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    Today, I cooked up some fish balls for my cats!
    It took a while, but it was worth it!
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    1. saeed kamranfar

      lulu in persian means monster :D

    2. Shalma Fadillah

      Auto jatuh miskin makannya beginian mah

    3. Dreamy Bytes

      Lulu like to eat every thing

    4. Sulistia Nengsih

      lulu just love everything too much and pretend that everything's food!


      i lov lulu

    6. yuni matitaputty

      Lulu bisa bediri

    7. Brittani Frey

      WOW lulu get your tell off of one of the white cats WOW

    8. M. Ernesto Reyes

      And people in Mexico get to eat caned tuna that’s soy and not even tofu. This world is unfair

    9. Mis Soap

      HI, Lovely cats, what is the recipes?

    10. Za_px

      Fat cats

    11. Pierre Abou Naoum

      Lulu looks like my cat but mine have long legs but have the same pattern 😸

    12. ソニック•ドリュー

      I'd like to know what kind of cooker she uses for her fish and veggies because I can't seem to find one. I think I need a specific search name or something.

    13. Vedika Howal

      I love your cats ❤

    14. suki lol

      No one: Lulu:sees food in kitchen *food here i come*

    15. Raja G Anjum

      Very nice

    16. Dipiksha Thapa Magar

      Yaaaaaaa In most of her videos thumbnails its about lulu only so i watch her videos😅

    17. Atto Cat


    18. corazon U family

      Punch and kick them

    19. Danielle Hylton

      Adorable! ❤🐈

    20. Natalia Evgen

      Наш пострел везде поспел


      my favourite is lulu

    22. Kitu's Junkyard

      He does? Is "fish" a code word for any kind of food?

    23. Ferin Eindank


    24. Seema Patil

      damit lulu loves fish so much that he started to meow loudly

    25. mena hppy

      Lulu is the 2020 is best cat ever

    26. Om Chawhan

      What cat breed is lulu?

    27. Sensei man

      10k likes on this comment and she makes a cooking channel and makes gordan ram ram stuff for her cats

    28. Sayed Tawqeer

      No one Literally no one Lulu trying best to get every food 😂❤️

    29. kris Johow

      Kann mir jemand sagen was coco für eine rasse ist ?

    30. Safwan Bathisha

      The dislikes r from the fishes

    31. Precious Joy

      Lulu always love his food. But when he sits on his hind legs it makes me smile. 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗

    32. let's have fun

      Lulu looks like my counsin but chubby like my cousin

    33. Saeeda Khatoon


    34. Amonim

      какая порода у ЛуЛу

    35. Gulnaz Ab

      give me my Lulu :)xx

    36. Sever Sever

      Esos gatos viven mejor que muchas personas

    37. Rifqi a'la

      lulu 😂

    38. LOOK ME

      Кот:кушает лосось Я:не понел🗿

    39. Maia Sangreal is back

      wow. this sound effects are most stupid things on the internet

    40. Rahul Biswas

      wow what's a life of these cats

    41. Stephanie Schmoeller


    42. Luthfi gaming30

      if you are starving lulu maybe it can help, it's just a fast one, because if not the food can be eaten immediately🤣🤣

    43. Demetris Malakouna

      Lulu is my spirit animal 😂😂😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    44. Gamer_Shrimp 88

      Lulu is a pirate king sooo he loves the seas and all the nom fishies ahaha

    45. Bread Crumb

      These cat have a good butler..

    46. Sid M8


    47. A C

      Why is Lulu on the kitchen counter anyway.....

    48. bee kind

      cats aren´t supposed to eat raw fish.. even if it´s cute

    49. Sakshi Agrawal

      Soooo cuteee kitten 😍😍

    50. Gourab Mukherjee

      i miss lulu's voice

    51. Kenzï Sū

      Do your cats shed a lot ?

    52. Shlomo The Great

      I've been missing out! Clearly this is where the action is. Love the cute sounds 🥰


      Damn cats, eat better then i do

    54. Sunset

      Benimkiler olsaydı anın da yerdi hepsini 😹

    55. G Eve

      the half of the world is starving but dont worry guys. congrat for the comments as well. this world is really sick

    56. Zenium

      justice for coco

    57. Aan K

      Lulu.. 🤣🤣😍😍😘

    58. Regina Cummings

      I love the way Claire prepares gourmet meals for her kitties.

    59. Shrek_master.6519

      0:46 Among us imposter be like

    60. Yujin sul

      lulu 고양이 유형이 무엇인지

    61. Carly H

      Why is the kitties with teeny legs that are the most crazy for food 😻😻

    62. Lynn Nakamura

      Tt is cute and a girl she is so adorable but lulu and lala and coco too they are all of your cats that i want to be my cats too!!! Please i wanna touch all of them, tt , dd, coco, lala, nana, toto, dodo, momo, chuchu, lulu,

    63. Хайнкель Шнакенберг

      Ля. Кошка ест лучше, чем я. (Я студент)

    64. bread kat

      0:50 cat:あなたは本当に私を怖がらせていると思いますか? STANDO、どうしたの?なぜ私のスタンドが機能しないのですか?魚、あなたは今回勝利したかもしれませんが、これはあなたが私に会う最後の時間ではありません! Ok,go ahead and comment and translate it into english

    65. paper man

      nyan nyan ruru

    66. Liton !

      Jobless love ❤️😂

    67. xxfollyxx1

      Fish balls cats cant be gay

    68. Bang thoyib277

      the cat is cute

    69. Kerstin Koch


    70. Subhankar Dash

      Lulu is ❤️❤️❤️

    71. Bouzid Tabet

      those cat eating better things than me feelsbad

    72. Dimo Heidari

      Lulu like dinosaur

    73. aisun

      what breeds are your cats?

    74. Keith2800

      Spoiled cats

    75. RED LINE

      C’est Degeulasse tu cuisines à côté de chat qui lâche leurs poils tu les touches et tu les mélange les boulettes 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    76. Lilyday 115

      I feel bad for these cats they're giving some stupid-ass

    77. Beiju Liu

      I’m so sad that these cats get treated better than me ;( I’m actually jealous 😭

    78. Badger 1

      How are those cats legs so short? Is that like a growth problem or is it bred to be like that?

    79. Mystic NERO

      Why you have so much Cats Go and search a man

    80. Miyu Kento

      How many accnt does she have?

    81. TehMangaScene

      Eating better than me still

    82. Muhammad Hassam

      soooooooo cute

    83. Mr 5

      The cats are cute but the sound effects are what keep me coming back.


      The Mommy cats must be so pretty

    85. Kennerfull

      This cat's eat better than me, WAY better. I'm not kidding.

    86. Official Perseus

      This channel copy all the video of CreamHeroes's Video , Unsubscribe him dont make him be famous

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        She owns Both Channels

    87. 101

      Find someone looks at you the way these cats look at the food

      1. 101

        Myabe that's kinda creepy

    88. The Lord of Guidance

      Wow those cats eat better than most people.

    89. miftakhul jannah

      Lulu ada di mana²😂😂😂

    90. RagingDolphinFlipper

      This is the best channel on the platform

    91. Froggy Q

      Can you also get a gray fat cat? I love dark gray round head cats. And since you have so many cats already. You can have 1 more 😉

    92. Gary Chan

      Lulu get guts to do also anything

    93. Gary Chan

      0:27 love it

    94. Gary Chan

      Fish is cat's favorite🐟

    95. NoobPro YT

      Im a new subscriber

    96. Giuseppe Serra

      Prepara le polpette di pesce ai gatti quando probabilmente ha una grotta di barboni a morire sotto il ponte di fianco

    97. King Ozymandias

      "Want some fish?" -"Sure" "I don't have any, here is some poison you little piece of s@it"😈

    98. Amber Ali


    99. flashbond

      My cat and lulu are completely different breeds but they have very similar personalities :)