How Bad Does LuLu Stink? | Kittisaurus


1,8 Mio. aufrufe222

    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, I used an odor meter to measure my cats’ odors!
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    1. Prirty Ahmed

      I want lulu

    2. Dinda Ananing Rizki

      the plot twist ending! its hillarious 😂😂

    3. Seth Alijah Pacala

      Cats breath,cat poo: kinda stink. Claires breath: oof

    4. Adi Saputra

      Hmmmmmm. DED

    5. hoor noor

      Lulu is neuter cat?

    6. manulBogdan


    7. Ntxhiav Cha

      Toto and Nana looked so cute together.

    8. ? • M Ê K Ø • ?

      2:02 . 😐

    9. Joey Guillen

      LuLu has a acquired smell.

    10. Ntxhiav Cha

      It looked like that Nana was caring for Toto! Cute!

    11. 박애옹

      루루 똥꼬도 귀여워

    12. Edvinas P.

      Wow. So many kittens!😮

    13. the meepcity cow squad

      WHAT TOTO is my name irl

    14. Patti Morton

      No one... literally no one: TT: EW! Mint

    15. Adam Adam

      WAIT YOU HAD? NEW CAT??????????

    16. Cxco _plays

      Excuse me how many cats do u have i s it leagle to have this much cuteness in your house

    17. Pàpářaźžî


    18. Nawal Talusob

      Sooo cute lulu 🥰💖❤💝🥀

    19. Abdennour Bouhadoun

      J'adore sa ! Pas vous ?

    20. brandon day

      What is this thing measuring? Besides "smell" obviously lol

    21. Richard San Antonio

      Why in the end makes this now a meme?!

    22. Camme D

      Claire's breath :43

    23. NvasTXYGaminG

      1:22 2:53 LOL

    24. Dana Muller

      This was so funny!!🤣🤣🤣

    25. Aesthetic Momin

      When she did herself 😂😂😂 more than a sh*t 🤣

    26. reynaldo bartolome

      Who is CreamHeroes?

    27. Melody Mathilde

      Why would she put that thing so close to their butts? Geez you’re practically violating them

    28. Herren Karsemsak

      Surprised ending

    29. Kiyomi

      When your breath smells worse then cat doodoo:

    30. YusrainiTahir Yus242

      I have cat like lulu but my cat is a girl her name is lilac

    31. Firda Ningrum

      You re no yes with the lpiok NOS nes Nis yes yis yus khusus

    32. Renan Guilherme


    33. Renan Guilherme


    34. Renan Guilherme


    35. Miss Lucid Dreams

      That thumbnail 🤣

    36. Daddy Hanna

      lulu be like: noooooooo

    37. Zafeerah Husain

      0:29 I saw BREAD running 🍞🏃‍♂️

    38. Monsieur Morales

      Her laugh is so cute!

    39. Anuwat Yodvong


    40. Heroes 111

      Alatnya rusak atau gimana itu,awokawokawok

    41. Y5 Firefly's channel

      The cat's odors: below 20 Claire's breath: 43 WHAT THE HECK

    42. Jaedden Grant Ababon

      I did toothbrush all night how many days did you not toothbrush?

    43. stars nails

      Lulu: YOU WANT A BEAT YOU UP!!! DD: BRING IT ON!!! Lulu and DD: *Fighting*

      1. stars nails

        Lulu vs DD

    44. Njinga Siyothula

      does your breath really smell bad?

    45. seth hardy

      As long as it's not 30. It's considered good.

    46. Aifha Benitez


    47. Zakril Hakimi Shahril Assuan

      Claire trying the thing on her own breath:No.NO.NOOOOOOOO Me:”Walking away from Claire”, I’m not doing this because that thing is saying your breath stinks:/

    48. Lil Gr2y Xy

      I think Claire gets the number 43 is because she lets her cats touch her brush whenever she brushes her teeth

    49. Lulu Gamer


    50. {Commentier} 2M likes

      Her breath is 43😰😱😨 May be the machine is broken as it can't took LuLu's butt stink😆😂🤣

    51. Rubin

      well guys whoever wanted to kiss the cat lady "enjoy" because a cat butt is cleaner😂

    52. Ory

      prank dont give food 1 day :^

    53. john russ cool

      Oh you reminded me time to go now

    54. Dragon

      Nobody: Me when I saw that her breath was stinkier than cat turd: 0_0 8'D

    55. Diamond


    56. Rhema Shyan Lee

      The worst smell: your breath

    57. Titãñús Ghïdøráh

      She was crylaughing

    58. Jeffy Ng

      Dodo’s Doodoo I can’t 🤣

    59. • C h e r r i •

      2:11 “Butts” are actually one of the cleanest parts of our body as they aren’t exposed to a lot of things, and even if that’s where 💩 is, it’s cleaned daily anyway

    60. Patricia Reinhardt

      Sorry but i dont like lulu😞

    61. ꧁foxyfox CL꧂

      Coucou je viens de voir ta chaîne est c est très bien pour les chats en plus j en ai 2 donc sa me saurais utile un jour :)

    62. Sri Handayani

      Oh Lulu , Anyong Lulu"SHARANGE Lulu👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘

    63. XxBunBunsxX

      On no. Your breath smells worse than cat doodoo. That's real baddddd

    64. Evelin Szekely

      I fell bad for you 😂

    65. Desi Marshall Gonzales

      I laughed to hard I laughed in my sleep! 🤣🤣🤣

    66. галинка Алехнович


    67. Ibrahim Salloum

      How many cats do you have ?

    68. High Voltage



      stink than bad breath

    70. Benny

      plot twist of doom XD

    71. Cheesecake Lover

      Her name is Lulu? That’s the name of my FNAF animatronic and the name of my Minecraft Dog

    72. Ender Boy


    73. kermit _2Kmx

      DoDo like JoJo

    74. Teapot Channel


    75. Jamhyr Dieudonne

      Kid walks in to pet lulu Kid:immediately faints of stankyness

    76. Nøt Katsu

      I want o be you’re roommate please I treat my cat like a baby and if I’m there it will be a day care 😂👌❤️

    77. Mellowiana

      OMG LMFAO🤣

    78. Alyssa Villena


    79. carrom GAMER King GAMER King

      🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣her breath:43 😂🤣🤣🤣even more worst than the cat potty.

    80. Koko Koko

      Jesus loves you god bless you amen seek the lord while he may be found isaiah 55:6

    81. Rema Barnett

      Why is one of your cats name is momo that's cursed perpon

    82. studioJAKUBtv

      Lulu is cute cat

    83. Nao


    84. Arielle Atkinson

      Coco looks like booma

    85. umislandiam

      Eu gosto de toca no ovinho do meu gato, pq é muito fofinho as duas bolinhas, quando toca kkkkk

    86. ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ

      1:49 this one💀 I cant--

    87. Eli Alan

      2:18 you almost had 6 more cats

    88. Kobar 2kwkeskwk


    89. Jr는냐옹사우르스


    90. CreamPup

      Lmao the thumbnail

    91. Floom Boom O.o

      she's like me :3 my rating r 43 too

    92. Liliana Cardi

      The casting name is..........”MOMO” O. M. G

    93. Naida Oyong

      sow cute da cat

    94. SnowFlakes

      Omg your laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    95. legosi

      Your cat so cut and dummy cut

    96. Patricio Ovalle

      You cleaned it before putting it in your mouth??

    97. Molly Card

      how do you get 43 on that thing with you breath hOw i though cat poop was bad .-.

    98. Пиковая Дама

      Лулу и Диди это просто любимки мои 😎 Вонючки, но любимки 💖

    99. david iancu

      You put this thing in cats butt and after intro your mouth!😂 lol