LuLu Always Wakes Me Up in the Morning! | Kittisaurus


1 Mio. aufrufe118

    LuLu always lets me know when he’s hungry, even if I’m sleeping!
    I’m making new versions of some old videos!
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    1. Clover

      how lovely!

    2. Choco Drew 鯉カワイイ

      Actually... did you know when a cats owner passes away the cat will always usually well if it's in the home the cat will eat them.. in way of idk some bond they have to their human

    3. L

      Lulu: dd needs food Me: no he needs BREAD

    4. Ani Khan

      This cat is really cute 😊

    5. Dante

      "Time to use ULTIMATE SKILL" *meow~*

    6. sovannaroith ouk

      I keep watching his video once everyday.

    7. wiztiny •

      nooo they are so cute 🥺

    8. D S


    9. Ayesha Zaffar

      Very nice story

    10. Subham Kumar

      Lulu is really very cute ☺☺🐈🐈

    11. hungry birds

      SO CUTE 😳❤️

    12. Winter White

      Toxic CreamHeroes fans: CLAIRE SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!! (they say stuff like this in her livestreams) Claire: *speaks English* Toxic fans: EWWW SHE SOUNDS SO CRINGEY

    13. Taco Taco

      I bet you love LuLu the most.

    14. Adarsh Singh

      Luv u LuLu

    15. Ms Kitten Cat

      Snoring like my father \__(-_-)__/

    16. among tv

      Your cats are real actors Love it 💕💕💕

    17. Akhila Eapen

      Same my six month old kitten also wake up me in the morning

    18. Zubair khan

      Cute 🥰

    19. Patricio Ovalle

      Los ronquidos de claire!!jajajajaja!!

    20. Sebastian Gabriel

      Little cat

    21. octopi ho

      LuLu is the loveliest kitten!

    22. Rukhsana Bibi

      Lulu I really love you 😍 and I enjoy watching all the videos on this channel because of lulu is really special 😌 just like any other cats are on other DEfasts channels two 👍 from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙌

    23. Dry Lips

      lulu : wake up sleepy head :]

    24. Pragati

      For some reason I actually found it funny 😹

    25. YamiNoGame

      Yay! Lulu saved everyone!

    26. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu is a celebrity

    27. Tara Elizabeth Densley

      Lulu has the cutest meow

    28. SeaStars yt

      Lulu the leader of the cats.

    29. robrosy

      Well Lulu will just have to eat Claire..


      I like lulu and tt

    31. cokenermal

      Claire I want to thank you for posting these videos even during the pandemic. Your videos bring lots of entertainment and enjoyment for your fans. And help many of us pass the time across the world. I show your videos to everyone i know and we all adore the cats in your videos. Please never stop with the videos and thank you for sharing your life with all of us. You are an amazing woman who gives many of us lots of laughs and memories of your beautiful family. Your vet is also a wonderful man to share his involvement with your cats in your videos.

    32. ShermanMR2


    33. indygamingfjdk


    34. Tomris Hatun

      1:22 that's it

    35. come and have Fun With Ayesha Yaseen

      Lulu is my favourite cat

    36. Kevin de Guzman - Fulgencio

      How did Claire timed the meow of lulu and the voice

    37. alfred sandoval


    38. Daennardvitar


    39. Sanchari Chatterjee

      Lulu is the cutest kitty I have ever seen

    40. Blizzard

      I need Lulu to help retain the shreds of my sanity that're slowly oozing out of my eyes.

    41. Dede Sahrul

      Lulu love u

    42. Dudungdudung

      Only Lulu can be the meanest looking cat yet the most cutest in the world


      Lulu is most special cat in world

    44. HighStimulation

      love the ending music

    45. Mohammed AR

      What kind of cat is this ? Lulu

    46. Snow Queen

      Lulu is my favourite

    47. GodpleasernotamanpleaserJesusChristisLord


    48. TraverseIce


    49. AinsleyRose S

      When Lulu meowed on here, my cat Bailey meowed back 🤣

    50. Nici X2

      Riiise and shine freeman... rise and shine...

    51. Kim Minju

      Claire unnie You make me want to have a cats😭😭

    52. Natalya

      It's time to use.. THE ULTIMATE SKILL! meow! 'Claire is alive again' IT IS TOO MUCH CUTENESS! IM DYING!!!

    53. pkxd world

      cute cats i love lulu so much

    54. prin herin

      티티 얌얌 거리는 입 넘 귀엽자나

    55. samurailatpamm

      I can talk Koren

    56. samurailatpamm


    57. J G

      I liked the original version much better, but this is cute too.

    58. Scottie Pippo

      Lulu's ultimate skill is powerfull

    59. Claire Lee

      I don’t know why but Lulu sounds so much like BMO from Adventure Time...

    60. Sanj Athukorala

      Claire's giggle and LuLu's big round eyes are the cutest !

    61. Jennifer Kim

      Lulu is the smartest cat ever. He speaks human language

    62. Gabriela Rojas Montaño

      Preciosos 😍😍😍😘😘

    63. WONG ZHI SEE Moe

      Lulu is adorable

    64. Aliyah Behrens

      Soooooooooo cute. my favtoure is.............TT

    65. Aliyah Behrens


    66. Vincentia NAM

      나도 루루가 깨워주었으면...

    67. Abdur Rehman Naeem

      Lulu My Love ❤️❤️❤️

    68. jordan situ

      I bet DD would just open a cupboard or cabinet to find food

    69. be kind to the ones that you love

      I think this is my favorite video right now

    70. Vakkas Şimşek

      I love all cat

    71. Corgidog1920 Royal Corgidog

      Lulu: wake up human Claire:Zzz Lulu: if you won't wake up or l will eat your breakfast

    72. ronald harris

      That is my favorite part where lulu use the secret skill meow to wake up the people.

    73. Brigitte Costa

      Si LULU n'existait pas... Il faudrait l'inventer !!!

    74. smoldub


    75. matthew jolly

      I’m curious, there have been multiple reports of cats owners dying on them and no one finds the body, and by that time they’re pet cat has eaten part of them. With all these facts deaths videos, how long until Claire’s cats would eat her?

    76. LadyLaran

      I love Lulu’s voice!

    77. Shantazia Hill

      Lulu:Is she really dead?!Is there a doctor in the house?! Coco:(comes with a medical kit and stethoscope)I am a doctor.(does various tests)In my expert opinion,Claire is dead. Lulu:Oh no! Coco:Tired. Lulu:Huh? Coco:She is dead tired.She'll wake up.Give her two licks and call me in the morning.Oh and heres my bill(gives LuLu a long paper listing the medical expenses)What insurance provider do you have? LuLu:What's insurance?

    78. Charmaine

      LuLu's meow is... I died 😍

    79. Lil Minty

      0:00 (eerie music) meow

    80. Lini Lim

      LOL lulu thinking claire died

    81. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    82. Skookapalooza

      Who could resist!

    83. Pinky SONE

      Watta sweet voice u have

    84. aftian abdillah

      Di Jepang di ruangan aja bisa bersih banget yaaa, debu kek gak ada disana. Mantappp

    85. Gamer Cat

      Classic lulu

    86. Lyn Ruslee

      I like this video because lulu have voice can you do all you cats have voice like this video

    87. rbutler8585

      What type of cat is Lulu?

    88. Scottie Pippo

      I give this video a nomination for best video of 2020

    89. Kirk Johnson

      I've watched a LOT of Claire's videos and this one might be my favorite. I love when she does voices and tells stories. She is SO good at that.

    90. Inna Shevchenko



      Yeah it’s so cute ahhhh

    92. Robert Hinchey


    93. JesseOOF

      2:15 did he burp XDDD

    94. Taylor Moore


    95. NoggleBaum

      Greatest " I need Coffee~" hall walk,( shuffle), ever!

    96. Kimoudom Keb

      Where can I find a cat like LULU 🤧💓

    97. Marcon Cat Family

      *The voice Claire gives Lulu is absolutely adorable and her effort to speak English is great. I hope she continues.*

    98. Hoot Owl

      Kawaii!! Lulu is cuter than an anime character!!

    99. Jhin