LuLu Charged Headfirst Into a Paper Wall! | Kittisaurus


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    Today, I amazed my cats with paper windows and walls!
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    1. Fitch Hirai

      the owner sound like a hyena lol

    2. Danielle King

      oh lord help me, I am just *CACKLING* so hard out loud at Lulu trying to get the treat!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And to top it off, his "no-no" zone had to be in the last shot...... Do you not want me to breathe?!?! LOL

    3. Samuel Lopez

      So funny for me Lulu is the best

    4. DARIN FGH

      TT is so adorable!

    5. DARIN FGH

      Aww this cat look so cuuuuute!

    6. girly_ miraculous

      I love this kittens and LuLu are sooo!!!! Cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Javaria Naveed

      Lulu is so funny

    8. İsmail Işık

      Today we learnt that Lulu is a female

    9. Ashley Kimberly

      So cute......Aww..... 🐈

    10. 이리와하얀구름

      숏다리 미니미 ㅎㅔ드업 ㅋㅣ타이거! ㅇ

    11. Raisya Aulia Habibi

      OMG Lulu....

    12. Shinobu Earth - Nature Sounds

      Amazing video always😂😂😂 Impressed by how Claire enjoy making videos like this. I admire that she has been following her passion❤️

    13. samu 007


    14. Ria Hannah Zenno


    15. Jackson Kkkk

      2:18 claire:meow meow

    16. Mary Castillo

      Q divertido jajaja !!! 😃😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    17. Anora Roden

      IS that a new Kitten???????????

    18. Es lanzo

      Soooo there are dog squad in american cat squad in japan or china sooo i jist saying

    19. Umaru B. Blade

      น่ารักจัง ผมมีแมวหลังคาปีนมาหาที่ห้องทุกวัน แมวน่ารักมากกกกก 😻😻

    20. iichxerry_ twinsii

      I think Lulu is my twins cat but my cat is skinny but with alot of fur they are definitely twins

    21. Iam Robocop

      Respect this channel. Never skip ads :)

    22. Cat Woman


    23. Bernard Sherry

      I need a Clair in my life ❤️❤️💜

    24. CATS and DOGS have FUN

      AS.ALWAYS 😍😍😍😍

    25. Hibbi Al

      Lulu's no no zone 😂😂

    26. Micah Lazo

      Lol Lulu breaking the paper door made me think of Kyo from Fruits Basket always breaking the doors because he's after the rat Yuki

    27. ValentineAlice

      I wonder how many new dragonfly toys Claire has had to buy after they rip them apart lol

    28. SKUTy plays :V

      HERESS LULU !!!!

    29. asdmnbqwe79

      If Lulu see the food he will get the food always hahahahahahahha

    30. Raphaël Gaudet

      wall belike: ⬜️ 🔳

    31. BTS

      0:03 omg lulu 😂

    32. Karan Gaming

      Real use of books 😂😂😂

    33. Iqmal Perlianta



      Что тут только инглишы?? Англичане.

    35. Suhith Wickramasinghe

      You can do it Lulu Keep it up

    36. Elizabeth Lima

      LULU É D+

    37. MY TEEVEE

      1:49 I was scared.

    38. Siburaong Tea

      Who ia that cat. Is that new

    39. Kirsty Wall

      LULU is not afraid of anything

    40. Shree Ma

      I am a big fan of your cats.... i really want to meet them for at least one day.... love from Assam, India 😍😍

    41. Tuan Puteri An-Nuur

      CAT AGE Kitten 0-1 month= 1 years 2 month= 2 years 3 month =4 years 4 month=6 years 5 month=8 years 6 month=10 years JUNIOR 7 month=12 years 12 month=15 years 18 month=21 years 2 years=24 years ADULT 3 years=28 years 4 years=32 years 5 years=38 years 6 years=40 years MATURE 7 years=44 years 8 years=48 years 9 years=52 years 10 years=56 years SENIOR 11 years=60 years 12 years=64 years 13 years=68 years 14 years=72 years *For those who want to know where did i got this information i got it on instagram then i wrote it back i didn't copy paste.

    42. vandana venkataraman

      Nice laughter ❤❤❤

    43. nazigor furher

      Where the new video cat >3

    44. Tumblr Trash

      I love how much the kittens bully Lulu

    45. Min Marnkha

      What is just happen to the last part😂😂

    46. Walida Haniah

      i still can finding different of lala and choco. Smone can tell me?

    47. AF MEDIA

      Lulu is the best kitty

    48. Maria Kucia

      Cats vs paper wall

    49. Anne Crocco

      I love your creativity that entertains us and your beautiful cats.

    50. Ruby의포켓몬합체와물고기구피들

      루루도 잘못한건아는지 슬그머니 내려가지만 가지는 않습니닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    51. Ruby의포켓몬합체와물고기구피들

      책의 올바른 사용법......?

    52. Killyn

      I like momo lulu and coco but i think i like lulu the most

    53. Banfrionsa

      Nice movie

    54. Chester and Pepper

      Please visit my channel as well, ill be uploading videos of my cats. Thanks to Claire for inspiring us to keep all our cats.

    55. 011 pandas

      How many cats do you have?

    56. Garrett Frugé

      Lulu got a bit of a colonoscopy at the end there! 😃

    57. narjis narjis

      I hate cats

      1. just some guy without a mustache

        I hate you

    58. Zaidan ziddud

      Lulu lucu banget😹

    59. teletubby queen

      Cats: Godzilla Wall: Wall

    60. Silmara Bueno

      Lulu is the sweet version of Taz, the Tasmanian Devil 😂

    61. MonsterTeam TR

      Lulu ur so damn cute xd

    62. Who even am i????? ??????

      Insane crossover: Hosico and Claire

    63. villager


    64. RITWIKA SARKAR stad

      2:38 look at my booty guys ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. Miaomiao 11

      Momo looked like a doll at the start

    66. Omega clover


    67. Marselina Troitckaya

      Наезд котячьего ануса на камеру в конце как отдельный вид искусства

    68. AfroSaint

      Getting the shinning vibes! ITS LULU! Or HERES LULU!!

    69. bobo black


    70. Courtney de Longis

      How very mission impossible

    71. - LowResDream

      How can you not love LuLu?

    72. Ozcan Sagdic

      Lulu vs kağıt duvar 😂😂😂

    73. Няшка Какашка


    74. Cat Viskas

      Wow! I wanna play with you! 😺

    75. Cat Viskas

      I love LuLu 😻

    76. Javier Donoso Fierro


    77. LadyMichu


    78. Hunny Bun

      The end was finished with lulu butt.

    79. Paula Kaye

      Loved this!!! 😂😂😂😂

    80. Тимофей Карпов

      Лулу лучший!

    81. stanoneus rookieking

      The thumbnail sure attracts me like a magnet as usual😅

    82. iseeflowers

      Not sure why but LuLu always remind me of a T-Rex: Lulu’s fur color, front teeth, eye color/ pupil and appetite.

    83. Josral Novelo Umar


    84. Spacetic Edits


      1. I am a doge, please, pet me.

        maybe your cat is lazy, cats are diffrent and when they are in group, they behave in another way.

    85. Cynthia Shou


    86. ᗯⲁɳⲧⲈqᥙ8s2Ⲛⲉⲉᕍ

      Lulu's 'No-Zone'. 😆 😅 😂 🤣

    87. Mikkel Strøbech

      But what would they do at a paywall?

    88. Riley Babich


    89. S110 killen

      I love you DEfasts chanel. 🤗

    90. Vendura


    91. Veronica Garza

      Someone needs to make a 10 hour Claire's laugh compilation.

    92. Franzi Dream Dash

      Toto and Dodo growing so fast 😍🥰😊

    93. eric son

      집사님! 궁금한게 생겼어요!! 과연 집사님은 그림자만으로 고양이들을 구분할 수 있을까? Can Claire distinguish 10 cats with their shadow?

    94. Dhiraj Deshmukh

      Liked the music 🎶

    95. VoiceOfMan

      Made my day better.


      Every other cat:- head first Lulu:- butt first

    97. Suhani Sankhawar

      Lulu seems always cute and naughty😜🥰

    98. Suhani Sankhawar

      You have so many ideas to play with your cats daily and that ideas are so unique and amazing ❤️🤗

    99. Enakshi Sarkar

      I'm your new SUBSCRIBER

      1. Enakshi Sarkar

        @Gatos Fabulosos I have SUBSCRIBED you

      2. Enakshi Sarkar

        @Gatos Fabulosos ok

      3. Gatos Fabulosos

        You can take a tour to my channel for cat content by free! 💕

    100. Nature Life77

      Every one before watching lulu, no not a big fan of cats, after lulu omg cats are so cute