LuLu Will Go Anywhere for Pizza! | Kittisaurus


1 Mio. aufrufe108

    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I hid from my cats while eating pizza!
    LuLu was desperate to have some!
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    1. only blank

      Still a better love story then twilight

    2. Aditya Singh

      3:12 The cutest scene ❤️

    3. v t

      This pizza its really shitty

    4. Denzl

      I don’t like pizza

    5. AlexandreGaming

      1:20 i saw nana on the left or dodo or toto whatever

    6. Sandy Fauzan

      Lala : what are you doing here Lulu?

    7. Karrigan

      LuLu and food. Best material for a good video

    8. Ena Rushan

      Lulu is my favorite cat 🐈❤️

    9. Mystic Mahdi

      Lulu will find all the food one day and will put a lulu flag on world's highest food mountain Yeh. Lol

    10. cruz charles

      hello can i know whats Lulu breed?

    11. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu should travel to Naples

    12. Md Amer

      My lulu ko pizza🍕 nai dea but why❓ mam

    13. Thang Nguyen

      Tôi nghĩ cái kết là bạn cho khán giả xem Lulu được ăn bánh pizza chứ..?

    14. Aleksandra Latoszek

      So i love toooooooo much Lulu

    15. Shohayeb Hossain Saif

      I love lulu only 🤩

    16. MK Creations

      Today i got my lulu cat same like your cat

    17. Molly Card

      0:01 lulu: -SnIfF- wait... is that..... Food :D (it also at 2:15)

    18. Michael Caruso

      Don't call it pizza please :D

    19. Sayantani Sur

      Lulu got it right when he went to DD for inspection.. Pizza= bread, DD= bread... Hence proven, DD= 🍕..

    20. Suhana M

      1:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    21. Jupiter

      Awful looking pizza.

    22. Nadzir Jamal

      Lulu is the cutest animal on DEfasts. Not just cats all animals. I’ve spent countless hours researching all cute animal vids on this site/app, and I’m 99.99999% sure.

    23. Go kyumi

      Sherlulu holmes 😺

    24. Nilesh Y

      Lulu is male or female

      1. eruii!

        LuLu is a male

    25. TheJbeau23

      Someone forgot to cook that pizza.

    26. Mamta Shetty

      I wonder TT hits everyone who comes in her personal space except Lulu .

      1. Jennifer Lewis

        TT also like NaNa. I haven’t seen TT hit NaNa

    27. victorBRgamer12

      a cat would give his life to smell everything

    28. Richard yun

      Aww it’s so cute when LuLu was grooming TT

    29. Rickypol 007

      Pineapple Really

    30. red roses

      i like it when they talk, if u can do more when they talk, i'd love that, thanks

    31. Miranda

      I miss the voices she made for each of her cats

    32. Gautam Srivastava

      The direction is better than any Hollywood movie 😊😅

    33. Michael Jackson

      Lulu 🤣😂

    34. Susanna Westcot

      ha ha ha ha so funny

    35. Lion's Mind

      Claire, you're really rude. You should have given him a lil bit of pizza

      1. Saff

        @Lion's Mind Ofc i was. But okay then if it was a joke sorry with my sudden behavior

      2. Lion's Mind

        @Saff Lol.. it was a joke :D you fell for it.

      3. Saff

        Lol. Comment like this without seeing full of context. How did u know Claire didnt give him a bit of pizza clearly this vid is for entertaiment purposes and i dont think claire is like that. Claire is the owner that didnt stingy toward her cats and i’m sure she give some to Lulu but they not include it in this vid. That just unnecessary and rude for you to say like that to Claire

    36. Nguyen Thod Wen Nhak

      Tazmanian Devil

    37. Alyae Madade

      Lulu mérite d'étre le seul chat chez 1 famille gentille qui l'aime et le gàte. il est trop gentil et trop beau pour vivre avec 1 troupeau de chats .

    38. Alyae Madade

      Lulu mérite d'étre le seul chat chez 1 famille gentille qui l'aime et le gàte. il est trop gentil et trop beau pour vivre avec 1 troupeau de chats .

    39. Agusrin Sampurna

      Could you please tell me, what kind of cat is Lulu?

    40. Irish_ann Quimada

      Hahahaha so funny he really like pizza

    41. K JuN

      너무힘들어요 모든것이 뭐가 잘못뎃는지 모르겟네요 더는누굴 해치려고한적두 없고 단순 사란햇늘뿐인데 ㅠㅠ

    42. Koutuk Vankar

      3:15 Lesbian is on tv screen..woman is watching" la casa de papel.."

    43. YoYo Shum

      Lol TT is such a genius

    44. Scottie Pippo

      Lulu head is too big😂😂

    45. Violet Midoriya

      What breed is Lulu?

    46. Zamir Iqbal children enjoy watching your contents and definitely your lovely cats. BTW, may i know the song title played in minutes 2.28. Thanks in advance

    47. Huskey Lover

      I almost saw this like 5 time so funny can't stop watching 😂 pls make more

    48. 3li

      pizza mmm im lulu i love love pizza thes is my ting :D

    49. Little Abra

      What kind of food do you like? Lulu: yes

    50. Tanvir Mukit

      this lulu knows nothing without wat....always man? i will beat him very bad and throw him away from home

    51. harshit sharma

      Thanks for making nyc vdo

    52. Trel Kel

      She certainly does tease them a lot

    53. Gacha Fieren

      I feel bad for lulu

    54. Sanchari Chatterjee

      Happy Birthday Lulu 🥰🥰🥰

    55. Purnama Wati

      Si kucing lulu gan

    56. bloodNguts

      I want to skin lulu

    57. SY L

      Lulu is the best!


      I want buy lulu

    59. Raffa Surya Dermawan

      Mbeeekkkk ❤️❤️❤️

    60. yves lamarque

      Idiote, les chats doivent toujours avoir à leur disposition des croquettes, sinon ils peuvent développer des troubles alimentaires , pauvre petit Lulu toujours martyrisé, adorable petit Lulu

    61. Sandra Kranek

      I just adore this cat!! LuLu!! My favorite!

    62. Betta Splendens

      👍🏽 For editor/s.

    63. Scottie Pippo

      Who wouldn't? Pizza is the best

    64. Dann


    65. Butch Rower

      Ok the other food on here looks great! But that's one raw ass nasty looking pizza

    66. Enas Shalaby

      Oh my god Lulu wants the pizza🍕🍕🍕

    67. aniruddh singh

      Lulu is the cutest

    68. teresiayrini aviandra

      Luluu ... love love love

    69. Manh Le


    70. riyanshi bisht

      I laughed so much when lulu come from that small hole and said helli

      1. riyanshi bisht

        Sorry i write that wrong

      2. riyanshi bisht


    71. Sebastian Korte

      What kind of breed is it? Its mouth can barely close and it‘s walking strange. Maybe the legs are too short. Maybe an accident happend to it?

    72. xWilczycãx

      But you're mean though you could give it to him

    73. Unlocking Fun

      Anybody here after having a delicious pizza😄😋😋

    74. Analyn Bañares

      Lulu is like Garfield HAHAH

    75. Marcon Cat Family

      *There could be food on Mars and Lulu would still find a way to get it if he's hungry enough.*

    76. Sandra Skywalker

      Jeez! You are raping that pizza with what you put on it!

    77. SK yg

      LuLu is the funniest and most extraordinary Cat in the world

    78. Tanya Pamela Caronongan-Viado

      Hey i want pizza 🍕 😋

    79. Bulingit Vlog


    80. stibra101

      Horrible looking pizza

    81. inestita Dos Santos

      awww lulu is so cute. and i miss mia so much! r.i.p :(

    82. Faudzee Mokhtar

      How did you teach them not to pee everywhere

    83. Dean Lukes

      That pepperoni taunt was just mean... Don't hold food out to an animal if you are not going to let them have it:(

    84. Nadhirah Farzana

      The best cat director everr

    85. Claudio Marani

      Come on... whit all respect.....this is not a pizza.. 🤮🤮🤮

    86. Telly Mahat

      Give lulu some pizza 🥰🥰🥰

    87. danesiang

      Now this is high quality content

    88. Manish Kumar

      Bring back Lulu's voice please

    89. diriLeSh

      :D :D :D

    90. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu would love to travel to Italy with ChuChu and eat all the pizzas pastas and delicious food

    91. Ro Qu

      Lulu is the epitome of glotonery

    92. Naomi Foster

      What happens if the tables turned and Lulu used the bathroom on the camera?! O.o

    93. Dani Layne

      Lulu is my favorite 💗

    94. Ankush Sharma

      Real origin story of Kitty's world domination.

    95. Ayat Ayat

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the music n lulu

    96. Strong -

      3:20 la casa 💔🥺.

    97. multi videos

      So sad to see that he didn't even get a bite from the pizza. 😡

    98. Scottie Pippo

      If LuLu was my cat he would be so fat. I'm glad that Claire discipline keeps LuLu healthy

    99. bento sobral

      Quelle connerie d avoir commencer à lui donner dla bouffe comme ça il est devenu hyper.. .casse c...😺

    100. Ayman Jc

      If lulu was my cat . He would been so much fat.