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    Today, I offered my cats a banana!
    Only LuLu felt like eating it, though!
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    1. Frederik Deklerski

      all people who breed such crips should be criped!

    2. landry KAMGA

      that's not normal !!

    3. Black Shadow

      Thats one fat kitty cat.

    4. Sebastian Stubenreuther

      Is this a special breed or is this cat physically and mentally challenged?

    5. Trubel T

      Real DNA Mutation

    6. UMA JO


    7. Lee Leibniz


    8. H L

      didn't know cat can eat bananas..... are you sure?

    9. James Hughes

      mat cat moe use to eat bananas and she was the only one out of many. that and mouse heads

    10. niceimages

      有没有人和我一样,看过视频以后就去订了香蕉? 😀

    11. Simon DG

      how can i get my cat to eat banana? she won't even look at one

    12. Алексей Сергеев

      Это что за порода? Который полосатый Лулу

    13. zpetar

      This cat i abomination. My cats wouldn't touch any fruit or vegetable with two kilometers stick.

    14. スピードキューブNSR500


    15. carl mantey

      also zweideutiger geht es nicht

    16. 정영구

      울집 고양이는 세살이나 되었는데도... 오직 사료밖에 안먹음...첨엔 어렸을땐 치킨도 좀 먹더니...이젠 치킨도 안먹고 생선도 입에도 안대고...그 참.... 요지경이야...바나나같은 향이 강한 음식은 바로 고개 돌려버림.... 그런데 컴퓨터 겜은 정말 좋아함...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 지금도 이 고양이가 화면에 나타나자 바로 모니터앞에 착석해서...잡을 준비하고 있음

    17. lo ci


    18. Lunatic cultist

      Mighty banana

    19. breadring

      Looks a lot like a Pallas Cat.

    20. Hu Hu

      Lulu denkt: Mit mir wollen die die den Text schreiben, einiges in Geld verdienen!

    21. Steve C

      Cats are carnivores and evolved to be carnivores to eat meat and not food that is high in carbohydrates. A banana has a lot of nutrition but has the carbs of a candy bar. Just like humans, cats will eat foods they like but which are not good for them. It's best to stick with treats for cats and not human food. I love bananas but haven't had one in 6 months now because a banana has far too much carbs than my body needs.

    22. Daniel Britton

      Haaaahahahahaha All for me! I seen a cat like potato chips also.

    23. swampy lamp

      *DONT BUY THESE CATS!!!!!* these spieces of cats suffer all their life due to the fact that they are made for human fun. they are disabled cats that we breed for cuteness, shame on the owners. *DONT BUY THESE CATS!!!!!*

    24. Gianbox2215

      Eh, esse título traduzido não pegou bem...

    25. Wyo Red Dog

      I had a couple of Tabbies. One loved pistachios, like they were cat treats and the other loved potato peelings. I called them the gerbil and the squirrel.

    26. matt Ruml

      agony breeding... human perversion at its maximum

    27. matt Ruml

      solche Qualzüchtungen sollten verboten werden.

    28. Len Len len

      While my cat. Sees banana. Start to open her eyes way bigger. Take few steps behind. Start to run away. And start to puke. 🙀

    29. Jean-Claude GUGIMAIER

      Je pense que ce chat n'aime pas foncièrement la banane ... Etant donné que la banane contient du potassium/magnésium (et autres), je pense que ce chat mange cette banane comme un anti-anévrisme préemptif ... le corps sait, la créature compense (pour peu qu' "on" lui tende une perche accessible : banane dans ce cas-ci). Si les autres chats connaissaient eux-aussi le même état de santé, ils mangeraient certainement aussi de la banane. Evidemment, c'est une supposition qui s'inscrit dans le cas où la banane n'a pas été trafiquée pour la vidéo. Ne pas prendre mes commentaires au premier degré bien entendu, suis pas scientifique.

    30. Carl Verreault

      fo vraiment etre inconcient pour donner une banane a son animal kan c mortel a lavance pour eux . vous devriez avoir honte de traiter votre copain a 4 patte de la sorte en live. honte a vous!!!

    31. 02cents

      Who told lulu bananas will help her legs grow?

    32. Samuel Leconte

      Attention , ce n' est pas une bonne nourriture pour les chats !!

    33. Coco Creates

      Finally! Another cat who loves banana! Xx

    34. pimprunelle pimprunelle

      Excellent 🤣

    35. WhatWouldHouseDo

      One of my cats is like this with peanut butter- goes crazy as soon as she knows I've opened the jar. Her sister isn't interested in it at all.

    36. atze fuselduft

      My cat Charly was addicted to tomatoes!

    37. Валерий Сергеевич

      Кот бананоед ))

    38. The Van Tran

      Wait I'm watching a cat eating a banana. What a time to be alive.

    39. Yogi wira

      Vegetarian cat

    40. 지우개

      바나나 먹는고양이 처음봄ㄷㄷㄷ

    41. Y M Humadi

      Usually I get overwhelmed by the cuteness of cats in cats videos... but u got me overwhelmed by the production of this video lol

    42. flyerzy

      midget cat ?

      1. Rezzmari

        I believe the cat is a munchkin cat. They are so cute, I wish I owned one. 😭😭

    43. apple eaters

      watching their videos makes me want to have this many cats and not have kids

    44. Rolf Pfenninger

      You know your cat will suffer from the sugar :(((

      1. Ti Klim

        Yeah they don't have the gut bacteria to handle carbs.

    45. Az Anyad


    46. dura niella

      I never thought a cat would like bananas , lol. My cats loved Zaziki.

    47. Antonella del negro

      😍😍😍💖💖💖😘😘😘🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Lulu 🌹🌹🌹

    48. Gaye Simsek

      My car "Venus" likes eating banana as well :)

    49. siham sahouma

      Im LULU'S fan I have subscribed to this Channel because of him He is FUNNY lovely and glutton 😂😂😂😂😍 I love him he always makes me laugh

    50. Pushpak

      She's going bananas for the bananas i guess.

    51. Sylvester Malifa

      A cat that eats bananas now i have seen everything

    52. Lyfe of Lai

      You sure it's ok to feed cats bananas?

    53. Youtube Sucksbigtime

      What the hell ? How many thousands of cats do you have? .... too many to be reasonable !

    54. Albert krank

      My cat is addicted to Paprik/Pepper (The big red not hot ones)

    55. AntiGravity100

      Is the cat disabled or is this a breed?

      1. Rezzmari

        Almost certain this is a munchkin cat.

    56. Rishabh Sharma

      She looks so curious!

    57. Rakesh Mallick

      My cat loves wheat doughs.

    58. Queen herself

      😂😂😂have never seen a cat that loved bananas. I am amazed. This cat is so beautiful

    59. Dash Wolf

      Why would anyone watch cats on DEfasts when there are dogs?

      1. Sarah Pinkhaus

        Because cats!

    60. Virtujar

      У вас кот сломался.

    61. Angela Weber

      Wer Katzen hält, die verkürzte Beine haben, unterstützt die Tiermafia, die diese Qualzucht verbreitet und ist damit auch Täter und Tierquäler.

    62. ไอ้หมาแดง ขี้เรื้อน

      ลูลู่กินเก่งมาก กินทุกอย่าง ❤

    63. RadicalCreamer

      what an ugly misformed cat. breeding at its worst

    64. Rick2010100

      My cats are keen on pickled Olives....

    65. C Maggie

      My cat used to love Durians so much he would go crazy when he smelled durians & eats them clean. Unfortunately he passed away last year at age 14

      1. Harshada Barge

        Sorry for your loss 😭🙏

    66. 마리아 제이TV

      놀란 토기처럼 너무 귀여워요. 바나나를 먹는 고양이는 처음이네요 ㅎㅎ

    67. Geggy Cuba

      This happens to be a real kitty house .... with some human servants, besides. ;-D

    68. Sycokay

      What breed is Lulu? Never saw something like her.

    69. Ulin Nuhaa

      So cute😍

    70. Paul Sparks

      I think kitty loves the sausage.

    71. Bev4Drawing

      My cat is literally scared of bananas. She will run from me if I have one in my hand

    72. A D Enterprise

      I hate cat the most... They r never yours. When they'll find good feeder they'll left u.

    73. Toanaboogege Francis

      I had a cat that liked oranges.

    74. ANTONIO Russo

      I Also have a cat and same to same 🐈 Quinse dently orange too

    75. Miss Bong

      My cat also eat Banana and Mango

    76. X- GIRL

      Что у кота с хвостом? Ужас...

    77. Mamin9000 aka Mr paperbag

      He like the banana not angry cat like banana

    78. Anshuman Sharma

      The matter of fact....this guy will eat anything

    79. Scipio Africanus

      Lulu Lemon

    80. Sabiha Shaffu

      In all of ur cats which is ur loved one

    81. Ihsan Abdurrafi Nurdin

      My cat eat: broccoli, carrot soup, potato soup, crackers, bread, Tempeh, tofu, melon, chicken and fish..

    82. gurll 1234

      My cat liked milk chocolate, heavy cream, and Butter.

    83. Marco Antonio Maldonado Caileo

      Cats NO eat banana!!! Is Poisson for him!!¡!!!!¡

    84. PêachyCatツ

      What type of car is lulu??

    85. Graphx t

      lol lulu a labrador.

    86. Dennis Chen

      1.5 million views for a cat! -/-

    87. you and me

      lulu omnivora🤣

    88. Dianne J

      I once had a cat who loved to bite through the skin of bananas. This was for the texture of it; she did not actually want to eat the banana that was inside. We always had to keep our bananas inside a cabinet or they ended up with little holes in them from her teeth.

      1. YamiNoGame

        One of my cats does a similar thing with olives. He doesn’t eat them but he chews and plays with them

    89. I am not mad

      why she has so short leg?

      1. I am not mad

        @Mamin9000 aka Mr paperbag that wasnt my question but ok :D

    90. Nur Janah

      Mine was obsessed with corn. He stole my corn not once or twice. I had to literally eat the corn outside since he'll be pestering me to give him corn

    91. Bella Frensdorf

      Why u don't give her the banana? 😢

      1. Mamin9000 aka Mr paperbag

        Lulu's a he

    92. DaTong

      1:34 ㅋㅋㅋ 맛있어?

    93. 684 color

      Le meilleur ami de Lulu, "la banane" 🍌

    94. Mythic Bolt

      I think that Lulu is the cutest animal in the world and even better than Persian cats

    95. Riko Roynanda

      Love the music so much, what title is that?

    96. Aku Aja

      Gemoy banget lulu😁❤❤

    97. Djalu Yudhistira

      Are fruits bad for cats ?

    98. nzonic

      i heard they're very good for dogs, why not for cats

    99. thyo 123

      Enak ya kucing doyan banana wkwk ... Disini ku jualan kucing untuk wilayah Jabodetabek atau pulau Jawa .. bisa order lewat shopee .. klik pencarian Mochprasetyoo pasti krtemu shopee saya atau wa 085600471886

    100. Ann montgomery

      My cat loves strawberries.