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1,4 Mio. aufrufe780

    Today, I made a swimming pool for my cats!
    Could they overcome their fear of water?
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    1. Sofia ceva

      I think lulu can kill u just for food🤣

    2. Kazumi Libres


    3. juzfer khaylle bucu

      a red water? Lulu: This Looks Like Lava DD: NO it's a water

    4. Pankaj agrahari

      2:06 laughing 😇😇

    5. cHoZZybuNNy

      Lulu is my inspiration in life. 😆👍

    6. Rizki Setiawan


    7. Vlad SV

      Nothing can stop LuLu!

    8. Sherif Mohamed WAHISH

      if you think its funny like below

    9. Mohammad Omer

      Lulu is very cute 💜

    10. Nguyen Nguyen

      lulu is *GOD*

    11. Danielle King


    12. Catclubandfriends

      Omg I thought cats hated water wow lulu your brave

    13. MUN NEE ASMR

      this challenge is amazing...this taught your cat too

    14. Luna Livia


    15. 01 jog surv

      *LuLu goes to water* Me: HOLY MOLLY ;-;

    16. Ria Hannah Zenno

      Lulu Lulu... 😂😂😂😂

    17. sara p

      Omg Lulu is so cute😍

    18. Inki Uzumaki


    19. Josiene Goldsmith

      I thought cats didn’t like water

    20. Crab369

      Good for Lulu.. he is special powers!

    21. Kevin Wolff

      hello LuLu

    22. DJ legion

      Is that some sort of magical carpet, you do so many crazy things and it always looks perfect !

    23. SybilCreates

      LOL! LuLu is hilarious and so cute!

    24. elleila eliqtidary

      Wow lulu is cute😍😗

    25. CrispiFryy :D

      DD is such a big floof

    26. 게으른동이Slow_ehd

      이거....김장하는 장판 아니에요.....?

    27. Qalbemomin Aqib

      Assalam Alaikum I'm khan from Karachi Pakistan need loving n pets caring person urgent required cz I'm not well 5cats adoption pr deni hn

    28. Momol Lida

      Baru beli langsung bolong digigit lulu

    29. WOA Mew

      huhuu Lulu 's my happiness, and so do my cute cats

    30. mae de asis

      i loved lulu so much 😍❤️

    31. Zxc Zero

      Lulu is best

    32. John Sanchez

      Claire: Today, I'm making a pool for my cats! "Water poring noise" TT: ?? Coco: !? Lulu: Hmm, What's this? Water? Claire: Yes Lulu, it's water :) Lulu: OOPS!!! Claire: Alright TT, you're up 1st! TT: Hmm (scream a little) Claire: TT, don't be scared. TT: (screams loudly) Claire: TT, you don't just make noise, you gotta talk. The next one is DD. DD: Get, over, here! Momo: Bro, you just too much! DD: Ew, is this slime?! Claire: No DD that's water! Next one is: Lala Lala: Uhmm? Uhh? What do I do? Claire: Just stick your paw in there! Lala: IN WATER????!!!! Claire: Yep 😃 Lala: okay "gulps" uh umm mm uhm? Coco: You can do it! Lala: Uh, uhh hmm? "eats" I DID IT! Claire: Yeah you did, next cat is Lulu! Lulu: Bruh are you serious mane I just seen water y'all know I hate water! Momo: Yes, you have to go in the water you Lil Wayne fan! Lala: Shut yo mouth Momo! Momo: No you shut up meanie "Lala and Momo fighting" Coco: ALL OF YOU SHUT UP Chuchu: Lets all cheer for Lulu! TT: "sighs" Momo: Why? Chuchu: Cuz, I'm a fan of him! Coco: Lu-bug is nothing but a troublemaker, why try to cheer? Lulu: Coco, I ain't no troublemaker, Also don't call me Lu-bug! Coco: Then what IS your nickname? Lulu: Might be close but it's Lu-Wayne! Momo: BRO ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS????!!!! Lulu: What? Momo: Y--y-you are on the water! Lulu: Oh I am? Momo: And also, there's no such nickname as Lu-Wayne Lulu: SMH Whatever 😑 dang man! Momo: What now? Lulu: I don't wanna talk about it! Momo: Where did you get that nickname? Lulu: Seriously? Bro ugh fine I'll tell you I got that nickname from Chuchu because She thinks that I listen to my favorite rapper a lot! Claire: Okay Lulu basically wins, because he went in the water so lulu wins Lulu: YEAH

    33. Asangla Lkr

      Which breed is lulu .

    34. Mitali Dekaboruah

      I like Lulu expression 😍

    35. Bashir Yussuf

      If it were not for lulu I think nobody would have watched this channel.what pulls me to watch channel is because of lulu.......that cat 🐈 is has different character....who else agrees with me?


      Lulu is very cute and makes me cry

    37. bhanu prakash

      A cat who swims for food - LULU's guiness record.

    38. Suellem Borges

      my god lulu does everything for food kkkkk

    39. Princess Bubblegum

      Lulu will do anything for food. Even get in

    40. Leigh Leigh KK

      Food is lulus motivation

    41. Leigh Leigh KK

      Lulu if so cute and funny

    42. Miss Hacker

      Laila is so cute, but Lulu is so crazy, hihi

    43. Sniper 2000

      It's so funy !!! ^^

    44. Catalyst Mathew

      Brah my cat would latch on to me if put her over a sink xDy

    45. Livingmylife random

      I can see the movie now. Jaws but with lulu

    46. Wtf wtf

      Lulu is very amazing


      I knew Lulu would walk across

    48. Sophia Avelin

      lulu: food > water

    49. Anant Bhat

      Lulu is my favourite

    50. Kawaii Pusheen 25

      proof that lulu comes in many forms

    51. asdmnbqwe79

      Lulu is cute and hungry always

    52. SereisZ_

      Lulu is best of best naruto.

    53. Sudha Khan

      in the starting did you speak in hindi?

    54. Hosik Kim


    55. The Pale Celtic

      Lulu could break world records for long distance swimming as long as a never ending trail of treats is in front

    56. Lisa Debochadx

      I just think that Jin is living in this girl; -;

    57. Sah Ai Ching

      You laugh be like= 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

    58. Yaz Başarslan

      lulu protecc lulu atacc but most importantly he will do anything to get the snacc

    59. Japan001

      !!gnizama si uluL

    60. Dia.

      Lol !

    61. DARK 527

      Cuántos gatos tiene Kitisaurus?

    62. Caysha Williams

      Lulu* I love water DD* i want some LuLu* no

    63. Siti Saniyah Musa

      Lulu is cute😂

    64. Hayme Hu

      Food exist* Lulu: its for me? 😼👉👈

    65. Indira Biligiri

      Lulu :hates water Also Lulu:FOR FOOD!!!!!! Anything for food ~bye Lulu

    66. 김소

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ역시 우리의 직진냥 루루ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    67. shermein panganiban

      I dont think if its funny but im your big fans😘saranghe

    68. shermein panganiban


    69. shermein panganiban

      Im scared on your laugh

    70. RJ

      Carpet get wet by water

    71. Triyono Triyono

      Kak coba liatin muka kakak nya please

    72. Elle Browne

      Oh that’s nice. What a great idea for them !

    73. Madhu Madhu

      You should not snatch food from Lulu's mouth Lulu is super cute and innocent

    74. - LowResDream

      LuLu traverses all realms for snack

    75. - LowResDream

      ok but how did she get the water out?

    76. Conan Edogawa

      Nothing can stop Lulu when it’s about food !😂😍

    77. !!Kitty Cade☆♡

      I have a kitten named Brownie and she is just like Lulu!

    78. Geno2733

      NOT PICTURED: LuLu spent an hour licking herself afterward.

    79. Jazmín Mora

      😂 lulu

    80. mehmet cakir

      lulu is always greedy.

    81. Theo the Derg

      Lulu is truly the Shaggy of this group.

    82. Peter Han

      Lulu hates water I don't think you understand Lulu's luv of snacks

    83. CM H

      Haha lulu is amazing love 😂❤️😘

    84. XD Lego

      Lulu is my favorite cat

    85. Coco Masta

      Lulu is water resistant without IP68. if food is delicious. 🥘🥘🐈🐈

    86. I Finn

      LuLu is the most gangsta cat on DEfasts.

    87. An i Yeet

      U got a new subscriber

    88. Cat Viskas

      I hate water 💦😾

    89. Democratic_Chocolate

      Cats walking on blood

    90. Алина Алибаева

      Ты ужасно смеёшся

    91. Bryan ID

      Lulu my idol

    92. ElfNet Designs

      NO FEAR!


      lulu is very cute guy

    94. VespaDesu

      Lulu: "I will do *ANYTHING* for food."

    95. Bossmare

      Lulu: "wetness is temporary, hunger is eternal".😹😹😹 Claire: "hey that's not a 🍉" 😜🤣😂🤣😂😹

    96. Kitty & Doggy TV

      so lovely

    97. Pets World


    98. Lf Wasuwat

      Lulu the cutes and funniest

    99. Cheyenne Martin

      0:50 pretty boy does that all the time especially to plastic bag

    100. King cat

      Lulu : holy holy holy cat