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    LuLu is always stealing MoMo’s food!
    So today, I made a video to show you what it’s like!
    I’m making new versions of some old videos!
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    1. John Davis

      We love LULU!!! '

    2. nishu singh

      cute lulu + sweet voice of claire = epic video ^_^

    3. Shweta vyas

      Iulu the foody cat

    4. Lillina Blue

      I love Lulu

    5. hameedah indonesia

      LULU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    6. sir sm0ke

      sooooo cute

    7. 김상범

      이거는 크집사님 채널인가요?

    8. Dreamy Bytes

      Why lulu cant eat

    9. The LibrArtist

      Lulu is now speaking English

    10. deepika taggar

      I love lulu.Lulu is so cute.

    11. Papermoon09

      I don’t speak cat yet so thanks for the eng dub. Awesome episode and show!

    12. Avery Levison

      Вы недокармливаете Лулу! Почему он всегда голоден? И когда его мыли он был слишком тонкий... 😕

    13. DragonSlayer’s Workshop

      LuLu is more Raccoon that cat

    14. Eldtrich

      The start and the end of the video fits perfectly together. Lulu was caught at the start because he was eating Momo's food which is the end of this video and is the starting point of the video.

    15. Jose Velasco

      It was funny when lulu said nooooooooooooo

    16. The Unexpected Smile

      I love Lulu’s voice no matter the language. His antics are always so funny lol

    17. Neutronspdr

      Lulu can do no wrong in my book! :)

    18. Jeffery

      Claire: this is momo’s food Lulu: OUR FOOD

    19. priyanka kambli

      Lulu us just amazing🤩

    20. kelsey

      the comments: lulu is so cute! Me: * sobbing over claires voice*

    21. Lesly Gae Valerie Jerez


    22. Breach Arce

      Good 👍 job LULU.

    23. Sophie Sin

      "go shiny magic mouth!" Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    24. Babaji 2020

      😘😘😘so lovely adorable kitties I love dem all n highly appreciable the you take of them claire.....lulu is the so funny

    25. Kevin N Sessions

      How the heck did I miss this!? The dubbing was freaking hilarious. Awesome work Claire. :)

    26. Mango MAN

      Thanks Eclairs you done wonderful for your Fans ..we love you .❤

    27. Dominic The legend

      is this the only video with english dubs over the cats? cause it’s adorable

    28. Nuch Kanokluk

      Iulu..too lovery

    29. Minjug Oh

      It's so cute when Claire speaking Englisch 🥺

    30. Razeinkov

      apa cma gw doang yg dri indo dsni.? :v

    31. Mya Lynn Barrow


    32. Lakhan Ramwani

      The words you say us that was really Lulu feel I think😍😍😘

    33. 철수야돌쇠야


    34. Nannunbgd

      You are sweet,mama of Lulu. :)

    35. SybilCreates

      LOL! Aww, LuLu! 💕

    36. steven universe

      Este Video Me Hizo Suscribir A Kittisaurus

    37. Emilyn Tan

      Throws poke ball: >LuLu is choose you! LuLu: >Shiny Magic Mouth!

    38. Fauzia Khan

      Can someone plz ask this woman to shutup....we r nore then ok to watch lulu gimmicks & not need this nonsense diologues

      1. SchizoKira

        You're the one who need to be shut up!

    39. Deiane Quincena

      lulu my dearest what have you ever done to become so addictingly cute🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 i just can't get enough of you🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    40. Bill Mercado

      Always have a good time watching lulu doing his funny adventures

    41. Yummy Mellon

      Lulu is this cute, compassionate, passionate, intelligent kind of cat that love to eat so much.😹😹😹😹

    42. Erin FU Narc KUNLANGETA PREDATOR Abuser bum trolls


    43. Chester and Pepper

      Hi Claire, we are inspired by you and your cats. We were recently blessed with 5 kittens. Check and like our channel if you think its good. Thank you!!

    44. Stimulator7

      aw so cue

    45. emmaknightley

      OMG LuLu's human voice is so cute T______T

    46. Scottie Pippo

      Claire really improved her english skill

    47. hornandez smith

      why am i watching this

    48. Smithy Werben Jergen Man Jensen

      Maldito lulu

    49. Sarika Gautam

      I love this channel ❤️❤️❤️😊🤗☺️😚

    50. agnes callow

      Lulu is my hero 🥰

    51. Adja fatou Khaya

      Who can tell me what breed of cats is LuLu Please

    52. Sujata Sharma

      Lulu has the cutest eye❤❤❤❤ my heart goes melt...

    53. Gleyowowo Kribus

      Lulu pelakor

    54. Lwin Gyi

      Lulu never quits for food!

    55. polish red

      I just ate too lulu but still hungry!

    56. Verena Lanzinger

      love it

    57. Shamsher Alam

      Can you didi please🙏🙏 make more video in which lulu can speaking English

    58. Kunal Mandal

      Lutein America😹🐈

    59. Ian Prado Maekawa

      I love this lulu dubbing

    60. Kenzo Berkley

      Lulu... 😘😘

    61. Aryan Dubey

      Who wants to see Claire?

      1. Aryan Dubey


    62. I love Michael jackson

      Lulu and English

    63. Cat and Dog's Life

      The cutest savage that ever lived!! level love😍😍

    64. Namora Tsabita

      Lulu has a magic Mouth!

    65. Nele Sakkos

      Nobody is hyping up MoMo 😔 it literally make me so sad so i Hype momo up! I LOVE YOU MOMO! 🥺💗✨

      1. Ajay Kumar

        Nikal chutiya jaha se Mental Suna ba Lulu is best 😍

    66. Chantal Testman

      Lulu being a little food panther

    67. Robert Stephens

      I'm sure I've seen this video before

    68. komeng black cat

      Djoss Gandoss paman....

    69. Starlette Oscar

      LuLu, the bottomless pit stomach.

    70. Lemmingofdoom

      Goooo shiny magic mouth!

    71. Arif Kamal

      How on earth does Claire plan all of his moves 😹

    72. Joseph Stalin

      She protecc She attacc But most importantly She eatt

    73. Im the chill Buster

      Why was the” go! Shiny magic mouth! “ so cute for me

    74. Nico

      I regret nothing 😂😂

    75. Wanda Tucker

      I love lulu talking in English. It was great. Like more of it

    76. Haw Lucha

      bad lulu🤣🤣

    77. VIB-Ananya Bahinipati

      Lulu: I like food Me:I love food too

    78. Adi Bajiro

      What ig name hooman?

    79. rezi sobah

      MOMO the sad Cat 😭😭😭 LULU the king Of bar bar

    80. Maria Helganova

      I Think i watched this video a 100 Times lulu never gets old 😘🤩😉😉

    81. nsbhater

      Lulu har such a cute voice🥰

    82. hI heLlo aNNyEoNg

      i love Claire's english so much, it also fits LuLu perfectly

    83. Sohan T

      Lulu is sooooo funny!!!!!!

    84. Joni Semit

      how naughty lulu 😅

    85. Audrey Camarillo

      Me eating food me cover my food!

    86. dinyodion

      Wjen lulu talked i know that voice its claire!

    87. 平和

      Who could dislike this?????

    88. Maria Helganova

      Lulu VS. Food lulu always wins 🤩😻

    89. srinivi Vase

      2.07 that laugh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍

    90. Meerletalis Etherium

      I have tried to find it, but what breed is Lulu?

    91. Kem Belly

      the ending song made it look like a series hahaha

    92. Gustavo Ortiz Diaz

      This episode was really cute! I liked the voice over for LuLu.

    93. Bendy the inky demon memer

      "I regret nothing" -lulu 2020

    94. Bendy the inky demon memer


    95. Purushothama Purushothaman

      I'm a human lulu..... 😂Whenever I ate something🍜🍝 right away I feel like I'm hungry🤤..."I ate just now but I'm still hungry" It's suits me very well😇😜

    96. TifaLuva

      Aw, I wanted to see Lulu snuff Momo too ;(

    97. Good Day

      Love Lulu and Momo

    98. mary chandrakala

      Claire u r the best and the cats. If anyone thinks they are the best comment , like the comment🎉🙏❤️💘

    99. Divya Raj

      Sometimes looks like an animated movie...😂😂

    100. 0zak15

      No Ragrets