How Long Can I Hug My Cats? | Kittisaurus


1,1 Mio. aufrufe53

    Today, I felt the need to hug my cats!
    Oh my god, they’re so cute and cuddly!
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    1. Tanji K


    2. AnimeVampireFanGirl

      Multitasking 😂🤣

    3. Aman Padyal

      I like sfx sound of cat foot steps

    4. Jerica Florencia Chan

      DD looks so fluffy

    5. Nanakdeep Singh

      Lulu is very cute

    6. TYOO 6 GMAIL

      TT the best 😍

    7. Sunita Saini

      Lulu is soo cute meow

    8. Seb

      Cette chaine DEfasts est BEAUCOUP trop adorable ! 🥰😋

    9. soravit choochuen

      I’m hyper boy, where is my fooooooood

    10. Muhammad Farel Hakeem

      Cats is the is the most CUTEST Animal EVER!!!!!!!!!

    11. Milo Shatoo Vlogz

      Claire is one lucky women!

    12. Bernard Sherry

      Everyone needs to hug a kitty♥️

    13. Tuan Puteri An-Nuur

      CAT AGE Kitten 0-1 month= 1 years 2 month= 2 years 3 month =4 years 4 month=6 years 5 month=8 years 6 month=10 years JUNIOR 7 month=12 years 12 month=15 years 18 month=21 years 2 years=24 years ADULT 3 years=28 years 4 years=32 years 5 years=38 years 6 years=40 years MATURE 7 years=44 years 8 years=48 years 9 years=52 years 10 years=56 years SENIOR 11 years=60 years 12 years=64 years 13 years=68 years 14 years=72 years *For those who want to know where did i got this information i got it on instagram then i wrote it back i didn't copy paste.

    14. Tuan Puteri An-Nuur

      TT And DD in cat age is 40 yo

    15. Jane Doe

      Claire and TT have special bond 😻

    16. A Post-modernist Stoic

      Lulu 🔥🔥

    17. Gacharobloxbea Official

      Ow men i wish my cat was like that my kitty scratch me when i hug her

    18. MBA AJMER

      DD chuchu and lulu are my favorite cats they are so cute

    19. h snorlex

      i love momo so much

    20. MANISHA BHOI 7thA

      So my most favourite cat is this 7 cats are LuLu , TT , DD and Coco

    21. Nathan Goossen

      Aw so cute =)

    22. Ling Thompson

      alternative title: cats are pillows

    23. Fattah

      Mmm.. I need your hug too

    24. Alexander MacNeil

      Cats are so funny when they're hugged. Sometimes they get the warm and fuzzies, and like us, they're sometimes embarrassed by affection. I still hug my cat often. ;)

    25. zoe naik

      lulu is the only cat who loves claire because she gives him food

    26. Im A C E

      Where i can find a cat like lulu its awesome 😂

    27. Sazid Al Islam

      where is lulu...i just love him!

    28. Micael

      누군가가 chayote가 곰 세 마리의 색깔을 가지고 있음을 알아 차 렸습니다

      1. Micael

        내가 잘못 말하면 브라질 출신이라 미안해

    29. Gulnaz Ab

      Lulu is the best - the rest of the crowd are useless :)

    30. FㄩㄈKᅳGᎥᑎA

      Saja jadi ingin menjadi kucing nya 😂

      1. i n d a h


    31. Tyler Leggett

      I've been following this for a bit now and can never keep track of how many cats you have. 2 shelter kitties is more than enough for me lol.

    32. Francesco Cosco

      Beautiful cats 👏👍

    33. Paradox Island


    34. explorer00237

      Hug me too..

    35. Poiisin


    36. Reese Rodriquez

      DD is a mini carpet

    37. Not Galaxee

      i had a cat like DD but it died :(

      1. BJ Uganda

        :'( F

    38. John Lim

      This makes me smile

    39. Floriano Gontijo

      I wish i can hug Lulu. ❤️🇧🇷

    40. GalaxyNightOwl

      Breaking News Suicide rate drops to 0!

    41. 김수현

      안아서 참교육(?)

    42. 6IX DAWG BOI

      Guys what type of cat is lulu and will he grow cause I'm new to cats and I wanna get one just like him

      1. BJ Uganda

        He is a British Shorthair, Scottish Fold and a Munchkin. That kind of breed is not recommended to buy as Lulu is a cat with some health issues

    43. step on me seokjin

      My fav is lulu

    44. Lily Savoie

      Lulu is all about food she will eat anything I'm surprised she hasn't tried to eat the hole house yet XD

    45. Priya thava



      I think, LuLu is that cute Pusheen cat💗✨

    47. Casey Portnell

      Maybe, I should do that to my dog?

    48. crumy playz


    49. Charles Bronson


    50. One Lonely Boi

      chuchu's last words , as she was being dragged into the pits of hell , were "where am i going"? she was never heard from again

    51. Annis Frihannisa


    52. Mr. Gummy Bear

      Like I need a cat who just cuddles bro, like its super important. I would get a dog, but meows are easier to deal with.

    53. Shveta Chopra

      How cute

    54. Da Porohobot

      Діз за російські субтитри

    55. saba faisal

      lulu squad

    56. Short Clips

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life. ....

    57. Samsung services

      WHAT how did you get so many cats .it takes £10000000 to get these cats 🐱🐱🐱

    58. Don B

      Hugs aren't snacks! - Lulu

    59. Masrath Afshan

      Lulu is cutest

    60. Ali Hamidi

      DD sleep like a human

    61. Kumar

      Hey Claire, I just love your cats. Are you single? if so let's get to know each other. Let's get married ☺️ 😘😘

    62. Claudia CastilloCastro

      Snack snack jajajaja

    63. Sidra Arshad

      Is this another channel of the girl from 'Cream heroes'??

      1. Sidra Arshad

        @BJ Uganda yeah just today i found her 3rd channel. Subscribed to all 3 of them 😂

      2. BJ Uganda

        Yew, she has 3.

    64. rizkia hapsary

      I want to hug DD 😭😭😭😭

    65. Andre Rostov

      Так долго пока кошке не надоест, мой кот начинает кусаться, типа отстань, надоел уже. Ведь они позволяют себя гладить. Странные, но приятные животные....

    66. Catify Co


    67. Dan

      So is Kittisaurusthe same as Creamheroes?

      1. BJ Uganda


    68. ibi q

      Claire show yourself with these lovely kitties

    69. Trendy Collection

      Lulu is like back benchers😅


      This is basically a Tom & Jerry show but In Live-action and without Jerry lol

    71. Peter Nguyen

      *AW MAN*

    72. Muhammad Nur Al Hafizzy Ramdani H

      l think you are cute like your cat

    73. aurixllie

      I love Claire's laugh

    74. Атай Сопнуев

      Momo my lovely cat!

    75. nisa

      i wanna eat lulu ❤️❤️

    76. Komal Kuku

      Why i need cats

    77. SchnitzelToast

      Your cats are so fluffy I want to cuddle them too...

    78. Shreya Deep

      Lulu always wants snacks😂 .... cute and funny ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.......

    79. SpaceX 2020

      I cant even touch my cat...she runs away

    80. Lauren Menzies

      Do just love how expressive cats are? Lol

    81. Verilucia Araujo

      Olá!Amo seus vídeos porque seus gatos são um amor. Eu tenho três gatos .🥰

    82. aloysiusSABNSK

      ChuChu: Claire up Chu no good. Its because ChuChu is the Chutest! Claire love Chu!

    83. Anthony Amolochitis

      My daughter watched Momo say "howdy" about a thousand times. If you can make new videos please give Momo a voice again 😁

    84. Fadli GamerPro


    85. Čičes Sk

      Thank you by showing me bum pats, Claire! My cat love them

    86. Dr. Pandey S. Kumar

      DD and COCO are my favourite . They are just *AdOrAbLe* and *fLoOfY* as anything . Who agrees hit like And who disagrees , ignore 😒

    87. David Knight

      Momo in the jar, too funny.

    88. Devika S

      Lulu is my all time favourite 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


      TT is so cute, the way she gives kisses to her mom....😍😍

    90. pri vate

      I love the sound effects on this one 😊

    91. Reno 212

      Aku pengen banget liat muka gadis itu.😥

    92. d7memohanna

      I've noticed that the female cats: TT. CHUCHU. NANA. LALA. let claier hug them enjoying that, whereas the males MOMO. COCO. LULU. DD. didn't enjoy the same.. maybe only DD just tolerated that for claier

      1. Molly Renata

        @Kamikaze Salazar Yes?

      2. sister shook

        @Kamikaze Salazar yes

      3. Kamikaze Salazar

        Wait a are saying me, lulu is MALE!!!?

      4. Springer124

        @yon mir lulu is male in the older videos or in the other channels of hers I’m pretty sure it shows their genders and lulu was a male

      5. sister shook

        @yon mir lulu is male

    93. Danish Peteer

      Lulu always thinking about snack

    94. Doris Day

      love the new kitties

    95. Ryu Amy

      momo chairman so funny 🤣 momo prefer bum pats than the hug 🤣🤣

    96. Wafirah Putri

      Awww so cute 😭 i wish my mom allows to have cats

    97. amah hida

      Lulu : snack, snack, snack 😆😆😂😆😂😆😂

    98. iza nami

      Maullan bien bonito

    99. seriouslycatie

      why does the whole "howdy" thing totally fit momo? someone buy him a cowboy hat plz

    100. images

      yes, DD is best