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    Today, I treated my cats to some tasty cat milk!
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    1. DARIN FGH


    2. Glam _in

      I was too scared of cats.. And guess what now I'm the mother of 5 cats.. Thanks you 🙃🙃

    3. Pretty myself

      Lulu is everyone's favorite ♥️♥️♥️

    4. blackpink world


    5. dua epic

      Halo bro

    6. Cheyenne Hunter

      my favorite cats of all time !!

    7. reynx me

      I just found out that Lulu used to have a disease but I saw him not because of that, because he was really cute and am big fan of him

    8. Geralt

      Next episode: breast feeding Lulu.

    9. ranicka juliane

      L O L

    10. Eric P

      How did more than 100 people dislike this what kind of society do we live in

    11. YT 4 Sami


    12. iklil munira

      Dd is so cute when he want to steal the bread from the package

    13. saucy candy ;

      Ever thought that I wish that I wrote that comment?

    14. Tanya Sharma

      Lulu is the cutest

    15. Alex Storr

      Bread is the best. I eat all the other forms of carb, but bread and the sandwiches it makes will always be best 🥪 🍞🥪🍞 DD understands.

    16. Sunita Basak

      Lulu a cute little baby

    17. Inshaf Caffoor

      Lulu needs a separate channel of his own

    18. Harsono Adilegowo

      I love lulu

    19. Ismi Hafsari

      Thats a very big apartment

    20. Danielle Hylton


    21. Akanksha Mishra

      I love lulu, he's is so cute 😍

    22. Roman warrior

      Awwww baby lulu.... I love him soooo much

    23. Alfer Amar

      룰루 너무 귀엽다🥰

    24. Student-ISK Ranumi Tiranya Gamage 6A

      Lulu is always the main character!

    25. nazia manzar

      Why are you not uploading DD video

    26. Kaushal Thakur

      Clarie feed cats like mom

    27. Satyam Pathania

      Op video's

    28. films in commentsTM

      ლᴍͫʀͬ. ᴅͩøɴ̾ ლ: someone wants to vomit, if I want to vomit rainbows, it is very cute for God's sake, super ლ(^o^ლ) cute edit: like if cler's cats are very kawaii hello I love you very much if you read this! 😘 another edit: someone wants to see a video of cler on halloween, if it would be super kawaii to put halloween costumes on the kittens who votes ..? *_(ლ)_* 👇🏻

    29. medha mail

      U r preety cat mother, i love u all 😘

    30. Scottie Pippo

      Lulu is so cute

    31. Ayisha Noushad

      Is it okay to give cat any food other than cat food?

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

        My cats eat pasta everyday and never got sick

    32. ranjan vaghela

      Lulu is very foodie.

    33. Danyal Faizan

      lulu baby

    34. Danyal Faizan

      lulu baby

    35. Ratnam Reddy

      DD you will get it next time

    36. ellysia IX

      Siapaaa lagi yng dislike video kek ginii gblok bet dah


      LuLu is hungry every time 😂

    38. sahabat sejati bahagia

      Lulu same baby

    39. Aniela Serafińska

      I like LaLa and LuLu beacuse they are funny and cute❤️

    40. Keshab Mondal

      LuLu is everyone's favourite

    41. beth botron

      momo is funyy😂😆 lulu is cute🐈🐱 fat dd is like a tiger🐆🐯

    42. IceAuRon

      This is not bread, this is croissant !

    43. Edrian Monzones

      Lulu is cute im gonna explode

    44. Saya Anggun


    45. Stephanie Schmoeller


    46. Stephanie Schmoeller


    47. Stephanie Schmoeller


    48. Lady Blackmonarch


    49. Cute CatAttack

      Best channel I‘ve ever seen

    50. Faatimah Akhtar

      Lulu is soooooooooooooooooooo adorable Like if you agree😆

    51. Anthem070

      I love there little legs lol. I wonder what kind cats they are?

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z


    52. Gayathri Ramakrishnan

      Lulu always has that "I'm shocked to death" look 🤣

    53. Tommy Alsbjerg

      Lulu ❤️😍

    54. Cat Lover

      Youre a lucky claire 😿always be happy

    55. Cat Lover

      Lulu fans😜. Also other cats

    56. Antonina Antkowiak

      Oooooo ❤❤❤

    57. Mahir Bin Masum

      Has anyone noticed that lulu looks like the walking meme cat

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

        I guess it's the same cat!

    58. 봄비꽃비

      디디 빵 좋다~ 더주라~

    59. jay- banger

      Lulu makes my day happy 😍😍😍

    60. barbie girl magical world

      Our goal is to take this chanelle up to 10 million subscribers a

    61. sivapriya kajaraj

      omg feeding lulu be like feeding a babe

    62. Akhtar Muhammad Achsan

      DD is like toasted bread

    63. Shaubhagya kumar

      You will be a great mom 😍😍😘

    64. Doris


    65. Doris

      I want to be LULU...🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

      1. Doris

        Thank you! His name is Mr. Chubuvky.

      2. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        You have Cute Cat picture ❤️


      TT is the cleanest and mature cat I've ever seen🤩

    67. Carrier Taiyo

      Lulu is my favorite cat in the universe

    68. nora love

      Baby lulu

    69. Fawad Naseer

      This girl is stupid dont give them bread to each cats want more ha my fov lulu ha

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

        Why not? Cats need a balanced diet just like us humans. A little bit of bread dipped in warm meat soup was recommended by my vet after my cat underwent a minor surgery.


      DD and Lulu are so cuteeeee😍😍


      DD and Lulu are so cuteeeee😍😍


      Awwww so sweet

    73. ANIQ BROS

      Your cat is cute!! 😻😻

    74. rendi nadirman

      DD is an old guy, milk is not his dream again, bread is so important


      Chuchu is always sitting or lying 😂😂

    76. ariana petrova

      0:20 Lulu tote bag!

    77. All in one TV

      It’s so cute and funny when LuLu stands up on his hind legs like a raccoon. Its so cute 😂. But there is one mystery abt this channel that never got solved.... Why does DD like things starting with B when his own name starts with a D? Legend has it, it remains a mystery to this day no one daring to spill it out to the in - famous DD....

    78. 싴ᄏᄏ갴ᄏ민ᄏᄏ쿸ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

      LuLu LuLu LuLu He is Baby!! (원본) 파이어펀치 파이어펀치 파이어펀치! 그는..신이야!

    79. Joost Smith

      Lulu: *sees anything* finally, some good f**king food.

    80. George Furr

      My Lulu does the same Wolfe it down and throws up

    81. radin rofii

      Kawai lulu

    82. Spawnlord Gaming

      Just came to see cuteness, ♥♥

    83. Peiqisocksplayz

      Why do cats have to be so cute?

    84. John WESLEY FOX

      My daughter and I watch your videos in the morning while waiting for the school bus. She loves Lulu the best.

    85. Antonius Widanto A.S


    86. Najma Begum

      My love lulu

    87. Firdaus Iqmal

      They are so CUTE!!!!😆😆

    88. Andrea Casieri

      Can you add Italian subtitles? Thanks

    89. Beya Twy

      Lala and Lulu are food obsessed.

    90. Mahaswetha

      Oh lulu is so cute

    91. bir kişi :D

      Türkçe altyazı yapıyorsun bizi unutmayıp... sen muhteşemsin.

    92. anand kadekar

      Lulu is too cute but too naughty

    93. micmic 99

      I love Lulu so much!

    94. Rachel B

      Jean Valjeans spirit animal is DD

    95. JoKeR

      awwwwww !!! i love LULU

    96. Stevee Roy

      You are truly amazing and awesome mommy to these kitty cats!!

    97. Samuele Michelini

      1:22 Equipped with a hyperdrive

    98. Samantha Williams

      3:14 He's too poofy for his own good! And I love it!

    99. TC TC

      Lu Lu💋❤️😊

    100. Andy Almeida

      All your cats are awesome... but Lulu is my favorite =) My cat Ika loves bread too!