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    Today, I tied treats to balloons and let my cats play with them.
    The cats-turned-meerkats were so cute
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    1. ameeta allay

      Awwww.... Chuchu is so so adorable... I want to hug her💋💋

    2. jihan khansa madina


    3. Amelia jameela

      Claire Claire... Your video always made my day 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Tanya Sharma

      Lulu :licks Claire Claire: why r u licking me I don't have food Any other cat : licks Claire Claire : awww u r grooming me u care so much thank u 😙

    5. Nang Phal

      How do i get a cat like lulu sooo adorable😍

    6. Roger Rabbit

      Idk, hosico cat is pretty good at doing nothing👍

    7. DANI Ɪ

      They are so *cute*

    8. Mawar Setyorini

      How can i remember only Lulu's name??

    9. Henry Brighton

      “Lulu is the best” *looks at all the recent video titles and thumbnails* “Yeah I think most seem to agree!”

    10. Joselma Silva

      Lulu is very smart

    11. Aziza Amrin

      I don't like LuLu

    12. ศิริกมล อันประยูร

      I love you lulu.😄😄😄

    13. prince _kim

      처음에 루랑이 발모으고 있는거 너뮤 귀여은거 아니예요?ㅜㅋㅋㅋ

    14. Lilii

      Woww Chuchu standing up is so beautiful

    15. Noob Sudeep YT

      yes lulu is the best

    16. Laurie Jin

      where can i buy a lulu?

    17. A ball of fur

      Aren’t you worried about them biting off and eating the string. That’s a foreign object hazard.

    18. IloveyouLenaKatina

      TT needs no sound effects, does cute yawn all by herself. Me: sighs with pleasure. :D

    19. FedorMachida Last

      I like fluffy wuffy DD the best.

      1. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

        Everyone has their favourite

    20. Money Bags

      If there was a apartment fire which cat would you grab first? JK God bless you and your adorable cats

    21. Najwa Sweta R.R

      Annyeong haseo lulu

    22. Andrew Gentile

      Chuchu is the boxer of the family with the haymakers 🐈😅🥊

    23. Valentina Moise

      Claro que es lo mejor!

    24. Nico

      00:56 this is a big kitty


      its all fun game untill lulu starts dragging the baloon and creating catching net

    26. Roshini Srinivasan


    27. Ken Arvid Selnes

      Indeed he is. He is charming, cute and fun 😂

    28. Arti Devi

      Really Lulu is the best

    29. Minyoonie

      dont mind me, I'm just coming from streaming Dynamite

    30. IndrA Ayu

      L U L U Love U Lulu

    31. vinod tannu

      East or West Lulu is the best

    32. Rysiek B

      I love LULU

    33. Kitu's Junkyard

      Do you mean "LuLu has the biggest appetite"? The Odd Duo, LuLu & ChuChu. *The Rascal vs The Sweetest* Pirate ❌ Damsel in Distress Fearless ❌ Meek Shameless ❌ Shy Focus ❌ Dreamy Hungry ❌ Sleepy Fast ❌ Slow Frontliner ❌ Background Pursue ❌ Hide Competitive ❌ Quitter Shorthair ❌ Long-haired Straight SF ❌ Fold SF Is it their IQ? Or is it all due to the size of tummy growl. Is LuLu's constant hunger requires him to actively use his brain OR is his highly active brain makes him hungry all the time?

    34. A S why bic rty

      TT is so cool I am in love 🥰 with TT

    35. Eka kartika halim

      this video is too short I want to watch more 😍

    36. Alain Boisselier

      Lulu is THE CAT ! 😁😁😁

    37. LazyBunnyLyn

      These kitties: MOTHER I HAVE NO THUMBS

    38. 나야나



      Everyone:-*TT is a elegant cat, she is health conscious and doesn't care* Me thinking:- TT backstage:-nom nom(eat till your stomach blasts)


      1:49 And here's where the real hero of the story enters

    41. Suprio Sheel

      I love how TT was hitting that treat tied with balloon but accidently hitted Lulu

    42. василина гумерова

      Lulu is the Best real, i love Lulu 😍😍😍

    43. Vera Suherman

      Chuchu dd yes!! Luluuuuu yum yum never give up 🤣🤣

    44. Anima Astraille

      The background in the thumbnail is like TT getting angry at DD for ignoring childcare and DD looking guilty as charged

    45. mm ix

      I think that Lulu may have a small-cat mentality???

    46. Chelsea

      TT is queen

    47. Cydea

      mmm!!! it sounds bad but i have this wild urge to want to bite lulu's chubby cheeks and hug him and smoosh him up and carry him around

    48. Eshanya Patil

      *"Lulu is the best!"* Yes Absolutely Yes Yes

    49. Dn Hy

      Lulu is Luvely!

    50. Master Chock

      When Chuchu sat just like Lulu do, i died. It is sooo adorable :з

    51. Narmada Mohan

      no one can break chu chu's focus

    52. Rithvika Yokesh

      He is the best

    53. DARKHOME

      chuchu super crazy on 2 feets

    54. Zeeshan B

      Which breed is Lulu?

    55. durrah naser

      I love lulu and them alll

    56. Даже не знаю кто я

      룰루는 너무 달콤합니다.

    57. cheriemonami

      I love your cats, especially MoMo.

    58. Zyvo2

      LuLu reminds me of Spleens, without the bugged eye

    59. V̶i̶v̶i̶x̶i̶t̶y̶ V̶e̶x̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ 22

      Ok I feel like whatever cats hate Claire just does it anyway Cats usually dislike balloons so why is she allowing balloons inside near them?

    60. RELLIK37

      Is lulu a kitten or a teacup cat *believe they're called teacup*

    61. Jacob Allen

      When the neighbors walk in: What the hell happened here

    62. arty v

      so good you stimulate your cats such a lovely cat mum xx

    63. You Deserve The World

      Awww.. I love them ❤

    64. Neneng Gimena

      Lulu always cuty😍😘

    65. William Hunter

      What breed is Lulu?

    66. Sarah T

      I just love the sound effects

    67. Farahnaz Fathima

      I love all yours cats thay are so so cute lulu is where naughty and all are same ago

    68. Wege_ CnL

      Hai lulu, I love you 😘😘😘😘

    69. Jaya sangamithrai

      No one can competate Lusu in food😂😘

    70. Everlena Oliver

      It's so brilliant how you keep your cats mentally and physically stimulated. 😊👏🏽👏🏽

    71. saira memon

      Who fast forwarded to watch lulu🤚

    72. Zen Gold

      ChuChu is like that one friend at the party who will sit in a corner silently judge everyone. (i can relate.)

    73. Amar G

      Lulu is always the best. She has screen presence/charisma.

    74. Whattt Tf

      Love you and your channel. LuLu is my fav. ❤️to you and all of your babies.

    75. Ingrid Johansson

      Oh my goodness TT is like guys you’re falling for it again this is just one more of Claire’s gags! TT seems like a very conservative cat LOL! Another amazing video!

    76. BeatingHeart

      I really feel bad for Claire. The CreamHeroes channel was forced to be surrendered the ownership, yet they still use Claire's name and 7 kitties to gain viewers, there are also fake channel with same name Kittisaurus and uploads videos of the cats and Claire. Can these people just respect the original creator of the videos instead of profiteering from if. It is just sad. I hope the viewers won't be fooled and support the authentic creator.

    77. Kher Si.


    78. Kher Si.


    79. ferone2ashy

      Lulu is my favourite, followed by lala

    80. JetInAJar

      Looks like LuLu taught ChuChu how to stand lol.

    81. Gowtham

      Lulu ❤️

    82. Aubrey Mandigma

      The title speaks for *lulu* himself

    83. Kinokai Kasinkoi

      Anyone know what kind or type of cat lulu is? I wanna buy a cat like lulu. Thanks.

    84. Cygne Vara

      There's cat owners.....and theres CAT OWNERS! (like kittisaurus)

    85. Mr Majama

      2:17 💖 precious thing i like to taste that ooOOOOOOoo

    86. Huda Fatima


    87. Huda Fatima


    88. Huda Fatima


      1. Huda Fatima


    89. Huda Fatima


    90. Huda Fatima

      LuLu is best

    91. M Tayyab

      Only watch due to lulu

    92. Joseph Norris

      You just gave me a new idea to try with my cat. She loves playing with string and loves treats. :D My cat is odd because she will not play with toys, a light beam toy, does not care for catnip and will not use a scratching post. She's does play with golf balls, rolled up wads of paper and string. :)

    93. John lloyd Villanosa

      This cute

    94. Issac Chen

      Meerkat mode is also HOOMAN mode!

    95. sayedul abrar

      what will be the price for lulu ?what do you think guys?

    96. Thymo Konings

      mia from muchkin died from a string , i hope these cats dont

    97. imagination Xc


    98. Sherio88

      LuLu is my favorite!!

    99. josefa ulloa

      chuchu is the cutest i would die for her

    100. Jennifer Cox

      ChuChu reminds me of Gizmo from gremlins so much lol so cute!