Giving the New Cat Family a Home! | Kittisaurus


1,2 Mio. aufrufe59

    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    I’ve decided to take in the new cat family!
    I’ll do my best to make sure my 10 cats are always happy.
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    1. Mary Chua

      Beautiful bunch, Claire... I’m happy you decided to let 3 new cats into your big, furry fam. God must be bringing in all the love & luck to you for a special reason😉🧡🐈✨

    2. hapsari putri

      i have 10 cats too :3

    3. what_the_ma



      Lulu is too cute to handle / resist 😫

    5. aanniep p

      God bless you Claire 🙏

    6. Adel Adelia

      I 1000% i love all ur cat :>

    7. Loulou Kabbabeh

      لولو وحشة بس لذيذة بس حركاتها حلوة كلهن لذيذين وحلوين ونظاف

    8. Impostor

      This gave me memories of my pet cat named Tommy that got attacked by my first pet cat and jumped of the roof he was young kitten :(

    9. Manahil Usman


    10. Destination Travelers

      Lulu is a super star 🤩🤩

    11. Salsa Bilah

      I like your cat's

    12. Chaturth Shetty

      CoCo jumped so high

    13. MrFantasio5

      Cats are like candy fore the soul.

    14. Nurhidayat Syam

      All cats around the world need a human like claire

    15. Zobia Marriam

      Aww their so cute

    16. Marvie Dequilla

      This is a very good video

    17. Ne baktı Ulan

      Çokkkkkk tatlı şirin kdilerrrr 😍🥰

    18. Ryan Lifepool

      TT looks like senpaiiii 😆

    19. Anjali Gharat

      They are soo much cute

    20. Kalei Jordan

      I love the new cat family

    21. Zero Diamond

      It's funny how that gate was meant to keep DD out but Coco ends up jumping over it.

    22. Stephen Dill

      Keeping a 10 cat household clean is no easy task. Your videos are also top notch. 👍 Thumbs up for you! 👍

    23. Biplob Hossain Biplob Hossain


      1. Biplob Hossain Biplob Hossain


    24. Daniel KC Arica

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just knew that you will keep the cats. You are a wonderful person. From 7 to 10...i love how you take care of them. God bless.

    25. Y HU


    26. G2

      10 Cats... but you’re still everyone’s favorite Claire!💞✌️

    27. Marit op YouTube

      All the cats: eating the snack gentle LuLu: chomps the whole thing

    28. rrr_the_ASH_main

      Sound effects are kinda cringe

      1. Anijeet Kanjilal

        rrr_the_ASH_main nah not really. If you don’t want sound effects, go to 크집사 or CreamHeroes.

    29. Husky Hobbies

      Been looking for this video like forever.. why did it take me a month to find!!!

    30. Ana Rossi


    31. ZaksGaming

      Can anyone tell me what the stuff in the tubes is? I have 4 cats and it looks like hers really like it so I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is?

      1. fat cabbage

        Cat paste but it’s a vitamin one I think. For healthy bones I think


      Is so cute

    33. mary joy bubutan

      I love the way you laugh😊

    34. TexasDog3

      They are all so adorable.

    35. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      I need a movie on claire

    36. I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!

      Just a good guess. In the coming years there will be 11th & 12th cats coming.

    37. Ulfah Nur ilhami


    38. Cutie Cat

      103k 👍 594 👎

    39. Jersey Girl

      i knew Claire would keep them...i too am a foster but we have a large house and a kitty pen outside with a dog door..i just lost my baby Blue to kidney failure so i now have 9 cats..but my daughter is looking at a kitten so it will be 10 once

    40. karolina ush


    41. Tusi Chowdhury

      Whenever there is a snack, there is Lulu......

    42. I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!


    43. Zachery Wright

      I thought you were feeding them chocolate 😂

    44. Muniba Khalid

      One question how do u manage all those naughty kittens 😃

    45. Patti Morton

      The ending is giving me some TV sitcom vibes.

    46. AJ D

      DD from day one 😍😍

    47. Doris Day

      love toto dodo and nana

    48. Sophie Gotzmann

      Sending a huge hug to everyone who reads this! You are wonderful and everything is working out better than you could ever imagine. Just trust... and watch a few more of claires videos 😁♥️🤗

    49. Annie Lin

      Claire is the best owner!

    50. Shabrina Nurul Izzanisa

      Until now I still can‘t find the difference between Coco and Lala. 😅 is it Lala, who jump upon the gate? It‘s so impressive 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      1. Sandz

        It was coco hehe

    51. Shifanahiza Jasmine


    52. enakshi parua

      1:52 awwww the family scratching their head together is so cute!!

    53. unicorn rainbow's


    54. kristin preston

      LuLu ,LaLa, ChuChu, TT, DD, CoCo, MoMo, NaNa, ToTo, DoDo, and Claire are all one big happy family.

    55. Urooj Khurshid

      Please cut lulus mustaches please

    56. Sleeping Groke

      There is never too many cats.

    57. Abigailyeeter0 Chang

      I love this episode it is so sad but happy if you now what I mean!?

    58. Maica Angela Gene

      Coco looks like Snowball a character from the Secret Life of Pets. So cute

    59. sfabsto

      TT looks so sad 🥺🥺

    60. Helena Maria Garcia Oliveira

      Linda família! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 Sejam muito felizes! 😙😘😚😻

    61. SybilCreates

      Wow! You're amazing with cats so I'm sure you'll have no problems with 10. Best wishes to you and your fur babies.

    62. GAME ZONE

      Best channel for the whole family.(I love cats with all my might).ps - Claire is a person with the biggest heart around

    63. Synix

      What is lulu for an art of cat

    64. Nier

      dat laughing^^ ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah :D lul

    65. sivapriya kajaraj

      pls dont feed chocaltes Chocolate can be lethal for cats. Although most cats won't eat it on their own, they can be coaxed to eat it by owners and others who think they are giving the cat a treat. The toxic agent in chocolate is theobromine. It's in all kinds of chocolate, even white chocolate.

    66. Debbie Tomes

      We will Claire and we love you too

    67. Snow Fright

      Why so many dislikes? 🤨 Did they want her to throw them back out onto the street or give them back to the shelter to be put down? 😱

    68. Kitty Girl54321

      DD: I'm the best gate jumper in the house. Coco: Hold my catnip.

    69. StazC Blood

      cat : this is my home, and i finding to your new home humans .

    70. Maire Watkins

      1:05 I want in!

    71. aloxgo

      And for consequence of be in that home i guess Toto learn of Lulu how to stand in 2 pets

    72. ffrrmmss Otp

      Your cats are amazing... I like them very much 😊....

    73. CooperGal24

      How did CoCo managed to jump over such a TALL gate when DD couldn’t?! That doctor has such strong legs for jumping!

      1. Андрей Муравьёв

        DD is just too lazy for this. And fluffy.

    74. orhan gencebay dünyası

      nana dodo totoıyyyyy

    75. La pelotuda del año

      Aww ❤️

    76. Tnl Yolo

      LULU Most Hungryest Cat At Eating Snack And Food

    77. Aye - Mint

      There so cuteeeee!

    78. Maria Tini

      Lucu bamget kucing nya🐈🐈🐈

    79. Zigeunerweisen

      Does anyone know the name or artist of the song toward the end?

    80. Himiko Toga

      Awwww! :'( the kittens are so cute tho.

    81. Goat Simulator _ Tipps

      Ugh, I loved the channel so much. But now theses „new“ cats are here and they destroy everything

    82. AK-47

      The origins of a cat hoarder...

    83. Richa Tewari

      Nice Cats Claire Your all cats are cute

    84. Cat adventures

      Lulu is the world's smartest munchkin cat in the world

    85. Kalei Jordan

      That is too cute

    86. 마크에이지5 만들어지겠지?

      외국 전용채널이 있어다니 스케일 ㄷㄷ

    87. zahrotul fitriana

      When TT : "Watch & Learning" Little : "Im done learning" But...... Hhhaaaa.. ( I can't stop to laugh) TT: "be careful" Oh... TT very kind ...

    88. 멍훈


    89. EMERHAH ?


    90. Green Tree Squad []

      I have 1 cat and im.super happy if I had 10.cats id be so.happy

    91. 박소연

      헐 다행이다ㅠㅠㅠ 좋은 곳으로 갈 수 있을까 했는데 집사님이ㅠㅠㅠ 고양이들은 좋은 주인 만나서 좋겠어요😚

    92. dustin windes

      Lulu, Nana, Toto and Dodo are a family unit. Nana accepts Lulu Toto and Dodo accept the tutelage. Lulu loves them them all.

    93. The Indigo Papillon

      I am not a cat person, but I love both of your channels. Each cat has so much personality and your music and editing are purrfect!

    94. Philip Lombardo

      LuLu is high on the hog.

    95. Orio kung fu


    96. Sarah Williams

      It's honestly so amazing how WELL she takes care of her cats. Most people let cats do stuff on there own and be independent. But she plays with them! Gives them things to do to have fun and play around. Take care of little health things that most people wouldn't do with there cats. Like brushing the fur , shaving in-between the toe beans. They look in the best condition possible and honestly they look so so happy to

    97. FantasyGirl14

      Everyone should have seen this coming. You can't just 'foster' a cat and not fall in love with it. That's what happened with me and my kitty's been with me for two years already! Wish them all the love in the world! Also, what's the name of this song at the end? I really like it but can't find it.

    98. Coral_Bluesquall

      Squish that cat!!!

    99. Julia Moore


    100. Vi Blue