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    LuLu’s always picking fights with DD!
    So today, I made a video to show you what it’s like!
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    1. Unknown Unknown

      Lulu is such an amazing unique cat he always makes me smile

    2. fisher Kowskie

      This real Chanel?

    3. Saranya Maity

      1:35 i died just here spot dead

    4. Alif Arsyad

      The other cat when Lulu went for training: Why do I heard boss music?

    5. Yu Chung

      The "oscat"best Male actor is Lulu!💖💖💖

    6. Ana Rita Buco

      Lulu.GET REVENGE ON DD. me.i'm brave.noOne.😷😵💩

    7. redalgal16

      What type of cat is lulu

      1. Shillo Wotah


    8. Digstreme McDingus

      Eating that toy dragonfly is on Lulu's bucket list

    9. Elainey Houston

      All that training for thing

    10. ryanmorning123


    11. D'Humaira binti Mohd Khairul

      Your cat her name is lulu right her is soo cute

    12. Virgod

      Lol I love this. Revenge is temporary, hunger is eternal :)) Basically for Lulu the first one can be changed to anything haha

    13. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu is a beast

    14. 씅이

      Soooo cuteeee !!❤❤❤

    15. Amellina Putri

      So cuteee😭🖤🖤🖤

    16. Sabrina Saldivia

      Me rei cuando lulu se metio en el Coso ese coco es re blanco y muy bonito lulu es enanita y tt es blanco con gris lulu tiene mucha energia y es mas rapida

    17. Olga Wojciechowska



      Lulu the super cat

    19. Neko Rainbow

      What's the name of the music when the cat was training? XD

    20. paweł kowalski

      So cute!

    21. Gacha Studio Puppy

      Lulu is the main star is she is so kawaiiii

    22. She Lla

      I 💟 U Lulu 😘😘😘

    23. jonathan becue

      trop mignonne lulu

    24. cikgu yanee


    25. Dilla Alfieni

      Lulu is too FAT to fit in small tunnels

    26. Joanna Turunen

      Aaww your cats 😍❤

    27. AWP TEJO

      The smal Foot😂

    28. Sidha

      2:02 when he kicked his legs is so funny to me idkw😂

    29. W D

      Mom help me im stuck


      Lulu is my Favourite

    31. seher shirazi


    32. Marcon Cat Family

      Moral of the story: Food is more important than revenge

    33. Hindu Gods best

      I ❤ TT and lulu

    34. Scottie Pippo

      Claire is an amazing storyteller

    35. Khitem Es

      Hello i,m shanyssa

    36. Muhlise Seher Boz

      0:58 COCO is smiling

    37. Cik Mawar

      Lulu soooo cute...😂😂

    38. Roshan

      2:32 Lulu s suddenly changed the goal 😂...power of snacks

    39. ICN saitama

      Lulu the most cutest cat i have ever seen in my life 😍❤️

    40. Loutre Sauvage

      When you hard lvl up your character for the last boss, but its not enough

    41. sound_ crab

      Lulu just stole my heart ❤

    42. lane20062

      Baby LULU baby LULU baby LULU ❣️

    43. parry ninati

      I can experience pets for free for your channel

    44. Elena Dobrovolski

      I love Lulu

    45. crazy eye

      Lulu : too many training get hungry fast never mind train again eat more😼😼

    46. 3 H Đ


    47. Puppet_gaming

      Oh no

    48. Mei 00

      I like how claire put alot of sound effect when they fight or eat 🤣🤣 Kkakkung 👀

    49. anica shi

      lulu so cutee

    50. Batata Frita

      Hey LuLu why did it have to be so funny?

    51. K Aziza

      Luuuuuluuuuuu youre so cuteeeeeeeee

    52. Matilde Lopez


    53. Joy Tolentino


    54. Cak Wik

      Without bgm this is only cat daily activities


      kenapa TT suka olahraga kincir itu ? 2:06

    56. Vijay diwaakar

      Is this cat a cross breed of cat and a rabbit?

    57. 코흘리는 부엉이

      2:09 제 무덤은 여기

    58. dara Shivanath

      Put mirrors by the surroundings of cats and make a video

    59. Jeoffrey Derisbourg

      What race is Lulu please?

    60. Adithya Dileep

      dodo looks like DD's son

    61. •Lavender•

      Even though it's like lulu is going to get revenge it seems he doesn't know anything😅🤣

    62. joemad

      yes master LOL!!!

    63. Kerry Gligorovic

      😃😄😅😂🤣So after all those silly training, Lulu is ready to have a rematch with DD😼👊💥🏆..... right after snack😻💖🥩 and some cat nap😻💤💤💤.

    64. Ezekiel Willgren

      how are you


      Love Lulu 😀my fvrt

    66. Natha Kayana

      im not the youtouber ok

    67. Natha Kayana

      please like and comment share and subscribe please

    68. Stems11& MrsKitty

      Be careful DD

    69. Lubna Ara

      I thought they would compete

    70. Janak Hema

      What breed is lulu?

    71. 긔요미민

      루루 너왜이래 사랑스러워~💛

    72. WTCELSO

      We want the kitten voices made by Claire. Please, please, please.

    73. Laura Almeida

      🐱 ♀ ♂️

    74. vlastimil1973

      Lulu "I eat everything" is the only reason I watch this.

    75. Paige Bailey

      Man... Lulu's growel is intense 🤣

    76. Tuna Ege Saygili


    77. Sara Connolly

      Mommy knew LuLu

    78. Siddharth Singh

      I think I love TT

    79. Mila Olga Butyrina

      It is so creative! Thank you, Claire! You need to make a long film with the cats.

    80. JaQba91

      Will be here a second part of Cat Wars? ;)

    81. MMKJ


    82. Pro Gamer

      I wish lifespan of cat is 100 years

    83. ارمي بلينك


    84. Софья

      издательство над животными !!!!!😭😭😭😧😧😧😧😭😭

    85. Vaastav Sahu

      Cutest opening in the video history.

    86. Deiane Quincena

      lulu my dearest, your'e so cute and funny😁

    87. 김수빈

      미친 뭐가 이렇게 사랑스러운거야❤❤❤🍔

    88. sir sm0ke

      never skip leg day... awesome.. xD

    89. Gospel Diane Scott

      love you, Lulu 😻

    90. Jenny Kim

      XD :D

    91. I love Michael jackson

      Lulu lol lulu😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    92. Rina Petrelli

      I made vlog about my 9 cats too.. if you wanna visit and support my cat please 😊

    93. priyadarshi raj

      Still using click n bait techniques even after hving so many subscribers.... Shame on u

    94. xirovinha


    95. xirovinha

      pedro tomo uym PAL PRO JUANZOLAS

    96. 박소연

      앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 간식 덕분에 평화🌟

    97. Biz Appsforyou

      I don't know how can I live without Lulu 🥺❤️🥰

    98. mrseverok

      Hi, what type of video cameras do you use? Camera models?

    99. Golden Panther Gaming


    100. Daniele

      I think she could write an anination movie's script, she has an incredible talent in doing these things. It's funny and even enterteining watching these videos. Really i watched movies and tv-series with worst story and worst carachters