LuLu Got Revenge on the Hair Brushes! | Kittisaurus


2,1 Mio. aufrufe294

    Today, I gave LuLu’s fur a good brush!
    However, he thought he was under attack and fought back!
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    1. jun

      毎回 7匹の猫ちゃんに元気をもらってます。ありがとう😊

    2. Emily Cuellar Hurtado

      Love for *cat*

    3. Dante

      "How can this be!?"

    4. Gabriel Gelsleichter

      Monster lulu

    5. GZ Peng

      wow, full of suspension

    6. antonio lopes

      I love LULU!!!

    7. Viona Reny

      Kucing lulu gembrotttttt😂😂😂😂

    8. Ørëø 雞雞RaspberryCherryÙwÚ Loli Kawaii

      Your cats are A geniUs

    9. Neal Yap

      Lazy Lulu.

    10. Muzfuz 57

      So deliberately winding a cat up makes you popular, not very nice

    11. Hari Shankar

      Deserves Oscar 😍

    12. nurul aqilahhh

      0:52 funny tho " i thought i destroyed them " HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    13. Sinta Ayu

      Lulu so cute

    14. C. Morang


    15. H Z

      Lulu make everything so dramatic

    16. Saranya Maity

      Lulu is is real life TOM

    17. Salmon

      LuLu: can you help me out? Me: I’m sorry but you’re in a screen and I can’t interact with anything :|

    18. Thomas Roscky

      Lebih lucu jimbon daripada lulu

    19. RONNEY lee


    20. 나그네

      약탈의 정석

    21. Марра Марена

      Какое остросюжетное видео :)

    22. Traci Prescott

      I’d rather you say heck then that

    23. Suresh kumar

      why does this cat look so bad

    24. Demolition Daddy Hammurabi

      Lulu is my spirit animal. So happy when he sees food :)

    25. 1984Dow Dow.animals

      So cute

    26. Lets Triantitian

      Omg lulu hahahhaa ...

    27. Ela Wati


    28. Cat

      Glove brushes work much better on cats like Lulu after giving them the actual brushes they hate for them to *eat*

    29. RINQ hehe

      Mom help me, I'm obsessed to her cat😭🔨

    30. Jacky POP

      Lulu, you make me happy every day.

    31. Juggninja24

      Can I squish you lulu?

    32. cindy rizkyy

      Please makes more videos Like this

    33. syafiq sharani

      Lulu i miss you

    34. MiniGameplay

      Maybe I must make it jojo version of this

    35. Anastasia Pomadaivino

      Мой обожает, когда я его чешу). Бежит за расчёской)

    36. HOKAGAME

      i am a Simple Man... i saw LuLu.. i click.. i like...

    37. Me__ Myself

      Lulu is so cute🥺

    38. Lilly

      I can already hear it. And the Oscar goes to..

    39. TraverseIce

      1:40 wow LuLu is really heated

    40. Jeric Siago

      More Lulu's videos please!

    41. ami setyohati


    42. TKV

      I was laughing like anything when DD said "look, were both cats, but even I don't get him."🤣🤣🤣

    43. Jorge ferreira brandao

      Esse é o episódio do Lulu que eu mais gosto.

    44. Handy Handasprite

      Lulu is the epitome of chonk

    45. Michael Wade

      😂 LuLu 😂

    46. Richard Paxford

      Why does Lulu hate the brushes so much? 😂

    47. JC sonam

      She's a diva and I likey likey her too much 😍😍😍😍😍

      1. SCBUFC

        That’s a boy

    48. sea turtle


    49. Kim Seiberling

      DD always looks annoyed when he gets groomed. It’s so funny.

    50. Maria Victoria Salita

      Blue and Purple- Best Frenemies Ever. Right, Lulu?

    51. Diah 123

      Eonni ada salam dari indonesia💚😍

    52. Gabriela Rojas Montaño

      K linda es😍😍😍😘😘😘

    53. Becky Webster

      lmao the end with DD is cute

    54. See-no-evil 92


    55. Sandy Fauzan

      DD = OK Lulu = Problem

    56. Gabriela Da Silva Fróes


    57. 883 Rupesh Gosavi

      Can any one tell me which cat is it???

    58. biasminatwice 1


    59. nur ekmal

      1:39 man...he is really pissed off. Hahahahha!!

    60. marielma matos


    61. marielma matos

      Eu amo o Lulu ele é muito fofo e engraçado...kkkkkk

    62. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

      1. TKV

        @Lorenzo Passero me too, but it happened few months ago

      2. Lorenzo Passero

        Proud to say that that happened 1 year ago and I don't regret a single tiny bit of it

    63. someone

      At 0:46 you can see a human hand scaring Lulu away so it seems he ran away after seeing the hairbrush

    64. vijayalakshmi mahadevan

      Lullu was ultimate cute

    65. L

      he didnt get revenge

    66. Qonita Rahmadiena

      Please make behind the scene, how did you film them?😄

    67. Adam

      What cat is tht

      1. G M

        A Scottish fold munchkin mix.

    68. wong kc

      wow, this lulu is very dramatic and emotional

    69. Sunny Engineer

      Hahahahaha best video

    70. Nicholas Hall

      Whats your cats name ?

    71. Tanya Pamela Caronongan-Viado

      Beware of the big ones

    72. Fox Gupta

      Hahah sweet and funny the other cat looks like princess

    73. helen vd

      Beautiful cat!!!

    74. Алимжан Байжанов

      Средство для заработка , кошка , дебилизм .

    75. ヤンさん


    76. gasface88

      I don't really like cats. I love Lulu.

    77. AxzyrePL

      Is it just me or does lulu look a lot like spleens

    78. angelo sta. maria

      Hehehe, so cute and adorable!😀

    79. Библия Новый Завет

      Is he a scapegoat in your family? ☹️😺

    80. Maria Pinheiro Loki Loukura

      Eu também fiz um canal pro meu gato Loki 😄

    81. Maria Pinheiro Loki Loukura

      Lindoo 😸❤❤❤❤

    82. Eddy Richman

      Lulu is my favorite

    83. Ian mcrae

      You make me want to SHOUT Lulu 🤣🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    84. Чёрный майор.

      Лу Лу, женское имя.

    85. Berkana


    86. vK naza Blackhistory


    87. Like a F I S H

      I lucked out and found a cat that enjoys being brushed. 😻

    88. Lisa Marie

      The shot of the calm cat in front just chilling and then this fight in the background between cat and human Too funny.

    89. MrDunkanIdaho

      Лулу - это помесь манчкина и перса?

    90. 井上温史


    91. Katy Wert

      And my cat hates it)(

    92. Nadiyatur Rohmah Hafifah


    93. Nadiyatur Rohmah Hafifah

      Pengen jembel jembel pipimuuu jadinya

    94. Nadiyatur Rohmah Hafifah

      Luluuuuu why yu is so cuteeeee 😭😭

    95. Anita Dimaya

      That was cute ❤❤❤😍😍🤣🤣

    96. Maricar Pecayora


    97. Stoosiem Kubas

      That's why I'm paying for the internert

    98. Rasyid rita

      Ayolaaahhh kasih tau jenis teknologi kalian, dibalik kesombongan dan kebengisan kalian nan abadi, harus kuakui.. kalian jenius... Ciyyeeeeee di puji rita tuh.. 🤣

    99. Dinesh Silva

      Hillarious!!! :D

    100. Hirschmaus 82

      Sehr süße Katze.Aber wenn ein Tier etwas nicht will,dann will es das nicht.Dann hat man das auch zu lassen.