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    Today, I offered my cats a banana!
    Only LuLu felt like eating it, though!
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    1. LAshutterbug

      You never know what kind of people food that a cat is gonna like. We had a cat that loved Velveeta (yes, the cheese spread), Cheerios and shrimp. In fact, the cat learned the word "shrimp" and understood what it the point where we had to spell the word in front of the cat so it wouldn't know. "Honey? Are we having any S-H-R-I-M-P tonight for dinner?" True story.

    2. Salil

      seriously i thought cats hated fruits.

    3. Ranu _

      Lulu is a catto with a doggo OS.

    4. Lewis T

      Your carnivore is bananas.

    5. Paul Thomas

      cats can't actualy taste sweet. So more likely she likes the texture.

    6. Ironbuket

      Probably likes bananas because his genes have been mutated through all the inbreeding to create those short legs

    7. michael Mercury

      I've never seen a cat eat a banana before .

    8. cindy chan

      i had a cat that liked eating cucumbers

    9. dave martin

      Welcome to another episode of "Neo-normal 2020"

    10. TheBestChannel

      Sooo... Nobody is going to talk about that thumbnail...

    11. User User

      it's got the body of a racoon

    12. Денис Комков

      «Да, был бы у меня такой кот я может и на маме твоей не женился бы»

    13. darkwing dook

      is it healthy to feed fruits to cats?

    14. Adam Luley

      Not gonna lie.. But every girl is obsessed with bananas. I think this is just furry stile.

    15. Peppa Pig

      I will watch this all day

    16. AgentEastwood69

      I had this with CHIPS They likt until all chips were in MOUTH

    17. Oyster

      I can haz nana?

    18. Arachnophilia

      I am beginning to think Lulu isnt a cat...

    19. Victory Saber

      We need more cow bell... I mean more DD.

    20. Charles Mangum

      My cat could asleep in the living room. You open a can, and there she is.

    21. Ketki Karmarkar

      I don't get why Claire doesn't show herself....I would love to see mother of the most celebrated cats on DEfasts

      1. Ruthless Cardigan

        NO FACES unless you are a 'reporter' of some kind cat videos should be about the cats, wood working videos about the wood i dont need 'personalities' in MY entertainment

    22. DARIN FGH

      My cats like to eat corn when he's hungry

    23. DARIN FGH

      Lulu:im the king of food and banana! Gimme your banana! Coco:rude

    24. Shiro DX

      What kind of cat is that? The first one.

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        Muchkin Scottish Fold Hybrid Cat

    25. Mako

      man, how many cats do you have!?

    26. scarsunseen24

      Mine also likes bananas :)

    27. Heiko Brandner

      Lol its like Garfield

    28. Kia Kabaa

      Shes Somali!😭

    29. MorphousInfinity

      I thought cats couldn't digest fruit

    30. Camille Groulx

      1:13 == durian?? or banana?

    31. John Tam

      What breed of cat is LuLu?

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        Muchkin Scottish Fold Hybrid cat

    32. itz christina

      so ya see here my cat hates bananas

    33. Tabby Scientia

      My cat ,Noctis is the same way. The second you grab or say banana, he begs and cries for not only a piece, but the entire thing! Breakfast has never been peaceful since. XD

    34. D K

      So cute😍

    35. spacedoutcowboy

      That snaggletooth cat has a one track mind....and it involves food...,!!!

    36. G A.P

      I see nyam nyam strike's again

    37. Braeden Tiemann

      This is a cease and desist or i will call rhe aspca

    38. Braeden Tiemann

      That cat looks so unhealthy

    39. andsalomoni

      Cats appreciate olives too.

    40. Lou Kourtidis

      Where is the "Tally Man" song..sigh!

    41. bill mill

      Cats are traditionally unequivocally carnivore. Kittisaurus is subversive!

    42. StarSeed

      I think that cat has Downs Syndrome.

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        He Has no DS

      2. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        It's Hybrid Cat. Stupid

    43. Trapped Mind

      Your cat is broken. We take no refunds!

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        Talk to yourself?

    44. ZoeTech

      Can't believe this cat get more views on youtube than some of my favorite rappers. Love you Lulu 💖😘

    45. vedant patil

      I love lulu

    46. You are the star

      Cute lulu

    47. joanofarc33

      Just let her eat the banana its not like the owner was going to finish it🤷‍♀️

    48. Neil Harris

      It's not healthy to feed fruit to cats. They're just not built to process it. Cats are obligate carnivores.

    49. Siti Rahmah

      Kucing Lulu pemakan segala 😂

    50. Epicoliviadraz Drazic

      XD lots of cats love bananas. Especially mine too! Did you know strawberrys are related to catnip?

    51. TEAMHYBRID007

      Cat sometimes eat plants because upset stomachs does the cat know he's low on potassium

    52. Eagleoneradiogod

      I think its somthing in our dna that makes us like fruit or meat. I relly relly relly like eating fruit. I have not had meat in 4 days now. I usealley go on these cycles every 40 days or so.

    53. A AJ

      cat's don't have glands to taste sweetness, but LULU is special

    54. James

      What are those cat's name the short leg ones

    55. Iam Robocop

      When I'm meet to lulu, I promises.. I will bite cheeck him !! 😂

    56. Glen T

      My cat likes watermelon. So what

    57. Rodion Sabbath

      That is more watchable than some Hollywood movies :D

    58. JeonTiya

      내 고양이는 고구마, 템페, 쌀, 칩, 미트볼 및 케이크를 좋아합니다.

    59. Maxwell Smart

      If your cat starts swinging from vines and thumping its chest you might wanna keep it away from the bananas.

    60. Esteban BR

      Eso parece un banano no un platano.

    61. PerspectiveEnd

      That might mean your cat has a Vitamin Deficiency.

    62. Neelu's vlog 11:11

      Lulu is like my cat "gunnu".. she is always like to eat whatever I m eating. 🤦😘❤️

    63. SKUTy plays :V

      LuLu: i like to eat anything LuLu:but that thing its scare me LEMON (| |)

    64. Scarlet bailey

      Lulu loves very food in the world so there's no surprise there

    65. yeoh aireen

      Lulu eat everything😂😍

    66. West House

      These videos feed my soul

    67. AleXa BasCo

      Ich hatte eine Katze , die wusste immer wann ich Essen mit einer Tomatensauce auf dem Teller hatte......sofort r sie da, und hat von meinem Teller GESCHLECKT .... Ein richtiger GOLDSCHATZ ....

    68. Saahil Choudhury


    69. Jessica Love

      I guess you could say lulu goes bannas for bannasXD

    70. kandenchiful

      こんちわ、ルル!  柔らかいの好きかい?  登録したよ。

    71. Puteri Nurzaitulshima

      Lulu: hello mr banana u smeell good now i will eat ur flesh

    72. DrR1pper

      Your cat fat and diabetic because you feed it carbs.

    73. Bindu Devi

      And all vegetables

    74. Bindu Devi

      He eat all things

    75. Bindu Devi

      So good

    76. Bindu Devi


    77. Perm Head Satiko Gintoki

      I want my kittens to be just like lulu

    78. rn2cro


    79. Sandra Magnusson

      Lulu 😍

    80. Snowstorm gaming

      I Can tell that all you videos are copyrighted

    81. Toko Sahabat

      Lulu itu sangat menggemaskan kan

    82. LeyGooLie

      Lulu: hooman gib me da *P O T A S S I U M*

    83. PN Houle

      Lulu's paternal grandmother was a fruit fly.

    84. 31 Jacky Chan

      She's like my girlfriend haha

    85. Liv W

      Cats lack the taste receptor for sweetness... so what does a not-sweet banana taste like?

    86. D.G.L S.P.L

      lulu is such an ugly cat

    87. magnolia972

      like a minion - „bananaaaa“ 🙂

    88. Ryo Jiro

      Watta spoiled cat, look how overweight she is from too much food. Clair your pet needs proper diet and exercise

      1. Theresa Wilson

        She does exercise her cats. Lulu the cat that loves bananas is male. Lala is female. Lulu and Lala are Munchikin cats. They have short legs and sometimes look chubby. But she feeds all her cats well and keeps an eye on their health.

    89. Colleen De koning

      I used t have a cat for 17 years who was obsessed with bananas, Dieter. I had another cat obsessed with bread, Sammi, and another, Gaud who would chew through a melon. Cats will let you eat anything if you let them.I used to have outdoor cats who would eat tomatoes and strawberries off the vine in my gardem.

    90. Milly Asuncion

      Wait cats can eat bananas?

    91. kris har

      It is not craving banana, it look for medicine. Just like pregnant woman

    92. Desi Punjaban

      Love you Lulu 😘

    93. Sıla Özgören

      Is there any food LuLu isn't obsessed with? :D

    94. dave schulz

      A little wont hurt . My boss saw someone in Cuba feeding pineapple to cats and I tried it but mine only nibbles. Sugary food is probably not good for their teeth but the fibre from bananas might be good in small doses but they can get that from chewing grass .

    95. Hunnybee

      Lulu & Mr. Banana; a love story for the ages. 🥰

    96. Ney Rose

      Why is every new upload about LuLu? I love Lulu I am just curious

    97. Peter Han

      Claire should start making Lulu lasagna. I'm told these types of cats enjoy lasagna

    98. zammmerjammer

      My cat is also obsessed with bananas. But it's more of an undying hatred. She legit gets angry if she sees one. Grapes too. Tries to attack to kill. Maybe in a past life her whole family was killed by a fruit salad...?

    99. Cat Viskas

      Oh! No! I hate it! Where’s my Whiskas 🙀🙀🙀

    100. Simple Wombat