Juice Carpet Challenge! Don’t Let It Burst! | Kittisaurus


856 Tsd. aufrufe81

    Today, I prepared a lot of juice for myself!
    How will my cats deal with this?
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    1. Anjali Gharat

      DD is seriously the fluff ball.......I love him/her .....I don't know her/his genderπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    2. Kyle Glenn

      Lulu kinda resembles a cute version of Godzilla. You can't slow him down.

    3. Kristina Mertic

      Lala is cute princess his walking with paws

    4. Meenakshi Sizzling

      Lulu is sooo fat Looks so cute I m fat and looks like a pumpkin

    5. Parwati Khathayat

      Dd is fluffy

    6. Kavita Daga

      Im so in love with lulu..adorable❀❀

    7. Skyllie _

      Capri - sun mdr

    8. Lenka PekΓ‘rkovΓ‘

      Hej mami Perfect míč

    9. Divya Raj

      I've seen so many videos of these cats...Bt still I couldn't decide...wHich one is my favourite ?? Do u feel me ??

    10. shinning star

      I likes your lulu wery much

    11. Seraphina91

      The cats are like.... "oh no... why this hallway is different every week???!!" Coco is like a gps recalculating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    12. enakshi parua

      I feel like in our maths class after school opens after the pandemic we will get questions like Mary bought 170 bottles of sanitizers each containing 500ml of sanitizer. How many litres of sanitizers does she have?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    13. auliya prachasti kirana


    14. UwU Productions

      When DD was running to the juices it was more like a huge fluffy bouncing ball than a cat

    15. Kitu's Junkyard

      2:44 meeshom akompeesh nyat degool? washa gool?



    17. Tarulata Haribhakta Behera

      Your cats are very cute

    18. Srija Das

      Wow!! Exactly wow!! Was that the first time I saw DD run??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But I really think Claire needs to get that extra fur off him. Having so much fur is obviously not good enough.

    19. Sally Bruner

      All of the kitties are very cute, but Lulu is just my favorite! I love the standing up to surmise the situation! I think the short legs and those eyes are just the best combination!

    20. David Owen

      Just stupid promorion for Capri

    21. pat a

      Have you tried a hall way of packaging peanuts? Those little foam things

    22. sheba mahndi designer sheba mahndi designer

      I love lulu😘😘😍😍

    23. Chimmy ;; Chen

      Every video I watch I am still impressed by the elegance and delicacy that TT has to do things

    24. Europapark Suchti Adagio

      1:55 🀣🀣🀣

    25. sukiyiira

      The part when Lulu said peekaboo reminded me of anime characters sliding though the door-

    26. Make A Mess With Me

      What type of cat is Lulu?

    27. Rinzi Hussain

      So now we know why they call DR. COCO πŸ˜€ He is educated

    28. Daniel Blois

      Lulu is always determined

    29. Anthony

      wow u have so much comments

      1. Anthony

        imagine if you went to singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

    30. Anthony

      i love the coffee β˜•οΈ op just kidding lol

    31. Anthony


    32. Anthony

      dodo and nana are new cats they’ve got so much fun and u know my brother always has his own cat

    33. Anthony

      lulu is so amazing πŸ˜‰

    34. Ashwini Gunde

      DD is so fluffy

    35. Nicola Chita

      typical capri passion fruit XD

    36. ぀Pattis Chan぀

      Coco is loading...

    37. The Harmacist

      Where did you get so much Capri Sun?

    38. Izabella Gameplay

      You cats so cute!!

    39. Treenipat Daungsingh

      If I have a cat I will name him Su su su shi !!!!!!! 😚

    40. Shooting Star

      Lulu standing on his back paws is adorable

    41. CookiegirlJudy


    42. Oni

      **Capri Sun dances**

    43. lorraine bennett

      i think lulu might be part meercat lol

    44. fuzzy forest fox

      What type of cat is lulu?

    45. Zoe RamSchul

      1:54 jajajajajajajajaja

    46. R Rojas

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    47. Nada Jaber

      Meow the heck 😹😹😹

    48. Isabella Yan

      1:45 Was I the only person who actually thought they had bad internet connection?

    49. matildalemp

      She is so cute

    50. matildalemp

      What is TT for a cat breed?

    51. Ithaa Nuryani

      Halo kakak, saya dari Indonesia, Kalimantan Barat. Saya suka sekali vlognya kakak dan para kucing😻 saya selalu nonton semua vlog kakak. Saya suka semua kucing kakak, tapi yang paling menggemaskan yaitu LuLuπŸ€—

    52. kitta the cat and his friends

      2:56 TT is a supper cat she trasformed herself to Coco then DD

    53. kitta the cat and his friends

      1:54 DD was doing morning jogging suddently a obstacle apeared the juices did not want DD to get thin and slim

    54. playful kitten


      1. playful kitten

        Helloooooooooooooooooooo!!! >:O

      2. playful kitten


    55. playful kitten


    56. TheAmazingfulOne

      Lol, sponsored by Capri sun?

    57. Mopha Mopha9

      Claire:*walks into the store* Workers: SHes here for more stuff....... Claire: hi can I have like 100 juice boxes πŸ§ƒ+ πŸ“¦ =juice box so yeah 100 please

    58. Met3lAngel

      She get sponsored?

    59. Huseyin AlΔ±yev Aliyev

      *Sponsored By CapriSun*

    60. Faqih AthaLa

      Is sou cuteeee

      1. Faqih AthaLa


    61. Dreamer

      "meow the heck" I love that.

    62. Mehnaz Aysha

      How dare you didn't give Lulu the maximum screen time!!!!!

    63. _Nafiah_ Ahmed

      Claire better donate all of those capri suns to water aid

    64. Connor Jacobsen

      The sound effects are a nice touch

    65. Bettie Turner

      nothing for DD.... mother cares not for us.... hahahah

    66. Nae Mey

      Uwielbiam te soczki i koty β™‘

    67. Safoora Rasheed

      Lala , coco and DDare my favourites 😍😍

    68. lenovo 10

      Everyone I see Lulu "oh Lulu "

    69. Sima Jha

      All cats are so cute

    70. Delico925 Irie

      why dd its so fat?

      1. Debora Melo

        He's not fat, he's fluffy. ... I'm serious. Watch the video of him having a bath. His size reduced to like half

    71. Fairuz Maydina

      Kittisaurus, i like your cats

    72. 황덕지


    73. Ana Marta Oliveia

      What is the breed of Lulu?

    74. Rich Baker

      DD is like "OH LAWD HE COMIN'"

    75. Becky Webster

      The walking affects for Lulu are so cute and funny

    76. Becky Webster

      Momo walk by whole buttlers building oh lord she's at it again. Walk off and tell the other cat Ok guys mom being werid again who wants to go first.

    77. DigDug

      Momo is the ultimate jazz.

    78. Wendyay55

      Claire, where have you found these sweeties?

    79. MQ

      The sound effects you used for DD walking up was spot on

    80. Cougar Serrault

      LuLu's look of determination is perfect. πŸ˜„

    81. Alexandra White

      We have to give credit to Claire for her great imagination to make such diverse amount of videos and all of them being very funny to watch, she's the main reason of the success of her channel and then obviously the cats, she's pretty much like a successful movie director and her actors (cats). I really loved every single video of her and her cats since the start of this quarantine, best youtube recommendation ever.

    82. beta nova neo

      If DD was king he would be called either DD the bread king or DD the chill

    83. Yeeter Son

      we can agree that kittisaurus is the only one that can use these kid channels sound effects

    84. Kushi C

      Lulu is the cutest one love from India😍😍😘😘❀❀

    85. Emma Keti

      U have so much great aides. Is awesome β€οΈπŸΎπŸ’–

    86. Tomichat

      Everyone CreamHeroes is back! Go subscribe to the channel!

    87. AgeOfIntelligence Augusta

      dd is the cutest of em all and lulu love em my cutie pie

    88. Aaron Neuharth

      Omg I am the 40k like

    89. Vanessa MEOW


    90. Lana Kensara

      I love your cats

    91. Tamsin Warlow

      Aww Momo to the rescue!!!

    92. Nursima Mat MF


    93. Camila Zamora

      Lulu Is like a zuricata

    94. Chaotic Dusk

      DD is literally just a walking ball of fluff

      1. ville666sora

        DD is literally the fluffiest cat I've ever seen. Mega fluff.

    95. T_h_e__e_n_d

      like and look at your last number 1 - LuLu 2 - DD 3 - TT 4 - LaLa 5 - ChuChu 6 - CoCo 7 - MoMo 8 - Mommy cat 9 - Kittens 0 - Claire if i forget something please tell me in the replies

      1. Tran Linh

        oh my my mom's number is MoMo and my dad's is DD :DD

    96. No albi

      μž₯μ• λ¬Ό μ±Œλ¦°μ§€ λ³Όλ•Œ 편견으둜 μ²˜μŒμ—λŠ” μ•ˆμ’‹λ‹€κ³  μƒκ°ν–ˆλŠ”λ° 은근 λƒ₯μ΄λ“€ν•œν…ŒλŠ” ν™œλ™μ„±μ΄ μ˜¬λΌκ°€λ”λΌκ³ μš” μ§‘μ‚¬μΉœκ΅¬λ“€λ„ λ”°λΌν•΄λ΄€λŠ”λ° 뚱λƒ₯이듀이 ν•˜λ£¨μ’…μΌ μž λ§ŒμžλŠ”λ° μ΄μ œλŠ” κ±Έμ–΄λ‹€λ‹Œλ‹€λ©° κ³ μ–‘μ΄ν•œν…Œ ν˜ΈκΈ°μ‹¬μœΌλ‘œ ν™œλ™μ„±μ΄ λ†’μ•„μ§€λŠ”κ²Œ 은근 μš΄λ™μ— 도움이 λœλ‹€κ³  ν•˜λ„€μš”

    97. Vollification

      I tried to block a hallway my parents cat passes every day on his way to the food bowl using some empty plastic jugs. He looked at them for two seconds and just went straight through them without a care in the world (he's quite old). "I'm not playing this game. Where's my food?" I can see him jump around like in the movie when he was younger. But now he only jumps to lower hights (like the couch) and wants a lift to higher hights (like the table). He is like an old little grandpa cat :)

    98. Edgardo Gotana


    99. TamilMusic HD

      Oh no.. LULU losing his fans.. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”