I Found LuLu’s Worst Enemy! | Kittisaurus


1,2 Mio. aufrufe137

    Today, I made lemonade for myself!
    LuLu thought I was making something for him!
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Vishaka Mitter

      Why , why God , why Lulu is so sooo adorable???? 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩😋😋😋😋

    2. gianni0521 uwu

      So basically cats reallllllllly hate citrus XD

    3. khutt khoro

      Lulu semakin gendut ya..

    4. Amanda syarafina Nugroho

      Lulu hate lemons

    5. Riski Harta Aji

      Lemon si alien

    6. Mukesh Gupta

      i am very much scare of animals even to touch any animal

    7. Ñight Animatøn

      All the dislikes are from Lulu

    8. Faiza Abbas

      I wanna hug him heee'sss soooo cuteeee 💕😘😍

    9. Cat and Dog's Life

      nice videos

    10. Ongki alexsander

      Lulu i ❤️ u

    11. Tasty Khajana

      Lulu why are you so cute 😍😍🤔😍😍😘

    12. Rahul XtreMeZzz

      Lulu and Hosico are the two cutest cats in the world,both of them look like cute plushies that one can cuddle all day and still don't get bored or tired

    13. Kylee D

      Me vs lemon

    14. Baby Mau


    15. Viktoria

      MURA hat jetzt auch Instagram :DD --> mura_die_katze

    16. Nadine Dorghod


    17. john thompson

      lululemon leggings

    18. Phoemela Mae

      U should put a namnam on lemon let see 🙏🏼😍🤣

    19. 44Sruthi 28

      1:22 you sniffed already maybe you should have left🤣🤣lulu

    20. ogi yulendo

      E.V.I.L " Every Villain Is Lemon".

    21. Lulu Family

      aku nama nya juga Lulu

    22. Turquoisehaykitty


    23. Chris Clapano

      Lulu + lemon = Lululemon

    24. disobey

      Can you make a 24/7 livestream with Lulu?

    25. Muhammad Nur Al Hafizzy Ramdani H

      😋Cute cat

    26. Ellen Teixeira Viturino

      Lulu is so cute !!! but my favorite kitten is Lala !! I mean, preferred💞

    27. ayunda mayang

      I love u Lulu !!!!

    28. PurpleSugar56

      1:56 I love that TT is trying to get Claire's attention ❤️

    29. kaneria nishtha

      I like lalu so much

    30. kaneria nishtha

      So quet lalu

    31. Naveen Garg

      Only thing other than lulu i focus was GLASS So cooool

    32. Tista Bhattacharjee

      At last Claire has made something for herself. B-)

    33. CatMaster8232

      Citrus is actaully toxic to cats, so that’s probably why.

    34. maths magician

      Content chor

    35. Bryan ID

      Lulu ❤️

    36. Silmara Bueno

      Lulu: always in the kitchen, always asking for food lol❤️

    37. Clarita Montecer

      R a eas

    38. Doorita Gt

      Desc Indonesia league? Or only me

    39. Kinda Halal

      I m a new utuber

    40. Rexxy

      Relatable. I too despise the smell of lemons.. not to mention the taste

    41. phantominway

      Title: I found Lulus worst enemy Fanbase: so lemons have chosen death

    42. Rifa Anjum


    43. Reni Faisal

      When life give you lemon Claire's: make lemonades Lulu: run away from claire's houseXD

      1. Artistic mind


    44. nasrat.2ahamed nasrat.2ahamed


    45. Conan Edogawa

      I can’t believe it... Finally finally Lulu can’t eat something: Lemon! I was waiting this since 2 years!!

    46. Kitty & Doggy TV

      LULU is so adorable

    47. Drama Queen

      I heard cats hate lemons is it right?

    48. Daipayan Nandi

      Lulu mastan zindabaad

    49. Robin gaming studio

      Lulu + lemon = lumon

      1. Alnikur


    50. Rayyan Ahmed

      " She is making a bomb " 😅😅😅😅😅😅 LOL

    51. Zeus & Dc

      He Said Im Snacks

    52. sks ehsdl aksgek

      루루같은 고양이 어디에 가면있나요 우리나라에 루루고양이 하나임 정말 귀한고양이!! 루루야 보고싶다

    53. Cef Ghi

      Lulu is a combination of cat iz and cat suri..... Perfect

    54. •Cxffee_Mxbrllz- Rblx•

      Lulu be hatin on ma favourite fruit

    55. Sabaton 44

      Citrus is something cats usually don't like

    56. 허정희

      ㅋ~용맹한 해적 루루도 무서운게 있네^^레몬의 시큼한 냄새~!뒷걸음치는게 넘 귀염♡♡♡

    57. Beautiful Life

      Love you lulu ❤️ u r damn cute 🤩

    58. Prachi Naik

      Lulu is too cute

    59. Yetik Setyarini

      Cute banget lulu aku ngefens banget sama lulu cuma kaleman DD

    60. Anwitha B

      She is living with so many cats. But in my house after begging and pleading I finally I got one kitten . I am so unlucky 😭. How many of you have experienced this give me a reply

    61. Tu ku

      Lemon works as a poison for cats and dogs :/ So please don't do these for fun or some views

      1. william. afton

        Cant you get a joke for once in your life

    62. Deiane Quincena

      lulu is so cute🤗

    63. Vikinglodge

      Lemon possibly the only food Lulu wont eat!

    64. mannu bhai

      LuLu:I can eat everything in the world Lemon:You sure about that?

    65. Prom Bophavatey-JR

      Lulu love everything but not lemon 🤣

    66. Cute Meow

      Ohhh so cute lulu, love lulu so much😍😍😍

    67. Star Glass


    68. Iram. Coronado


    69. Iram. Coronado


    70. Riley Plocharsky

      A food that Lulu doesn’t like😲😲

    71. Best Fish

      I love LuLu

    72. Aleesya zulhalimi

      Meh:Do lulu hate water???cream:yes bur no when i put snak in the water ;-;*meh:bruh ;-;

      1. Aleesya zulhalimi

        Oop but i meam sorry

    73. Razeinkov

      💖 TT + Lulu 💖

    74. Sir Spaz

      what is lulu's breed

    75. Grace VandeWalle

      Lulu has so much personality it cracks me up

    76. M y r a z e v a n a

      I found my enemy too! Homework.

    77. • OwishiYEEYEE •

      Why do u laugh like dat ;-; no offence btw ur catsr cute

    78. Yasmin Ansar

      Claire, why dont you talk to the kitties anymore... I miss your talk!!

    79. Ryan Hellyer

      Such adorable cats. I'm jealous.


      My cat absolutely hates the smell of bananas. Try it on your cats.

    81. Keith TKW

      I guess this is called.. Lululemon..

    82. Juraimy Ismail

      cat can't smell lemon it will harm their nose

      1. Juraimy Ismail

        @william. afton thanks bro:)

      2. william. afton

        @Juraimy Ismail you where giving false info so i corrected you

      3. Juraimy Ismail

        @william. afton okay?

      4. william. afton

        That is false

    83. Ag Laya

      Thanks for cheering me up have a wonderful day! :)

    84. MIRAJANE -

      Everytime Claire laugh , i will start to laugh. It was funny to hear her laugh like that.

    85. Arias Sheikh

      How many cats do u have?

    86. Ignatius God

      is it just me or is lulu's condition worsening? the rear legs thing... Stay strong Lulu!

    87. Maxi wuwuwu777

      0:13 soy postre a perdón soy Lulu

    88. х ы


    89. MsFortunateGt

      Dude why this feels like adorable home

    90. blue diamond crystal gems

      Lulu tastic

    91. HereIAm247

      I NEED to see Lulu react tu surströmming! XD

    92. IROSHIMAツ

      Lulu is very cute, everyone would like a cat like Lulu's beautiful

    93. Mohammad Zafar Eqbal

      Plz someone tell me Lulu's breed 🥺🥺

    94. ekaoji Oji

      I love Lulu 😘

    95. Reiland Marino

      Her laugh is the wierd

    96. Yevge Sha

      2:01 - Она делает бомбу, не могу подойти ближе ахах...)))

    97. Syrup&Wxffles

      Can we just talk about how A) How great of a actor LuLu is, and B) HoW fReAkInG cUtE hE iS

    98. Jenifur in WY

      Lemons= LuLu's Kryptonite...

    99. Koteswaramma Choppara

      Finally there's something lulu won't eat

    100. Barb Settler

      I thought Lulu and Lemon went together