Foil Challenge! Do Cats Walk on Foil? | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I made the hallway sparkle!
    Will the cats like it?

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    1. Sara Connolly

      That was fun to watch thanks

    2. Mary Chua

      This one feels like the kitties are working through this challenge like it’s in a “Mission Impossible” movie. Think Tom C. with the kitties💣🐈😎

    3. Pepito

      @1:40 CoCo back there studying the illuminum foil. 👩‍🔬 "Hmmm...wait a second 🤔..let me see that again real quick. 🤨"

    4. Victor Dedkov

      nobody: me when i see my idle: 2:32

    5. Expressø Depressø

      2:05 Dem cats going to rob the treats from claire 😂😂

    6. Ethan St Firmin


    7. Dale M

      Lulu just dont give a F

    8. Gaming m&m

      7:40 😂

    9. P Purnam

      I want to ask you something that lulu is always in serious or sometimes he smile also tell I want to know

    10. Amin Tariq


    11. Amin Tariq

      Sub to Amin the great on DEfasts

    12. ABC ABC

      I think all your cats are lovely, but I find Coco perfect!

    13. Amina # Music

      make a room toure video plese

    14. Srija Das

      Did TT fly in the end??!!😧😧

    15. Rosmery Garcia

      Coco i really cant she can be working as a spy she got cat skills! *Coco is how you define ninja*

    16. Souza Silva


    17. 그림쟁이

      집사밈... 집사밈은 영어가 어울리지 않아요... 그래도 자막으로 바꾼게 훨씬 나은것 같아요!

    18. Chris Delacruz

      My cats just chew and bite on the tinfoil

    19. Elizabeth H.

      Aww, I love cats

    20. bada budu

      Hi this comment is from 7 earlier... was this video in your recommended? Comment if it was . Bye

    21. Bindu Devi

      And like lulu so much

    22. Bindu Devi

      I think they are special 😉

    23. Shadowpro21 [GD]

      Record reveal??

    24. Noura Rose

      English speaking claire sounds so cute ˵ ° v ° ˵

    25. Antonia Cristina


    26. Ikho Wijaya


    27. ir salman

      Voice reveal?

    28. hipje

      first vid I heard her talk in english and the speech is already amazing

    29. Fastturtle 4

      I don’t know which cat is the bigger atrocity, the brown wiener dog cat or the orange one

    30. aubrey delos angeles

      Can i have LULU AND LALA! So cuteeeeee!😍😍😍

    31. Naka Kamiki

      omg lulu is a dog

    32. Elle's Everything!

      Me:whoa thats the first time ive ever heard claires voice. My mind:thats probably not the first time she has spoken like that.

    33. Ani Noraqilah

      I'm sad with the wastes 😢

    34. Crystal Stars


    35. Noob

      For the 0.00001% see this comment. Thank you for noticing. Have a good day :D

    36. DOC /coolsans t.c.o.r

      Lulu a stick nodes charater and an icon also a meme

    37. ꧁Lazy MZM꧂

      I swear CoCo is my sleep paralysis demon-

    38. CrazyGamerGames


    39. CATastrophic

      They are really cute! But our cats try to open the balcony doors as you can see in the latest video =)

    40. Jdjdjsbd Djdjdj x

      Awww they are soooooo cute I want me a cat like Lulu or Lala or Coco

    41. Nikhat Khan

      Lulu my favourite I want that cat

    42. Miguel Marinho

      Ay Love cats

    43. Chihoon Kim

      TT is cute~

    44. Crystals Are Horrendous

      Your channel is so fun to watch, I watch at least 2 videos everyday and your voice is so sweeeet

    45. Soldier's Opinion

      Lulu LICKS almost everything

    46. Itz _ ME GIRL

      Apparently cats hate the noise of foil

    47. bxby mxry

      0:42 Did TT just break the fourth wall??🤣

    48. magic billy 2.0

      Wow my first time seeing claire speaking english!

    49. Mutthias the foxyy


    50. Ritu singh

      Lulu: i think this (foil) is food😂😂

    51. Momo the Great

      Pov: This is on your recommended a year later 😏 don't ask how I know. I just do.

    52. Void BS


    53. wunna min

      I love lulu and momo 🤗🤗

    54. iF Ganteng

      I love U Clarie

    55. 화홍

      영어 지옥 인가.?

    56. Yosua Yonathan

      Lulu : Is it can be eaten??.

    57. Ahlia Ventoza

      TT: This is not worth for a model to walk on. It may be shiney but it ain't worth it.

    58. Fairy-W.D-Chan -123-

      In 2020 we will watch anything

    59. Snowy Owl

      Try quick sand next pls

    60. Thunderlizard36

      Do Cats Walk on Foil? Me as a cat: Yez

    61. Fritz 2018

      Next time connect ist to the Power Grid

    62. Elizabeth Walters

      I love how different all their personalities are. Coco is forever cautious, DD is “idc”, Lulu is “get out meh way”

    63. IloveyouLenaKatina

      TT looks sooo beautiful with that extra shiny silver reflection. :D

    64. Flipp Hueber

      I suspect Lulu would even walk over hot coals to reach some food. lol

    65. Priti Singh

      Oh my gosh! Your cats are so cute!😍

    66. TipoFocado


    67. Choi Defi

      My favorit cat lulu luv uuu ahaha😍

    68. GATO Diaz

      si que tiene muchos gatos

    69. Joy Marinel Manlapaz

      Lala is such a queen

    70. 뎁쇼은지


    71. joshk199


    72. stivoio angella

      Try to make a tonnel!

    73. stivoio angella

      Try with GLASSBALLS!

    74. RSW W

      yay! lulu👏👏😻😻😻😻💕💕💕

    75. Syeda Sadia

      Nothing is a match for our lulu

    76. Geetha Andal

      And the winner is Lulu ♥️

    77. Farzana Nadeem

      Coco is hilarious

    78. just_sweet

      Lulu is the best cat 😍❤️

    79. Clare Claratehia

      Great at least the cats have activity and very entertaining

    80. Shreya Upadhyaya

      I like how momo almost jumps through every obstacle and coco takes the wall

    81. Joey Guillen

      Look at how careful Coco is.


      everyday the cats wonder what they are gonna do now

    83. D Wolfe

      coco is becoming my favorite - I didn't care for him much in creamheroes but in Kittisaurus, coco is seriously hilarious. Especially in that mirror maze episode kekek, love this cat keke


      i like to think coco is a spy when you aren't around. Always sneaking around corners lol

    85. Acrqueen el's

      all feels like cement😅

    86. Acrqueen el's

      next is cucumber😅

    87. Mark Harmon

      Wat breed is pulu

    88. dreviant

      Its possible they didn't notice the foil at all and this is the way they normally walk through the "hallway of mysteries" as they refer to it by now.

    89. rosniza

      Sooo cuteeeeeee

    90. Anna Battista

      OMG,you and your Cats are sooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    91. Badis jendli

      I think TT like it

    92. The Channel Channel

      I love how chu chu never wants to try stuff

    93. H͟e͟l͟l͟o͟ I͟t͟’͟s͟ m͟e͟!͟

      TT be like: Out of my way, other cats. Moms got treats.

    94. Elijah Bazzo-Reddy

      Subscribed because cats. Nuff said

    95. juzman ahmad

      U should put very thick spounge under it.. it would be nice seeing their reaction while sinking on it with the sound of loud foil that will triggered them to get out as cats are really sensitive to sound

    96. KOT 66

      Я 1 кто это смотрит из русских?

    97. Catify Co

      This is the cutest thing ever

    98. iiToxic CloudStudio

      you know people who pressed dislike ment to say dis-i-like :P

    99. MineCrew Network Channel

      This is how real pros lay down foil on the floor

    100. Alien Space

      Lulu’s thoughts, “Is it edible? No, not edible. To hell with it” :-)))