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    A lion attack the kitties!
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    1. Jelly

      lulu be da soda butiful

    2. PeRcely gaming

      So cute🥰🥰

    3. 44Sruthi 28

      Lulu's more cuter than simba😂😂

    4. abu zahar abu bakar

      Lulu king

    5. How to DOC

      LuLu is my powerhouse of Love & Positive attitude. Love to butler and her kitty family~♥️

    6. 曾義舜

      2:o8 The most fiercely cutest lion ever

    7. Springer124

      Luckily only like 500 something disliked and good thing ther is more likes

    8. Cef Ghi

      Cat Iz looks better in this. I thinks..... Nice cats btw....!!

    9. Augmented Chaos

      tt. LuLu

    10. annie sharma

      Better than the movie!! 🤣😂

    11. Martino Martino

      Lulu Tom n jerry should be the intro like if you agree

    12. Abinath Abi

      Hi claire i love your kitties so much, especially lulu

    13. Jared King

      I think this lady is amazing she does so much fun things with all her lovely cats my cat loves her video s too

    14. 사랑해루루야

      2:07 꺄아아아아아아아앙

    15. RetroJesse2008

      He protec He atac But most importantly He he sknaps bac

    16. Sambhu Adhikari

      Lulu 😀

    17. Tapabrata Sur

      Lulu....cutest Lion of the world

    18. Nature Nut

      In love with lulu

    19. Kenzo Berkley

      😂🤣... I 💖💖💖 this video

    20. Mike Galo

      Kinda new here. Creamheros bad??? What about Claire luvcat?? Love these kitties, lulu my fav, but dodo catching up, I got 4, and she(Claire) gives me great ideas to entertain them in unique ways.

    21. monika shah

      Excume this an NGO or a house full of cute cats and kittens??

    22. Rose Time

      Lol my 2 year old cat is named Mufasa and my kitten in named Zarabi! Both named after the lion king!

    23. kitta the cat and his friends

      your kitties are so cute i cried laughing when lulu was lion king 😂😂

    24. Kirk Johnson

      No matter what happens Lulu has a job

    25. Sythen

      Claire, you are incredible lol.

    26. Smayan Behura

      Best one

    27. Masnah. Ft

      isnt the title is lion queen claire?

    28. Trisye zakaria

      Luluuuui is the best luluuuuuu the funny cat in the word

    29. Misaki Mei

      Guys she has got her channel back so plz subscribe to both channels

    30. Gulnaz Ab

      give me my Lulu!!! :) my favourite cute Lulu xx

    31. Lakshmy Chandran S

      Lulu, he is already ruling my heart❤️😍🥰❤️❤️

    32. khabib nurmagomedov


    33. Margaret ch'ng

      Claire if possible wants to be one of them.😄

    34. Samantha Koval

      Lulu is hilarious and DD is the biggest cuddler! so precious

    35. Maria Helganova

      Lulu our lion king 😼😻


      Claire is one of the best woman attitude in this world.she's so loveable .and i curious with her

    37. krisha chakraborty

      Love you lulu you looking gorgeous

    38. nakul bambal

      Lulu my love😍😍😍😘😘😚😚


      One thing I must appreciate. The editings of her video is of HIGH QUALITY💖SOOOOOOOOOO GREATTTTTTT AWESOMEEEEE EDIT😍LOVE UR VIDS🥰

    40. Hendra Ayas

      1:53 😂😾

    41. akuntansi rahmat7


    42. Prijaya Raj

      😂😂😂e'nd the lion King 😅😅😅

    43. pumpkincraft1210

      It's a Lulu King

    44. Ishvimael Sevandal

      Lulu looks like lion king but cuter

    45. aditya ramesh

      Starting and ending super

    46. Priya thava

      🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁Simba's 😂

    47. Abdul Basith

      Claire kpn kamu menunjukan wajah cantik mu

    48. NGC Izz

      Lion lulu

    49. Gune Walker

      Omg lulu haha

    50. Karen Orline

      Awwww sooo cute

    51. Deepak Singh Panwar

      Hahaha cute

    52. Nona Judas

      I enjoy every video's kittisaurus💓👍

    53. Nalini Bhaisare

      Lulu the lion 🦁 king 👑 😂🤣

    54. Gina Harrison

      Magnificent mini movie ! 👏👏👏💐🌹🌹🌹

    55. VideoHub

      The intro 🤣

    56. Wulan Wiharjo

      OMG Lulu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    57. ani 0203

      Lionking lulu 😼🦁

    58. Julie K.

      I don't do many reviews, but I have to say these videos that are done for this channel are the best thing I've watched About Your Fur Babies. LuLu is my all time favorite Cat on the Internet. All your cat's are so Beautiful. Thanks for making these videos & Sharing. Thanks Again & Have a Blessed Day. 😺💟🤭

    59. Sigmy The Sign

      TT: Long live the *king.*

    60. Tegar F

      Lulu : 10% Cat, 40% Dog, 60% Meerkat

    61. Shreya Deep

      😂😂 Lulu will be the cutest king of forest..❤️

    62. Shreya Deep

      😂😂 Lulu will be the cutest king of forest..❤️

    63. Bibhor Puhan

      Good vid

    64. Louae V

      when u try to get most food during breakfast lunch and dinner that ur called a lion king

    65. afiya luvcat

      She's an original DEfastsr She's funny 🤣🤣 She knows all settings She gives everything for her cat She can do anything 😂😂

    66. Quasi Creator

      Now I am become cat, destroyer of sofas.

    67. Rafnan Kabbyo

      lala,Lulu,Momo,Chuchu,DD,TT and Coco are so cute .❤

    68. Human Being

      A 2 legged lion playing with cats

    69. {BIG} {SMOKE}

      Who loves Lulu and TT like this comment ❤️❤️

    70. jin hyuck Yoon

      That intro... I died 😂🤣


      1:41 Lulu:MY PLUSHEE!

    72. Ayesha Saadi

      She looks same like lion

    73. Claudia Josephine

      Owww she a funny we all u know? Is a beatifull u and all u >w< you so cutie much :3

    74. David Jo

      Claire, I'm wondering if you have catwoman's costume, put it on and act silly in front of your kitties😁

    75. images

      try lion smell, not look, and see how cats will react

    76. sabiha kamran

      Love you DD

    77. pooja s

      Awwww😍😍 lulu so cute

    78. Leo

      love the intro

    79. Izah Sakura

      LOL 😆😍😅

    80. ari santi

      I love the intro and its lulu lion king

    81. Tahira Parveen

      plz make a short movie on your channel. lulu loin king.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    82. M. Lari

      Imagining Lulu as a lion is funny.😂😂😂😂😂 The owner of these kittens is one of the funniest people I've ever seen.😅 Lol

    83. mochamie

      Goodbye my childhood Simba.... I prefer this new Simba 🥰🥰🥰

    84. Comrade Raichu

      @00:59 cutest thing in the world

    85. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

      Cute cute cute

    86. Yolanda Gee

      I love Lulu's expressions.

    87. Seher Shirazi


    88. Felix Luk

      Claire: * pooped * Kitties: More!

    89. yumi ortega

      Beautiful :3

    90. Indira Biligiri

      Am I the only one who still doesn't see the difference between Coco and Lala?😢

      1. aditya ramesh

        Yes...because they are lot different except colour...

    91. • Kaaarolinaaa •

      Momo hates Lulu when she comes to him while hes relaxing in good spots: Momo: ah this is good Spot - Lulu sees him in good spot -: Lulu: can i join? - Momo sees Lulu - - Momo panics - - Lulu comes closer - - Momo Atacks Lulu -

    92. Dumb Piseth

      The costume she wear is a bit creepy to me

    93. A룰루

      우리 루루 한때는 저 사자모자가 너무커서 쓰지도못할때가 있었는데 많이컸구나... 머리가 ㅎ



    95. chhatrapal singh

      Thank you Claire. You really are a wonderful person who only keeping on giving happiness in the world. May God keep you Happy and prosperous ❤️

    96. Pablo Raoul Cacciani

      Is Lulu a Scottish Fold?

    97. Issra Faisal

      Omg so cute! Btw how many channels do u have cuz I usually see you're cats and setting in other youtubers videos. Love your vids

    98. Shygalsadie

      that costume is kinda creepy

    99. Alfred Barcela

      hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂