Egg Carton Challenge! Can My Cats Cross the Bumpy Road | Kittisaurus


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    #Kittisaurus #Challenge
    Today, I prepared some egg cartons and played with my cats!
    Can they make it to the other side?
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    1. Nur aneesah Zainuddin

      DD look so fluffy

    2. 윤아

      축하합니다! 한국인 댓글을 찾으셨어요😊 👇 이거 눌러서 많은 한국인이 볼수있게해요:)

    3. Alfredo Ribosomas

      Pobre gatos, todos los días una cosa nueva en el pasillo que les rompe las pelotas para pasar.

    4. Catify Co

      Love this!

    5. Shane Slape

      Were is momo

    6. Amir Shah

      I love 🐱

    7. Valerie Bonilla

      kittisaurus i thank u for deleting my depression

    8. Marie Guineapiglover

      Fluffy cats + amazing challenges = adorable!

    9. Mohammed Ashraf Shaikh

      I just love how clean your house is even with so many cats! 😍

    10. EiscueGaming

      So CYKA cute

    11. EiscueGaming

      Lulu looks like a walking bean

    12. Dawnyzza Dark

      Gods, she must've ate so many eggs

    13. khymera915

      Claire: _lays down egg cartons_ LuLu: "Um, okay" (_crosses gingerly_) CoCo: "I got this" (_crosses sedately) TT: "What's all this, then?" (_crosses resolutely_) DD: "That's a big NO for me, dawg." (_flops down_)

    14. Gary Hunting

      Ok so I start home work at five or something but for some strange reason I feel like my brain says it’s these videos are homework- it’s keeps pulling my finger on DEfasts and AGH I CANT SPEAK OF IT ANYMORE I CANTTT

    15. Mubashir

      Lulu’s expression says it all

    16. Bleenteam J

      I love how Lulu always looks like her point in life has just been explained to her.

    17. Kiki Moody

      scrunchy challenge next.put scrunchy around there mid section.see who can cross finishline first

    18. CoolCreeper98 Yeah

      Coco is coco cautious. (Shes my favorite one)

    19. Lana Kensara

      I love 💓 LULU

    20. Maciej Cymerys

      DD - One chunky boi

    21. Mr. Rudy Bigboote

      What kind of monster subjects innocent kitties to such tribulations???? Please continue... you monster!

    22. David Conroy

      TT obviously ate all the eggs.

    23. g00gleyes

      "attack the sides" someones been watching too much initial d

    24. Marcos Paulo

      Como eu vim parar aqui meu Deus kkkkk

    25. xMyzztikk

      So DD looks like a tank😅

    26. Cristian Pop

      I remember when being a crazy cat lady was a bad thing...

    27. jonytep

      1:08 Anyone know what song is playing here? Pls do tell. I need it!

    28. James Woods

      My old cat loved to use egg crates as a scratching post. Would never use a scratching post but would pounce on and attack a egg crate with all the ferocity he had the millisecond the thing hit the floor. Then a few days later sit on the floor in front of the shelf where we kept the new ones meowing until you tossed a new one down for him to attack. Did this all 18 years of his life. He also used to like to sit under the bathtub tap and let water drip on his head... He was a bit of a odd cat.

    29. Tre Greco

      If i was one of your cats id be like. Today’s forecast is.....dear god, not again.

    30. spazer

      никакой политики, никаких скандалов, хорошее видео доброе))

    31. sara caimi

      DD is just a mood

    32. Brad

      Dogs are better.

    33. Евгений Черницов

      Эти лотки называются грохотки

    34. Bo Huggabee

      what the hell have you done to these cats to make them so ugly and stupid looking?

    35. CJ

      DD could've just rolled across. Would've gotten a free massage on the way.

    36. Hacked


    37. MetaGiga

      DD is so F L U F F Y

    38. zHqqrdz

      DD looks soooooooooooooooooooooo cute O_O

    39. Tuesday McAllister

      I’m not sure how I got here but I’m glad I did

    40. Daniel A

      OMG! Crazy catlady! Why youtube offered me that?

    41. BookOfGenesis

      Wish I wasn’t allergic and hypoallergenic cats weren’t so expensive. Love how curious they are and have this sense of not caring.

    42. Hebys

      Здрасьте, я из компании орифлейм...

    43. Thomas Frieling

      What is LuLu for a cat?

    44. Jhojan'S (Subscríbete)

      *Como que kittisaurus? El canal oficial donde subían estos gatos no se llamaba Suri Noel (junto con unas letras asiaticas)* *Este es un segundo canal o se roba el contenido?*

    45. Patrick Tyrannical

      dd needs to cut down on the big macs....

    46. Andre

      what breed of cat are Coco and Lala?

    47. Andri 2009

      I think Coco was like, I'm being recorded?

    48. UnguidedMeteor

      i need Ozzy Man Reviews on this

    49. Janusha

      There is such a thing as too many cats

    50. Cristian Saavedra

      esa es cama de mi gato, para todo torcido ahi!

    51. Lion Of The Morning

      Coco is a survivor.

    52. Astropheminist

      I love what an absolute CHONK DD is

    53. demonpride1975

      my cat elune has yours beat, she would just barrel through it, looking stupid the whole time as she tumbles across, she's enthusiastic, just not the brightest bulb in the ceiling.

    54. Andrew Portman

      I counted 23 egg trays. Each tray holds 30 eggs. How long did it take you to eat 690 eggs before making this video?

    55. Exsistentiam

      how many eggs did you eat for this video?

    56. Huallpa Orosco Martín Salomón

      Ya lo puse a prueba y parece que a los gatos latinos no les inmuta que el piso este lleno de maples.

    57. Сергей

      сильная и независимая женщина

    58. Александр 1а

      Я думал яица в таких штуках только в России продают

    59. MelPower

      What breed is the second cat (the white one) It's very cute and I'm thinking about taking a cat in the future

    60. Greg Hachey


    61. S J

      Jesus that is a lot of cats .. for sure this lady is single.

    62. Tugela60

      If Lulu was not so fat Lulu would leap

    63. Buschwick

      lol your cat's names!

    64. big jiggilin

      imagine how many eggs would be left o ver

    65. Feco XD

      Obesidad animal

    66. 5peciesunkn0wn

      When DD walked in. **FLOOF**

    67. Schrimpieman

      Would the results differ if a Rottweiler was introduced ? 🤣

    68. Кирилл Виноградов

      Первый блог где нет русских комментариев или я невнимательно смотрел?

    69. Pc Master Wraith

      anyone notice TT's right eye, like cataracts

    70. Aye Chan

      why the cats look deformed?

    71. ilive4anime

      Does tt have something wrong with on of the eyes?

    72. Ray Denny

      I'm pretty sure TT was thinking she's done it again.

    73. 不入虎穴pro


    74. 不入虎穴pro


    75. Eye Sea Clearly

      If these cats could find someone else to feed them, they would surely murder you while you sleep lol.

    76. Brooklyn Crabtree

      Me, coming back after a while: wait...did they do some transformer stuff or something? 😂

    77. Chris Harris

      ㅋㅋㅋ 아니야 그롷게 아니고~

    78. bibasik7

      You're the person from math problems who buys 600 eggs.

      1. Tonya Tutorials

        Bro, you can simply ask for the empty boxes in any supermarket. And the cats are very beautiful and well-cared

      2. zwsplac

        Thanks to this video, we now know why they bought 600 use the cartons to torment her cats.

    79. The Garden of Eatin

      The find the snacks game isn't fair to Momo. How's he gonna get down into that egg crate with his mushed in snout?

    80. Hiosho

      how many Cats are living in that tiny flat?

    81. Luz Quiatson

      They thaught its spikes

    82. Kolerick Bloodmoon

      need a mix between all the obstacle courses... water, egg carton etc etc

    83. TheMonsterFIN

      How many cats you have? :D

    84. Kathy Wright

      Me :Im gonna...take meh cat to the bumpy road! My pet fish: what the fish sticks are you DOING?!

    85. V Quayle

      your at cat 1:20 their left eye looks abnormal

    86. V Quayle

      lulu reminds me of that big brain bug in starship troopers

    87. Fabricio Di Rienzo

      I love all your cats! but my favorite is LULU

    88. clg632012

      Why are your cats so fat?

    89. Gonzalito Vaibs

      The music was actually good

    90. I take everything literally

      lulu is a character

    91. The God

      Why am I watching this I have school tomorrow I still haven't finished my homework



    93. Mr. LaQuintana

      Looks like they've had way too many treats :-(

    94. Алексей Курочкин

      Небогатое воображение у хозяйки! Разнообразие кличек кошек просто поражает - целых две буквы!!!

    95. Wittzzz

      DD is one chonky looking cat!

    96. Clarin Valle inclan

      all the cats are fat

    97. Anonymous

      Nobody went for the wall jump? :D

    98. I Wong

      Is TT working that out without depth perception?

    99. Joseph Frank

      DD: "I'm so sweet and beautiful, they'll probably pick me up.'"

    100. Raider961

      Все испытания прошли удачно кроме DD))