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    Introducing The Cat LuLu!
    LuLu is such a brave and cute kitty.
    Please forward all partnership inquiries to we@luvcat.com.

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    1. Juggninja24

      Am I the only one who squeeze the life out of that cubby cat (figuratively)?

    2. Saeeda Fatima

      I don't know but I Love Lulu from all of these lovely cats collection she is so amazing, naughty just like the most naught kod of family

    3. venkataramana chenna1990

      Love from india

    4. Mulkan • Mazya • Mikayla

      oh lulu lulu lulu lulu

    5. Akanksha Mishra

      I don't like any celebrity more than lulu, I just love him ❤

    6. RK's Tracks

      He is my dream cat❤️❤️❤️

    7. raisa aura maya

      he is so cute and food lover

    8. 666 999

      와 진짜 귀엽다

    9. Bèo Super

      This is tiger 🐅🐅🐅

    10. Bea Zacarias

      She's so adorable! ♥️

    11. Deepak D

      This is the first time I hear LULU meowing like this... it’s cute tbh....

    12. The Random Channel

      When snacks run out, Lulu is HANGRY

    13. Pets Match !

      Lulu Your soooo cute❤❤❤❤❤❤

    14. aris wutti

      ปัญญาอ่อนจริง lulu แมวตลก 🤣🤣

    15. Yarin Al

      You dare call a cat the name of the great ruler leluch

    16. Tukang Mancing


    17. jihan khansa madina


    18. General Aladeen

      LuLu is the most photogenic and entertaining cat on the planet...

    19. MİNNOŞ TV

      Lulu is love

    20. faisal ibrahim

      Tapi aku tak percaya je

    21. faisal ibrahim

      Please jangan lupa like ya... 👍👍👍. Ok 👌👌

    22. faisal ibrahim

      Lulu dari mama nya dan ayah nya dan dia campuran dari warna kucing.. 📕🎆🎆🎆

    23. faisal ibrahim

      Hi nama saya hani saya kelas 5 A saya ingin tanya bahwa Lulu itu campuran kucing...


      come to malay lulu in kL

    25. Clarke

      Lulu when he sees a Toy: (OAO)

    26. Lova 99

      Lulu 😍

    27. Thasleema Thaha

      룰루가 귀엽다고 생각하면 이렇게 😉

    28. Thasleema Thaha

      그는 너무 귀엽다 😻

    29. Sophia Avelin

      lulu is my bias. momo is my bias wrecker hahahahaha

    30. Halide

      Lulu would be a weapon to surpass metal gear except he weighs less than five kilos and is made almost entirely out of fluff, snacks and adorable.

    31. Syed Azim

      The most beautiful catwalk (Lulu walk) 1:38.

    32. Zweetzel Morcoso

      How cute 😊😊😚😚🤗🤗

    33. izzy. Z

      Does anyone know what breed Lulu is?

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

        Munchkin Scottish Fold

    34. Jan Škorpil


    35. SilverGamerBoy

      why you....... why you bully me???

      1. SilverGamerBoy

        how many dollars for lulu

    36. tonyminneapolis

      I like lulu


      There should be a part 2

    38. Demi scarlett Chavez nuñez

      Y lulu qui ere a chuchu mu cho

    39. Anna

      1.6k people missed that like button People need to practice there aim now smh

    40. Shivalee Abiraj

      I love his little nose

    41. Shivalee Abiraj

      Lulu is my favorite cat

    42. 이상한데 멋있어

      월클 루루 💚 사랑해

    43. Joe Li


    44. Merve Kaya

      ne kadar tatlı ya en sevdiğim kedilerden biri ❤😍❤😍

    45. 里奈


    46. aisyah aurel

      I have cat and i named it lulu Becouse the mouth are same! •A•

    47. Yeshel Mubasher

      I💗💗💗💗💗 lulu

    48. l̶a̶s̶t̶ b̶r̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ s̶a̶n̶s̶

      wowie he looks kinda cute at the beginning

    49. siymini Samarajeewa

      Love you lulu ❤

    50. reynx me

      Lulu my favorite cutee

    51. StraightOuttaCanada

      Idk i hate the music

    52. Kevin Mccarthy

      Every body loves lulu!!

    53. Goatman_ Rad


    54. Suvashis Sarkar Suvo

      The last scene was really something

    55. nostradamus

      한국에서 제일 인기있는 고양이 루루

    56. Amit SK

      I want to see Thurston waffles interviewing Lulu.

      1. BJ Uganda

        Better yet, Thurston Waffles + Lulu + Hosico. Wouldn't you agree?

    57. Huong Do

      I... have never liked a cat this much 😆

    58. Phantom Tex


    59. Fenris

      nobody: lulu cronching on everything he sees: h a m b o r g e r

    60. Alfer Amar

      Lulu so cute

    61. Detty DK

      Gemasssssss..,lulu...kangen nih..😻

    62. adelaide Arcidiaco

      Lulu is our world, our sunshine

    63. Manvi yadav

      So cuite 😽😽😽😽😼😼😼😻😻😻😺😺

    64. Manvi yadav


    65. Manvi yadav

      My cuite 😍😍♥️♥️♥️😘😘 Mera name manvi Yadav 😍

    66. Riyono Triwidagdo


    67. dzulkifli tahir

      so cute

    68. Septian Farhan

      Hmm im fresh in the morning frim looking this cutiest

    69. Naila Hanun

      Lulu is cute 😊

    70. Vemu Kumar

      0:05 very cute

    71. Areaka Studios

      Does anyone know what video this clip is from? 2:03

      1. BJ Uganda

        Don't know, try finding it in Creamheroes.

    72. Deepak Singh

      I love lulu

    73. Mariska D

      His short hands are my weakness 😭❤

    74. Annie May Lally Rickerby

      Lulu is an absolute treasure sooooooooo cute.

    75. SebSk

      2:09 We've all had that moment _For the love of god ladies, remember to wear cap or headband if working in a restaurant/kitchen

    76. Abyazurrasqa Armaghan

      I like lulu his sooo cute

    77. 박중석

      예쁘고... 귀엽고... 골때리게 웃기고... 뭘 알고하는거 같아서 ... 더 웃긴다...세상에서 가장 예쁜 고양이... 루루입니다...

    78. Arv Louis

      I mean big

    79. Arv Louis

      His eyes all was little to bug

    80. Neel Thakkar

      If I ever see Lulu in person I would eat up that cutie pie.. ❤️❤️

    81. Jewel Atkins

      If Corgis were cats.


      Oh so cute😍

    83. Elsa Bertrand

      What is his race please ?

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

        Munchkin Scottish Fold

      2. memeboi 47



      00.4 scared😱😰🙀 me 😱😰🙀scary

      1. memeboi 47

        Cat pog

    85. Paxton Thayer

      Cutest part 1:05

    86. Aditya Mandhane

      This is the video which started my addiction.

    87. Nabilah Nur M


    88. RetroJesse2008


    89. AndreiDerPizzaMag

      Ok DEfasts, i know that you know that i like cats, but that does not mean, that you have to spam me with it. This is 7 months old!

    90. How to DOC

      Their life is more precious than most of the people I know, more power to Claire and her cat family ~♥️

    91. P. SOLANKI

      Love you lulu❤️❤️❤️

    92. Julio Repi


    93. Kher Si.

      IS Lulu a HunchBack...seems like....Scottishfold ??

    94. Kher Si.


    95. Kher Si.

      If Lulu is too demanding....I will buy Him from You !!! ARE willing to SELL Lulu and get another TT ???

    96. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

      Ich Hab Dich LuLu ❤️💓 Du Bist Mein Katerchen

    97. it's me Sumire

      Why Lulu looks like Doraemon and ge kinda looks like racoon too 😂

    98. lobna ali

      I love Lulu He is very special, cute and funny

    99. Raihan Kurniawan

      Lulu look always °A°