LuLu Stole a Bite of Cake! | Kittisaurus


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    Today, I baked a cake to celebrate my family of 10 cats!
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    1. Alicia Tannaca

      yes lulu

    2. Mr Poopy Butthole

      They are like Weasley twins

    3. what_the_ma


    4. William Yuen

      Bad lulu bad

    5. An i Yeet

      0:12 10 CATS!?!? Omg that’s a lot lol I only got 1 cat

    6. Moondoria

      Lulu has the stomach of Homer Simpson.

    7. Jannatun Nayeem

      Why you didn't give kittens cake?

    8. CM H

      My god lulu is so hard to handl lol

    9. Tanveer Singh

      Coco is royalty!

    10. Alexander MacNeil

      I couldn't help it, this made me roar with laughter. Thanks, it was well-needed. :D

    11. Rizu Rizma

      olof tha cats a fanea

    12. Kitu's Junkyard

      "Please... Give..." If I had written that in my college application, my life might not be full of regrets?

    13. Destination Travelers

      खादोडा lulu 🤣🤣

    14. galaxycookie girl

      This video was very cute i can tell LuLu and thick TT, DD and chuchu loved the party. Am 100% subscribung and telling my friends too

    15. Kristina Mertic

      Lala: Meow I love party

    16. Л Морнингстар

      0:32 Lala's human voice.

    17. Augmented Chaos


    18. Augmented Chaos


    19. I'm Refugee

      Does anyone know which breed is Nana??

    20. DarkWestern

      poopoo and doodoo are best cat

    21. Sweet Trubble

      What is the problem with the little guys? Pushing the older dudes out of their way.

    22. Sweet Trubble

      Looks like LuLu has some major competition. I busted up laughing when the little guy smacked and pushed LuLu away..

    23. Kama Muzy4enko

      Лулу такой обжора🙆🏽‍♀️😍😍

    24. ilumix led

      Lulu is a savage,no maners at all 🤣

    25. Purple Hippo.


    26. Anna Szulc

      Hej twoje koty są nie samowite piękne zadbane alei lulu jest moim faworytem 🐱👍🙂

    27. Pournima Jamaiwar

      Which is the hungry est 🐈 Ans - Lulu

    28. Chloe Yuan

      I Think Toto [ or maybe dodo ] went to TT's fighting and learn school.

    29. SybilCreates

      Lol. LuLu is so fast when it comes to food or anything he perceives edible!

    30. SUCI KOKI


    31. Lakhan Ramwani

      Lulu is so cute 😘 awwwa Mua Mua Mua🤗I would like to huge lulu

    32. Lakhan Ramwani

      Lulu 😍

    33. Free Animals

      Lulu is my favorite Kitty you have! Your videos are stupendous! All of your 10 kitties look fabulous. 🐱

    34. Brandy Houston

      In need LULU in my life

    35. Kitu's Junkyard

      4:02 do d Chu

    36. emmaknightley

      What is that probiotic powder? Is it for cats?

    37. Serg Bash

      ДоДо такой агрессор,всех обижает.

    38. Linda Love

      LuLu is gangsta!!! RFLMAO!!!! What a Bogart! I love the way you take care of your babies. The cake was an elegant touch, even if LuLu did a few drive-bys. That's what gangstas do.

    39. Frank Carrasquillo

      i am totally impressed by your music and sound effect s and Lulu!

    40. Ci Ci

      Mom you're the best ☺️

    41. Basia Migon


    42. Nodalys Rosales

      Omg y never heard de hisssss of chu chu

    43. Mochi Motion

      Why is nobody talking about how sweet momo is?

    44. montezo tiago

      Just kick lulu’ass he is a garbage cat needs to take a lesson

    45. Salouni K.

      If i were a cat, i'd fight with with lulu 😂

    46. Dedy Marsetioadi


    47. Zulaikha Jamalludin

      What is lulu breed name?

    48. Kryth

      Lulu is such a naughty food monster

    49. Melvin Wammy

      Lulu is greedy

      1. Chloe Han


    50. Tiara Intan farah

      Lulu:my kece Toto:the kece is my Dodo:no is my kece DD:DD love kece

    51. Nur Hasanah

      100 tahun yang lalu Tapi boong

    52. LEE MEI YI Moe

      Who like lulu Like if you love lulu 👇

    53. Shaheen Hasan

      Wow all the cats are so cute 🐱 🐱

    54. Adisa Kola

      I'm am definitely Lulu 😋

    55. AleksaXX dub

      1:15 Gett distracted lol

    56. dustin windes

      Love coming back to these videos. Shows how much Lulu loves and tolerates the kittens. They are taught well.

    57. Jax Garrett

      토토 괜찮아

    58. Carli Cantrell

      LuLu is fabulous! I feel like LuLu every time I watch The British Baking Show...also many of the other cooking shows lol

    59. Vlad III Tepes Dracula

      Lulu is the best

    60. Ilma Dina

      They are so adorable ㅠ_ㅠ

    61. i_ nursamsi

      I miss to hear claire's sound

    62. Clara Belle

      i love chuchu appearance 😻😻😻😻

    63. Rashmi Nandagopal

      This new family does not belong to the family other 7 cats. This new family is just like other normal cats, they fight & beat Lulu just like other normal cats but ❤️Chuchu, Lulu, DD, TT, Momo, Coco & Lala ❤️ are pure souls, so sweet , they never fight, they make the best family.

    64. Candra Perdana

      That -10hp.. lol

    65. Just Me

      Lulu...OMG! 😂🤣😂🥰🥰🥰

    66. Adv. Mokshada

      I can't believe how LuLu eats broccoli and the kids nowadays throw tantrums over eating veggies.. kids.. take note.. 😉😄

      1. Mai Sage

        Mmm... not every kid does. When parents express a distaste for vegetables, kids will too. Stereotypes also play a part here too.

    67. nostradamus

      루루 진짜 인형이 살아 움직이는거 같네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    68. Wildan Ar Rafi

      Lulu is very greedy

    69. Cliff P

      You were out fixed by a cat

    70. Radly Sarmiento

      broccoli ---ka...karoot... Me,o hate vegetables

    71. cassandra locsin

      😆😆😆 Lulu's reflex really fast. amusing.

    72. Pikul Satu

      LULU love you ❤️♥️♥️♥️

    73. BoycottNCSoft

      LuLu will eat ANYTHING!

    74. Priya thava

      Two kitty very bad😕every time slapping lulu❣

    75. farida rumaniarttrr13


    76. Chris Chan

      I love ur witty captions 😂. And so creative with making food for the cats. They r really blessed to have you.

    77. Nisar Haider

      What a funny when dodo punch chuchu and chuchu fall like death lol!

    78. J.J.

      The new cats look evil. I don’t like them.

    79. Sepid Nejad

      Lol I'm literally watching this in class lol and my teacher can't even see sinse I'm in home school

    80. Vv Yanti

      Lulu:i smell something ... good Clarie:happy birthday toto dodo Toto dodo:yay Lulu:its the .......cake attack Toto:dodo lulu is coming Dodo:ok

    81. Shunji Legaspi

      Lulu the cake stealer 😂

    82. TikTokYoutube

      Lulu is a Vegetarian

    83. Ima Potato hehehe

      you should name a cat (when you get another one) Lilu

    84. Mylittleone

      Sassy & playful Dodo 😅

    85. Erni susanti Susanti

      The cat is realy cute🤗😍

    86. greyson chohny

      Lulu :the ceke is mine Lala : no is mine DoDo : no is my ceke DD : i love ceke

    87. B T

      Lulu eat raw carrot and broccoli. Rare for a cat.

    88. Cat Lover

      Theyre fighting 😂😂

    89. Cat Lover

      That cat stolen carrot... Somethimg something with teeth youre eating again that carrat 🥕🙆‍♀️

    90. Mariam Kerolos

      ليلو تعالي لماما عايدة في امريكا وانا مش هخلي حد يضربك وتأكل كل اللي بتحبه

    91. Ricardo javier Gutierrez bojorge

      0:59. One Punch Cat!

    92. Sadia Shaikh

      When I see lulu i miss my bobby 🙁

    93. 남매냥 관찰일기 Insane CATs

      오메 편식도 안하고 잘먹네여ㅕㅕㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    94. Vaishnavi Naik

      How cute lulu is I love lulu much😍😍

    95. Go home

      God bless you all

    96. Ang y

      Nothing is quicker than lulu quick bite.

    97. Syed Parveez

      Lulu is so hungry

    98. Rena Oday

      i love you cairl and the kitty

    99. Kitty Girl54321

      1:01, what other video was that music used in? I know I know it, but I don't remember what other Kittisaurus/Cream Heroes/Claire Luvcat video I know it from.

    100. Ahmed Farooq

      Cats be like" I am in love with the shape of you "😂😂😂😂