I Found LuLu’s Worst Enemy! | Kittisaurus


1,9 Mio. aufrufe288

    Today, I made lemonade for myself!
    LuLu thought I was making something for him!
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    1. Ely Gusion

      Excited over nothing😂

    2. Harlan Thompson


    3. Как Дела?

      1:30 это что чайка кричала? Или лебедь?

    4. Aya Hammad

      What breeder did you buy your cat from?

    5. Royale Dior Fan Srour

      Lulu's WORST ENEMY!

    6. Gustav

      cats hate citrus fruits since they got a very sensitive nose

    7. Lynn Plays

      Lulu is cute

    8. Zeynep Sena

      Are you Turkish ?

    9. Honor Of days

      I like how claire is having a nice lemon juice and lala is just looking at her making the juice

    10. OJ BK

      "lulu" the only cat i want more than a dog.. the short legs the short ears and the fats ???? the most important thing is (he eats everything lol...) SO QQQQQ

    11. *ADI 3*

      Meanwhile my bird LuLu: OH MA GAAD WHAT IS DAT

    12. don't talk to me

      Lulu is the cutest

    13. GhosToxic Kun

      Lulu is me favorite cat

    14. Annoying UwU #freeporçay

      0:12 her nose look like paris tower :D

    15. Farida Nur

      Why lulu ia so cutee

    16. Syaidatun Nur soleha

      I want lulu 🐈

    17. Maria Gankin


    18. Alfian Ezza Raditya

      tips : if your cat eating your food just put lemon in it

    19. Jenessa Paraiso

      All of them

    20. Jenessa Paraiso

      I love your cat's

    21. misti Das

      Lulu is my Fvrt😘😘

    22. Aakash Pullat

      Time to make a Lulu Containment Ring

    23. Muhammad Hady Aqil Mohd Hisanudin

      Finally, there's something lulu can't eat

    24. Kayleb0628

      If that’s what they really thought ahah

    25. Jessie Rose

      My cat hates citrus too 😆 It was the funniest thing when my hubby discovered it. It's like he's scared and/or offended by the smell haha

    26. Doctor Algy

      You want some lemonade with your ice?

    27. Kyrill Graf

      My cats are scared of bannanas

    28. Larisa Agafonova

      Как же у них там вкусно пахнет☺🐈🐱😻❤👍💋

    29. lebolyon 69

      I like lemon very much ,it’s good for health.it’s anti-oxidant ,anti bitterness and stomach pain.i love to drink or eat it in summer Lulu ,u are missed something lol 🤣

    30. ev aomine

      Lulu is the best

    31. space sphagnum

      Is it the first thing that lulu didn't eat

    32. Meriç

      Impossible! Something Lulu cannot eat. 😎

    33. Woni the cat

      Same like me, Lulu 👋☺

    34. Susmita Acharya

      Ooo lulu is sooo cutee....😋😋😍😍😍

    35. Randy Ariston

      Lulu the snack smeller

    36. hawkcat the gamer67

      Lulu : I hate LEMON


      Sentence of history A few moments later

    38. Alexandre Millette

      What is the race of lulu I love so much

    39. ÒwÒ

      no one: my sister: *LULULEMON!*

      1. Saly dooble


    40. Lala Feii


    41. yuri the fox kz

      its so cute

    42. Мугамба Алибабаевич

      Шайтанама.Пащиму этама кошкама токой страшний?Ногы кароткий морда липястий.Этама кошкама точна мутант

    43. edu pro

      Lala tt

    44. edu pro


    45. edu pro

      Hi cat

    46. edu pro


    47. edu pro


    48. Kocik Adi

      Lulu: **Literally can eat anything** Lemon: I don't have such weakness


      lemon demon

    50. Ramunah Mohram

      Cute Lulu!!!! I love you Lulu cute!!!!

    51. among tv

      I like lulu's reactions so much

    52. Tazmin Hossain

      Which breed is lulu?

    53. David Lonnqvist

      I get bored by things explicitly about me. /Cat

    54. Sheila

      Their fusion will be LuluLemon

    55. bibi kawaii

      Lulu is cute and funny💗💗💗😁

    56. 배그 유튜버를할 것이다

      요즘 고양이들이 잘 지내나요?

    57. Оксана Таращук

      Cats hate citrus fruits. I had a cat that have the same reaction to an oranges and mandarines. That was a way to keep him away 😁

    58. George W Bush Center for Intelligence

      Cat just accused you of being a terrorist . that's why I'm a dog person .

    59. khoerul akhbar

      Sebagai penyuka kucing terberat saya mengatakan owwwwww

    60. khoerul akhbar

      Jadi ini orang indo atau orang luar?

    61. FJ in the kitchen

      I like your cats especially lulu I think it was the leader of the Cat group because it is comes in every VDO and say his line first😊😺😻

    62. Amar G

      Lots of lemon to lulu.

    63. Anggia Sinjar

      Lulu is always in a state of shock, disbelief lol

    64. Biswajit Behera

      Cats are adorable

    65. Andy Tan

      No lululemons I guess

    66. Yogesh Kolte

      Lulu is like Mr Bean

    67. ᭙ꫝꪗ ꪖ᥅ꫀ ꪗꪮꪊ ᧁꪖꫀ

      Lulu is my favorite cat now

    68. super legend x

      Clair laughs me dies🤣🤣🤣

    69. Azizan BIN ABU SAMAH

      Dear Claire, why are Lulu's paws so cute and adorable... 😍

      1. Оксана Таращук

        They are so short OMG

    70. Tupoelf

      Cat on a table. Got worms?

    71. Shalyn Spanos


    72. Minh Ngọc Ngô

      Why em very fast ? =)

    73. zulnorain zubair

      one to day do

    74. ChesterSnap

      "Maybe I can bother me until she feeds me" You have a cat that does that, too? Mine will come and make sure she's either sitting on me or at least in my line of vision up to two hours before I actually feed my cats normally 🙄

    75. Gonika Batra

      I wonder if lulu was a person what kind of person it would be😂

    76. Gonika Batra

      The best part about thses videos are the captions😂

    77. Varunika Saravanan

      Lemons. The only thing not Nyum Nyum.

    78. Snow Queen

      I want lulu😭😭😭😭

    79. *REDACTED*

      Lulu vs Lemon? What's next, Lulu with a Lemon wearing Lululemon?

    80. Anokhi baatein

      If you want to keep lulu on diet give a lemon 🍋 Then lulu say I will not eat

    81. Vollification

      This is Lulus world, we are just living in it :p

    82. Lilis Hamidah

      i love lulu ...

    83. The_Viking

      Could you tell me Lulu's cat breed?

    84. Max Brown

      she's making a bomb! That's going in the best of lulu compilation

    85. DOUGA

      Omg lulu hates lemon😂😂😂

    86. Zen Ro

      no matter old video old new one.when i see cat.i click it..i love cat

    87. 정명철

      두리안도먹는루루가 피하는것도잇넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    88. TraverseIce

      2:01 "She's making a bomb!"- Lulu 2020

      1. DoctorDuck_ REDACTED

        Allahu acat

    89. TraverseIce

      what do you get if u combine lulu and lemon? Lululemon (I'm sorry lol i had to do it)

    90. Lực Dương TV

      Chú Mèo có cái mặt ngầu quá luôn bạn.

    91. Fatih Cevik

      Then use it to protect the snacks from lulu

    92. a a

      💟 U LULU 😘😊😁

    93. John Doe

      Lululemon >:)

    94. Selia Nita

      Wkwkwkw lulu ❤❤❤❤


      Lulu: huwit

    96. Samir C. Cat

      "I'm so hungry I could eat a table!" Relate...

    97. Scottie Pippo

      She's making a bomb 😂😂😂

    98. Charmaine

      Word : Lemon Google Translate : BOMBS

    99. spending time with yiu

      Lulu feed time 1:02

    100. ronald harris

      The best funny video in history.