LuLu Got Kidnapped! | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I trimmed LuLu’s claws!
    I had to catch him before I could, though!
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    1. Tanvi Kulkarni

      This video is so cute man, I watch it almost everyday. Kudos to the person filming/editing it to get the right frames & message.

    2. Dragon White

      I hate Claire. She is a sadist.

    3. Nur Bayarstan

      LuLu Hello PRO

    4. NIGHTMARE 999 4

      LuLu: hidings a good job jelly bean pirates, and I have standards

    5. Daphneloveslulu

      어처구니 없이 귀엽군 이마를 탁치게 된단 말이지... 너 왜일케 귀엽니??

    6. J L

      this cat will be a shrew businessman if it were a man

    7. Linny TheCat


    8. oopsiidayzii

      It’s so cute how LuLu’s pupils get big when he sees the toy! (1:18)

    9. Alexa Valdez

      我是如此爱猫,如此可爱,我一直爱着我,我喜欢um 18只猫,直到它们彼此之间都没有区别,他们都被治愈了,现在我很难过,我再也没有猫了😭

    10. Marianeli Bailon

      Lulu: first I need to hide Me: first get snacks then hide

    11. Sai Mansi

      Pls try treadmill walking video. I am excited how will Lulu the cat will react to it and pls upload asmr and try the invisible mace challenge do you have any dogs I love pets. But every body in my house are allergic to cats 😞😺😔😔😞😞😞😞😞😔😞😞😔😔😺 but some idiots are unchangeable in nature some are always like God God God bless 😇 some are idiots In India no body keeps pets what to do miss Claire Pls give me some Idea Share your Ideas in Comments. 😂

    12. Hawlucha

      Wow lulu does really hate getting his nails cut from a cat nail clipper

    13. Deiane Quincena

      lulu surely knows how to maneuver his cute round body to avoid the nail clippers while claire is holding him😊 such a cute funny cat😁

    14. Aziz Malek


    15. Quielle De Villa

      Who is holding the cat food? 🤔🤔

    16. Susan E

      Lulu is such a slippery rac-oops, i mean cat. :p Thank you so much for the videos Claire, I love saying hi to each one when they appear on screen. I hope you have a lovely week!

    17. PigeonShark

      I usually look more at bird content on DEfasts but I love this channel so much!😍😍

    18. Hello Putri

      I understand now, if we want to cut a cat's nails, we have to feed him while clipping his nails, just like the cat Lulu. 👍😊

    19. plock _plock

      O Lulu é muito fofo 💗 MUITA FOFURA!!!!!!!

    20. tijger games nl

      Why would you cut cat nails 😠

    21. Tom xGoatFish

      0:43 looks like a Racoon 😂

    22. Osita Gordita

      I just CAN'T 😹😹😹😹😹

    23. Nicole Walker

      Omg where do I get that kittisaurus shirt?!

    24. Analia Mendez


    25. Thethicccat Bigcatto

      Lulu sounds exactly like me, I want to meet him one day

    26. Uki Ismasita

      ooh so cute iii! really? im so happy looked lulu i really like lulu

    27. 봄비꽃비

      귀여웤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ하 ,, 발톱깎으려면 한쪽에서 츄르주고 집사는 그때 호로록 깎으면 되는거군요! 최소 두명이 합작해야하는 일이랍니당

    28. emichannn_

      Can LuLu just cosplay as Tom Nook this halloween? 💕 he is too cute he can all the nyam nyams haha

    29. pet cats

      Do you like cats like me, just do-like...

    30. Mohammad Zafar Eqbal

      Plz someone tell me Lulu's breed 🥺🥺

    31. พิชญะ แวโซ๊ะ

      You coppy l youtube chanel

    32. pandacookie manzimeow

      Never knew that claire has 3 hands

    33. Sai Nyi


    34. Suen Zhong

      Lulu and mini Lulu aka Dodo

    35. Pandinha Polar e Gui Polar

      I love this cats!!!❤😸

    36. Rsh Rsh

      Lulu and snacks are the best friends 😂

    37. Dark Hawke

      I think Lulu only hunts what he knows to be a plastic thingamajig because he hopes that snacks may be inside.

    38. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

         

    39. Veeti S.

      I personally call it: catnapping.

    40. Nkiz11

      Claire 3rd hand appeared 😂

    41. Ruby Pearson

      I need that shirt it's so cute!!!

    42. Hasan Chaudhry

      Lulu has got to be the cutest cat that I have ever seen.

    43. Candida Roman

      I love Dodo❤

    44. CwekBandung

      lulu kucing nakal sekali

    45. Sakurani Official

      mood Booster on this channel : 1. Cutenes of cat 2.claire's laugh 3.Sound Efect

      1. Zaara Khan

        AND funny 'cat'ions

    46. Lotfak Yarabe

      mon bébé est unique. mais ce n'est pas fair play de lui retirer de la bouche la motivation. il n'a pas compris pourquoi

    47. Leonie Giebel

      awww now i want lulu:(

    48. Covbadman 79

      Phat mommy

    49. MavieMikuto


    50. polish red

      OMG lulu is full of adorableness and it was so funny when he hid. 😂


      Give me Lulú? :]Please

    52. Kim Col

      I love all cats

    53. Kim Col

      Lulu es muy tierna

    54. maria


    55. rosita dragon

      Que' delicia vuestros gatitos¡¡¡ felicitaciones.

    56. Izabella Vann

      Lulu is so cute🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

    57. Michelle Faler

      Lol I love LuLu. He's just too precious and hilarious.

    58. Agata Malek

      What breed of cat is the Lulu? 😍

    59. miriam quinteros


    60. Milky And Tan

      why you only make a video on lulu you have so many cats why ypu cant make videos of thems

    61. dolphinsdaydreams

      So much like my grumpy cat Tary. Except he is already protesting very loud when you want to pick him up.

    62. Mitul Talukdar

      Which breed is LULU ??

    63. InFerno

      You should continue to do the voice over like you did in a previous Lulu clip.

    64. Nisha Nishy

      Lulu : you can do everything ,if you give meal to me.

    65. Shiv Burka

      Lulu such a great actor. Love from India🇮🇳

    66. one for all

      is there two channels with same cats???? im confused tbh

    67. Scout Field

      LULU 😂

    68. Saloni n Avani Chauhan

      Who handles your camera?please tell🤗🤗


      Only food Lulu can obey😂

    70. Yuki Mikasa

      Avec du miamiam ca va tout de suite beaucoup mieux xD

    71. Bruce Gamble

      I think lulu wants to keep all the snacks to himself!!ha haha ha!!

    72. seattlegrrlie

      Ah, that's what I need to trim my baby's nails. A disembodied hand with snacks

    73. Satria Rakha Danendra

      Hello i like lulu cute iam form indonesia

    74. bug5654

      He taught his apprentice everything he knew...

    75. 2 Tall Gamers

      also i love your munchkin cats lulu and lala

    76. 2 Tall Gamers

      Lulu: I hate u but if u give me snacks ill like u. Claire: fine....ill give you snacks.

    77. Against The Grain

      He's like a teddybear

    78. Bunny Tori홍제동토리

      루루~~~♡ ㅋㅋㅋ

    79. Random

      Lulu 🥰😁😊

    80. KOS KOSAN

      Kok gitu kucingnya 🤣. Lucu skalli

    81. you silly english knnniigit

      Claire, really too much Lulu focused videos in a row. Let us see the other cats

    82. Eloïse Giannelli

      LuLu : "You won't get me do this ! Never ever" Claire : "Niam niam" LuLu : "I'M ON IT !!!"

    83. disobey

      Nyam Nyam

    84. Shawn Kow

      I can't with lulu, he's too cute, like literally the cutest cat I've ever seen and I have met a lot of cats, have been rescuing stray for 6 years

    85. Morgane Dubois

      Trop mignon 😁😻💜

    86. Oladipupo James

      No hate, but Claire's laugh is the best.

    87. Elena Kuzmina

      Thank you, Claire, for this professional and adorable video.

    88. Arena

      That hole thing that look like iglo never failed to make me laugh everytime lulu tried to hide in there. 🤣 uwu overload

    89. Sean C

      LuLu’s goal is the same as my cats goal. To be the worlds fattest cat. 🥴😻

    90. chirag parmar

      All your cats are so rich

    91. Deepa Ravindranath

      Who are the specimens who dislike these vids?

    92. Darth Necrosaber Jacob Randall

      Lulu hates the nail clippers and love snacks just as much as my cat does

    93. Reokazai Taisuke

      Who is that other person??

    94. Jane Morriss

      I remember our sweet cat sora, took both of us to hold him still for nail trimming

    95. Kyle Glenn

      I remember epic battles trying to trim claws. Didn't have handy snack paste😁

    96. Pemuda Berani

      Is it real laugh from Claire?

    97. Jannatul Ferdous

      Omg luluuuuu 🥰🥰

    98. Amanda-Jane Paren

      Hello lovely Lulu! Be good for mummy Claire.

    99. Ani Triandini

      Who claire's friend giving a cat pasta to lulu?