


    28. Eddy Madison

      Claire is playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild 😁

    29. Jamie Star

      What cuteness have to do with anything? Cat lady locked those other cats in a room for her and camera man/women to just film lulu getting snacks. Cat lady manage to put 6+ cats up for lulu to eat and film alone. When lulu gets finished eating she puts lulu in the room with the door cracked for lulu to come out and eat the other cats food. With that cuteness- get that out of here! This is favouritism/ views for lulu. That's it! Research past til now(I have). Now cat lady cut it out. Now you can tell she's faking with the other cats. That's sad those other cats being treated that way!

    30. 손진혁

      1:49 지켜보고잇다...

    31. Smayan Behura


    32. lilxcloudz

      Don’t tell me i’m the only one that notices Claire playing Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild. ಠ_ಠ

    33. Quicktwosteps

      How many cameras do you have, woman?! 🤣🤣

    34. Frida Malmqvist Ahlberg

      omg u playin' zelda botw too??!! Now I love dis even more!!

    35. Ory's Hobbies YT

      lulu is so adorable


      the real tom

    37. fatma hadji rashid

      Parvo virus in all animals take care

    38. Tasheen ahmed khan Khan


    39. PadEX88

      Omfg what is about that cat...anything is so small

    40. 옌두

      0:53 크집사가 한국말하는거 처음봄 ㄷㄷ

    41. Shankar puttur

      How u r making edit and which app

    42. Muhammad Sabah uddin

      Who dislike this video 😞

    43. Vlad III Tepes Dracula

      Beautiful Lulu

    44. aryan op bolte aryan op bolte

      are u single person in ur house but who is camera man

    45. Vrushali D Vaity

      I love how her nose twitches ❤️

      1. BJ Uganda

        Who? Lulu?

    46. Charles Olowookere

      lulu is like my girlfriend, cute, always hungry, curious asf, and always on time to mess with me when I’m about to play rocket league. 💀😅

    47. home aqua scaper

      Lulu is so cute

    48. vijju fatty

      Lulu is so cute...and foodie

    49. shanzi fatima

      Lulu is the best cat in the world . That most cute cat 🤗🤗😎😎😊😊

    50. Mbak Jiu

      I am a new fan of LuLu. Saranghae, LuLu.

    51. Prem Jadeja

      now is she running both kittisauras, creamheroes ?

    52. Shane Delos Santos

      I don't konw Claire play zelda game so much but she played super mario in cream heroes

    53. Akuma Trigen

      I really love your cat

    54. Star Light

      Unknown Fact: "Cats are liquid"

    55. SASUKEisOP

      What game is that

    56. Tristan Sayur

      ternyata kucing Lulu itu bukan hanya membangun kan majikan nya tapi juga memberi waktu ya

    57. Loredana Moura

      Esse Lulu e muito esperto muito sabido mesmo e astuto kkkkk. Como não se encantar ne. De mais kkkkk. Me familiarizei tanto que parece que estão aqui em casa kkkk. Parabéns pelo seu amor e dedicação.

    58. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

      Unterhaltsam und Lustig Mein Kater LuLu 😎👍❤️😘 Liebe Grüsse aus der Finsternis In Das Licht der Welt.

    59. yunting Chiang

      Lulu really makes my day :)

    60. Bogdan Stokić

      Claire plays zelda

    61. Nimisha Mann

      Which cat breed Is Lulu please tell

    62. Betty Hoopes

      What a cute favorite kitty.....Didn’t LuLu just come and sat down in your heart? You make so many viewers happy everyday with your videos.....thank you...... thank you!! 🤗♥️🤗

    63. Houndlord0

      lol lulu is heartbreakingly adorable

    64. Benjamin Kim


    65. coolblockmangamer IT YOUTUBE

      Еа&яиик Апаа555кку Ууккарвкуущцц

    66. Adon FF 777

      0:43 no need to ask permission

    67. rendi nadirman

      I hope when Lulu do it himself for snack just in this film, not daily life, please dont do that again my love, Claire, Im from Indonesia...

    68. Nancy

      Lulu ist bestw


      Lulu also knew that playing games is not good for health so he is saving u . Hahaha 😂

    70. Asha jyothi

      Lulu ❤❤❤ cutest car

    71. _ItzYukiii_

      0:08 SO CUUUTE💗 너무 큐트 💗

    72. Abishek Thirumurthi

      0:50 can you guys see anything if you see something just Reply me if You can’t find anything also you reply me

    73. Turd Blossom

      You get a sub for zelda. And I love lulu 🥰

    74. 최한별대일커이크

      바로놀아달라는의미입니덩! ㅎㅎ

    75. Hafidz Rizki

      2:30 the crunchy sound..... >...

    76. Sanket

      Everyone talks about the cats cuteness but very few appreciate Claire's effort who make them look cute. I mean insane video editing and presentation

    77. Aloka Paul

      Lulu kaaameeehaaameeehaaaa

    78. Elizabeth Cervantes

      Haces mis días muy felices, te adoro Lulu 😍

    79. Arthur Animatorsz

      2:21 Claire: "yoshhh"

    80. 바람결에-

      빈그릇 핥는거 😂 역시 루랑이-

    81. rezi sobah

      Lulu your smell is so cute 😂

    82. Crystals Cards & Consciousness

      I love your kitties ~ Hello from US 👋🏻

    83. chicken wings gamer

      So cute

    84. Wendee Lyn Dela Cruz

      Lulu is the best.

    85. Andi Muhammad Zihad Rabbani

      I love her DD windows wallpaper

    86. goldwonyung

      No ones gonna say it? Shes playing the Nintendo switch but using sony headphones wt-

    87. Sheila Febrianti

      Lucu banget sih lulu

    88. 루루

      왜 저 말린 물고기가 집사님이 어제저녁에 술안주로 먹고 남은 노가리아닌가? 라는 생각이 들지?

    89. Hannah in the World of Dance

      To be honest, this is exactly how I am when I'm looking for ramen but there isn't anymore left. I MuSt HaVe My RaMen!!!!!!!

    90. MANTHAN

      2:24 my headphones 😉😉

    91. Yudelka Nova

    92. cassie battaglia

      Oh man my cat is exactly the same way except she has this deeply mournful meow that she pulls out when she's trying to guilt me into feeding her

    93. aliyah fathima

      LuLu is very cute

    94. WoA Kitty

      Lulu fat and lovely haha

      1. Kendall Ruby Jane

        You mean fluffy 😂😂

    95. SpaceX 2020

      LuLu is my fav kitty..shes/hefunny xD

    96. Angel Hon

      Ur cats are 99.9 percent fluff and 0.1 percent cat

    97. Dino Wizard

      Cat with Appetite of Godzilla named as LULU Yes everything mismatch here but cuteness remains the same

    98. NORA_ 2008

      yaampun unyu bangett