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    Today, I played the cup game with my cats!
    Did any of them win?
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    1. faisal ibrahim

      TT it is amezing😇😎

    2. faisal ibrahim

      I love eyes lulu.. 😊😊😊

    3. Heretical fencing

      Ok. Claire showed that she is a professional in this game. What else is hidden in her dark past?

    4. Cat Dean

      DD ftw

    5. samu 007


    6. Vanshika Goel

      Lulu is the most funiest cat. I adore him. He is always up for food and taking everyone else's food, but think what you wanna think.

    7. MinnosCatMinnos

      😻🥰😂💖Cutie Lulu

    8. avalle0402

      DD is a *m a n*

    9. nur Nura

      How toto fells like humans learn like in school and why lulu is food lover

    10. gdlywom

      And he purred when he ate the snack. Good boy, DD. Good boy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. cotton candy sweet that's Milly

      Why dose all the videos title always have lulu in the title

    12. ecemin dünyası

      sena günayı takip etmenizi tavsiye ederim çok güzel videolar yayınlıyor.ve çok fazla emek veriyor .bu arada kendisi de tıp okuyor videoda da belirtmiş zaten .hobi.sanat fln her şeyi yayınlıyor bakmanızı tavsiye ederimmmm.kesinlikle prim değil .sadece hakkı olanı almasınjı istiyorum o kadar

    13. Andiku linggi

      Claire I have a request. Make videos of your cats on a walk outside with you. Who would love lulu taking a walk outside raise your hands🙋

    14. 김짜리


    15. kathy meeks

      DD is so smart and handsome!!! 💖DD💖

    16. AliceinWonderland

      I think DD is part MaineCoon and we all know they are the smartest cats.

    17. softkitten

      The last part is soooo cute

    18. Bernard Sherry

      What breed is LuLu

    19. J Franc

      I have 4 cats and they pretty much hit each other on random occasions but it doesn’t mean they hate each other. Pls stop antagonising TT. She’ a cat! Pretty sure there are videos of her showing affection to Chuchu and the others. Haha

    20. ART MANIA

      Wow I love lulu so cute

    21. Eloïse Giannelli

      I know that cat can't "remember" that things exist if they can't see them.

    22. MİNNOŞ TV

      Lulu I love

    23. Audrey Visintine

      DD big brain

    24. Tiffani Nichole

      Good job, DD!

    25. Lily Hobayan

      LI ER Pool Notre

    26. Lily Hobayan

      One Sports

    27. Holme Babie

      Isn't Lulu the cutest kitty ever? And Claire always teases Lulu the hardest!

    28. robert moore

      LuLu should have his own series. Lol

    29. Alifha fauzara naldi

      Is funny

    30. TheSongBirdRainStar

      1:26 Tt is like “how dare you presume to locate the snack before me! And in front of mom too!”

    31. Mike Calderone

      LuLu : " Ok fine, you won't give me the treat, I'll just eat the cup instead"

    32. Лариса Галатинова

      Ha-ha-ha!!! 👍💕💓💖😻🥰😘😍🐱😸👏👏👏

    33. risya nantya

      Lulu lucu sekali😂😍😍

    34. Gidon Mohamad

      2:17 because he is bread cat

    35. 레오가족TV Leo Family TV


    36. iklil munira

      Claire who us your camera men

    37. 즉시구독


    38. Black Stok Uchiha

      Türkler sayimiz ?

    39. Tess d'Urberville

      TT, I am so disappointed. Shame on you!😔

    40. Bruce John Shourt

      Failure. The noun.

    41. Suhith Wickramasinghe

      Very LOVELY

    42. SG GAMER

      Idk but I really love to see lulu

    43. chevy

      Just a casual day of Kittisaurus where Lulu tries to consume everything

    44. Ashstar WildCraft

      Omg ToTo is as big as his mama

    45. HereIAm247

      We NEED to se a video of Lulu (and the other cats, but especially Lulu!) reacting to surströmming (the swedish canned fish) XD

    46. Cyborg Ultra

      moral of the story: older cats are smarter 😂😂😂

    47. 아트센터


    48. DERT

      Lulu is mood

    49. Gina Harrison

      Did anyone notice near the beginning of the video what appears to be a beautiful diamond engagement ring?? If you are engaged, Claire, I wishing you both the happily ever after you so very much deserve. 💋💖💞💖👏👏👏✨👰💎💍💎💞💖💞💋

    50. Gina Harrison

      DD is brilliant !!

    51. Mohammad Omer

      So cute ❤️😍

    52. Ex Aequo

      I just discovered your channel. thank you for sharing your chats with us, it feels good to think and see something other than this new world we live in here in France

    53. Zaedelle Nicascio

      Of all the cats and kittens, Claire's kitten 😺 is the best😽🐈💜

    54. Afra._. m

      More videos 🥺? Me and my cat are in love with watching your videos 😍

    55. remita

      티티가 츄츄의 머리채를 움켜쥐었군요...ㅋㅋㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 마지막까지 발톱으로 털 움켜쥔것좀 봐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ근데 역시 둔둔이 아무생각 없는듯해도 가장 똑똑함....

    56. Precious Marhanyl Toquero

      I miss watching kittisaurus💖

    57. SeregaKhl

      Please more cats videos!

    58. 김현식

      루루안녕 ✋✋💗😁✌

    59. To&Bu

      LuLu is organized crime. I want such a cat.

    60. Tuan Puteri An-Nuur

      고양이 시대 고양이 새끼 0-1 개월 = 1 년 2 개월 = 2 년 3 개월 = 4 년 4 개월 = 6 년 5 개월 = 8 년 6 개월 = 10 년 후진 7 개월 = 12 년 12 개월 = 15 년 18 개월 = 21 년 2 년 = 24 년 성인 3 년 = 28 년 4 년 = 32 년 5 년 = 38 년 6 년 = 40 년 성숙한 7 년 = 44 년 8 년 = 48 년 9 년 = 52 년 10 년 = 56 년 장로 11 년 = 60 년 12 년 = 64 년 13 년 = 68 년 14 년 = 72 년 *이 정보의 출처를 알고 싶은 사람들을 위해 Instagram에서 가져온 다음 복사 붙여 넣기없이 다시 작성했습니다.

    61. Tuan Puteri An-Nuur

      CAT AGE Kitten 0-1 month= 1 years 2 month= 2 years 3 month =4 years 4 month=6 years 5 month=8 years 6 month=10 years JUNIOR 7 month=12 years 12 month=15 years 18 month=21 years 2 years=24 years ADULT 3 years=28 years 4 years=32 years 5 years=38 years 6 years=40 years MATURE 7 years=44 years 8 years=48 years 9 years=52 years 10 years=56 years SENIOR 11 years=60 years 12 years=64 years 13 years=68 years 14 years=72 years *For those who want to know where did i got this information i got it on instagram then i wrote it back i didn't copy paste.

    62. Triyono Triyono

      Ini youtube ya milik kakak claire nya sendirikan??🥰🥰

    63. Michelle Katay - Cuộc Sống Singapore

      Lulu is so cute, the way he flipped off the table. DD is so smart! :)

    64. Aakash Gupta

      Lulu is my spirit Animal.

    65. Johanna S

      Well done DD!

    66. ookiemon

      DD is not the TOP CAT for nothing!

    67. Tara Harmsen

      TT BE NICE

    68. To&Bu

      LuLu는 전 세계 유럽의 고양이입니다.

    69. krytacek1

      DD is a a boy?

    70. Calixta Tepes

      Lulu is my spirit animal

    71. Silence Bot

      Why is it always lulu who gets the attention?

    72. TheFastestLap

      Watching this channel for a long time now. I think I’ve finally decided that coco, momo and DD are the leader cats.

    73. Teo GX

      Lulu must be like "y u bully me"

    74. Faith Bleac

      Lulu never fails, just does things Lulu's way 😹

    75. Oofo Bevs

      A certified epic fail yes indeed.

    76. Lolipop Piruleta

      hello , I speak Spanish

    77. Motivation Adda

      Can someone tell me..which kind of breed this cat is...??

    78. Sam Raffael

      0:30 hm i noticed a ring.. will the kitties have a dad?? :D

    79. Romantic would

      my fav LULU 😘😘😘😘

    80. twiggy

      I really good ClaireLaugh in this one!

    81. N Mr Wanstorm

      Can anyone help me to pronounce the name of the channel 😅

    82. Syakisalmon

      Why all names of last videos contains Lulu on title and preview, there are 9 other cute and awful cats besides LuLu, at least...

      1. Syakisalmon

        it's not like I don't like LuLu, but he gets so many attention in contrast to other cats.

    83. Heather Pearce

      My 3 kitties HERO IS DD THE SNACKMASTER!😍❣

    84. Damar Maulana M.

      DD is the smatest than anyone in kittisurus


      You have two channels 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    86. Elfida N Farras Razan - Aizia Aqilah

      Lulu Guemmeeezzziiiiinnn

    87. Jhumve Montalbo

      Chuchu is the sweetest fluffy princess 💕🌸💋

    88. om cat ( diddu re"e )

      Wow is good video and smart cats

    89. Leka Stil

      Даже не сомневалась, что DD найдёт. 👌 ЛуЛу, как всегда, идёт напролом, какая ещё игра, когда там еда? 🐱 ТиТи - грациозная злюка. 😉 ЧуЧу - такая миленькая. 💜

    90. Nik Nabeelah

      Owh, thats just mean to do that to Lulu

    91. Shakib Ahmed

      Yeah, lulu is the world's most adorable 🐈🐈🐈

    92. Rory_Pond

      LuLu never fails He merely *ahem* _falls short_ 1:03

    93. Banfrionsa

      Lol l

    94. T Dawg

      2:26 as he should

    95. Jihate Nexon

      Clarie give lulu the hardest level and give others cats the easy mode loool

    96. Bethany Hong

      Thanks for sharing ☺️

    97. Marvie Dequilla

      DD is very smart cat

    98. Sheky The Cat

      These cats are really so smart😸🤗👍

    99. Zainab Ali

      I feel so jad for chuchu shes just a teddy beat in her own world who doesn't bother anyone. Why TT?:( BTW u still love TT 💘 and chuchu 💋💝💝💝💝💝💝)

    100. Julia Hernandez

      Chuchu was going to get the snack but TT stop her no fair. I call cheater!!