Fearless LuLu Even Hunted a Car! | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Kitten
    Today, my cats played with a toy car!
    They tried their best to catch it!
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    1. TYOO 6 GMAIL

      TT sang atlet lari 😂

    2. Derek Chau

      Crazzzzzzzy Lulu!

    3. Николай Титовский

      ЛуЛу самый дикий )

    4. саша гемберг

      *_Прикольный котусик!_* 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    5. Anton Floor

      Lulu gets his revenge.

    6. Yagnesh Goswami

      Lulu is M❤Y favorite

    7. Kitu's Junkyard

      3:51 Well, if you must Although it barely scratches the surface Let the greatest hunter finish all the rest Your Best, ChuChu

    8. Kristine Macaraeg

      They are soo cuteeee😍😍😍 specially lulu

    9. Kley _

      Its first time i see nana and dodo :'3

    10. Nurul Hidayah


    11. danilo infamous life


    12. Chloe Yuan

      TT ain't gonna skip leg day

    13. Carmen Reyes

      Jajajaja buenisimoooo

    14. Kitty & Doggy TV

      love lulu

    15. Pistachio _

      This is actually one of my favorites LOL videos on your channel and over all and my also fav part would probably be.. idk what time. But LOL when Lulu said "Its on!"

    16. Alex Storr

      Must bite EVERYTHING! Not sure why, but my instincts command it.

    17. aarya savitha

      no other cats have fighting mode on like lulu ...

    18. aarya savitha

      lulu's sportsman spirit is hilarious

    19. J D

      As usual Lulu: DESTROY

    20. Maxx Suphamit


    21. ฐานรัถ วัฒนะภูติ


    22. Tooth Breaker

      못먹는게 없는 루루ㅋ

    23. riyadi sugeng

      can I adopt Lulu and friends?

    24. Dipak sinha

      I love lulu 😍 my favourite 😀😀

    25. 구영균


    26. 박소연

      앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 역시 루랑이ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 장난감 부수고 다음은 자동차냐구..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워

    27. Fiona Hodges

      What kind of cat is LuLu?

    28. reynx me

      A few moment later ♓Aa♓Aa♓a😂

    29. Ajshe Zeqiri


    30. Rafaela do Nascimento Garcia

      Ho Lulu haha

    31. Nazima Jan

      Lulu is real sence a tiger 😘🐅

    32. Lyla kostjuk

      Love how lulu thinks every thing is food

    33. Mr. Anonymous

      This video is too entertaining to explain....

    34. Vilma Altes

      What is your video editor?

    35. Ruth Moreton

      LuLu is a true miniature Tiger at heart!

    36. Kapuluru Jagadeep

      And strikes it after it died of old age🤣🤣

    37. Zubair A

      Are you keeping nana and the kittens?

    38. The Pale Celtic

      That's really cool how TT runs in that little cat wheel

    39. panaski

      I'm amused at how obsessed TT is with the wheel. 🤣

    40. maja maja

      Lulu the best cat!🙂

    41. Ive Chang

      But... Lulu in serious hunting mode is "killer on the loose."

    42. Ive Chang

      Honestly, I wonder if TT is training for the next Olympics? Seriously it's gotta be somewhere on the list for taking over the world. Right? ♡🤣😸

    43. JJun 0 Park

      오? 이 영상보니 나나도 작고 소중한 몸집이네. 너무 귀여워~

    44. micmul23

      TT: "Sorry but my workout has priority." - That's the professional and dedicated sportsguy. :)

    45. Cyber Frost

      LuLu, are you poorly fed?))

    46. Mattias W.

      Monster Car vs. LuLu the Pansar Tank.

    47. Gopakumar.G Gopa.G

      Tiger lulu🐅😍😍😘

    48. Wolfe Addams

      iz mini tiger 💖💖

    49. Em Me

      "Time is the deadliest hunter" ok why that kinda deep tho

    50. Bara fit

      진심 맹수

    51. Александр Монтрель

      реально? охотитЬся?это какой-то... позор

    52. 개똥이

      크림 언냐 목소리 듣고 잡다

    53. Sha Ahmed

      well......i type with the coputer heehee................................. TT Did't care at all last time his exe.........has stoped working i die....pleas check muchnkin chanel ok..... mia is funist gurl i am the fan of both

    54. Sha Ahmed

      cute cats

    55. Amar G

      lulu the lion in house

    56. Вася Пупкин

      Как всегда лайк👍, спасибо за поднятое настроение 😁🔥😻

    57. Jeff Lane


    58. Jeff Lane


    59. الحيوانات /animals

      Blessed be God, on the channel mall, very cool content, funny cats, please support, contact me, and thank you

    60. ひとまさかの


    61. gabriel ferreira

      Lulu o treguis

    62. Sheena N

      TT is the health coach of the 10 cats

    63. cruzan mongoose


    64. Anti Max

      Koceng oren bar bar

    65. Александр Кудрявцев

      Количество котов достойное самой настоящей сильной и независимой женщины.

    66. Adi Guna

      When you to lazy to exercise with your cat

    67. Cristina Poot


    68. Adam Junaedi

      Playing rc is always if you have cats

    69. Sonal Gautam

      1:33 DD is looking like a cloud Aaaww so cute

    70. Luke & Tom

      lulu is always on

    71. Fᴀʟʟɪɴɢ Oɴᴇ Aᴢᴢᴀ

      You Did It LuLu Nice 😎

    72. Azalia

      TT is excellent!(・ω・)~♪

    73. fuzzy forest fox

      What kind of cat is lulu

    74. 이지후

      말랑말랑한 식감이

    75. Shade

      ... The end of this really should be made into a 'This is why you cant have nice things' meme >_>

    76. Lakshani Ariyarathne

      LuLu: the most interested one TT: don't care 😅😅😅

    77. Gomgom Pardede

      Ah killer Cat ●_●

    78. 맬랑콜라

      차를 치워버려요. 그럼 괜찮아요. RC카 영상을 내려버리면 다 편안해져요.

    79. Maulana Maulana

      Lulu the hunter! 1!1!1

    80. Kig Hot


    81. JG Lee

      루루야!!!넌 못먹는게 뭐니??♡.♡

    82. Evgeny Dowell

      I recommend trying a 360-degree action camera.

    83. Sandra Nurdin


    84. M. B.

      Is this the Big Brother house for cats?

    85. elyssa&jon joy klaasen

      루루 살크

    86. Catur lifelive

      Ngakak anjir wakakaka

    87. Elly Athoriyyah

      nana is a new cat is so cute nana and lulu

    88. Dark Hawke

      TT don't care. She's just getting her steps in!

    89. karenno

      Anyone know the name of the exercise wheel Claire has for her cats?

      1. Kitten Cats

        No sorry

    90. Miaw Miaw

      Lulu mau kuhamilin gak

    91. Butler Kim

      우와 크림히어로즈 영문 채널인가요? 재밌게 구경할게요 감사합니다~~~

    92. Jason

      It’s all fun and games until a cat almost chokes eating a toy.

    93. joana gonçalves

      Amo seus vídeos

    94. Colton Karpes


    95. crazycatlady39

      3:48 A few moments later..... Lulu: Still Hungryyyyyy………!

    96. Shanell Blue

      TT still training for the Olympics What a Queen

    97. Elita Natalina

      Lulu emang kucing Terkeren, terlucu didunia.

    98. dewiwi dyadaima

      Indonesia mana suaranya...

    99. T Dot

      This cat cant event hunt properly with these stunted legs ...

    100. Singwhiledrunk PS4 and XBOX ONE

      Bad cats and they stink!