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    Today, I set up a paper castle for my cats!
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    1. chinmayi yadahalli

      Ohhhh I love lulu

    2. Rhiean B. David

      0:08 K ' U

    3. zknot9

      I love cats but this channel's videos digust me so much

    4. I am Sparta


    5. Yukki Amano

      Lulu es verdaderamente adorable! ❤😍:3

    6. Mystic Mahdi

      Lulu will always win when he is competing for food great job lulu

    7. Yovvoyi Tabiat

      Лулу с какой пароды?

    8. Riba Anni

      I am your new subscriber

    9. Riba Anni

      Aww so cute cats please give me one baby cat 😘

    10. 1984Dow Dow.animals

      So cute


      The way you laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣funny

    12. อรอุมา น้อยบุตร

      DD so cute ❤️❤️❤️

    13. Zohaib Hussain

      Chuchu is the cutest one of all

    14. Chellsie Libanan

      Lulu why are you so cuteeee😭🥺🥰

    15. hella cook

      3:02 🦆

    16. Aman Amir

      I like the athlete robot at the start. :)

    17. JustAnotHerNoBody8

      Coco just loves to hunt. 4:07 he is just like “ the flatter I am, the faster I am.”. Super cute.

    18. Khushi Chaudhary

      I like LuLu😍😍

    19. Marsyita Fatmy

      3:35 Lala : why do you have to run to get a snack ? Better stay close to Claire. She has a lot of snack in her hand.

    20. Jayne Devlin

      Who is holding the camera? Does she live with another human? ;)

    21. M. Syafiq Afif FH_2015

      Lulus : Too young, boy!

    22. Nisha Bhatia

      Lulu wins✨✨✨✨⭐️

    23. Scottie Pippo

      Claire is so used to build things she is a pro.

    24. Golden360

      Lulu's my favourite cat...

    25. kasura sura

      Lulu is monster snak

    26. Hugo Leduc

      How can you afford to feed all these cats?

    27. kameshe420


    28. [Sweet_Kitty] TR

      I love this channel very much❤

    29. Fun and Cute

      In the snacks-war, Lulu is unbeatable 😂😂😂 Good job Lulu

      1. Terence Lee

        Q A S D E D R F R F C C

    30. Creamy Bunny

      I love how I can’t tell Lala and Coco + Toto,Dodo and Nana lol

    31. Yves Francois Ritmo

      DD - all homes are mine - and bread 😁

    32. person.jpeg247

      “Wait I’m homeless again”-DD

    33. R_donor


    34. Lovely Cat kossim

      LULU the king i loooooooooove u

    35. stardark

      Alguien que hable español

    36. Mowing Mudding and more

      Dodo a wanabe lulu

    37. Unicorn Girl

      am i the only one who think lala and coco's eyes are very beautiful

    38. acnlelis

      The kittens are so big!!! And cute, like the rest of the crowd :3

    39. Oumycat Tree

      Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    40. Anmol Toppo

      Love your laugh .. haha 😍

    41. Yi Wang

      LuLu always thinks

    42. Vea Marjasvaara


    43. Jamille Usi

      Its lulu a girl or a boy


      So cute💕

    45. Madina's Place

      I aspire to be claire someday

    46. Timoteo Pipi Martinez

      WON LULU

    47. song for life

      I love lulu

    48. Atto Cat

      I love 💓😻

    49. Mona Jora

      Lulu is clearly the best snack hunter

    50. Gandalf gReY

      Lulu is like "Kung fu panda Po"......They are both mad about food... I name him Nyamnyam panda Lulu.. The dragon warrior ❤️.. No one can beat him

    51. Physics Hub

      Lulu = flash of cat world!!

    52. Celina Bruns

      what kind of breed is lulu? she looks like she's a mix of BSH and ferrets. or is she disabled?

      1. Commenter839

        Lulu is a munchkin, Scottish fold, and British Shorthair mix. That and he's disabled, he has joint problems as a result of the breed he is.

    53. Tabby A

      How to pronounce the names of the original 7 Lulan ee \ Lulu DD \ Dundun \ Dundun ee \ Didi Chuchu Koko \ Coco Titi \ TT Momo Laa la \ Lala

    54. Tran The Clever

      I just got my thired foster kitten

    55. Scottie Pippo

      DoDo looks healthy. I'm happy

    56. Dragon World2427

      Lulu is the master of snak

    57. LOVE줄무늬

      박사님의 윙크!스윗해요🥰

    58. CATS and DOGS have FUN


    59. Renu Rawat

      Snacks for the snack god!

    60. 꼬북

      도도 너무 이쁘고 귀여운 것 ㅠㅠ

    61. YE BAI

      lulu is the most adorable cat in the bunch

    62. Riya

      dodo can never win against lulu

    63. Marcon Cat Family

      *The Flash couldn't beat Lulu either when it comes to racing for a snack.*

    64. B Squad

      Omg Dd and lulu eeek

    65. pauline

      The wink at the end😍😍

    66. adam lodge

      What are the breeds of all your cats?

      1. adam lodge

        @Commenter839 OMG I didn’t expect someone to reply!! Thank you soo much it’s really appreciated

      2. Commenter839

        TT: American Shorthair DD: Norwegian Forest Cat Coco: Highland Straight Momo: Part Exotic Shorthair, unsure of the other part Chuchu: Highland Fold Lulu: Munchkin/Scottish Fold/British Shorthair Lala: Munchkin Nana, Toto, and Dodo were all street cats, so they don't really have a specific breed to go back on. They're tabby cats though.

    67. Akhil

      Your laugh is very funny 😂.

    68. Rath Sotheary


    69. Ayesha Fatima

      They are all CUTIEPIES !🥰😍

    70. Tanya Pamela Caronongan-Viado

      Who is dodo i do,n him

    71. Ahad ahmadi

      I hope I had one but my mum doesn’t let me I love watching your channel they are so cute and funny.

    72. Femy

      TT : really fierce


      So Cute

    74. Newman Kidman

      Lulu is the Einstein of cats

    75. mileky

      I'mma yo biggest fan of your cats I watch at TV yesterday night 🥺

    76. xx_mia_roblox *back up*

      Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how LuLu is always up for a snack

    77. Perm Head Satiko Gintoki

      Toto looks cute 😆

    78. Citalopram

      Sweeeeet ❤️ all of them 💕

    79. spookysama

      the kittens gotta learn some manners

    80. Roshan

      U can't compare anything in this world with lulu for eating snacks 😂

    81. Fabian Rocha

      When it comes to food I'm pretty sure Lulu would be faster than Ayrton Senna, Sonic, The Flash and Blurr combined

    82. Dizaster Day

      4:33 PRINCE!!!

    83. Three Jems

      I love these cat channels with good editing

    84. migx 002

      What breed is your cat lulu?

    85. Asha Patil

      Lulu is my favourite cat! 🐈

    86. Gamer Ultimate

      크림히어로즈 채널 외국인 대상으로 이슈 숨겨서 운영하는 거죠?

    87. ᏕᏬᎻᎯ

      They are the cutest things ever 🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🥰🥰

    88. Fiore Sole

      Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, нравятся ли вам мои фото-видео.❤️❤️❤️❤️

    89. Silver theanimator

      Dodo is growing up so fast

    90. Krishna Gautam


    91. 쿡이

      너무 귀엽당...>

    92. Enis Odacı

      I love lulu 😂

    93. narubby

      so lovely

    94. David Reese

      How do you deal with the fur from 10 cats xD the fur from 2 drives me insane haha

    95. Cyan Block

      Lulu is like my cat

    96. Infinite Mirror

      What breed is Lulu?

    97. marcus vinicius


    98. kanghyun yoo




    100. Mazin Ahmad