Fearless LuLu Even Hunted a Car! | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, my cats played with a toy car!
    They tried their best to catch it!
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    1. MC Filwriter

      Lulu never stops at one win. 😂

    2. PentragonCosplay

      I just realized I have the same couch as Claire. Just with the additional L-part

    3. Sekene-chan

      Just making sure lulus the best cat?

    4. 19TheFallen

      I still love it how, while the other cats are bent on chasing and attacking the car, TT's in the background, running on the wheel, completely ignoring it!

    5. Scottie Pippo

      LuLu is keeping it hardcore

    6. Rempseä Heinämies

      Lulu is a savage beast. So very lovely.

    7. Wanda Zhafira Nur Izzatunnisa

      can you make a cat vs bubels video....?

    8. rbutler8585

      Lulu is a fierce hunter :)

    9. Little Genius

      Goldberg : who's next Lulu : your truck!

    10. Sanz Torres


    11. Dieta Agus

      Luluuuuu i'm ur fan 😍😍

    12. Carlos Eduardo Jiménez Oviedo

      greetings from Ecuador, my son loves all your videos, would you post the name of the songs you play in the background?

    13. NabilaSpamx


    14. nono cat

      I'm like theis video 📷

    15. Gus Gaib


    16. shavini yenul

      I love your cats .so cute. Hoo dd cute

    17. Angel Lina

      I love is Lulu..

    18. Rahul Gawas

      Even my MILU is like a lulu....

    19. Narcir Valor


    20. Otan 46

      2:29 😂😂😂 2:41 😎😎😎 TT

    21. Дмитрий Мангаров

      Бедный, маленький Лулу... ему не дали оторвать у машинки ненужные детальки!!!

    22. Scottie Pippo

      I don't have a problem with LuLu being in most of the thumbnail. It's only logical. He's a star. Probably the most famous cat on the internet

    23. Cupid Ace Bernales

      Lulu should not try to chew hard rubber like that it could break his teeth :(

    24. Cupid Ace Bernales

      Lulu should not try to chew hard rubber like that it could break his teeth :(

    25. The1980Philip

      Nice to see one of the cats actually use the exercise wheel.

    26. BlazeGamer100

      T T and LuLu are my favorites 💓

    27. Pinkie Love

      your place must smell great

    28. Scottie Pippo

      CoCo is a shy polar bear

    29. d J

      Sorry don't mean to be rude but what's lulu's breed .really cute and fluffy 😁

    30. Vijay Vimal

      Lulu fans hit like here 👇

    31. Mijan Rahman

      DD is Soo cute and fast 🤩

    32. florian k

      Das gleich mal mit FG BAJA🤣😅🤣

    33. Epic Animations

      Why is lulu in every thumbnail

    34. Justin F

      After Biden getting elected and the predicable demise to America. I forgot about Lulu damnit.

      1. aditya jha


    35. Ari Sriwijaya

      No lulu no party

    36. mhurp

      omg TT on the cat wheel just went from 0 to 100 real quick XD

    37. L O H I T

      only Lulu is enough in our house😂

    38. TC TC

      Lu Lu: ROAR!!!! 🐯

    39. Rohit Pandita

      One day these cats are gonna realise that it wan indeed a true man show

    40. Anton Fernando

      "A few moments later...", that's even more funnier.

    41. 풍선

      뽑은힘든 차 냥 루루에게 다이어트 쓸줄...ㅋㅋㅋ;;;

    42. 303 Aga

      Uzun zamandır bakmamisdim kanala

    43. Dirk in RL

      im here to see the tire bite

    44. Sonam T

      I wish, I could be as fitness freak as TT😒

    45. TOPSTER

      3:04 What kind of music do you want to say?

    46. DOMAtech

      Lulu is the best

    47. Ahmad Zaki

      You are next 😂😂😂

    48. TYOO 6 GMAIL

      TT sang atlet lari 😂

    49. Derek Chau

      Crazzzzzzzy Lulu!

    50. Николай Титовский

      ЛуЛу самый дикий )

    51. саша гемберг

      *_Прикольный котусик!_* 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    52. Anton Floor

      Lulu gets his revenge.

    53. Yagnesh Goswami

      Lulu is M❤Y favorite

    54. phïlòsóftfür Kitu's Junkyard

      3:51 Well, if you must Although it barely scratches the surface Let the greatest hunter finish all the rest Your Best, ChuChu

    55. Kristine Macaraeg

      They are soo cuteeee😍😍😍 specially lulu

    56. Kley _

      Its first time i see nana and dodo :'3

    57. Nurul hidayah


    58. danilo infamous life


    59. E

      TT ain't gonna skip leg day

    60. Carmen Reyes

      Jajajaja buenisimoooo

    61. Kitty & Doggy TV

      love lulu

    62. SilverLeafy•

      This is actually one of my favorites LOL videos on your channel and over all and my also fav part would probably be.. idk what time. But LOL when Lulu said "Its on!"

    63. Alex Storr

      Must bite EVERYTHING! Not sure why, but my instincts command it.

    64. aarya savitha

      no other cats have fighting mode on like lulu ...

    65. aarya savitha

      lulu's sportsman spirit is hilarious

    66. J D

      As usual Lulu: DESTROY

    67. Maxx Suphamit


    68. ฐานรัถ วัฒนะภูติ


    69. Tooth Breaker

      못먹는게 없는 루루ㅋ

    70. SR IT Gaming

      can I adopt Lulu and friends?

    71. Dipak sinha

      I love lulu 😍 my favourite 😀😀

    72. 구영균


    73. 박소연

      앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 역시 루랑이ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 장난감 부수고 다음은 자동차냐구..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워

    74. Fiona Hodges

      What kind of cat is LuLu?

    75. reynx me

      A few moment later ♓Aa♓Aa♓a😂

    76. Ajshe Zeqiri


    77. Rafaela do Nascimento Garcia

      Ho Lulu haha

    78. Nazima Jan

      Lulu is real sence a tiger 😘🐅

    79. EllLo oo

      Love how lulu thinks every thing is food

    80. Vilma Altes

      What is your video editor?

    81. Ruth Moreton

      LuLu is a true miniature Tiger at heart!

    82. 17_227 Jagadeep

      And strikes it after it died of old age🤣🤣

    83. Zubair A

      Are you keeping nana and the kittens?

    84. The Pale Celtic

      That's really cool how TT runs in that little cat wheel

    85. hancat

      I'm amused at how obsessed TT is with the wheel. 🤣

    86. maja maja

      Lulu the best cat!🙂

    87. Ive Chang

      But... Lulu in serious hunting mode is "killer on the loose."

    88. Ive Chang

      Honestly, I wonder if TT is training for the next Olympics? Seriously it's gotta be somewhere on the list for taking over the world. Right? ♡🤣😸

    89. JJun 0 Park

      오? 이 영상보니 나나도 작고 소중한 몸집이네. 너무 귀여워~

    90. micmul23

      TT: "Sorry but my workout has priority." - That's the professional and dedicated sportsguy. :)

    91. Cyber Frost

      LuLu, are you poorly fed?))

    92. Mattias W.

      Monster Car vs. LuLu the Pansar Tank.

    93. Gopakumar.G Gopa.G

      Tiger lulu🐅😍😍😘

    94. Wolfe Addams

      iz mini tiger 💖💖

    95. Em Me

      "Time is the deadliest hunter" ok why that kinda deep tho

    96. Bara fit

      진심 맹수

    97. Александр Монтрель

      реально? охотитЬся?это какой-то... позор

    98. 조영탁

      크림 언냐 목소리 듣고 잡다

    99. Sha Ahmed

      well......i type with the coputer heehee................................. TT Did't care at all last time his exe.........has stoped working i die....pleas check muchnkin chanel ok..... mia is funist gurl i am the fan of both

    100. Sha Ahmed

      cute cats