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    Introducing DD!
    DD is very special and lovely kitty!
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    1. max f

      Hello DD for me this in your life

    2. Endang Kezya Zai


    3. pammyjazz

      DD really is my kind of cat. 😁😁

    4. Maria Victoria Salita

      Big cat with a dainty meow. Come here, you cream puff.

    5. elinmarlina 02

      dd is my vitamin boost:))

    6. FairyBeam

      The oldest, the fluffiest but with the tiniest meow.

    7. Rm Wasantha

      DD SO CUTE

    8. Brigitte Brunet

      DD is so fluffy and cute!!!


      dd is such a beutiful cat i wana have such one to

    10. Mizpah Gumaya


    11. Alex Storr

      DD is a handsome, funny and very clever cat ❤️🐱

    12. I’m Crazy Over you - Jennie 2020

      2:08 My cat does this with his feet is there a reason????

    13. popporooful

      Every moment of DD is a DD highlight!

    14. Lukáš Malý


    15. Gautam Bakshi

      He is truly a bread kitty 😍😘

    16. Nalini Bhaisare


    17. Milena Delgado

      DD te amo eres muy muy bello!!!😻❤️💛💚💙💜

    18. tiger pasha


    19. Marc W

      1:24 always makes me LOL.

    20. Kher Si.

      DD is much better than Lulu!


        I don't agree that maybe All cats are cute equally


      DD's Chattering is the cutest

    22. Ahmad Maulana

      DD has been living a glamorous royal life

    23. Cindy Driver

      DD is so handsome!

    24. Dewi Amalia

      Love DD

    25. person person

      DD's just the cat equivalent of a himbo.

    26. Dr. James Wilson


    27. ani asdfo

      DD is curious and adventure cat but his profile is like a doll, seeing DD I want to hug and kiss him

    28. I love cats and dogs

      DD the bread thief DD in a relationship with lala and nana and TT Me: what a good affair DD has with lala

    29. DragonSlayer’s Workshop

      “Call me... KING DDD” (Does anyone catch my drift? Eh? Triple D?)

    30. Javeria Mueed

      MY HEART ❤️💕💜💜❣️🥰☺️💜💜💕💝💕💝

    31. Dawn Woody-Poitra

      I love fat fluffy cats! DD is so innocent & sweet! Loves when he jumps in boxes & squeezes into small containers ans smushes himself up against the sides lol

    32. Javeria Mueed

      DD: trying to sneak in the BOWLS and get in THERE

    33. Ruby의포켓몬합체와물고기구피들

      디-디-귀엽다- 빠-앙-줘어-라-

    34. 보라돌이

      *진짜 둔둔이는 둔둔이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ*

    35. Diza Yovanka


    36. Laurie Jin

      2:10 🥰😍

    37. David Solomon

      I surrender to the FLOOF

    38. Melyana Irwan

      I love TT and DD UwU

      1. BJ Uganda

        TT is a tsundere to DD

    39. Iovu Ion

      DD is a huge cat. Sooo adorable!

    40. Sarmistha Bhattacharya

      He is sooo cuteeee ♥♥

    41. annisa putri

      When the cat like the king

    42. Pipip World

      I love himb

    43. scraperindustry

      DD is such a looker. Handsome baby

    44. Sarah Bernal

      Does anyone else think DD is a human in a cat's body?

    45. Your Daily Bacon

      I wanna touch and cuddle dd, his soo fluffyyyy 😤❤️

    46. Y& K

      Soooooo cute!

    47. Rimi Aya

      I died when Momo ran away lol

    48. Aiman Iqbal

      The most adorable cat award goes to DD

    49. Zaara Khan

      Dd is like the cat from secret life of pets Except instead he's 99% fluff and 1% cat I think... Right?

      1. BJ Uganda


    50. Pampeii

      I was actually waiting for all the cabinet/drawer/door openings by Sir DD

    51. 이은정

      여러분...디디가 털이 많아보여서 둔둔해 보이지....물에 젖히면 날씬한 애예요...ㅋ

    52. Scarlet J LOL

      DD is a beautiful cat but has a very playful nature

    53. Renee Milton

      TT is always so poised in the background hahaha!

    54. Shini Voss

      Oh love cat💖🐱😘😻😍

    55. Gavin Fegan

      What is... Just....?

    56. Atarie

      hello lazy cat 👁️👄👁️

    57. Jugg3rnut

      BEST. VIDEO. EVER. DD is my favorite.

    58. Omar Hantash

      I had acat same dd exactliy . He was very nice but he died .

      1. BJ Uganda


    59. pinpong leorio

      DD is my ultimate bias! ❤

    60. kalshadareyou

      Iz is still my favorite cat, but DD is 3rd.

    61. Enrico Vermeulen

      he's evolving

    62. Enrico Vermeulen

      DD is becomming more human than humans!!!

    63. Korupol Omlet

      I'd like to walk the path of DD

    64. Nizar Muazzin

      DD so cute and love box

    65. alltae uwu

      dundun is my absolute fav

    66. Parker Rion

      When dd meows it sound he can barely breath

      1. Parker Rion


    67. Manuel Lück

      DD big Kitty...DD Love

    68. images

      is DD really eat bread? or just playing

    69. 신정우


    70. xaif Xl

      DD love bread

    71. Tanzina Shampa

      DD is the prettiest cat in the world ❤😘😚🥰💖💖👑

    72. Kallysta Gacutan

      mAh man takes care of those baby kittens like a Dad ✊💓

    73. skz trophies

      I would like to order a loaf of DD Bread

    74. AvengerII

      If Lulu weren't around, DD would be the iconic CreamHero... The second-most things happen around DD. He's the one who gets into cupboards and closets all the time. He's the one cat who can stop Lulu just by sitting on him! He can also take a punch from TT and walk by like nothing happened. -- That's a stud!

    75. socio kartoff

      DD my love. DD the gentle giant. DD the soothing agent. DD the lazy elegance. DD the bread lover. DD the perfect milk tea. DD the perfect caramel toffee. DD the best closet opener. DD the biggest cotton candy. DD the sweetest murmuring meow. DD, I hope to meet you someday. And that day, will be the best day! Love from Delhi 🧡💜💛💙❤💚

    76. 박도형

      세상에서 가장멋진빵은 디디

    77. Yasmeen

      I also want a cat who winks 🐱😉

    78. 아이엠구루트

      that one is literally human

    79. Narmadha Yokesh

      매우 귀엽고 놀라운 DD

    80. H. Wei

      DD looks really cute with the flower crown

    81. Kristine Mercado

      He's like garfield well... Less lazier and more fluffier.

    82. MarieCarrasco143


    83. Elena Gangan

      DD isn't fat. He's extra fluffy 1% cat 99% fluffy FLUFFY PILLOW

    84. Rama Bary Baratha

      He is so laaaazyyyyy.. Even grooming himself. So the fur got too long. And the poo sometimes stuck in his butt.

    85. Rafi Ashraf

      He reminds me of Tiny Head from the Twisted Whiskers Show

    86. Bjr Adrian

      Look at me I'm special.

    87. T Apgar

      DD is my favorite, I just want to snuggle him.❤

    88. Musie You

      real majikan🤣🤣🤣

    89. R4nd0m Dr4g0n

      1:01 was so cute

    90. Rickypol 007

      Bready boy

    91. Niraj kanwar

      Love u DD ..... such cute cat ....

    92. Fleur D'oranger

      DD make me so happy. So, I rename his "DD therapy".

    93. 20_020 Farikha Intan Kiswono

      I need Highlights of Coco and TT😭😭

    94. Russell Herring

      1:47 hey bye dd: come back here oh shoot there I go

    95. Ruby Higuera

      I want a cat like DD

    96. J

      2:20~ Highlight

    97. snowie and me

      I love DD

    98. Sarah fawaz sfota2030

      Of course DD likes bread

    99. x_ ᴍᴀᴅ ʜᴀᴛᴛᴇʀ_x

      That’s why I love DD, he’s so floofy and he’s bread, I love his little meows and his human-y personalities, can’t forget to mention how he is liquid and sits wherever he fits. I love u DD!!