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    Today, I trimmed ChuChu’s fur and gave her a bath!
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    1. Niko

      Wow... Wet chuchu looked like porgs from star wars... Hahaha

    2. Вячеслав Амосов

      Класс )))

    3. Reggie CopperBottom

      What about lulu?

    4. Natsu Kohinata

      Chuchu : ¿quién soy ;-;? Literalmente lloré de risa 😂

    5. Sara Stahl

      Is nobody gonna talk about the fact Lulu just straight up stole the brush/toy? Just me? *cool.*

    6. Art Aie


    7. iciee7799

      I love so much that she actively tends to her cats, trimming and bathing them. And all of her videos are so cat friendly, she isn't mean trying to scare or mess with her cats. I love this channel so much.

    8. Duncan

      Why is Chuchu so calm when her fur is getting trimmed? Lemme tell you, my cats HATE that.

    9. Dylan Williams

      That is cute

    10. Ezekiel Willgren


    11. Simon Mascarenhas

      That’s lulu partner

    12. Love Kitty

      i fink chuchu and tt are the cutest cats oooo olso chuchu and tt are cute when they are sad

    13. avalle0402


    14. Maire Watkins

      ChuChu in bath: Who am I? Me: Who are you? Where is your fluffiness?

    15. Danganronpa shit edits memes


    16. galaxycookie girl

      Wow she looks soo skinny when she takes a bath. But she is the cutie i know

    17. Anas Shams

      why is chu chu so lazyyyy

    18. Expressø Depressø

      Only 0000.0001% of the people are talking about who is recording when claire is bathing the cats :o

    19. Shivalee Abiraj

      I love when lulu stands up it is so kawaii

    20. shimla Alam

      Chuchu is so small... 😍😍

    21. Valerie Bonilla

      awwwwww lulu

    22. Nina 04

      Very cute!!! Im your fan

    23. Teye Sihombing

      She's so peace actually😍🤗

    24. Jayden Cassidy Mendez

      lulu always lick them when they are finish showoring they are soo cuteeeee

    25. Propanna Bandyopadhyay

      It would be lovely if you can share Chuchu's final look after the grooming session...she is the calmest & gentle bathing cat I have ever cats are monsters in the bathroom... :P

    26. PolarBear Cat308

      2:57 A bundle of ChuChu

    27. simba x

      why chu chu not like bath

    28. Tara Elizabeth Densley

      Chuchu is such a sweet kitty

    29. Matt Horkan

      She bathes her cats way way too much. Cats are very good at keeping themselves clean (if you stink, preditors can smell you). Ive only needed to bathe my 10 year old kitten maybe 3 or 4 times in his entire life. For long haired cats this might be different.

    30. Aryan Agarwal

      She looked like a kitten lol

    31. Johannes H

      Bathing with my Cat is changing in a Bloodbath for me

    32. FryDX

      Lulu: "Excuse me, do I have a 'supporting role' in this motion picture?? Get my agent on the phone right now!"

    33. bharat sales corporation

      This cat was really still while bathing seems that she loved bathing

    34. Wildan Ar Rafi

      1:24 Soo cuuttee...

    35. Adisa Kola

      How often should you wash a cat?

    36. Naomi & Alex Buckley

      ChuChu is a cat that gives up easily if Lulu licks ChuChu or Claire washes ChuChu

    37. rezi sobah

      Lulu the King Bar bar

    38. Melaninated Woman

      Chu Chu is so gentle!! Precious fur baby!!

    39. Gum. Léa

      I don’t understand why people give a bath to her cats ??? 😕

      1. Dixon

        To clean them

    40. Adriana Gonçalez

      Love Chuchu 🐈

    41. Laysa Isabella

      O lulu na verdade é um cachorro, eu sei disso

    42. JJun 0 Park

      츄츄의 야옹~ 쪼그맣고 너무 귀엽다♡

    43. Travelbird

      Y wash a cat tho

    44. Gune Walker

      Lmao lulu groom master

    45. Eliana Tzion

      I feel sad seeing ppl bathe cats >,< Obviously times are needed for it but I doubt indoor cats need bathing..

    46. Subang Ghost Hunter

      Lulu the best

    47. tirza calista

      Lulu is so cute

    48. Sarah Richards

      You can see how much you love your cats. 💜

    49. Medical Studies

      Lulu my favorite . He is so cute 💕💙💙❤️💙💙

    50. Nico


    51. Lemyvlogs El pro

      I’m 50% hooman and 50% cat and 100% fur

      1. Lemyvlogs El pro

        And 1000%chuchu and %100000 lulu

    52. Cynthia Tolman

      These kitties are in Heaven.

    53. noname

      새삼 젖은 츄츄 보니깐 다리 긴게 실감나요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 덩치가 작을 뿐 다리는 긴 고양이..

    54. yordantara Yordantara

      I love lulu, and chu chu i love

    55. Lock Skelington

      She's sooo small!!!

    56. Nicole Rivera


    57. Aku Quit Byee

      ChuChu hand are Cuteee 🥺🥺

    58. Memento Mortis

      Hey Claire, you should be used no bubbles shampoo really better for cats and more healthy.

    59. Leen Plays Roblox

      Chuchu be chilling in the begging doe

    60. 김성산

      츄츄도 디디처럼 털뚠이 였네... 츄츄 살 찐것 같아 보이지는 않는데...

    61. Water

      you make me want to go to an animal shelter and adopt 923294872894 cats

    62. Rat

      Chuchu looks so skinny when put in water-

    63. Ethan emanuel minecrafter

      Chuchu super small when wet ;-; is actually impressive how much fur cats have

    64. Miki Lad

      Chuchu is surprisingly calm, my cats would freak out big time lol

    65. jessica slaughter

      I Love all of your cats and you and your channel

    66. Sai Mansi

      Can I get chuchu the cat pls

    67. Biz Appsforyou

      ohh Chuchu my sweetheart 😩🥰😍😆 Lulu always groom others 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so cute job

    68. Mahathi Sriram

      out of all da cats chuchu is d most quiet during bath times

    69. AB

      Beautiful cats.... wow.... Please do tell..... what vacuum you use?

    70. Floriza Maria Sevandal

      Chuchu really needs help

    71. Shifanahiza Jasmine


    72. Kitu's Junkyard

      This must be said Why wash the bottom in the bucket, then use the used water to rinse the body?

    73. Only4Nerds

      Do not give your cats baths!

      1. Namuunbayr Khosbayr

        She bath them like once a year

      2. Anijeet Kanjilal

        Only4Nerds why?

    74. matthew jolly

      I keep watching this video just for the thumbnail

    75. shrividya vidya

      Lulu always looks like she's surprised and shocked 😂😅😆

    76. Tuba Satılmış

      Lulu hem çok akıllı hemde çok sevimli ben kedileri fazla evde besleme taraftarı değilim ama ben luluyu istiyorum

    77. ɪᴍʟɪᴢ ʜɪ:3

      Is it me or is ChuChu so thin whwn she takes a bath BUT SHE JUST LOOKS SO CUTE

    78. JoméG

      There should be a whole channel only for lulu

      1. JoméG

        Anijeet Kanjilal it's ok

      2. Anijeet Kanjilal

        DanielPro1O true, I forgot to take that factor into account. Sorry!

      3. JoméG

        Anijeet Kanjilal everyone has different opinions so

      4. Anijeet Kanjilal

        DanielPro1O even though LuLu is in most of the thumbnails, doesn’t really mean he’s the star of the show. If you’ve seen CreamHeroes, especially their older vids, all the cats are the stars of the show.

      5. JoméG

        Anijeet Kanjilal it's not like I don't like the other cats it's just Lulu is the star of the show and you can agree The second channels photo is literally lulu Most of the thumbnails have lulu in them

    79. The Notorious Penguin ;-;

      I’ve been wondering, what breed of cat are they?

      1. Anijeet Kanjilal

        Caitlyn Suruki ChuChu is a Scottish fold, LuLu is a mix between a Scottish fold, British shorthair, and munchkin, LaLa is a munchkin, DD is a Norwegian forest cat, TT is I think an American shorthair, and I forgot MoMo and CoCo’s breeds.

    80. savedge_cloud

      pretty sure thats bad for cats

      1. savedge_cloud

        @Namuunbayr Khosbayr mmm they seed clean

      2. Namuunbayr Khosbayr

        @savedge_cloud true but you have to atleast bath them once a year

      3. savedge_cloud

        @Anijeet Kanjilal because they lick them selves and pretty sure they scared of water

      4. Anijeet Kanjilal

        savedge_cloud why? It cleans them up well

    81. Lorenita xD

      Jejdud chuchu es muy Flaca xd

    82. CocoPlayz

      Chuchu seems to not really care about anything or know what is happening or really seem to like it also chuchu looks scared

    83. SpaceStation2020

      I love ChuChu because she is so calm and sweet

    84. Cydea

      lulu's such a cute dog oAo

    85. CanryCornShop

      tbh i wish i had a cat that acts like lulu

    86. Riani Melasari

      Owner: * washes chuchu * Chuchu: Mother...WHY?

    87. Ella te cuenta

      I love her with all my soul chuchu ❤️😍

    88. Tanvi Khare

      I love how she looked like my stick figure people during her bath😂. One big head atop few limbs (at 1:55)

    89. Ella A

      man, she's such a well educated good owner to her cats. i'm so jelly lol, i grew up with cats just learning on my own how to raise them but i''ve done many wrong things not knowing and i regret it :(((( but at least i know now.

    90. Nalini Bhaisare


    91. Corvus

      Chuchu and Lulu are best kitties!

    92. Joy liu

      Is chu chu a calico cat

    93. Chandana Das

      Chuchu is 99.99 % fut and 0.0001 % cat

    94. Shaitana Bf

      ChuChu 😍👍 Lulu 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Zara Mahmood

      Lala is my favourite kitty lulu I love lulu 😘😘

    96. Zara Mahmood

      Love your cat Claire how beautiful love your video

    97. M smith

      When I give my cats a bath they look like a rat

    98. Andrew Gentile

      The captions during the bath😅😅😅