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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I made tuna sushi for my cats!
    I hope they liked it!
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    1. dream of arts

      Nom nom lulu Lulu loves sushi Lulu: hey i want to eat sushi

    2. Mirza Alvina

      Lulu ❤️

    3. hgtg HD

      Lu lu is my favourite ❤️🔥


      Cats on the table... Sorry, it's no possible

    5. Livingmylife random

      Can we take a second to see dd and chu chu being treated like royalty. Claire is the best mommy ever. Nana bring it to her kittens Toto and dodo was the most heartwarming thing ever. Lulu basically breaths food and Claire has to stop him for a second. Tt being the queen. Momo taking it slo. Lala being the cute white fluff of that she is. Coco just being adorable

    6. Muhammad Farel Hakeem

      Man...if i am claire i'll hug them (the cats) FOR HOURS!!!!

    7. Leigh Leigh KK

      Lulu pls wait

    8. Fucking Prick

      I absolutely love this channel!! 💖💖

    9. Fucking Prick

      LuLu: ima just watch you in my favourite bowl 😸

    10. Rizu Rizma

      olof tha cats a r fane

    11. Acerbic Atheist

      A marvellous demonstration of how all intelligent life is individual, regardless of superficial similarities! ^--^ Pussycats. How do I get emojis on a PC?? Prrrrrrrrrs...

    12. Ayun Citra Widayanti

      Cute my cats

    13. Shilpi Rani Dash

      Why and why always lulu comes to eat first 😂😂

    14. Darlene Thompson

      Lulu had that down in one bite!

    15. Aaratrika Kotnala

      Lulu was sooo cute Awwww 😍

    16. ilumix led

      Lulu is a savage

    17. Dilshad Kabir

      Your cats are the cutiest!😘😍

    18. Lillie Searles

      Just love Lulu, she wants to eat everything 😀

    19. Nicolas Cabrales

      Their food looks nice, nevertheless, you should not make it in that rigid square shape since cats can not chew

    20. Lux Chevis

      I see more babies! ahhhhh yes

    21. jan di tonton


    22. reynx me

      Cute all

    23. Anne Torres

      My favorite is lulu shes so adorable 😍

    24. Gideon L Darngawn


    25. the weirdo

      Aw what a cute ca- Ad: REDIFINE YOUR ADHD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Also Layla looks very mad

    26. Mahbooty Beshakin’

      i will now refer to eating as om nom nomming. thank you for extending my vocabulary

    27. SK Nusrat Jahan Rafia

      Momo just gave up but not lulu 🤣🤣🤣

    28. I love Michael jackson

      Lulu has been banned lol 🤣😂 lulu is like tiktok getting banned 🤣😂

    29. ProcverTV

      Those cats earn more and eat better than I do. Some are destined to be stars lol

    30. Voyd -.-

      Can I have some sushi?

    31. Dr.bhishmajit Katke

      Lulu is the most fluffy and and a cutie pie in my opinion

    32. Afife Bulut

      My favorite cats is TT and LULU

    33. Afife Bulut

      LULU is eating anything 😺

    34. Boss GD

      i love Nana Toto and Dodo 😍😍😍

    35. MySecretMessages

      I would love to buy a couple of those big cardboard cat scratcher things like you have at 4:22. I'm in the US. Do you know where I could purchase them?

    36. mel gacha games ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      Esse é o comentário brasileiro que não estava procurando

    37. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      LULU was in hurry she just wants to grab and run

    38. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      LULU I LOVE YOU ❤️

    39. Wong Ngachengan

      Pleace, name is *MEMEK*


      Lulu i love him

    41. Dewi Sri Rahayu

      Lulu the best 🥰😍

    42. Nora Watkins

      lulu is my favorite cat

    43. navin pathare

      Your cats are so we behaved..well except for lulu :)

    44. •Moon Wish•

      “Today is dish sushi for cat” Clara; YEET fish Me: “ spit tea on my mom desk “ Mom : “ sees it “ Mom again : SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH ME: mom i can explain

    45. Melvin Wammy

      Omg lulu is so greedy kitty

    46. Nina Rosado

      💓💞💓💞 this woman

    47. Nina Rosado

      If I was in Korea this phone would've been already replaced

    48. Niky Thompson


    49. Günseli Alpengin

      Luşu is super star. Nana is very good mother. She has wanted to share her food with her children.

    50. Among Us Player


    51. color4540

      오 최첨한 스시만드는기계네요ㅎㅎ

    52. T_h_e__e_n_d

      1:40 LuLu the S.C. Guard (S.C. = Snack Cabinet)

    53. Reyyan Düzenli


    54. Xx Yy

      Lulu is my favorite😍😍

    55. 박준영

      손으로만 쳐 막지말고 못오는데서 하셈 좀 답답해 뒤지겠네

    56. Nazya Mustafiz

      I always like your videos

    57. Joruri Amaya

      4:53 ok the question is who just jumped behind Claire?

    58. Solace Rk

      Claire are you on Instagram? Can you pls give your insta I'd as well so that ppl can catch with you for some thing important if they want to

    59. Buzzy Beautiful Sunshine Nugget

      If you pause quickly enough you can see what it says in the back on 4:54

    60. AKS

      Momo is a elegant gentle cat ❤️ while Lulu ... Is just Lulu 😂

    61. Dawnyzza Dark

      Funny story: I've seen my cat roll up a mouse and it it like a meatball but if I give her an actual meatball she gets offended and acts like she can't eat something that big... I have to make small pieces for the inside food even though she knows I know she can eat it all the same. She just don't want to have to chew her food

    62. Cat Love

      Such a sweet mama cat, she intentionally bring the food where her kittens are so she could share it.

    63. B Ky

      Lulu: my sushi and only mine. Coco: I want some to.

    64. CoolCreeper98 Yeah

      OH 🦌

    65. Fish Market

      Can anyone appreciate Nana's motherhood? She brought her kitten food to eat🥰

    66. NightSeaBreeze

      Awww, the mommy took some food to her kittens. Lol

    67. silver Constellations

      Did anyone see lala in 4:54

    68. Chriszha Kate Wilford

      Lulu is acting like Om Nom

    69. Chaturth Shetty

      how many cat you have ?

    70. Chaturth Shetty

      is NANA new

    71. Chaturth Shetty

      what is the name of two cat playing ?


      Что тут только инглишы?

    73. DTNT

      Did anyone notice Coco at 4:53

    74. Rizqi Naufal

      Sorry mistype😅

    75. Aesthetic Glimmer

      Nana:bring food to her kids Dodo:Oh yes is all mine now my job is done here

    76. Rizqi Naufal

      Bad breath😂😂😂😂😂

    77. ・Peachi ・

      2:58 Isn’t it just cute

    78. Adisa Kola

      Obsessed with this video

    79. Easy education

      I love lulu 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    80. Just Me

      Hahaha Lulu biting you’re glove! I LOVE Lulu!! ❤️❤️. Waitin in the bowl... 🤣😂. All of your cats are beautiful and so well groomed 🥰🥰

    81. Candra Yani

      I like dd cat

    82. Jalynne Kim

      오늘도 크리미네 보구 사네요 ♡ (연어 맛나겠는걸...)

    83. Marica Aldman

      Nana still feeding her kittens ❤️

    84. 엔

      4:53 배경에 웬 닌자고양이가...

    85. Krista Maki

      Lulu loves food so cute

    86. jai chauhan

      I like how TT said ' I am doing yoga'. You should do yoga with cats

    87. Teodora Zoric

      I've never seen that anyone have this much cats But the thing I saw a video with a woman who has 800 cats is not in 🙆


      I simply love Lulu And Nana is so cute including her kittens 🐱

    89. sara1122

      why do you cook it as if you're gonna eat it

      1. sara1122

        @ESP PupsnKits ?XD

      2. ESP PupsnKits

        Um, let the lady cook for her cats if she wants to.

    90. Medical Studies

      Lulu is cute 😍. My naughty cat Cheetara is just like her but she has manners and patience . 😊

      1. ESP PupsnKits

        Lulu is a boy

    91. Mylittleone

      4:22 what a mother ❤️ Nana doesn't forget her babies 4:27 she's like asking "its okay if i share with em, rite?"

    92. Original Theme

      You love your cats more than my mom ever loved me

    93. Zachary Rain

      Nobody: Chuchu at 0:10 : 👁👄👁

    94. Nyssa Elise

      My cat won’t eat any meats or fish :/ drives us nuts

    95. Sarvesh Chillzone

      Momo always hate non-veg is he a vegetarian 😂?

    96. flowwer

      Whys lulu always in spotlight do you have a favorite cat or somthing

      1. ESP PupsnKits

        No, but the audience does. Her favorites are TT and DD if anyone is a favorite of hers

    97. Rose 13 Bud 13

      You have I have Alfred he must taste everything first before the other cat every bag of food I open

    98. 봄비꽃비

      호기심 많은 루루 ㅋㅋㅋ포기하지를 않앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고기 다지랴 고양이 치우랴 바빠욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ오늘도 사고뭉치 루루

    99. Sotenn

      Lulu has such great appetite. He gobbled the chikin piece in like 2s hahaha

    100. gutcrakker