Eating BBQ Behind My Cats’ Back! | Kittisaurus


848 Tsd. aufrufe69

    Today, I ate some Korean BBQ before coming home!
    The smell drove my cats wild!
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    1. Pandemic channel

      Lulu imut banget

    2. Schorch62

      :D :D :D

    3. Boy Trent

      i suspect lulu is a covert narcissist.

    4. Kristina Mertic

      Lala: I anything eat meat 🍗🍖🥩

    5. geoffrey welsby

      Lulu is just the best cat ever....

    6. Nurdina Sabila

      Ada orang indo

    7. Nurdina Sabila


    8. Angelo Gabriel Rivera

      He atecc He protecc But most importantly He want a meaty snacc

    9. Palati Watt

      Everyone are 🐱. But Lulu think he is a 🦁. 😘😘

    10. Darth Hatchet

      Lulu is so adorable 😍

    11. Stephanie Schmoeller


    12. Stephanie Schmoeller


    13. Stephanie Schmoeller


    14. Stephanie Schmoeller


    15. Stephanie Schmoeller


    16. Stephanie Schmoeller


    17. Hanna Fardew

      Have you thought about clicker training lulu due to how food motivated she is?

    18. Nita Chhay

      I’m dead with that lulu’s nose 🍖🍗🤣🤣😼😼

    19. Jimmy Alfaro

      These are by far the most captivating cat-videos out there😄

    20. sistakia33

      The thought of barbecue is making me hungry too LuLu!

    21. KISHAN kumar

      Food looks so delicious, sometimes I think is this a cat channel or food channel

    22. Gulnaz Ab

      little star Lulu - xx

    23. Seraphina91

      Lulu could be a drug sniffing cat... if drug was food

    24. Wong Ngachengan

      *Njirrr gwa ikut ngendus..* 😅

    25. Nicole James Cansancio

      Claire Lulu needs a rehab about food he need to get rid of food sniff

    26. Debu life

      I love you lulu

    27. Tifara Ashyra

      Lulu is the cutest cat in the world

    28. Far A.R.

      Too much LuLu, I want LaLa sometimes

    29. AHFAN11

      wow, lulu is better at finding the smell of food then poki is (juns kitchen 3rd cat), and considering poki loves food so much as to never stop eating, ever, stealing food from other 2 cats, thats saying something.

    30. KhmerD0g

      Pork with a lot of fat on it. Bad for humans. You should leave it to your cats.

    31. Man

      Lulu my fav baby...lots of kisses

    32. Sambhu Adhikari

      Lulu 😀 ya😸

    33. Mohd Khairul Azam

      can i borrow LuLu for a week..

    34. khabib nurmagomedov

      Detective food of lulu 😉

    35. Heni Heni

      Lulu :Wow nice BQD Momo :Yummy food

    36. Fawad Naseer

      Lulu dont let them to eat ha

    37. Dubura Kiba

      LuLu is going to be the one that ends up eating her lol

    38. John McMillen

      If I had cats I'm not sure they'd like my BBQ, unless they are into spicy foods. 🥵🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

    39. Kaye Son

      Nothing is better then Lulu in this world.

    40. zul alim

      Lulu..bite ur ear then u know 😙😚😂

    41. Sanika Paradkar

      Lulu could become a great police cat😂🐱

    42. Sameera Watharkar

      Claire - giving cats , cat food to eat Lulu - (after eating food) eats wrapper 😂😂😂

    43. Jainish Mishra 11A

      I want a cat like Lulu 💕💕

    44. Manmeet Sachdev

      Don't eat meat and bread together

    45. Jxmima

      Someone buy me a lulu for Christmas please 😭

    46. Bjr Adrian

      Lulu wants a solo show. Just me.

    47. Albert Teng

      Lulu should consider a career as a police dog

    48. Albert Teng

      I can smell the samgyupsal from my monitor. Smells really really good

    49. LEGENDS never die

      *Now you made me HUNGRY* 😒


      When lulu finally gets a snack: I’m feline pretty good.

    51. Ann McNeal

      Not kittisaurus- piggysaurus!!

    52. jessica bremer

      LuLu is the best!!

    53. jaep2710

      Nunca creí que lulu sea tan glotón, como el gato garfield. Saludos

    54. Jogi Samuel

      One of the best lulu's episodes

    55. Jamie Estrella

      Annyeong 💟💟

    56. Lillian Lethi

      If lulu don’t smell snacks then it isn’t snacks.

    57. Tanuka Gorai

      I just love the naughtiness of lulu and cuteness of DD ❤️❤️😍😘

    58. Tanuka Gorai

      What's actual breed of lulu ?

    59. Kimberly Ashley

      That looks bom! I don't judge the cats 🐱😻😺🐈

    60. Arlandi Brawl Stars

      Yo LuLu making all fun in some videos th

    61. PatrickStarfist

      Lulu is so cute, she always look surprised all the time

      1. JP

        Thought was a boy

    62. NIGHTMARE 999 4

      You can never hide any meat from LuLu

    63. RA Martin

      Olive 🧃

    64. Alex Movsessian

      These cats eat better than 95% of the human population.

    65. Marika Schneider

      LULU ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    66. Barret Radtke

      great now i am hungry too.

    67. ankit sagar

      Who else think lulu is the most adorable one in this gang

      1. aditya ramesh


    68. its charita

      My cat doesn't like pork he prefer chicken hahahha

    69. Brian Rose

      I discovered my cat likes to watch these videos

    70. Miguel Angel Lopez

      2:15 any strokes fans?

    71. Davidraw_br

      what is the lulu cat breed ?

    72. Jilly Bean

      💕🐾 :D 🐾💕

    73. Jenifer Mejia

      Que divertida lulú 😀

    74. FuryPaws

      I thought it was so cute how Lala waited with Lulu like that!

    75. Оксана Яцентюк

      Це не шашлик, це сало

    76. Chad Richards

      Omg Lulu is so cute if anyone knows what type of cat she is please comment I have officially decided I’m getting that type of cat.

    77. Fátima Santos

      Lulu é o mais sapeca

    78. namitha nandan

      Lulu.....why are you sooooo damn adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      1. Julito Leon


    79. seriouslycatie

      Lulu is a chunky boy but without being chunky. it's not fair.

    80. CrimsonSinner

      Lulu is having another existential crisis 😂😂

    81. Makeup With Smidge

      Aahahahahahahahahahahahaha bless his kitty soul

    82. Bakle kartik

      Lulu is my favourite😍😍😍😍

    83. Sourabh Inani

      DD at the end making her observation. 😊

    84. Tina K

      Lulu is my inner cat: food goals 😝

    85. person person

      having a cat teaches you the art of shutting doors properly.

    86. Rag Sagar

      Lulu my love

    87. ᄋᄇ

      루루는 강아지

    88. r1cci

      Any Germans hereee 😪 ???

    89. 林俊安

      lulu is best my fav cat, she act like cute cat n also like her nose

    90. Sad' Enes

      I love you lulu ❤❤

    91. Abunazar Shaikh

      What is that ketchup?

    92. Eloy I am

      Lulu 😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️

    93. Béryl Nguyên

      Everyone: Oow! Lulu wants to give his attention and look so affectionate Lulu: Meat! Meat! Meat!!!

    94. nicandlucian

      BBQ was missing the bbq sauce

    95. kusuma aripi

      Dont play backround music is very distabing

    96. Mirlea Kinney

      I love ur vids they r so relaxing funny so fun to watch not ti menrion the sound effects caps locl making them cats look like their talking their facial expressions etc.

    97. Tough Apollo

      Claire: eats bbq Lulu: execute Order 66

    98. Tough Apollo

      I love lulu

    99. ho o ok

      Claire fat

    100. CINEMAX

      What breed is LALA ,can anyone say plz?