LuLu Dove Into the Water! | Kittisaurus


2,2 Mio. aufrufe323

    Today, I made a swimming pool for my cats!
    Could they overcome their fear of water?
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    1. AlexandreGaming

      people: cats don't like step in the water LuLu:

    2. six little nightmare

      DD LULU CHUCHU TT COCO LALA MOMO name 😍 wow cat 6

    3. Rolma Lorenzo

      Lulu needs to keep an eye on his diet! His engagement and curiosity for food makes him vulnerable to get fat! Lulu is absolutely lovely and extremely photogenic!

    4. Crystalyn Koch

      Oh Lulu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Lulu is willing to dive for snacks and food only

    6. The Dark Flower441

      How can 1.4k people hate on cats like Lulu?? shame on them 😒

    7. • ItsNils •

      When food is the only things LuLu knew- And LuLu will sacrafice itself for foods-

    8. Татьяна Серебрякова

      What a breed, this little beauty....?

    9. Johnson Li

      Whats that demonic laugh??? 2:04

    10. Zac & Logan

      Awww don't take it away from him. He earned it.

    11. Zaskia Khansa

      Favorite cat in kittisaurus is lulu

    12. Chandara Choey

      Isn’t your carpet gonna get all wet??????

    13. TheUbner

      Lulu just has really good chakra control he is a true shinobi

    14. AJ's Official Channel

      Lulu is from creamheroes

    15. Rickreation

      I understand Lulu now. After Sasha died in Attack on Titan, she become Lulu, still tring to eat everything.

    16. Bulchi & Chilma


    17. PhotographybyElaine

      He thought you were going to take his food away.

    18. *ADI 3*


    19. xawn kawar

      Lulu can do anything for snacks,food

    20. gabriel ferreira

      O super-herói

    21. berkay ugur

      Lulu so funny ))

    22. Marcia Horiguti

      que fofura

    23. Ariel Gonzalez

      - "I understand Clair, if she lets that cat eat whatever he wants, Lulu would become a Gilbert!"

    24. thuan khuu

      oh no Lulu is coming. Somebody gets the lemons. We need the lemon

    25. K Mul

      Lulu ay end of video" GIMME CAN AND FOOD!!!

    26. lordofentropy

      LuLu sees literally anything: "Must be food!"

    27. Libby

      The fact that LuLu had to run on water to get the treats made me cry. That's how cute it was.

      1. Libby


    28. Bachtiar Mahyudin


    29. mine boztas

      Lulu hates water but much more love food :D

    30. super legend x

      Actually lulu can do anything for snacks even if its on fire coals he would really fly and catch food🤣🤣🤣

    31. Mamta Kumari

      2:04 to 2:09, i thought there was a demon😳

    32. Alien Brain

      It's a tiger

    33. sugeryx games

      omg i become a fan of lulu

    34. come and have Fun With Ayesha Yaseen

      Lulu is cute and funny

    35. Nadia Lewandowska

      Lulu... U are the best XD

    36. Noldo

      Lulu is a cat version of Joe Pesci :D

    37. Gmcoolcat07

      Wetness is teperariy Hunger is eternal Lulu

    38. Grace Kim

      Lala is smart


      2:05 у моего соседа так жигуль заводится

    40. Sami Tabbaa

      😂😂😂 lulu is donig evere thing to eat 😂😂😂

    41. divya rumaisha quinta

      Lulu is such a brave kittie

    42. moonn

      What is lulu breed btw?

    43. Rickypol 007

      Lulu is filled whit determination

    44. Matt

      That laugh tho

    45. Yoshua Tejada

      Boop da snoot

    46. Adeliaz

      I hat you lulu

    47. Ayd wa

      lulu's favourite thing to do is eat snacks

    48. havivi5000

      Cat is a Hollyhock 🦐

    49. aaliyah mendoza

      I have a pet cat

    50. Janay sings

      Go lulu

    51. N Ä R U T O

      Lulu and lala the curiors brother and sister

    52. Ashlyn Nelson

      Lulu: I dont care what happens only food matters

    53. Plqzmq_ii

      Alpha cat Lulu ♥♥

    54. Christy Lene Polancos

      I've been laughing the whole time when Lulu eat all the treats until the end.. my goodness.😂😂😂


      Lulu for life🐈🐈

    56. VSCO furry

      I wonder what they do for the cats birthdays

    57. Tagablue

      If there is food, nothing can stop Lulu. Nothing

    58. hamna abeed

      When it comes to food Lulu can even kill clair 😂😂😂

    59. SDFN Nour

      I love you lulu🥰🥰❤

    60. Gio's Vlog


    61. Ivan Baida


    62. Jeeperuae

      Lulu isnt scared of water but how!?!!!

    63. Наталья Николаевна

      OMG Lulu, u like water??? then take a bath if u like it, dont you?

    64. Pranith Chiravuri


    65. Pranith Chiravuri


    66. Akanksha Tyagi

      Lulu is fav

    67. Sivakanthan Nadarajah

      watching that part man

    68. Amaal Faraj

      LULU hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭

    69. Sena Çevik

      Zaten Türkçe yazmış

    70. 문종현

      역시 젤리 해적단 용맹한 고양이 루랑이~ ㅎㅎ 이그~ 이뻐라 ^^

    71. Ruchi ShArmA

      Probably these cats are having a luxurious life then me😑😑😑

    72. Virgod

      I just had to watch this multiple times xD When Lulu saw the snacks he stopped looking at the water lol And mom's laughs were the cherry on top :))

    73. SuTart Is C00l

      Lulu:yall scared of water and wont take the treats then IMA TAKE THEM ALL

    74. spending time with yiu

      claire youtube secret you have to awesome on the blank spaces near the video

    75. Aileen Rondario

      You do know cat's hate water right if anyone agrees with me pls type an omg

    76. biju aarav

      Lulu doesn't fail 😂

    77. DolphinLunaSol

      Those are carpets she is brave!

    78. ’

      The word in the thumbnail bad

    79. Jimin noodle soup with a Suga on the side

      Lulu is so motivational •́ ‿ ,•̀

    80. Miao En Chen

      "LULU HATES WATER" Me: watching Lulu walking on water with no fear

    81. Ibu Vera

      Ini bkn motivasi ini siksa kucinq" yanq lapar

    82. Arnaud Nirin

      Lulu is amazing this is dedication to his goal food is everything for him Haha he s ready whenever wherever there is food you can't beat him for that for sure you can't fool him he s so cute

    83. 1 Pretty_Bxddie 1

      Lulu just does everything for treats

    84. Anthony Frazier

      , Kkkok Liliiiooojjjjhj8i

    85. Z O

      2:04 all I hear “Uh, uh, huh, uh” x100



    87. Manuela Cristina

      Mano a risada dela e a melhor

    88. keema Lewis

      Lulu is a human with a furry striped sweater on, and yellow sunglasses and forgot to take them off . for the fashion gods, yass Lulu

    89. Heather williamson noob

      2:10 my part 0:01 my part again

    90. Just Like That

      so cute ... lol I love all of them

    91. Marichel Atencio


    92. Marichel Atencio

      go cat go

    93. Marichel Atencio

      go go

    94. Abdur Rehman Naeem

      i love lulu Awwwww

    95. Alexandra White

      Does anyone know what language Claire speaks? Please comment if you know!

    96. cony romero aguilar

      Pero por qué se lo quitan...😟 Me refiero a Lulu

    97. Farah Zafirah

      Please indo sub like

    98. gabrielle

      absolute mad man

    99. Mary's world

      Why does she laugh like that

    100. Relaxgineer

      I love the last few frames of LuLu sticking his tongue out to still get as much as he could as it was being taken.