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    How will the cats react to a complete stranger?
    @Arirang은 고양이들내가 주인

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    1. Arirang은 고양이들내가 주인

      Well, I'm sure they liked me. I mean it. no, I'm not stupid.

      1. Sarapolarbear178

        Endeinta Mystic yes

      2. Coco & Momo

        lune lapin ...???

      3. Pranith Chiravuri

        Ari and rirang: no one in their right mind would like you. Certainly not cats. Just offense..!

      4. saudha thauoos

        I can see how LuLu loves you 😂😂

      5. tim schutte

        What kind of cat breed is Lulu..?

    2. Renata Rodrigues da luz

      O Lulu é engraçado

    3. Vic Vic

      Like si lo estas viendo en el 2020 y comentario si hablas español

    4. Razeinkov

      wkwkwk lulu agresif :v

    5. Shailja jha

      This shows lulu truly love claire and ignore strangers, hug moments 😅😅😅😅

    6. I love Michael jackson

      Lulu 😂

    7. Charlott Charlott


    8. Tarulata Haribhakta Behera

      Are you from China or Japan

      1. GoodMusicManiac999 Z


    9. sistakia33

      MoMo: Please don't let him come for LaLa!

    10. Ana Onofrasi

      Lulu is the most crazy and funny cat

    11. Priya thava

      Lulu😂TT everytime loving❤️

    12. なかはらあいりん

      2:09 TT is so cute 😭😭😭🤗

    13. Rachel H

      lulu lulu meow

    14. Libby

      Let me guess, The stranger is Ju-In.

    15. Anushka Lohia

      Our chairman momo has precious eyes

    16. rendi nadirman

      I love mama (woman) not papa (man)

    17. rendi nadirman

      Wow, mama bring other man in this house, what about if my papa know it... hehe

    18. Mal C

      Ahhh D.D. - my favourite

    19. Chrisi N.

      Lulu ist die Beste. Aber ich mag auch TT und DD. Der Besucher sah echt gut aus. Ein richtiges Sahneschnittchen.

    20. tsabita nursabrina



      Awwwwwwww 💓💓🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

    22. Alexi’s Rainbow World

      I love lulu if u do too Here ⬇️

    23. Keya Bhakat

      Lulu is ok iam a lap cat but only for carla😜😜😜😝😝

    24. Indigo

      Ummm...Claire...he’s a cutie 😏🥰🤪👍🏾

    25. Jessica T

      Your English is sooo good!!!

    26. mehmood BUTT

      Ok, I live under a rock so people plz don’t get mad at me saying OMG YOU DONT KNOW THAT GUY! Who is the famous DEfastsr? I’ve never seen that guy in my life of 12 years.

    27. Discontinued?

      Bet Claire got laid that night as well.😂😂😂

    28. sabiha kamran

      I love DD he's so cute

    29. sabiha kamran

      Love it very much🔥💚❤💛🔥

    30. XZypher X

      Lulu's having none of it

    31. Bhaswati Thakuria


    32. the_Lena _girl

      Lulu is practically me whenever someone tries to hug me and I don't like the person-

    33. NG JING QI VERILYN Student

      DD:bread? Chu Chu:stay away! Lulu:treats? Lala:hi! Treats? Coco:I don’t get along with all human beings... Momo: bum pats? Meanwhile... TT:you’re not mommy!

    34. Javaria Naveed

      Is it just me or does that dude look like markiplier

    35. Kaboom Room

      I’m not surprised Lulu isn’t the friendliest, although the cutest! 😍 I’d wanna pick him up first. If the guy had brought treats, Lu would have been his best friend! 🤣

    36. NurRnNub

      Is this from Cream Heroes and Arirang with them talking?

    37. Shreeram Pawaskar

      1:52 did he just spit????

    38. Random Comment for Random Video

      DD: "You smell like cat too. I like you!" Lulu: " Why do I smell another cat on you?!"

    39. umme rifa tasfia

      I like dd so much I wish I had a cat like her

    40. Rosie Fay

      1:31 Lulu: Come on, me too! 1:37 Lulu: Ew, no thanks.

    41. JPin

      Momo looks terrified watching the guy. 🤣🤣

    42. Ruth Just dancer

      Looks like markiplier. I.ship them

    43. Sagar Patil

      You are from china right you Eat Cats in Cat Festivals right.... That is why you having these Cats to kill them in your festival.... So Bad China Ban China

    44. medha mail

      Is he is your momy's boy prend ? ☻☻☻

    45. smarrties1

      Do you know how often Claire wash the cats ?

      1. smarrties1

        @GoodMusicManiac999 Z Good to know! Never heard about dry foams. cheers mate!

      2. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

        Twice a year, but I'm sure the long haired cats get an "intimate" wash everytime it is necessary. By the way there are also dry foams and shampoos to quickly give them a fresher look between baths.

    46. al amin

      🧐🧐🧐 "cute"

    47. dulcineia maria da silva

      💞COCO 💖LALA 💕

    48. Laveena Rattii

      Stranger: handsome 🥰

    49. anju mourya

      I like lulu expressions he so cute .

    50. • Kim Tina •


    51. Melissa Salt

      Chuchu:hmmmm who he👀👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔

    52. Melissa Salt

      Coco :oh no a another human 😔 Momo:pet meh please ❤️❤️❤️❤️ tt:oooooo💗💗💗💗💗💕💞💘 DD:robber 😠😠😠😠

    53. Elementary Watson

      I have always wanted to visit Lulu. But if I did and he ran away from me like that, it would break my heart

    54. Ruo Shan

      I need a DD in life

    55. Green Panther

      The four horsemen of being lucky Charlie. Kid movie protagonists The word “lucky”. This man

    56. indra nuwansyah

      hugs lulu, and then lulu become eel

    57. Narmada Mohan

      Cats : go away homan..

    58. Narmada Mohan

      Man: so cute !*almost hugs Lulu-* Lulu: go away homan... Coco:slap'

    59. Samantha January

      I think Chairman Momo practiced the disgruntled look just for this occasion.

    60. Yuri B


    61. Becky Does Everything

      Can this handsome stranger come visit my 6 cats too? :P

    62. Kat35 Lulu

      Claire’s cat slippers are super cute! And by the way so is the guy! Bonus points for men who like cats!

    63. Minh Quan Vo

      Slipery Lulu xD

    64. Tapas Paul

      Dd is too cute

    65. Wueen

      Real men will put on kitty slippers for their lady that loves cats❤️

    66. 땀땀밈

      2:26 cute.... 진짜 이 부분만 6번은 돌려봄ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 모모야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♡♡♡♡♡

    67. G A

      Uuuu yakışıklı adammış 😉🙂

    68. Elly Elly

      Like how Lulu do like the meerkat thingy

    69. Anissa19

      TT's loving head bump!!! /heart being struck by love-arrow

    70. Hayley M

      Who is this guy?

    71. Bidyabharati Sahu

      Watched all of your video s 😄they are super funny

    72. Israrul Haque

      Lulu is the cutest cat ever i have seen

    73. ariezah 5081

      Love u MoMo and LuLu ❤️😍💞

    74. Sasha Fierce

      "No" - Lulu

    75. Ocean Bolts

      I want his cats to meet Claire's cats too!!

    76. Eva Lu

      Slinky Lulu.

    77. Vincent Ferenc

      Why is he look like a Markiplier

    78. Ridyl

      I thought it was Jun from Jun's Kitchen...

    79. Shirin

      What a handsome guy! Thanks for sharing another great video. :)

    80. Ez Dark

      So cute😘

    81. Komal Kuku

      Lulu is basically me when some guests come to my house which my parents know but i don't

    82. Doge Play

      DD: hippity hoppity your shoes arent that smelly

    83. Farouq Muhammad Aliyu

      @ 1:29 LuLu: I can't believe this cat !!!

    84. Little Abra

      Lucky! My cat would just hiss and back away when someone (who isn't at my house like all the time) comes close. She hates strangers

    85. Cheryl Alikhani

      I LOVE your laugh, it always makes me smile.

    86. Sunmathi Mega

      Who likes Layla to stand 💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗

    87. Against The Tide

      My now hubby came to my apartment after a date and my beloved cat peed in his shoe when he was watching TV. I thought he would never see me again but we been married 20 years now 😁

      1. TotallyNotAZombie

        cat knew that things were changing and wasnt about letting their slave 'date' lol

    88. Ewa S

      Is Lulu she or he?

    89. THE M0ST HIGH

      He just wanted to come over and play with some...

    90. Mindyour fuckingbusiness

      DD checking out his shoes. Me: Yes DD you should always judge a person by their shoes.

    91. Apple Blossom

      Who else thought momo was giving him the death stair 😂

    92. TsukiNaito1

      Title: *Man assaults cats for 3 minutes*

    93. أيمن عبدالمنعم

      This man is unloved even DD does not like the love you are not associated with him do not make him appear in your videos

    94. Pooja Jaiswal

      Really love lulu....expressive cat

    95. Jason

      DD is always friendly with stranger

    96. Ian Alagdon


    97. Adarsh Mohanty

      Lulu- There cannot be any other man in this house!😂

    98. Maryam Nadeem - 53443/TCHR/BBT

      LULU is the best cat

    99. Michelle Cheng

      do your cats ever bite? or are they all friendly?

    100. Arya

      Momo was like' Hey Mister put me down I'm the chairman 😂 2:23