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    Today, I played the cup game with my cats!
    Did any of them win?
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    1. MC Filwriter

      DD’s smart...

    2. Faizul Azim

      Lulu Vs Cup!🤣

    3. Rhiean B. David

      Lulu: my cup now

    4. Aakash Pullat

      I'm starting to think that TT's form of love is *smack*

    5. eruii!

      DD is such a smart boy!

    6. Paige Else

      You had to go spoil this video by including Toto🤮

    7. Cat Lab [official]

      cute and funny cup game

    8. Christina Bormann

      I love lulu so much. His mouth. Lovely.

    9. TraverseIce

      DD has a big brain under all that floof

    10. joana gonçalves

      Love DD

    11. WingDing

      02:37 루루: 벌써 밤인가오?

    12. WingDing

      진짜 유튜브라는 사이트는 천재다.......어떻게 이런 영상에 좋아요를 1개 이상 붙이지 못하게 하냐....? 진짜 고문에는 소질 있는 사이트여

    13. Jay Rob

      DD moved the cup and then smelled the table where the cup had been, that's how he found the treat. Very clever cat!

    14. Content Production

      Toto girls???

    15. Bubblegum UwU

      Thats so cute

    16. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu is so funny when he acts clumsy

    17. poeticaffeine

      that ending lol

    18. Millie Whitingham

      Even though your cats are cute, they still are smart. Especially LuLu

    19. AurelPlaysKid

      Haha Lulu😂

    20. Nico


    21. Miia Siukola

      Coco is my favorite cat😁

    22. Asha Patil

      1:27 But why though? Hilarious 😂

    23. Merjem Hodović

      Tis kjut

    24. Merjem Hodović


    25. Merjem Hodović


    26. Sabrina Lambert

      the video image is hilarious

    27. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    28. にゃーがいる

      うちのヤツらにはコップ1個でもハードル高そう(笑)。 …でも食いしん坊だからなぁ(笑)。

    29. Nadia Korzeniewska

      TT fight Chuchu 💪💪💪

    30. Nadia Korzeniewska

      LuLu sweety teeth ❤

    31. abdul samad

      What is its breed name??

    32. Kitty Horgan

      DD smort

    33. Marcon Cat Family

      *Because DD is a smartest and bravest kitty, even TT doesn't scare him.*

    34. Lost Moon

      Chuchu looked so offended when TT hit her

    35. Fandom Player

      I feel like dad is the smartest cat

      1. Fandom Player

        I mean dd

    36. kamanimi


    37. Aryanto Mardisudarmo

      Oh great now it's lulu's girl freind chu chu's turn

    38. Harsh Singh

      I like how tt smacks everybody 🤣🤣

    39. Jafar Sultan

      When I Saw Lulu I Start Laughing 😂🤣

    40. - ySilvër ;

      DD IS A HUMAN!!!

    41. Caribe Digital

      I like Lulu

    42. widda tafwidlotun najihah

      Lulu is the silliest cat i've ever met 😂

    43. Champ Shurado

      TT punch chuchu Chuchu was what that TT!!

    44. Patti Morton

      1:52 What did Claire say?

    45. Ajuss Fresh

      What kind of the lulu's cat?

    46. Harith Shahriza

      DD is smart bc TT dont know what is her owner doing TT is welcome to there. (SUB TO KITTISAURUS GET A MANY VIEWS AND LIKE)

    47. Steve Madden

      What kind of cat Lulu is ?

    48. Starry's Angels17

      Oh LuLu! You silly feline! >^.^

    49. Anna Ya

      1:05 What Claire sais sounds so much like the German sentence "Wo gehst du hin?", which means "Where are you going?" I can't belive that it sounds so alike and also makes perfect sense in this context.

    50. Jade

      When LuLu got the cup stuck on his head 😂😂😂

    51. karamjeet Kaur

      She is so perfect in doing that

    52. Amethyst Orchard

      is kittisaurus and creamheroes the same? I am confused, the butler(owner) name both are Claire, with seven cats with same name.

      1. Gibz Zero

        yes she has three channel creamheroes kittisaurus and claire luv cat



    54. IloveyouLenaKatina

      I could watch these videos forever.. sighs..happiness noises...

    55. Amelia Jarzębowicz

      Can I know what breed is Lulu ? ( sorry for bad english )

    56. B T

      DD is Yoda Kitty.

    57. 안뇽

      루루야ㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅏㅏㅏㅏㅑㅑㅑㅏ사ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅎ라ㅏㅏ앙ㅇ라라라ㅏㅇㅇ해ㅐㅐㅐㅐㅑ루루우리 귀여운 아기고양이😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    58. brian


    59. Sînziana-Ruxandra Paltin

      The amount of ideas Claire comes up with is incredible! Claire, I love this channel! :)

    60. itsme

      she's wearing a ring on a left hand~?

    61. Catclubandfriends

      Wow lulu is so funny he/she reminds me of me cat buddy but buddy is more destructive and bitty

    62. Marc Xian Magsino

      0:00 Lulu vs Cup

    63. meds pillars

      Dd's the typical lazy but smart mc🤣...."u think I'm dumb just because I like to lazeee around" said DD to......😤

    64. DARIN FGH

      What the- look at lulu 😂

    65. DARIN FGH

      DD is so brave!

    66. Furness Prime

      LuLu is so funny;


      DD, you're a genius!🥰🥰😘😘😍😁

    68. Budgie Mania

      I love lulu😘❤️ my favourite 😍

    69. ANS Lyrics

      cute lulu

    70. 새앳

      둔두니 똑똑하다 빵 줘라

    71. Shun A Robbi

      pls stop making a tittle name with lulu ! i cant stop clicking on it

    72. Nava santar

      1:28 TT:go away you are taking my task. Chuchu:uh? TT:you know what you sus Chuchu:wait but you the one who join my task.

    73. Azizah Lovely

      I'm like Lulu so cute 🥰❤️❤️❤️

    74. faisal ibrahim

      TT it is amezing😇😎

    75. faisal ibrahim

      I love eyes lulu.. 😊😊😊

    76. Heretical fencing

      Ok. Claire showed that she is a professional in this game. What else is hidden in her dark past?

    77. Cat Dean

      DD ftw

    78. samu 007


    79. Vanshika Goel

      Lulu is the most funiest cat. I adore him. He is always up for food and taking everyone else's food, but think what you wanna think.

    80. MinnosCatMinnos

      😻🥰😂💖Cutie Lulu

    81. nur Nura

      How toto fells like humans learn like in school and why lulu is food lover

    82. gdlywom

      And he purred when he ate the snack. Good boy, DD. Good boy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    83. cotton candy sweet that's Milly

      Why dose all the videos title always have lulu in the title

    84. ecemin dünyası

      sena günayı takip etmenizi tavsiye ederim çok güzel videolar yayınlıyor.ve çok fazla emek veriyor .bu arada kendisi de tıp okuyor videoda da belirtmiş zaten .hobi.sanat fln her şeyi yayınlıyor bakmanızı tavsiye ederimmmm.kesinlikle prim değil .sadece hakkı olanı almasınjı istiyorum o kadar

    85. Andiku linggi

      Claire I have a request. Make videos of your cats on a walk outside with you. Who would love lulu taking a walk outside raise your hands🙋

    86. 숏키


    87. kathy meeks

      DD is so smart and handsome!!! 💖DD💖

    88. Ellen

      The last part is soooo cute

    89. Bernard Sherry

      What breed is LuLu

    90. J Franc

      I have 4 cats and they pretty much hit each other on random occasions but it doesn’t mean they hate each other. Pls stop antagonising TT. She’ a cat! Pretty sure there are videos of her showing affection to Chuchu and the others. Haha


      Wow I love lulu so cute

    92. Eloïse Giannelli

      I know that cat can't "remember" that things exist if they can't see them.

    93. MİNNOŞ TV

      Lulu I love

    94. Audrey Visintine

      DD big brain

    95. Tiffani Nichole

      Good job, DD!

    96. Lily Hobayan

      LI ER Pool Notre

    97. Lily Hobayan

      One Sports

    98. Holme Babie

      Isn't Lulu the cutest kitty ever? And Claire always teases Lulu the hardest!

    99. robert moore

      LuLu should have his own series. Lol

    100. Alifha fauzara naldi

      Is funny